Refugees USA, Inc.

Map of refugee arrivals 1/1 – 8/15, 2016
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Massive numbers of “refugees” are currently being imported into the United States. If I recall correctly, the Obama administration’s stated goal is to bring in 100,000 this year. Refugee resettlement is a big business now in the USA, driven by lavish funding from the federal government with additional assistance from Soros-type NGOs. In particular, mainstream Protestant denominations are cashing in on the windfall by offering their services as charitable experts to help resettle the new arrivals.

See Refugee Resettlement Watch for the best information on the cultural enrichment that will be coming soon to a location near you — if it isn’t there already.

The place to go for figures on the arrival of refugees is the website of the Refugee Processing Center, which is run by the State Department. The RPC logo gives you a feel for the multiculti ideology behind the operation. Just look at the rainbow of inclusion! And those little stick figures must represent happy children dancing in the joy of their diversity. Or maybe they’re running away from bombs being dropped on them by the evil Assad regime. Who knows? In any case, like most corporate, government, non-profit, and mainstream Christian logos, it looks like it was drawn by a kindergartner.

The RPC site features an automated system called the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS), which delivers the resettlement data in downloadable reports of various formats.

There’s a lot of material on the site, and I’ve only just begun to dig out the available information. There’s an entire section on the special program for bringing in Syrian and Iraqi refugees, but I haven’t even started on that part. While I was there this morning I concentrated on the Interactive Reports, which allow the user to enter start date, finish date, and various other criteria before generating the report.

Using data for January 1, 2016 through today (August 15), I downloaded the graphic shown at the top of this post, and an Excel report for the same period. After throwing out the useless bumf that was included in the spreadsheet, I was able to import the raw data into an Access database, normalize it, and link it with the “Countries” table I already have. That allowed me to query it in various ways to get a feel for the numbers.

The first table below shows the total refugees brought in broken down by religion. I grouped the Muslim sects together (interestingly enough, WRAPS calls them “Moslems”) in the top section. They didn’t label Ahmadiyya as Muslim, but I’ve included it. I assume that “Moslem Ismaici” is what I call “Ismaili”, but I’m not sure.

I was surprised that the number of Muslims is so low, slightly less than half of the total. It’s still disproportionate, but not as disproportionate as I expected.

The second table breaks those totals down by country. There’s a heavy emphasis on Syria, Somalia, Iraq, and Bangladesh. It looks like State is bringing in a fair number of Rohingya from Burma, and even more Burmese Christians. But no Uighurs from China! Not yet, anyway.

For additional background, I included the estimated percentage of Muslims in each of the countries listed.

I haven’t had time yet to do any further analysis, but here’s the data for everyone to look at.

Table 1: Refugees 2016, broken down by religion

Religion   Number
Ahmadiyya      221
Moslem    8,707
Moslem Ismaici        9
Moslem Shiite    2,806
Moslem Suni   11,345
Total Moslem
Animist       92
Atheist       30
Bahai      367
Baptist    1,335
Buddhist    1,874
Cao Dai        3
Catholic    2,554
Chaldean       73
Christian    9,059
Coptic        4
Evangelical Christian      196
Hindu    1,191
Jehovah Witness      302
Jewish      120
Kaaka’i       21
Kirat      592
Lutheran       26
Mennonite        5
Methodist      783
No Religion      235
Orthodox      955
Other Religion       73
Pentecostalist    3,364
Protestant    1,517
Sabeans-Mandean      238
Seventh Day Adventist    1,420
Ukr Orthodox        2
Uniate       87
Unknown        2
Yazidi      226
Zoroastrian      140
Total Non-Moslem
Overall Total   49,974

