“Refugees” Run Roughshod Over Szabadka

The following report from Serbia describes the plight of an ethnic Hungarian town close to the border with Hungary that has been overrun with “refugees”. CrossWare, who translated the article, includes this explanatory note:

Szabadka is now Serbian territory, but most people there are still Hungarian. That is why they have a Hungarian-language website for local news. Hungary lost this area after the First World War.

This city is close to the border crossing where the last skirmish occurred between the Hungarian police and the Muslim invaders.

The translated article from the DélHír portál:

Migrants are ruining the lives of local people at the bus station in Szabadka

August 22, 2016

North Bacska for the last couple of years has been under the weight of the continuous migration. The really massive migration already in its second year and heavily impacts multiple cities including Horgos, Magyarkanizsa, or Szabadka where even inside the populated areas, there are multiple places where migrants are always present. One of them is the bus station in Szabadka where, as the last two years have proven, the illegal invaders show no sign of any kind of integration.

The locals are becoming more and more desperate, and they tried every possible local authority, but they only received empty promises, while the migrants have taken over the area and rule there, doing anything they want to do. One of the neighbor of the bus station told to our reporter about the sort of unfortunate conditions that exist in Szabadka.

They drink, steal, destroy everything, and they litter

“Yesterday evening they were drunk again, around 30 people. They were kicking our fence and banging on the walls,” said one of the local citizens. “We call the police, but then they run away, hide in the doorways, behind trees and bushes. The officers do nothing, just look around, and as soon as they leave the area everything continues: noise and destruction. We’ve called the police numerous times but we always get the same answer: they cannot do anything; their hands are tied and the people should be more patient… So we should watch it patiently as they ruin the whole neighborhood.”

We learned that they push the vehicles parked there into the fence, but the hoods of the cars are being crushed because a bunch of them sit on them or put their stuff on the,. They break off mirrors, because no matter how dirty, stinking and unclean they are, they always take extreme care with their hair, and they move the mirrors for combing. Of course they also constantly try to break into cars if they suspect they have some valuables inside.

The locals also told us that the migrants arbitrarily invaded multiple buildings in the area, starting with an empty store, then later continued with an empty house, and it took the police more than a week to move them out.

Its is an everyday occurrence that they sell the food packages they receive from aid organizations; they approach “customers” close to the milk market. They fight and invade private properties regularly in Szabadka:

“They totally behave like everything is theirs here. They just jump into our garden and steal the fruits. Once we had to grab our bicycle out of a hands of a migrant, and we frequently find human excrement on the porch. We reported this to the police, who gave us the advice to keep the migrant at the location until they arrive, but how can we do that without violence? It also happened that when we caught them in the act, they threw garbage at us because we dared to say something. They constantly insult us; although we do not speak their language, from the gestures and body language we can suspect that they are not kind to us. Finally we could not tolerate a lot of garbage around us so we collected some of the trash they threw into our garden. It was more than 35 garbage bags! But there is no point in cleaning up, because they even throw in their used clothing, since they get brand new clothes from the aid organizations.” — A citizen describes his sad experiences with the migrants’ behavior.

Aggressive migrants, sarcastic migrant-helpers

The aid workers look at the destruction and abuse without moving a muscle. They even allow their favorite darlings to commit violent acts. When the locals asked them, “Why not step in and help?”, they just said that is not their problem.

When we asked the aid workers to at least just tell off the migrants when they see them throwing pieces of the aid package they do not like over the fence into the gardens, they gave the same unashamed outrageous response. “That is not their job, and the locals should keep their houses clean,” the locals complained to us.

The cleaners at the bus station are having trouble keeping up with the collection of the garbage. Many times they afraid to do their jobs, because the migrants throw rocks at them.

