“The Grandchildren of the Ottomans Will Revolutionize Turkey Again”

This is a disturbing video to watch.

These chilling scenes of young sycophants adoring their hero, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, were not recorded in Turkey, but in Germany. This is a Nuremberg rally updated to Modern Multicultural Germany [Update: It seems I was misinformed — this propaganda video was recorded in Turkey, probably in Ankara. Someone obviously added German subtitles to the original].

It’s the 21st-century version of the Hitler Youth singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”.

Note: the year 2023, which is invoked repeatedly in the peroration of this young man, is significant because it is the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Ottoman Caliphate.

Many thanks to Dr. Van Helsing for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:13   The Turkish Youth Association (Tügef) is a movement
00:18   in which the word ‘I’ is avoided.
00:22   The word ‘we’ is prominent. Every member of this movement experiences
00:26   a sense of belonging to his people and his country.
00:30   Every member of this movement has grown out of the soil of this country.
00:36   In order to overcome obstacles and barricades, every movement looks for an example,
00:44   and chooses a leader that will show it the right direction.
00:49   We have been lucky, because fate gave us someone who has not only become an example for us,
00:56   but for the entire world! This person is for us the gift of an era.
01:02   It is Recep Tayyip Erdogan!
01:30   We consider ourselves students of our honorable President.
01:35   We have learned so much from him. Learned how to be fearless,
01:39   learned to be courageous, learned to be determined.
01:44   We have learned to say, even when the sevenfold Spirit [Rev. 1:4] manifests,
01:48   that Allah is the only true companion on my travel!
01:57   How to be consistent, is what we have learned from you, my honorable President!
02:08   We believe strongly, and pray, that by the year 2023 thousands more
02:12   Recep Tayyip Erdogans will have arisen.
02:16   That by the year 2023 more Fatih Sultan Mehmets will have arisen.
02:23   That by the year 2023 hundreds of thousands Alparslans will have arisen,
02:27   and that the grandchildren of the Ottomans will revolutionize Turkey again
02:31   in order to bring order and peace to the world!
02:40   In our holy book is no room for desperation…
02:46   in our religion there is no exhaustion. When we are faithful, we can be convinced
02:50   that Allah is our only true protector and guidance!
03:02   My honorable President… you enabled many improvements and public works in this country.
03:08   When attending the Davos conference of 2009, you defended the dignity of the Islamic community.
03:14   You said that civilisation and infrastructure belong together…
03:17   and you had roads constructed in every town.
03:21   There is no part of the country anymore without a university.
03:24   You supported the poor and the weak, not only in Turkey,
03:28   but in many places in the world you reached your hand.
03:35   You have become a ray of hope for everyone in this world who is fleeing oppression.
03:39   You put your country and the values you hold, above everything.
03:43   Because of the time you sacrificed for this country and the oppressed of this world…
03:48   you have neglected your family and your kids.
03:51   You didn’t even take time off for yourself. When you made these sacrifices,
03:55   certain powers in this world made plans…
03:58   plans, because of their fear of the growing power of Turkey,
04:03   plans with the tactics of a parallel society, in collaboration with the opposition…
04:08   to sabotage the outcome of any upcoming elections.
04:11   They tried to smear you with dirty conspiracies and accusations.
04:16   Their plans, however, didn’t work!
04:22   Those who joined efforts to harm you, didn’t succeed,
04:26   and began to target your family and children.
04:29   They tried to defame you with lies and accusations and messages of hate.
04:35   My honorable President, we have to admit that when these attacks
04:39   against you and your family were going on…
04:42   we failed to honor our debt to you.
04:45   The way you defended the Islamic community and its standing…
04:49   we failed to defend you in a similar way.
04:52   We failed to build a spiritual wall against those who united against you.
04:57   We owe you! From now on you will see a powerful youth movement standing behind you!
05:04   Anyone who attacks you and your family unjustifiably…
05:07   will from now on get an appropriate answer from us, with all means legally available to us!
05:15   We will defend you in society, as in our social networks!
05:23   We will teach those who speak evil of you a lesson!
05:28   I say to our friends in this hall: I want to make a promise to our President!
05:34   Are you ready? Crowd: Yes, we are!
05:37   Speaker: Will you be ready from now on, in society as in your social networks? Crowd: We will be!
05:44   Speaker: Will you be ready?! Crowd: We will be!
05:47   May Allah never separate us from our faith and the Koran. Crowd: Amen!
05:51   May Allah let the dark clouds above this country rapidly drift away! Crowd: Amen!
05:57   May Allah grant us, the grandchildren of the Ottomans, the triumphs
06:01   of our grandfathers! Crowd: Amen!
06:05   My honorable President! May Allah give you strength! Crowd: Amen!
06:11   May Allah grant you triumph in this rebellion! Crowd: Amen!
06:14   May Allah never dissolve our solidarity and commonality! Crowd: Amen!
06:28   Erdogan: I am proud! Proud, because I am seeing standing in front of me
06:32   the grandchildren of the Seljuks, the Ottomans!
06:42   Proud, because I see a strong generation standing in front of me!
06:45   These young people will make history!

