The Republican Debates They Hid from You

Y’all probably already know about this YouTube Channel, since the stats say they have more than five million subscribers.

However, leading a sheltered life, I just now found their videos. For once, I’m speechless. [I will admit I chose this particular video because they mention our cousins across the pond.]

They skewer everyone equally

Since we’re culturally deprived at Schloss Bodissey, I don’t grok all of their offerings. For instance, I haven’t seen “Game of Thrones” — and won’t unless I end up in Purgatory — so those who have done may want to make their own assessment of the BLR effort. But the political stuff is great. For example, the DNC convention is even more hallucinogenic than this take-off on the GOP.

Think of this as your Sunday meditation.

6 thoughts on “The Republican Debates They Hid from You

  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The makers are very talented.

  2. Bernard Shaw described the Brits and the Americans as “two nations divided by a common language”; maybe he should have said “sense of humo(u)r”, or perhaps it’s just me.

      • Afraid so- just tried a clip, and it sounds more my thing. My absurd button definitely works, or I would’t love Lewis Carroll!

        • As a child I could never stand Lewis Carroll. Like a fever dream and real life was already too much like that for my six-year-old self. I might be able to read it now if the B were holding my hand.

          I read “Hansel and Gretel” at the same time and had vivid nightmares about all of us (the Little Girls, anyway- ages five to ten) being laid out on ironing boards in our large dormitory while hungry-looking nuns with knives and forks stood by each of us and said the blessing for meals over our supine bodies. Never picked up fairy tale books again unless they were separate stories assigned in school.

          In college one theatre class was a survey from the Greeks to the Angry Young Men, plus a dollop of the Absurdists. I figured both were an aftermath of WWII.

          It is only in the safety of Schloss Bodissey that I can venture out into absurdity without being run over.

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