The people living in the area asked the aid workers to stop handing over packages at the bus station and do this instead in the migrant center, because that is the official location for this purpose. That place would be more fitting for this type of activity. The aid workers haughtily refused and told the locals they do not care. “We asked for their permit, but they never showed it to us, just told they have it. When we called the police they told us some organizations has a permit but there are numerous European and local groups here; it is totally uncontrolled who is a member of what organization and where the packages are coming to. Trucks from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Belgrade come here and everybody just hands out packages. Most of them end up as garbage in the gardens of the neighborhood.”

A citizen from Szabadka told us the aid workers are handing out English-language flyers to the migrants which give tips about what to say to the authorities if they are captured at the border. They get maps marked in green for the border’s more vulnerable points, which means they are aiding and abetting by preparing them for illegal border violations and misleading the authorities.

There is nobody we could turn to

“We tried everything, repeatedly reporting to the authorities, community police, who came out, looked around and told us they cannot do anything. We approached city hall with our problems, too, but they told us they could only do something if Belgrade allow them to, but they are helpless until they get permission from ‘above’,” reported one of the impacted citizen to DélHír (SouthNews).

From the above it is clear that the population of Szabadka suffers the most from the flood of migrants while “big politics” wants to make a decision over the heads of their own citizens, and they do not see the complete failure of integration, which is proven over and over again every day in Szabadka.

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  1. “Aid” workers are a large part of the problem. Eventually someone in Serbia or Greece or Calais will flip and kill one or two of the human filth. But better to kill an aid worker maybe.

  2. Look at me, LOOK AT ME! I’m signalling my virtue as an aid worker – I’m more virtuous than YOU, look at me.

    Oh no, I am not responsible, you can’t blame me, YOU CAN’T BLAME ME, I’m not responsible, I’m doing good by giving out aid parcels you bigots, you fascists – right wing scum, you criticize us but we rub your noses in immigrant scat and enjoy doing it….

    lefty copraphiliacs!

    • “Aid” workers are simply useful idiots for the Soros-sponsored NGOs that are raking in huge revenues from aiding and abetting Hijra all over the Western world.

      • And we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, so where are the revenues for aiding Hijra coming from? Governments, that’s where. But the only way that governments make money is by printing it (which devalues our savings). So that revenue ultimately comes from taxes. Long story short, the left is paying for our demise through taxation. WE are paying for it.

        • I will add, before someone beats me to it, that Soros is also funding the Hijra. And he has more money than a good number of governments.

      • Yes. And, I am afraid, most of the “aid” workers don’t even know it!

        A-id workers…, even.

    • Tools of the left:
      Virtue Signaling
      The Heckler’s Veto
      Calling for Teachable Moments
      Calling for Having a Conversation About XXX
      Social Justice
      Claiming Moral Superiority/Moral Equivalence
      Suffering the Dunning-Kruger Effect

      Once you decipher their codex, it’s easy to recognize when they trot the stuff out.


    Humanitarian crisis Assisted invasion
    Refugees Economic migrant males (military age)
    “” “” Gate-crashers, illegal aliens
    Syrians Men from Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan
    Rescue at sea Assisting people-traffickers
    EU Core Values Destroying white Christian Europe

    from facebook Liberty GB

    • Improved layout:


      Humanitarian crisis ……..Assisted invasion
      Refugees ……………………..Economic migrant males (military age)
      “” “” …………………………….Gate-crashers, illegal aliens
      Syrians ………………………..Men from Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan
      Rescue at sea ………………..Assisting people-traffickers
      EU Core Values …………….Destroying white Christian Europe

      from facebook Liberty GB

      • Well done.

        Add to that:
        Mentally Ill…..Muslim

  4. As with Calais, these events are the symptoms of a failed state.
    Governments have broken their contract with their taxpayers.

    • … and how should the citizens of a failed state respond? Go the government of the failed state and demand that they correct the problem? Call the police? Protest? Join a political organization? Post comments on blogs. Perhaps wait ten or twenty years until a political party with guts gets elected. How long are we going to tolerate this usurpation of our natural rights?