34 thoughts on ““The Grandchildren of the Ottomans Will Revolutionize Turkey Again”

  1. Perhaps I have been desensitized but the enthusiasts don’t seem all that frightening. Have I missed something? Are they talking about killing Germans – or their sense of self, almost the same thing. When I read about the self-imposed ethnic cleansing of Germany, as Thilo Sarrazin has documented, I see the work of the devil.
    The psychology of self-hate is all the rage these days. Very, very bad.

    • The scary part is I think as the video shows similar devotion like Hitler’s fans were showing in the past… Also the fact that integrated Turks (Muslims) seems like a myth and they are very strongly attached to their real country Turkey and its leader: Erdogan. When the conflict becomes an open one between Islam (Turkey) and Germany, I have no doubt the which way sides the high majority of millions of Turks living there.

    • All complete with the flags, the Sieg Heils, and Nazi salutes. And they call the AfD Nazis? When are we going to see goose stepping armies of them in Berlin? Oh wait, I guess we just did.

  2. Nothing to see here folks, just the descendants of the people that have terrorized us for the better part of the last millennium, bloviating about resurrecting their empire or some such thing.
    Go back to sleepy time, I think rainbows are pretty nifty, how bout you.

    • again, I refer to the Dunning- Kruger -Syndrom.
      Only recently, a high ranked official of a turkish workers union in Austria stated in a letter that many turks would rather leave Austria due to the bullying they suffer.
      But under one condition: that when they leave, they are being refunded all contributions to health insurance, unemployment funds and pension plans.
      Did they not send their kids to schools,did they never go to doctors and ride on safe roads?
      This shows that they and presumably intelligent people are apparently unable to understand a mutual insurance system. And because this demand can never be fulfilled, they have a reason to stay and live on welfare, like 30 to 40% of all muslims.

      • Those Turks have ruined Turkey and now they are ruining Austria and other European countries.

        Anyway, those Turks don’t belong to Europe.

        Those Turks should go back to North Africa.

        It would be great if all those megalomaniac Turks/Islamics disappear from Europe and Turkey; and let Turkey and other European countries revert back to a fully European country.

      • I think this is more related to the Islamic view of insurance.

        I read that Islam doesn’t believe in insurance (I’m too lazy to look up a reference right now). They believe in community charity where cases of need are addressed when they arise. Thus, the concept of paying into a reserve fund, and purchasing abstract coverage is foreign to them. It’s easy to misunderstand insurance. People think if they don’t collect, they have lost out. Actually, they have purchased protection, which they receive.

        It’s like thinking your paying for police is wasted if you don’t get mugged.

        Muslims will opt out of any social insurance plans as soon as they are able to do so, and will rely on their community charities, which of course serve only Muslims. They don’t understand the concept of buying coverage, and they certainly don’t like the idea of paying for infidels.

        It looks to me like the German Turkish community is organized and unified enough, that there are already self-help Islamic organizations replacing their contributions to German public insurance. I don’t know this for a fact, but I make this as a speculation.

        But, the people who want Muslim immigration to pay into the depleted social services resources are either deluded or lying. Again, Muslims will opt out of any scheme giving aid to non-Muslims as soon as they are able to do so.

    • Very poor picture quality and no English subtitles. Hardly recommendable for anyone not already familiar with Polish language and culture!

  3. In Germany history keeps on repeating itself, but in different ways. The outcome is always the same. Conflict and death.

  4. this is very scary considering in order to free itself, Germany
    must go thru these long residing muslim turks in their millions ..

    ‘Surrender, Genocide or What ??’

  5. A pedant writes: “Tomorrow belongs to me” was not sung by the Hitler Youth as it was written long after the war, for the film Cabaret. It’s a brilliant pastiche, though.

    • It was sung by a Hitler Youth within the context of the movie. That’s what I was talking about.

  6. You get the feeling this Erdogan fanatic is just dying to say “and Islam will conquer Crusader Europe”, but self restraint prevents it. Should make Germans nervous though. They have allowed a hostile army with sworn allegiance to a foreign leader to grow up in their midst. Very unwise.

  7. Thank you, Margita! This film looks interesting. Renzo Martinelli, The Day of the Siege, September 11 1683, a Polish-Italian co-production. Has F. Murray Abraham, of Mozart movie fame…

  8. Hmm, is this really in Germany? I can’t find any definitive proof. I checked out that young fanatic, Osman Gokcek, and there’s no link whatsoever to German references.

