Proxy Wars Between Turks and Kurds in Vienna

One might easily mistake the above photo for a scene from Istanbul or Ankara. But it was taken at a pro-Turkish demonstration in Vienna in 2013.

Turks stage these demos every week now in downtown Vienna, providing an occasion for near-warfare between Turkish-Austrians and Kurdish-Austrians. Last weekend the situation deteriorated even further than usual.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Turks in Vienna — Allahu Akhbar — “Like in a war”

Video 1

More and more often there are conflicts that resemble civil war between leftist Kurdish PKK supporters and Turkish fascists, the Grey Wolves, on Austrian as well as on German ground. For quite a while now Kurds have been demonstrating every Saturday on the Stephansplatz to raise awareness of Turkish politics. But as soon as the demonstration begins, the Vienna city center becomes a danger zone. Tourists, residents, and business people are running the gauntlet. The people are in fear. Last weekend the situation escalated. Sonja, Prousek, the owner of the bakery Aida situated next to the Cathedral, was horrified: “It was like in the war.” The Stephansplatz became a bubbling cauldron. Hundreds of people fled in panic into surrounding areas, sought protection in hotels, stores and bars.

The Café Aida saw the most damage. Sonja Prousek told Zeitung Österreich: “Old people cried, children lost their parents. Dishes, drinks and food landed on the floor. We had to close up because customers and employees fled all the way to the other franchise down on Bognergasse.”

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The Vienna police were present in full gear for security, but admit that these demonstrations, attended by 300 to 400 people, are increasingly becoming a serious problem. But also that there is the freedom to demonstrate.

Already on Friday evening 15 Kurds tried to invade the ORF-center at Vienna’s Küniglberg to force the channel to broadcast a message about Abdullah Öcalan, the PKK leader who is imprisoned in Turkey. Some of them made it all the way to the reception area. But that’s where the terror ended. The SEK WEGA (Special commando department Vienna) and trained dogs ended the chaos and escorted the Turkish mob out the exit. Once again, no one was arrested. There was merely one report for “disturbance of peace”.

In the upper Austrian Weis two young PKK supporters threw Molotov cocktails at a Turkish community center.

By now proxy wars on European ground, not just among these groups, are in full bloom thanks to unconscionable and brainless immigration politics. The escalation was programmed. The colorful future will become a nightmare.

19 thoughts on “Proxy Wars Between Turks and Kurds in Vienna

  1. I wonder what are the betting odds on how long before we organise another Crusade against islam; 50 years, 100, 200 years?

    • The Reconquista has allready started – slowly.
      The real question is, how long it will take.
      I`m afraid it will take generations, just like it did in the past.

  2. Fascinating…though I take issue with the term “proxy war”. There appear to be no proxies present in this war fought on European soil.

    • They’re proxies for their counterparts in Turkey, fighting in Europe for an Anatolian cause.

      It’s probably not quite the right word, but I couldn’t think of a better one. “Off-site war” doesn’t sound right, either.

      • Proxy isn’t right as Turks and Kurds are not getting other countries to fight this war. I agree “off site” doesn’t sound great but it is accurate.

  3. I remember not long ago the Austrian government and media called the Hungarians fascists and Viktor Orban as Hitler (real ironic the from country who gave the real Hitler to the world) for building a fence. How do they feel now as their cities are officially become a third world s…holes (places)?

    • The religion of ‘Total Tolerance’ is a lot more powerful than one thinks. The central tenet of the religion is the rejection any sign of intolerance. To be called intolerant is the biggest sin.

      – Nothing will change until the welfare state collapses. And that I believe will take some time.

  4. What can I say other than to point out that they are at the GATES of VIENNA.

    As for the police saying: “But also that there is the freedom to demonstrate.” – I’d like to see them have the same attitude towards a bunch of neo-nazis. Obviously, they’d know how to “deal” with those. WHY ARE THESE FASCISTS BEING TREATED DIFFERENTLY?

    • Patriots are treated like criminals, Muslims like the future leaders of Western Europe, with deference.

    • Why? Because they are real; because they are a material threat, and have actual clout and political influence with votes and money behind them. Because they are being funded by the same people who have bought and own the politicians and media. Because THESE fascists hold power.

      The other fascists/Nazis are effectively ghosts from a distant past (before most of us were born), and are conveniently be used as a bogeyman and a cudgel to keep the state-educated taxpayer-sheeple in line on the way to the slaughterhouse of oblivion..

    • Because it is much less risky to search for imaginary Nazis and harass decent citizens expressing their opinion and peaceful criticism, than go against a pack wild hyenas roaming the streets.

  5. Stimulating Sunni-Shia warfare sounds good–as strategy for us. But this shows that it has to be promoted in the right places at the right times. In the long run, how much help to us was the Iran-Iraq war? These are academic subjects at war colleges.

  6. I don’t see the problem. Just some enrichment and diversity. If it were not for the Muhammadans, the world would be a fairly boring place. Because of them, everyday is filled with excitement in formerly boring countries such as Sweden and Austria. Even Canada is trying its very best to gets its share of enrichment. Japan and South Korea are missing out on the action.

    – Diversity is strength.

  7. The problem also is, that socialist- and green party (the ruling parties in Vienna) are infested with politicians from a turkish or kurdish background.

      • Examples for some high ranking politicians (mostly as MP): Alev Korun, Şenol Akkılıç, Nurten Yılmaz, Berivan Aslan, Hamza Ates, Resul Ekrem Gönültaş, Fatih Köse (not a member of the socialists but with close ties)…

        Of course there are a lot more on lower party levels (City Councils and so on).
        Fatih Toraman (recently took part in a Pro-Erdogan Demonstration)

        Overall speaking, you will find more turkish members on the Socialist side and the kurdish ones in the Green party

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