      Just askin’

  5. Do these people of Szabadka eat pork? I suggest they contact their local pork slaughterhouses/local butchers to obtain the heads and entrails of said animals and “rub their noses in it” ala Black Jack Pershing versus the Moro in the Philippines. Just sayin’.

    • What garden/front stoop in Szabadka is complete without a stout pig’s head and/or pork entrails laden bunting prominently displayed around one’s small plot of Serbian paradise? I can’t think of a finer non-waaaysist display of civil disobedience than that! Might cost a bit (arrest, loss of job, loss of home, etc.) but the damn barbarians are already INSIDE the gate, SOOOOOO… what the hell? Broken arrow time.

      • Agreed! All of the Hungarians I know love pork! (Paternal grandmother was born and raised in Budapest.) The Coming Revolt of the Pigmen? Hmmmmm, interesting. Another contributor in this mess, as if there needed to be another contributing factor is obviously, religion. The immigration invasion is moslem, Serbs are traditionally Eastern Orthodox (approximately 65% at my last look), and Hungarians are traditionally Roman Catholic with very little love lost or shown among the three, in say, the last 900 years! Dare I say it??? Pork eating infidels of the world…. Unite!!! and display your gear proudly.

    • To be fair, pork’s prices increased a lot since they arrived. #theyarepreparing

  6. I would have expected better of the Serbs.

    Maybe they don’t care because the village is Hungarian and they figure that the villagers might move to Hungary, and then they can get rid of the refugees, or something like that?

    I must say, seeing how Hungary is pushing back, if one spoke Hungarian and were just across the border, the temptation would be strong.

    • Serbia must be too traumatised by the wars of the 1990s, by the loss of Kosovo and by the smear campaign in the international media.

    • You are correct. One of the reason why Hungary would never need any Muslim invader as “new worker”, we have millions of well trained, Hungarian speaking people live outside of the border. In the Treaty of Trianon (after WWI) Hungary lost 66% of its territory! This is a painful point for Hungarians even today and defines relationships with the surrounding countries. Of course moving is not easy even if your present country (Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine) not love you too much.

      • Based on this, it sounds like fluent Hungarian speakers outside the country should have some kind of “right-of-return” to the motherland.

        Orban should consider doing exactly this if the EU/UN try to pin him down on accepting masses of migrants.

        • The Orban government offering fast tracked citizenship to all Hungarian living outside of the borders since 2004 when Orban’s party Fidesz supported a referendum in this topic.
          Originally that is why Hungary was at first in favor of the EU. The elimination of the borders meant our lost brothers and sisters could return to us. Of course the Left is protested (like nowadays). Some even has the audacity to compare today’s Muslim invaders to the Hungarians stuck on the wrong side of the borders! The minions of Soros still active in the country mostly they supply the propaganda for the western media about how “fascist” is Hungary for resisting the invasion…

  7. The only way for the Szabadkans to resolve this is through violence. Gang up in the middle of the night, beat the living daylights out of a few “refugees”, rinse and repeat until the message is understood. This would probably, at first, escalate things badly, resulting in violence against the Szabadkans, but if they kept it up long enough, the “refugees” would either give up, move somewhere else, or the authorities would finally be forced to take control of the situation.

    It’s a sorry thing to say, but violence, once again, is the only effective answer to this.

  8. Poor Serbia! After losing Kosovo to Albanian terrorists, it is now suffering from this horrible migrant wave.

    And let us not forget how much Serbia suffered under the Turkish yoke!

  9. The town is only called Szabadka in Hungarian – the official name in Serbian (Croatian), which is the mother tongue of a slim local majority and the country the city is in, is Subotica. When writing in English I’d always use Szentandre and not the Serbian Sentandreja.

    Also, Hungarians are the largest single group, but are not a majority either in the city itself (33%), nor in its wider administrative area (37%). The town and its wider area are very ethnically, linguistically and religiously mixed, so presenting it as some sort of homogeneous Hungarian place is a bit bizarre.


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