    I therefore think that this rally is in Turkey.

    But even so, it’s indicative of the sheer fanaticism among the overwhelming majority of Turks and the Turkish diaspora. The references to The Butcher, Mehmet the Conqueror, who made a career out of incessant attacks on Christian countries, are telling.

    Turkey should be thrown out of NATO. And sadly, the European armies must begin to draft plans to expel their muslim (as yet) minorities.

    It’s that, or death for our civilization. And there is no middle way.

    • My thoughts exactly. I see no evidence that this is happening in Germany. Googling “erdogan in deutschland” yields no images that look like this.

        • Basically, yes. “erdogan in deutschland” is a perfectly reasonable, neutral search request. No offence but what I fear more is the love of conspiracy nonsense and the credulity of a lot of people on our side in the face of easily checked cold facts. There is a lot of garbage floating in our pond, and a lot of people unfortunately insist on clinging to it. We have the facts on our side, and they are appalling enough without embellishment. We don’t need to fake videos and shopped photos.

        • .. and I will take a punt here and say that this video was filmed (very professionally) in Turkey, with shots of Erdogan possibly spliced in, and subtitled in German for the benefit of German Turks whose Turkish isn’t perfect.

      • no, this is not in Germany, but at a similar event in Cologne, the images were quite alike and the wording ” Turkey über alles” ,turkish herrenmenschen should never assimilate was the same.
        Why in the first place are they here, then?
        Ok, piracy in the mediterranean is not working any more, so they extort from welfare and unemployment and family subsidies, not to mention the cost of thousands of incarcerated who cost each more a month than a young teacher earns.

  9. The Islamic/Moslem people(together with their extreme greed, megalomania, inferiority, etc) are ruining every country that they ruled or invaded.

    They can’t even rule a country and yet they want to rule the world. What insanity!

    Their Islamic megalomania is like a sore that never heal.

  10. “They can’t even rule a country and yet they want to rule the world. What insanity!”

    There certainly is a substantial case of cognitive dissonance. I have often wondered how muslims, who for basically EVERYTHING have to rely on products made by infidels, can look in the mirror and not weep out loud.

    From iPhones over state of the art video equipment, from cars to planes, from weaponry over fertilizer, from PCs and laptops to excavators…. everything, just about EVERYTHING, they have to import from the hated infidel countries.

    Is there actually anything, any piece of a minimum technological level, that’s being produced in muslim countries and sold successfully on the world market?

    • Supposedly the Italians are sourcing a lot of olive oil from Algeria, but even that is from the more productive, non-Arab Berber regions of the country.

      Lately the locals have been crowing about the helicopter plant that is being set up here. I feel like flying in an Algerian-built helicopter is as healthy as playing Russian roulette with a semi-automatic pistol.

    • But that’s the whole point: let the infidels toil – a truly hateful idea – while Muslims enjoy the fruits of their labors. Our ideas about work, innovation, etc., are not foreign, just perceived as part of our inferior make-up.

      • It’s not too different from Americans enjoying the fruits of Asia and other countries that produce real stuff, while paying with Reserve Currency funny-money that is created by fiat. It’s held together by an imperial military system that stomps on all that dares to dissent.

        No, I am not anti-American; I am pointing out the untenable situation that has evolved under a warped view of “exceptionalism”. America used to be a productive, vibrant economy. Now that most of its real jobs have been exported, the majority of “workers” are shuffling paper and electronic digits, while a few seek employment with the “security” organizations tasked with keeping its own citizens and other countries in line. Others are organizing their communities . . . to become adversarial to other communities. This is not going to end well.

    • for cognitive dissonance check: Dunning- Kruger syndrom.In Germany this summer, refugees drowned in an overproportionate number.They see someone swim: “hey , if the kuffar can do that, I am still better.”
      That is Darwin in action and good riddance.

  11. “Roads constructed in every town” big deal and didn’t the ancients do that several thousand years ago?

    Roads, such an accomplishment, a miracle.

    • Well built, long lasting, roads are quite a miracle, I do feel pride when I look back at what my Roman (I’m Croation so that my not be entirely accurate) ancestors did. Swamp shwamp, mountain fountain, forest borest….

  12. I think this was at an arena in Ankara called Spor Salonu – you can see it on the side of the building at the beginning of the video. It also would be a real breach of protocol if Erdogan, as a guest in Germany was to attend a rally like this. Perhaps a few years from now he will be so emboldened, but not quite yet I think.

      • Vlad may have taken that for the Cologne event.
        And a breach of protocol is a minor concern for “the worlds greatest leader”(said a young turkish woman in fluent german in a fit of the typical cognitive dissonance when interviewed for TV). I didn’ t believe my ears.

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