Table 2: Refugees 2016, broken down by country of origin and religion

Country   Muslim   Religion   Number
Afghanistan   99.0%   Baptist        1
        Christian       27
        Moslem       31
        Moslem Ismaici        9
        Moslem Shiite      949
        Moslem Suni      577
        No Religion        2
        Other Religion        4
Angola   1.0%   Christian        3
Armenia   2.0%   Christian        1
        Evangelical Christian        4
        Jehovah Witness        6
        Pentecostalist       14
Azerbaijan   93.4%   Jewish       17
Bangladesh   88.0%   Moslem Suni        1
        Baptist       14
        Evangelical Christian        6
        Jewish        6
        Pentecostalist       88
Belgium   3.5%   Protestant        2
Bhutan   1.0%   Buddhist      951
        Christian      775
        Hindu    1,138
        Kirat      591
        Other Religion        3
Burundi   10.0%   Baptist        4
        Catholic       80
        Christian       65
        Jehovah Witness       14
        Methodist       10
        Moslem       27
        Pentecostalist      229
        Protestant       39
        Seventh Day Adventist       27
Cambodia   3.5%   Buddhist        7
Cameroon   20.0%   Atheist        2
        Catholic        4
        Christian        1
        Pentecostalist        1
        Protestant        2
Central African Republic   15.0%   Catholic        9
        Christian        1
        Moslem        9
        Pentecostalist        2
        Protestant       14
Chad   54.0%   Moslem        1
China   3.0%   Christian        6
        No Religion        6
        Other Religion       21
Colombia   0.2%   Catholic      151
        Christian       93
        Evangelical Christian       24
        Jehovah Witness        4
        No Religion       42
        Other Religion        1
        Pentecostalist        2
Congo (Dem. Rep. of)   2.0%   Bahai       19
        Baptist      223
        Catholic    1,275
        Christian    1,916
        Jehovah Witness      186
        Mennonite        5
        Methodist      766
        Moslem      271
        No Religion        3
        Other Religion       26
        Pentecostalist    1,770
        Protestant    1,031
        Seventh Day Adventist    1,263
Congo   10.0%   Catholic        3
        Christian        7
        No Religion        1
        Protestant        3
Côte d’Ivoire   38.6%   Baptist        1
        Catholic       18
        Christian        7
        Evangelical Christian       14
        Moslem        1
        Moslem Suni        1
        Other Religion        1
        Pentecostalist        3
        Protestant       11
Croatia   1.3%   Moslem Suni        2
Cuba   0.0%   Baptist        5
        Catholic       82
        Christian        2
        Evangelical Christian        7
        Jehovah Witness       41
        No Religion       54
        Pentecostalist        9
        Seventh Day Adventist        9
Djibouti   99.0%   Moslem        1
Egypt   91.0%   Christian        2
        Coptic        4
        Moslem        4
        Moslem Suni        1
        Orthodox        5
El Salvador   0.0%   Atheist        1
        Catholic      136
        Christian       54
        Evangelical Christian       43
        Jehovah Witness        9
        No Religion       33
        Other Religion        1
        Pentecostalist        1
        Seventh Day Adventist        1
Eritrea   50.0%   Catholic      149
        Christian       85
        Evangelical Christian        1
        Jehovah Witness        4
        Moslem      208
        Moslem Suni       14
        Orthodox      651
        Pentecostalist       57
        Protestant       74
        Unknown        1
Ethiopia   47.5%   Atheist        2
        Baptist       24
        Catholic        5
        Christian      143
        Lutheran       26
        Moslem      282
        Moslem Suni        1
        Orthodox       75
        Other Religion        3
        Pentecostalist       22
        Protestant       57
        Seventh Day Adventist        1
Gabon   1.0%   Christian        2
Georgia   9.9%   Christian        1
        Pentecostalist       10
Guatemala   0.0%   Catholic        2
Guinea   85.0%   Moslem        5
Honduras   0.0%   Catholic       26
        Christian       12
        Evangelical Christian       15
        Jehovah Witness        1
        No Religion       10
        Pentecostalist        2
        Seventh Day Adventist        2
India   12.0%   Christian        1
        Hindu        3
Indonesia   88.2%   Christian        1
Iran   99.0%   Atheist       23
        Bahai      348
        Christian    1,060
        Jewish       46
        Kaaka’i       17
        Methodist        1
        Moslem       14
        Moslem Shiite      162
        Moslem Suni       31
        No Religion       60
        Orthodox        2
        Other Religion        3
        Protestant      224
        Sabeans-Mandean      183
