Nashville Sheriff Wants Islamist “Impact” in the Jails

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #200 — Nashville Sheriff wants Islamist “impact” in the jails

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall wants “cultural awareness” training on Islam for his staff to have more “impact.”

Does Hall have any idea what he will be inviting into the county’s prison system?

In 2009, it was exposed that Warith Deen, the head Muslim chaplain for New York’s state prisons for 20 years, “considered the 9/11 hijackers to be martyrs.” Deen was in charge of hiring Muslim chaplains and leading prayer services.

Also uncovered from a search of federal records, is that Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and front groups have dedicated prison programs that provide religious material and volunteer chaplains. This has been used as one avenue by which Muslims not only fulfill their religious duty to proselytize (“dawa”) and convert non-Muslims to Islam.

ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), is a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing prosecution for raising and sending money to HAMAS, a U.S. designated terrorist organization. Since 1993, ISNA has been the official endorsing agency for the U.S. military’s Muslim chaplain program.

One Muslim chaplain endorsed by ISNA, Imam Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad, was a convert to the Nation of Islam. He also worked with the Saudi backed charity, the Muslim World League (MWL), to establish the military’s Muslim chaplain program. It was later discovered that the MWL was tied to al Qaeda.

One of ISNA’s founders and its first president, Abdurahman Alamoudi, was instrumental in guiding the military’s Muslim chaplain program and as reported, “handpicked” Imam Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad as ISNA’s first endorsed military chaplain. In 2004 Alamoudi was sentenced to 23 years in prison for terrorism-related activities.

Nashville jails following the same pattern?

Did Sheriff Hall bother to vet the individuals and groups he was embracing? Is he aware that the Islamic Center of Nashville and the Salahadeen Center hosted another discredited ISNA official involved with Muslim prison chaplains?

In 2010, these mosques invited Louay Safi, who at that time was ISNA’s director of Communications and Leadership Development to speak to their congregations. Right before Safi’s Nashville visit, a Dallas newspaper published a story revealing the fact that Safi’s contract as a lecturer on Islam at military bases had been suspended. Safi was a trainer on Islam at Fort Hood (Texas) in November 2009, when U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 Americans in a jihadist shooting spree. Safi had previously been identified as part of a terrorism financing group and was later named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing prosecution.

CAIR is another Muslim Brotherhood organization that was also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution. Paul Galloway is the former director of the CAIR-Houston office. Galloway now lives in Nashville and is the director of the AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) and ACO (American Center for Outreach) — and one of the invitees who met with Sheriff Hall about training his staff on Islam.

The sheriff agreed with Galloway and the other Islamist representatives that training for his staff can only be delivered by Muslims. The sheriff further agreed about the only way to ensure that all Muslim criminals’ demands are accommodated: he would hire a Muslim advocate.

Sheriff Hall has admitted that as the Muslim population in Davidson County has grown, so has “their presence inside county jails.”

In 2013, Davidson County’s population was 658,602 including approximately 6,296 Muslims. That equals about 1% of the total population and yet, according to the sheriff, they make up to 10% of the jail population — “more than double what you’d find ten years ago.”

Considering the information being exposed about Muslim refugees in other states (for example, here and here), committing crimes and gang involvement, the Nashville jail demographics aren’t surprising.

Islamists always have a secondary agenda

Speaking for the group, Galloway, said they also wanted to “be versed in the policies that govern the use of force in jails and what triggers local authorities to initiate deportation proceedings.”

Are these questions about deportation of illegal immigrant criminals or refugee criminals who would still subject to deportation? And why are they asking questions about use of force in jails? That sounds like Black Lives Matter talking.

Tennessee’s Islamist organizations including AMAC, ACO and the Faith and Culture Center (FCC), have formally joined forces with Black Lives Matter (BLM). The founder and president of the FCC, Daoud Abudiab, is also a founding member of AMAC, and the president of the board of the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC). All these groups are collaborating with BLM.

Daoud Abudiab, founder of FCC, founding member of AMAC and president of TIRRC

It’s the same police/law enforcement brutality/discrimination/unfair treatment talk that a Minneapolis Somali refugee used in her platform and which got her the Democratic nomination for a seat in her state legislature. (BTW, it’s been discovered that she married her brother and brought him to the U.S. at the same time that she was married to the father of her children.)

In the context of jails, the rejoinder of the Islamists and BLM makes complete sense. Criminals, particularly black criminals have long been a fertile population for conversion to Islam.

