Enricher vs. Enricher on the Streets of Rotterdam

An intramural battle among culture-enrichers took place recently on the streets of Rotterdam. Kurdish immigrants staged a street protest against the oppression of their ethnic fellows in Turkey. They were confronted with a forceful Turkish counter-protest, and a pitched battle ensued, requiring vigorous police intervention.

Many thanks to Dr. Van Helsing for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:05   One of the Kurdish protesters loses it when he is called names by a Turkish counter protester.
00:09   Police intervene and hit the protesters hard, using batons.
00:20   A spokesperson for the Kurds believes that the police waited too long before intervening.
00:35   “The police failed to maintain order when Turkish nationalist youths started provoking us. That’s why
00:39   things got out of hand. They have no right to intervene in our protest with their counter-protest.”
00:43   The protest is in support of the Kurds in Turkey who are, according to the protesters,
00:46   silenced by the government.
01:01   The Kurds gathered at City Hall and started walking in the direction of Theatre Square.
01:09   A short time later, a brawl erupts between Kurds and Turkish nationalists.
01:23   “An approach is needed against the increase of Turkish nationalism.” And what will the Kurds themselves do?
01:28   “We will contribute to the reduction of tensions, or try to prevent them all together.”
01:33   Police claim they prevented worse by intervening. No arrests were made,
01:37   although the police don’t rule out that arrests may be made in the coming days.

9 thoughts on “Enricher vs. Enricher on the Streets of Rotterdam

  1. The saddest note in the video: “No arrests were made.”

    Of course, if arrests *had* been made, no one would have been held responsible for assault, terrorizing onlookers, disturbing the peace (or whatever the charge is in the Netherlands), etc.

  2. History has the nasty habit of repeating itself.

    A Bosnian Muslim assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. This historical benchmark has always been identified as the event that led to World War I.

    Flip forward slightly over 100 years later and Europe has scores and scores of hyper nationalistic Muslim young and older men and women spread like a peppery jelly over the European continent who are ready willing and able to spread their special kind of joy.

    Elites have strategically placed their collective fingers in each other’s ears and in one voice say ” La, la , la, la, la!!!

    Pray for Gods’ mercy over Europe. Seriously, pray.

    • Gavrilo Princip, the assassin who killed the Archduke, was a Bosnian Serb from an Orthodox Christian background. He was a Slav nationalist, and not a Muslim.

      • Thank you, Baron. My mind was also saying “Orthodox Serb.” And, of course, his name.

  3. They wouldn’t DARE to behave like this back in Turkey would they for fear of upsetting the lovely, cuddlesome, ever so understanding, liberal minded President Erdogan which would never do!

    More fool the Dutch for putting up with this nonsense, arrest, deport the whole shower and their interminably boring tribal squabbles back to where they belong – TURKEY.

    • “deport the whole shower and their interminably boring tribal squabbles”

      This involves something that seems to be lacking with respect to immigrants: accountability. The mothers of sons and daughters murdered by immigrants in the US said the same thing at Trump town halls: that the police lost interest when it turned out the perps were illegal immigrants. It wasn’t that the police were unsympathetic, but they knew from long experience the law enforcement hierarchy was determined to downplay immigrant crimes. The reason, I suppose, was that they wanted to suppress any reason for wanting to stop immigration.

      The motivation of the leaders for protecting immigration against all true charges is another discussion entirely.

  4. This type of behavior should trigger automatic deportation from the EU/Schengen area.

    The same goes for Turks who protest on Erdogan’s behalf in European countries.

    Openly seditious activities trying to undermine European society are NOT protected speech, and should trigger automatic round-up and deportation from the EU/Schengen area.

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