        Seventh Day Adventist        2
        Zoroastrian      140
Iraq   97.0%   Atheist        1
        Baptist        1
        Catholic      343
        Chaldean       73
        Christian      162
        Evangelical Christian        1
        Kaaka’i        4
        Moslem      156
        Moslem Shiite    1,651
        Moslem Suni    2,442
        No Religion        4
        Orthodox      211
        Other Religion        1
        Protestant        4
        Sabeans-Mandean       55
        Yazidi      216
Jamaica   0.2%   Christian        1
Jordan   95.0%   Moslem        4
Kazakhstan   47.0%   Baptist       28
        Evangelical Christian        2
        Jehovah Witness        5
        Jewish        3
        Pentecostalist       12
        Seventh Day Adventist        7
Kenya   7.0%   Christian        2
        Moslem        2
Kyrgyzstan   80.0%   Baptist        4
        Evangelical Christian        3
        Pentecostalist       28
        Seventh Day Adventist        3
Laos   1.0%   Christian        7
Liberia   20.0%   Catholic        7
        Christian        7
        Pentecostalist        2
Libya   97.0%   Moslem Suni        1
Malaysia   60.4%   Christian        1
        Moslem        2
Mali   90.0%   Moslem        1
Moldova   0.1%   Baptist      137
        Evangelical Christian        2
        Jehovah Witness       21
        Jewish        4
        Pentecostalist       91
        Seventh Day Adventist       33
Mongolia   4.0%   Buddhist        1
Myanmar   4.0%   Animist       92
        Baptist      342
        Buddhist      896
        Catholic      193
        Christian    4,251
        Evangelical Christian       24
        Hindu        3
        Methodist        6
        Moslem    1,855
        Moslem Suni        7
        Other Religion        4
        Pentecostalist        5
Nepal   4.2%   Buddhist        6
        Christian        1
        Hindu       11
        Kirat        1
Nigeria   50.0%   Christian        6
        Pentecostalist        1
North Korea   0.0%   Christian        4
        No Religion        4
Norway   1.6%   Moslem        1
Pakistan   96.4%   Ahmadiyya      221
        Catholic        6
        Christian       78
        Moslem        7
        Moslem Shiite       27
        Moslem Suni        4
        Protestant        1
        Moslem        8
        Moslem Suni       20
Russia   15.0%   Baptist       82
        Evangelical Christian       12
        Jehovah Witness        3
        Jewish       21
        No Religion        2
        Pentecostalist      134
        Seventh Day Adventist       25
        Uniate        2
        Unknown        1
Rwanda   4.6%   Baptist        8
        Catholic       17
        Christian       14
        Jehovah Witness        6
        Moslem        6
        No Religion        3
        Pentecostalist        5
        Protestant        2
Senegal   94.0%   Catholic        1
        Moslem        8
Sierra Leone   60.0%   Christian        3
Somalia   100.0%   Christian        1
        Moslem    5,253
        Moslem Suni      268
        Pentecostalist        1
South Sudan   7.0%   Catholic        7
        Christian       81
        Moslem        1
        Protestant       10
Sri Lanka   7.0%   Catholic        8
        Christian       12
        Hindu       36
Sudan   97.0%   Catholic       14
        Christian       91
        Evangelical Christian        8
        Moslem      474
        Moslem Suni       83
        Orthodox        5
        Protestant       33
Sweden   4.0%   Moslem        2
Syria   88.0%   Catholic        3
        Christian       28
        Moslem       50
        Moslem Shiite       17
        Moslem Suni    7,888
        No Religion        1
        Orthodox        5
        Other Religion        5
        Yazidi       10
Thailand   5.0%   Buddhist        1
Togo   13.7%   Catholic        1
        Christian       13
Tunisia   99.0%   Moslem Suni        1
Uganda   15.0%   Catholic        7
        Christian        9
        Moslem       12
        Pentecostalist        1
        Protestant       10
        Seventh Day Adventist        1
Ukraine   0.5%   Baptist      460
        Christian        1
        Evangelical Christian       24
        Jehovah Witness        2
        Jewish       12
        No Religion        7
        Pentecostalist      873
        Seventh Day Adventist       46
        Ukr Orthodox        2
        Uniate       85
Uzbekistan   89.0%   Atheist        1
        Baptist        1
        Evangelical Christian        6
        Jewish        4
        Moslem        3
        Orthodox        1
        Pentecostalist        1
Vietnam   0.9%   Buddhist       12
        Cao Dai        3
        Catholic        5
        Christian       15
        No Religion        3
Yemen   99.0%   Christian        3
        Jewish        7
        Moslem        8
        Moslem Suni        3
Zimbabwe   1.0%   Catholic        2
        Christian        3

