The Lunatic is in the Mosque

There has been a wave of attacks in which crazy people (who may also have been bullied at school) attack people, especially police officers, with guns, machetes, knives, axes, and anything else handy that might inflict bodily harm, all while screaming “Allahu Akhbar!”

The following article from the news site Boulevard Voltaire discusses all the lunatic allahu-akhbar attacks that have occurred recently in France. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

When is the psychiatric hospital “Allahu Akbar” opening?

by J.-P. Fabre Bernadac

According to La Depeche du Midi, a young security assistant named Valentin, 23 years old, was brutally assaulted with a knife, Tuesday, August 30 early afternoon, in a police station in Toulouse, rue du Rempart St.-Étienne by an individual who attempted to cut his throat.

The individual definitely prepared his attack carefully, since he entered the office on the pretext of filing a complaint, before jumping on the young detective and trying to take his gun. A struggle ensued. Seeing that he could not take possession of the gun, he pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed the young auxiliary in the throat. Fortunately, colleagues pounced on the assailant and neutralized him. They were then able to help the victim, who was taken to the hospital serious injuries.

The arrested attacker, aged 31, is of Algerian origin, as we learned from a police union source. He allegedly attacked the safety deputy, according to the same source, “Because he represents France.” You notice: neither taboo word — terrorist and radical Islamic — have been uttered neither by the police nor by journalists. They could have at least asked the question. Well, no, the only thing Luke Escoda of the Alliance union said was: “The individual was apparently fixated on DGSI [General Directorate for Internal Security — French intelligence agency]” and “was known to have psychiatric disorders.”

Thus, without any investigation, without searching the home of the perpetrator, without interrogating his family, without having checked the contents of his computer, without having made a list of his contacts on his smartphone, the authorities of this country know, a priori, that our attacker is insane, a crazy, as we say in the South. France Info goes even further by saying: “According to a source from the Interior Ministry, the attack wasn’t a terrorist attack.”

The Ministry of Interior is incessantly warning people about future and possible attacks, and when an act looks like it, the media and the state begin by saying, “Make no mistake, this is not a terrorist attack!”

We will be soon explaining that the Algerian had just read an article about DGSI, walked across the neighborhood, found a knife on the sidewalk near the police station, and wondered what he could well do with it, and there, suddenly, he tripped: Dr. Jekyll from Maghreb then became Mister Hyde from Toulouse.

In any case, I can see one thing: the huge number of Muslims who have psychiatric disorders. Between the one who crushed a dozen pedestrians in Dijon, another, who attacked an officer at a police station, the one who cut off the head of his boss and hung on a fence — I stop my list here due to the lack of space — there really is enough to fill all the beds in a psychiatric hospital.

So let me ask the authorities of this country: when will the opening of the hospital “Allahu Akhbar” take place?

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  1. My initial reaction to reading this is if the eyes open, this suppression is only going to increase the brutality – when the eyes open if violence precipitates.

  2. I’ve long held that the “authorities” are right, in that these people *do* suffer from a mental disorder. It’s actually a very common one, and NOT listed in the DSM.

      • Why do we tolerate this 7th century myth?
        It’s becoming harder every day, these guys will over play their hand, then we won’t tolerate this myth anymore.
        But when?

    • This seems very correct to me as well. Anyone uttering the phrase “Ahalhu Akbar” should be immediately arrested and sent to the nearest psychiatric facility. It is a clear sign of a very serious mental disorder. In fact, let’s just make that anyone found with a Koran. Mental Illness is a serious disorder if left untreated, and can lead to increasingly severe problems if society does not act in treating this.

      • Look at the image of those poor muslims in the photo crying out for help. It’s obvious that mental illness has ruined their lives. If we could have a translation, I know they are saying “Where’s my Thorazine”?

  3. Actually more like a seventh century hallucination. The more I learn about it the worse it seems. I can’t imagine living in a society ruled by these screwballs. Just think for a minute about the enormous labors our public schools are going to have when it finally becomes decided, as it must, that islam is overdue for some Americanization. I despair when I think how all of the security-lunacy and wasted energy our society expends just coping with the muslim threat at airports. Multiply that effort ten fold, at least, if the Global Caliphate starts to become restive for some victories in North America.
    What a [expletive] nightmare.

    • Here in the UK a major Police Service is actively promoting the hiring of Muslim woman officers entitled to wear a full burkha!


      Available on a Friday or released for prayers (x 5 sessions)?

      Will police stations have to provide prayer rooms?

      How do you chase down a suspect whilst wearing a burkha?

      How do you pass mandatory fitness test in a burkha?

      Can you (in a burkha) arrest shoplifter of bacon/alcohol?

      Are you ( in a burkha) a security risk to you fellow officers
      ( You could swap places with a jihadi at of similar stature
      Without them knowing)?

      Can you ( in a burkha) intervene in a dangerous dog incident?

      Can you ( in a burkha) intervene in a homophobic incident?

      I could go on – where is the common sense in this situation?

      Needless to say this move is being applauded by the rampant left wing luvvies of course. The west is rapidly going to hell on a hand cart.

      • Oh you do not understand! This new “officers of law” will not have to chase down a bacon thief or take care of a lost dog… They will lead raids on people who made comments against Islam. They will not be the muscle, they will be the religious authority on scene…

        • Like the women police officers in Iran and Saudi, they will harass, assault and arrest any woman wearing a sleeveless dress and no hose for immodesty

          I don’t think the British people will revolt until the Muslims ban their beloved dogs and alcohol

  4. What is the objection to France (or any other state for that matter)?
    “The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others'”,
    placard in Oxford Street march:
    (see ThinkAfricaPress).

  5. I no longer live in the UK, but I still read the papers online. The Guardian is about as regressive left as you’ll get. Every day there’ll be at least one article championing the diversity and benefits that Islam/Muslims offer to our secular society. I never read the articles because it’s always the same nonsense, but I do go straight to the comments. Now here’s the telling part, you can up-rate comments on the Guardian, but not down-rate as in the Daily Mail. Even many of your liberal left Guardian readers are cottoning on that all is not well. Many commentators openly criticize the religion of pieces and these are attracting more up-rates than the people who relentlessly express how great Islam is.

    The worm is turning, slowly, but it is turning. Ironically the more the media tells us how fantastic the religion of pieces is, the constant rapes, murders and general criminality portray a wholly different picture.

  6. So at the end of the year, the French Government will say, ” So M. Directeur Général de la Police, tell me, have the number of terror related incidents increased this year?” He will reply “Mais Non! they have reduced significantly, we have had fewer terror related crimes this year!” Hmm, they will of course had an exceptional number of crimes attributable to the mentally ill of the Islamic persuasion. If you don’t count it…..

  7. Intentional or not, thanks for the oblique reference to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon in the title of the post.

    • The B’s title ‘homages’ are always intentional. Most of those efforts are desert flowers*, though. I’m glad you got that one.

      *[oops. That reference to “Gray’s Elegy” was NOT intentional…]

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