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  1. She is so disgusting. And yet it does look like she will manage to crook her way to the presidency, as did her husband back in the day. I do not know why we deserve these dregs in office, but there it is. We must be doing something wrong, eh? Like people too stupid to vote are voting, is one. People who are voting for welfare is another, and there is the group called “disenfranchised” and I do not know what that is supposed to mean. Everyone has a vote, so there is no disenfranchised group, but somehow “they” have convinced the majority there is such a thing. Bushwa!

    God knows what this idiot will do, but I did read today that her handlers are making sure she takes her meds. . . pray for us. As a Catholic, I would address that prayer to Mary, mother of Jesus. But that’s just me.

    Please keep up the good work and the check is “almost” in the mail. . .

    • Mariadee – you’re watching too much MSM. It’s not healthy for your well-being. Go to places that like Trump or you’ll be down in the dumps for the next 3 months. Not good for your health.

      The attacks against him will get worse as the Left gets more desperate. Their whole point is to demoralize you so much you won’t bother voting because it’s hopeless.

      And make sure you’re getting enough exercise. A walk every day?? Don’t let them live rent-free in your head, my dear.

        • It may be useless to vote, as a third party candidate was just announced this week: Republican Evan McMullin. I’ll bet he was paid a bunch of cash to split the party , that way Hillary wins. The GOP is very dysfunctional, refusing to back Trump as an Ind. I may be so disgusted by then to do anything, as electoral votes will be for the democrats no matter what we do if Mullins gains popularity. Another Perot scenario.

  2. Swedish bribes can break Hillary

    Youtube documentary shows how that Swedish oligarchs bought foreign policy of Hillary through the “Clinton Foundation”.

    Swedish oil magnate Lukas Lundin paid $ 100 million to the Foundation: Shortly after US replaced foot in line with Lundin Oil’s interests in Congo-Kinshasa.

    Ericsson gave Clinton $ 750,000 for “a number” – seven days later Hillary overturned planned US sanctions of its exports to Iran.

    While the Postcode Lottery gave $ 26 million to Clinton’s “charitable trust” – tha jus was a post office box in Stockholm

    Published August 8, 2016 at 22:22

    FOREIGN. In the newly released Youtube documentary “Clinton Cash” the author Peter Schweizer shows how the Clinton couple’s “Clinton Foundation” has been used to receive money from foreign governments and companies that Hillary has later benefited during her time as Foreign Minister. Swedish companies such as Ericsson, Lundin Oil and the Postcode Lottery are embroiled in the scandal.

    Clinton scrutinized for their miljoninkomster (google!)

    Clinton under fire for foreign donations

    The documentary is based on Peter Schweizers book of the same name which came out last year. Schweizer is a writer, journalist and editor at Breitbart.

    In the film, Schweizer takes up several examples of how the Clintons used its foundation “Clinton Foundation” to allow themselves to be bought by foreign governments or multinational companies. The two listed Swedish companies Ericsson and Lundin Mining and the Postcode Lottery are accused of being involved in the scandal.

    The largest transaction comes from the oil magnate Lukas Lundin, who is chairman of the Swedish Lundin Mining. In 2007, when the company was threatened by US involvement in the conflict in the DRC, the Swedish oligarch should have donated the equivalent of more than 850 million to the Clinton Foundation. The donation came shortly after Hillary launched her election campaign for the presidential election in 2008.

    When Hillary Clinton more than a year later was appointed US Secretary of State the superpower suddenly changed feet in terms of the civil war in Congo-Kinshasa, where Lundin Mining owns the mine Tenke Fungurume.

    In 2006, the US passed a law to intervene against “destabilizing forces” in the country and one of the driving figures behind the law was just Hillary Clinton. But when she took over as foreign minister her ministry instead chose to take a completely passive attitude in the region, which greatly favored the Lundin Group’s business in the area. The swing astonished the ‘Congo Research Group’.
    “What is that? No overall strategy in Congo. The issue emerged during the next six months,” said activist group disappointedly in the beginning of 2010. The status quo, the US would not interfere, is said to have been a strong desire from Lundin Mining who made business with the local warlords who fought against the government and committed human rights abuses against the local population.

    But the Lundin family are not the only Swedish player who paid money to Mrs Clinton in connection with important foreign policy decisions. When the telecom giant Ericsson in November 2011 was threatened with US sanctions after delivering large amounts of voice and listening devices to Iran, Ericsson paid over five million to Bill Clinton – he would make a speech during one of the events.

    Postkodlotteriet gave millions. While the Swedish Postcode Lottery donated large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation, revealed by the Washington Times last summer. In order to receive money without violating the Swedish Lottery Act, which requires that the surplus of the lottery goes to Swedish charity, Bill Clinton registered, a Swedish “charitable foundation” in the form of a letter box in Stockholm 2010.

    This Lettewr box company, which lacks Swedish business and official address required by law, made it possible for Mrs Clinton to bypass the American anti-corruption rules, who had demanded that the compensation would be ethically reviewed by the US State Department, writes the Washington Times.
    Total donations in the equivalent of $ 26 million of the state-sanctioned lottery, which up until the 2014 election
    >>> had the current Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (S) as one of its directors.<<<

    The reason must, according to the newspaper, have been that a group of Swedish politicians and leading businessmen wanted to influence American foreign policy so that Swedish companies will not be hit by US sanctions. In addition to Ericsson, Iran was an important country also for the Volvo and ABB companies.

    "Swedish trade with Iran could continue unimpeded," noted the Washington Times. Even the book and documentary "Clinton Cash" notes that the United States backed off from demands for increased sanctions, which it believes was because the Clintons allowed themselves to be bribed by Sweden.

    Roger Magnergård, press officer at the Swedish Postcode Lottery, dismissed last year allegations as "baseless" and "almost absurd" in an article in the Dagens Industri.

    more cases
    In Clinton Cash are more examples of how Hillary Clinton received money that seems to have affected her political positions. Among other things it is mentioned that Bill Clinton received two million in donations from the Canadian oil industry and suggests that the money changed Hillary's attitude on the issue of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline.

    – It's all about money, it is not that she changed opinion or loocked different on the issue of global warming. It involves taking two million in cash and buying the Minister's decision, said Peter Schweizer.

    The conservative papers Breitbart and Washington Times are far from the only ones who noticed the irregularities surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Already last spring, when Clinton Cash came out, the respected and more leftist newspaper The New York Times said that the information in the book is "more disturbing" than other revelations dismissed as "conservative propaganda" and that US media giants like The Times, The Washington Post and Fox News stands behind the content.

    The video: http://youtu.be/td2pyyCau30

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