Hat tip: Mark Spahn.

38 thoughts on “Refugees USA, Inc.

  1. “Refugee” is an interesting word, isn’t it? We are rarely told what they are seeking refuge from. Those coming to the UK usually turn out to be economic migrants, which means that they are, at best, seeking refuge or asylum from an economy which is doing badly by entering a country where the economy is doing better. This means that the real humanitarian cases (orphans, and those needing medical treatment, and those with well-attested histories of persecution) end up at the back of an uncontrolled queue. Also interesting is the fact that many people in the list above seem to be avoiding countries which are similar to their countries of origin, and going instead to the USA. For example, I can well understand why Christian Zimbabweans might seek refuge outside Mugabe’s socialist hell-hole, but I would have thought that neighbouring African countries might have suited them better. Similarly, the Christians from Nigeria: why not relocate them to the Christian South of their own country?

    America is at least lucky in that Islamic terrorists can’t just storm fences or jump on lorries or boats to get into the country. One hopes that distance and bureaucracy will be some protection.

    • Sadly, there is now to the north of the USA a formerly sane country that was run by Stephen Harper, and is now run by the Wahhabi-loving, insane shirtless wonder PM Turdeau.

      As a Canadian, I hope that Trump wins and then threatens Turdeau with severe economic consequences if we don’t mend our ways, else we’re going down the same path as Europe.

      It’s that bad.

      • I agree with you. Most Canadians are like deer living in a fenced reserve, never seen any danger in their life. For the Muslim invaders its like taking candy from a baby…

    • JohnKD, fellow Montanan here. I thought the diversity loving Libtards in Missoula were getting some of the barbarians.

      In either case, if they pull their usual [ordure] here they will quickly learn how many of us carry. It’s a culture thing. Welcome to OURS!

    • Nor WY, maybe they know we will not be infiltrated! Unless they are simply not reporting MT and WY numbers. Either way, I would not recommend the welcoming party as their next door neighbors.

      • Then you would be a member of a “pocket of resistance”.

        This report is from the State Dept about their refugees.

        But the Big Money is doled out to the seven (maybe nine by now) VOLAGs by ORR. The Office of Refugee Resettlement is under the Department of Homeland Security while The last figure I saw was 5 bln – that’ s dollars, not people. A VOLAG would hang a religious denomination in front of their name, though whichever church they used (e.g., Lutheran) never saw a dime. It is an extremely lucrative biz, each CEO of the respective VOLAG makes a six figure salary.

        But this Refugee Processing Center is a State Dept deal – separate from DHS’ ORR.

        That link is from 2o12…but useful anyway. You can bet the cost per head has only increased in the interim.

        Some weeks ago I read that no one is sure where ALL the government agencies who bring these 3rd world people in are actually located. The feral bureaucracy is far too bloated to be accountable .

      • I wish. You could teach the 3rd worlders English…but we’d drive you crazy: loud, brash, enthusiastic…it would be a real culture shock.

        • Doubt if I would suffer from culture shock, Dymphna. In fact it’s the other way around – my friends in America call me the ‘redneck over the pond with a funny accent and an insatiable thirst’ ???

    • Wishful thinking, Our most left wing town, Missoula, is “welcoming” refugees. The three women commissioners, all Obama voter types, voted in favor of refugees. The other two large Western Montana counties got their county commissioners to say absolutely no refuges. Once here the refugees are free to go 100 miles or a two hour drive. In Montana we drive 80 mph plus on the highways so they could be here soon, Here are the first – at least no Muslims so far:

      I am in this picture from February protesting in front of the county municipal building against refugee resettlement.

