Ax And You Shall Receive

The following report about an ax attack last Wednesday in Portugal may or may not be an instance of jihad. The media, of course, provide no clues as to motive. The two victims were plain-clothes police officers. The perpetrator hails from Guinea, which is about 85% Muslim, so you can make your own guesses. I think he was probably a person with a history of mental illness who was bullied in school and was radicalized suddenly online.

Many thanks to José Atento for translating this report from the Lisbon TV outlet SIC Notícias:

Officers from PSP attacked in the Valley of Amoreira were not wearing uniforms

Two officers of the Public Security Police (PSP) were attacked Wednesday while trying to identify a man in Moita in the Valley of Amoreira, who ended up being shot dead. The officers “did not wear uniforms and used a normal car,” according to police sources.

“The two officers of the PSP, who usually do notifications and belong to the Police Criminal Investigation in Barreiro, were in a car wearing civilian clothes. They saw a man who was walking on the street, and suspected that there was an arrest warrant for him,” said Maria do Céu, the commissioner of the PSP command in Setúbal.

According to the source, the PSP officers identified themselves to the man, but could not identify him.

“The agents did not have chance to identify [the suspect]. Without warning, the man assaulted the officers with an ax and a knife. The PSP officer was forced to shoot in self-defense,” she added.

The man, 51, a native of Guinea, died on the spot, while the PSP officers, 50 and 47, were transported to the hospital in Barreiro.

“An officer was injured with an ax and a knife in the chest area near the neck. He is in the hospital, in stable condition. The other PSP officer suffered only a slight cut on his arm and managed to escape,” she said.

The Judicial Police were at the scene to investigate and hear a report from the officer who suffered only a cut on his arm, who is “very upset” about what happened.

The warning to the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) in Setubal was given at 10:44 am, concerning this event that occurred on Avenue Almada Negreiros in Vale da Amoreira, Moita county.

According to the source, 39 officers and ten vehicles of the PSP, GNR, Moita firefighters South and Southeast and Public Safety, Barreiro, were on the scene.

From the translator: The video mentions that the man who was shot dead had an outstanding arrest warrant, and this was the reason why he was stopped by the two officers.

2 thoughts on “Ax And You Shall Receive

  1. The officers suspected that there was an arrest warrant out for the man but could not identify him . . . ?!!!!!

    One wonders what their suspicions were founded upon? Or is this just P.C. Speak
    a la Portugese?

    Curious-er and Curious -er

  2. If the guy only attacked after the police officers identified themselves as police officers, and if there was a warrant for his arrest, he might just be a criminal. It’s not that unusual in Portugal that criminals attack police officers.

    The fact that the guy is from Guinea doesn’t mean much. This sort of things also happens with people from Angola and Cape Verde (which are not majority muslim countries).

    I know Portugal well and this doesn’t seem jihad but regular criminal activity.

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