Charles Colson, jailed for several months for his role in Watergate and who later founded a prison ministry observed that “some varieties of religious instruction in prison can transform ‘petty criminals into professional terrorists.’“ His examples included Richard Reid, the airplane shoe bomber, and Jose Padilla.

Nicknamed “the dirty bomber,” with ties to al Qaeda, Padilla attended a fundamentalist mosque in Florida which at that time, was led by Rafiq Mahdi, a convert who trained in Saudi Arabia and is known in Tennessee as the “unofficial imam of Knoxville.” Mahdi just happens to also be employed by ICNA, another Muslim Brotherhood front group.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

AMAC and others also plan to meet with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the field office of the FBI — which tells you they are up to something else. What is it?

More subversion of law enforcement? Demands for greater diversity in the ranks of law enforcement? More opportunities to replay their victim narrative?

The real question that should be asked is if this is the religion of peace, why are there so many Muslim criminals in the Davidson County jails?

10 thoughts on “Nashville Sheriff Wants Islamist “Impact” in the Jails

    • I am a Christian.

      A week before 9/11 I had a dream and in this dream I was hiding in a dark place – what seemed like a cave.There was a door on it,and the door was open maybe 6-8 inches.

      In this dream, Americans had gone into hiding! I peered out the opening door and saw this Middle Eastern man wearing a turban on his head and he had what looked like an assault rifle over his right shoulder. He was walking toward the left (which would be west) and he was looking for Americans! Now the name was huge in my dream. And that name was BINLADEN. It seemed so real and I was scared to death!

      Well, I woke up before they caught me. I told my husband about the dream and asked him, “who was Binladen?” He didn’t know either. Then, a week later they hit the Trade Towers, Pentagon, and the plane that went down in Penn. It really sent chills up my spine when they blamed it on Binladen.

      Now I feel like we’re in the beginning stages of my Nightmare!

      At the time I didn’t know what that dream meant, but now I think I do.


      • I’d say we’re much further along than the “beginning” of your nightmare…you make me glad I can’t remember my dreams! Or mostly can’t remember them. Recently I dreamed I was on a train with some little girls who’d been rescued from ISIS and we were traveling to safety…on waking I decided to avoid some of GoV’s posts for a while. Just until I feel better.

  1. Putin segregated all Russian prisons to isolate muslims.This is a good idea.Baron’s gov is to legalize 200000 felon democratic voters.We need Baron to prevent this.While Texans ride horses,muslims ride their cousins though based on their prolific profundity a few must be female.

    • Don, I don’t mean to be rude, but this post is (apart from the beginning) incoherent.

  2. I didn’t even read this report, but the photograph that illustrates it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling to see how ecumenical our Mohammedan neighbors are to hold an inter-faith meeting in a conference room dominated by a giant Star of David.

    • A muslim maybe would say that its not the Star of David, its the Seal of Solomon – Khātam Sulaymān.

  3. Give it a few years and Galloway will be inducted into The Grand Old Opry because that’s just how them boys roll… the moslems and the Nashville kafirs! Make sure to get the Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Mexicans, Columbians, MS-13, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, and Chinese “holy” men to minister to their imprisoned “immigrant” invading armies as well.

  4. It’s becoming quite clear that the “hijra” or spread of Islam, uses infiltration and political pressure as much or more than terror. I’m guessing on this, but I would bet a detailed history of the Muslim victories over Christianity and Turkey in Asia and Eastern Europe would show that internal subversion actually played a larger role than military conquest.

    You have an aggressive religious (and secondary racial) minority pressing to find a weak point, any weak point, to facilitate their expansion. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at their disposal as well as a long-range point of view. They can afford to find potentially pliable, politically-talented students and shepherd them through to powerful careers. And these trainees are totally compromised: they are addicted to unearned power and money. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also knew that very compromising videotapes are being held in reserve as an insurance policy that they will not develop a late case of conscience.

    • Indeed it does, RonaldB. David Wood, an excellent CJ mind-bender, has a video on The Three Stages of Jihad. These characters in Nashville (and elsewhere) are implementing Stage 1: Stealth Jihad. Let me dig up the video link….

      Ah, here it is: It’s 24:30 long, but Wood gets down to business right away. There’s a short (approx. 2:00) introduction, and then BLAM! Here come the facts!

      Oh, yes; “entertaining/educational” note: Wood has interspersed his personal interview-type video with outtakes from Prez Obama saying stuff about Islam. (tee hee)

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