    • That whole “Don’t mess with Texas” thing is grossly overstated. They’re as supine as the rest of the country.

  2. This won’t go down well, but I am pleased to see the US having to accept refugees from the Middle East. By wrecking Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, the US (and Britain) have huge responsibility for the situation we are now in. Americans should just be thankful they have no land border with the ME.

    • You forgot all the other allied countries who were in Iraq.

      And the latest round was Obama and Clinton. NOT the US – there was little to no support from average Americans for the stupidity. Please be accurate in pointing out who is responsible.

      Merkel is responsible for the ruin of her country. Average Germans are not. Nor do they have any room for movement if they want to keep their jobs, their children, etc.

      Meanwhile, BHO is decimating our military even as he wastes lives in MENA.

  3. 2 moslems from Sweden?

    Do you accept Christian real Swedes too, preferably to MT or WY? 🙂

  4. Who said “immigration is the Trojan Horse of jihad”? I remember hearing it a while back, but can’t recall where.

  5. This compilation was a huge amount of work for which I thank you Gates of Vienna!
    Invaluable information and very much appreciated!

  6. The States which show zero refugees isn’t accurate. The United States is an open access deal. There are no borders between States. Migrants can move freely once they ‘officially’ enter any State that initially brings them in. What isn’t being counted are the undocumented refugees that enter into the USA from Canada and Mexico. Lastly who in their right mind would rely on ‘official’ numbers of bought and paid for, politically agenda organizations that get their funding from special interests? This is like judging the size of an iceberg from what you can only see above the water line.

    • Good point. And they do move – but first, they use up the benefits they get by staying in one place for six months… each VOLAG is given so much per head and they get that by making sure their charges stay in place for six months.

      Some are brought in as modern-day slaves. Those so-called “jobs” Americans won’t do because after six months your health is ruined. Chobani Yogurt in Twin Falls, Idaho:

    • What would be even more helpful are citizen researchers who will spend the hours it takes to slog through the muck looking for information.

  7. i saw a woman in my small Arizona town almost completely covered up but the face at our local market. It angered me and I thought could this be the tip of the iceberg with so many refugees bringing brought into nearby Tucson. if a lot came to our small town it would change our culture. I don’t want to see women covered in tents in my town.

    • Yes it would. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ask your town’s leaders how they plan to limit this phenomenon where you live.

      Be prepared for hostility and cries of “racism”…

  8. Crazy.
    But still a relative low number compared to the influx of invaders… err, migrants to Sweden, Germany and Austria (Italys leftist government still is transporting them into Europe by the thousands, knowing quite well, that they want to go to other countries anyhow).

    About 100.000 for the next three years (inlcuding 2016) is the so called “Limitation” of asylum seekers that the austrian government is trying to sell to their people as a positive step.
    I mean, we are a small country with limited space and not enough jobs.
    And this numbers dont even include familyreunion or those who allready are here.
    Many rejected asylum seeker (some of them hard boiled criminals, rapists or jihadis) also will remain in Europe, because no one is willing to take them back.

    • And no one is willing to round them up because that would be inhumane…vote for the so-called fascists. They care about this issue.

  9. Some more information on this whole refugee resettlement project, from a Breitbart News story:

    Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch. She’s an expert on the lucrative refugee resettlement industry.

    “Refugees have been flooding into Twin Falls as cheap labor, for the food industry, including the food-processing industry. Local employers are given financial incentives not to hire Americans, but to hire refugees instead. The federal government has also gotten involved by providing incentives for both the companies and city officials.

    Nancy Taylor works closely with refugees in the Magic Valley… “I believe that there is a very small group in Twin Falls, very small and vocal, who, for lack of a better word, are racist,” [Taylor] said. . .”

    And here is where it gets interesting:

    Taylor is apparently part of a group known as Magic Valley Refugee Advocates which has a Facebook page that shares news releases from the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Program.
    That program is the local affiliate of the politically powerful U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigration (USCRI), a leading voluntary agency [VOLAG] in the billion dollar refugee resettlement industry funded almost exclusively by the federal government.
    As Breitbart News reported previously, USCRI is headed by Lavinia Limon, who has made her career helping migrants settle in the United States. She was appointed director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement by President Bill Clinton in 1993, and has been a leader in the movement to create “new American communities” of migrant blocs within American neighborhoods.”

    [links in the Breitbart article —

  10. We need a list of principals, with their photos, to shame them as Soros stooge open border Quisling traitors, who are selling our children down the river of Islamic slavery tomorrow for a pocket full of silver today.

  11. I do not trust the numbers as listed by the state department or rather their numbers of non-muslims should be taken with a grain of salt. The whole purpose of the mislabeled ‘refugees’ is to bring in muslim from across the middle east, Africa and other nations. Christians do not apply.
    This is the planned agenda/result of the administrations endless destruction and coups across the arab world. It is part of the agenda of the oligarchs like the Rothschilds et al and the US/Europe to alter not only the western culture from being overly white people to being more ‘brown’ as well as bringing in agents that helps them create their desired chaos to gain the ultimate goal – the NWO.
    The best example to gouge is Europe and Germany especially. The overwhelming muslims that arrived of were sent are mostly young men. The chaos one can observe is the result of their agenda to bring in these muslims as well as lyng that their are refugees. Refugees from what? The ‘false flag’ wars the US planted in the middle east beginning with the false flag on 9/11?
    The Vatican or catholic church is heavily involved in this shindig ergo Francis constant call to accept these muslims, breed with them or take them into homes despite knowing that they hate the guts of germans or any westerner.
    While this president cut the VA budget by 2.2 billion dollars – he allotted this same amount for the hundred+ thousands of muslims he beings in. I guess our soldiers/vets don’t need care or help but muslims do.
    When I look and ponder the pic at the beginning of your post – I can only think about ‘how times have changed’. This time – the leaders in the west intentionally bringing islam which is incompatible with a free society – by intent.

  12. Mostly Christians from Iran, and mostly Pentecostalists from the Ukraine? Either something strange is happening, or “refugees” are posing as members of exotic religious minorities, in order to increase their chances of getting asylum.

    • That’s 242 pages. This feral org started up in 1995…anyone willing to volunteer to take a chapter – or “articles” as they’re called in that bumpf and give a report??

      Essentially it’s a cover for the UN and those with a moneyed interest to make ‘binding laws’ regarding the environment.

      the International Council of Environmental Law, or ICEL, is behind this. Rather than read the whole thing, how about someone does a report on ICEL and its co-conspirator, The International Union for
      the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources?

      That’s darn clever: enslavement for all via protecting “the environment”… and to think it started just by making it illegal to litter…quite a metastasis.

      And who knew there was a Permanent Court of International Justice – that’s PCIJ for those in the know…and I don’t think it’s in Hoboken.

  13. This is great!!! The more Muslim enrichment to the United States the more Jews will flee to Israel. The grand total of Jews coming in was mentioned as 120. We just had one flight of 220 young enthusiastic jews from the US, most of whom will enlist in the IDF, find their love interest and drive the Start-up Nation fever evern higher!!! Only one of many flights which brought 50K such to Israel. In Jerusalem you can get by with American English at all venues restaurants, holy houses, unholy houses, etc.. interjected with some Hebrew. Obama is turning out to be American Liberal Jewry’s absolutely worst enemy as those young Jews realize the American Dream was but a dream and reality is Israel.

  14. From Richard W. C. Falknor

    But see also (“In particular, mainstream Protestant denominations are cashing in on the windfall by offering their services as charitable experts to help resettle the new arrivals”)

    “The U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) states that it is “the largest resettlement agency in the United States.”

    According to the MRS’s most recent annual report, “Upwards of 90,000″ young illegal immigrants were projected to arrive between October 1, 2013, and September 30, 2014.

    Additionally, MRS showed a total budget of approximately $71 million, of which nearly $66 million – or about 93% – has come from federal grants and contracts. [It is actually worse than 93%, see summary from the 2012 Annual Report below***—ed]”

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