The Great Jihad 2016 — Right on Schedule

Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy discusses the history and recent ascendancy of the Islamic State, and how it fits into the timeline established by Al Qaeda back in 2005:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “The Great Jihad 2016 — Right on Schedule

  1. if people don’t wake up soonish, we are in big trouble. This is really no different from WWI or WWII — but people are asleeep. They don’t get it.

    I guess if 9/11 didn’t wake people up, what the hell will? I knew at that time that we were entering something very dangerous and it was a war. But everyone else seemed disinclined to take that view. Oh, it’s just a one-off. yeah, right.

    What WILL IT TAKE TO WAKE UP AMERICA??? If 9/11 didn’t do it, what the heck will do it? Just wondering.

    • “It’s just a one-off”. In degree but not in kind. All the small thing don’t seen to matter-when only 10 or so people get killed. I mean the recent:
      San Bernardino; Orlando; Boston Marathon only got less tha 15 killed on average.

      Not to mention all the small attacks that I forgot and had to look-up:
      University of N. Carolina vehicle attsck; Seattle Jewish Center shooting; Little Rock recruiting center; Chatanooga Recruting Center; Two NYPD officers killed. Seems like we need something real big again!

  2. I share your frustration.But if you have studied your World War 2 history you will know that the world ignored the threat Hitler posed right up until it was almost too late.the Allies snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

    One wonders why the Allies initially the attempted to appeased Hitler to the point where they rendered themselves ludicrous.

    I think it is simply human nature.

    Most people will try to ignore a problem in the hope it will simply go away.

    So they will try and make excuses for inaction.
    If we pretend we don’t see it ,maybe we won’t have to deal with it.

    And it is only when all other avenues have proved useless and when it seems that the problem has been allowed to swell to gargantuan almost overwhelming proportions ,that leaders react.

    And we the little people know that the cost of solving the problem could have been a fraction of what it ended up being ,if it had been tackled before it got so bad.

    Inertia is what stokes the ,morale and resolve of the enemy.
    Our leaders are incredibly stupid.
    It’s simply time to elect some-one different.

  3. The Islamist are using our own system against us. This is not like WW1 or WW2. The enemy is inside the gates. The battlefront will be waged door to door if at all. We rounded up the small Japanese population during WW2 but I can’t see the US doing that now.

    • No…The US isn’t doing that right now. Another problem is that if the US needed a large army for a land war , we’d have to have a draft. But that’s not popular nowdays.

      America’s become a middle-class country-used to the easy life. Like the later Romans ,we want other people to do our fighting. I know the military was haveing manpower shortages during the Iraq and afghan wars (stop loss).

      That’s what we don’t want to admitt to ourselves The US can’t go into Syria; but dare not say it on the media.

  4. Ms Lopez, illuminates the critical information that is missing in the IS narrative. Yes, IS not ISIS, ISIL or any other organizational identifier. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and his predecessor Abu Musab al Zarqawi understood first and foremost that there had to be a true power base for the Caliphate, this meant the submission of “moderate” Muslims and the Apostates (Ridda). Here is where the West fails to appreciate what they are seeing on the television screens or buys off on the Muslims being the primary victims of Islamic violence.

    Abu Bakr al Siddiqi after his questionable ascension to the role of Successor (Caliph or Calipha) promptly launched a massive reconsolidation effort known as the al Ridda Wars. His stated objective was declaring the tribes who failed to pay zakat as apostates, and violently launched jihad to bring them back to heel.

    This is what we are witnessing now. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is a fiqh scholar, he knows the shariah and has declared a great majority of the Muslim world apostate. He may lose his life before realizing his dream of a unified Sunni Ummah, but killing him does not extinguish the fire.

    We are not seeing the end of this conflict regardless of successful operations in Mosul or Raqqa, there is a more powerful enemy with designs on the title Caliph, the same who held the Caliphate for over 900 years, the same who is actively Islamizing his nation and boasts the second largest military in NATO, and the same who has been silently ushering foreign fighters in and out of the battlespace.

  5. The beast, as described by John.
    If we attack this thing head on, what do you think will happen?
    If we do nothing and try to contain it, what do you think will happen?
    We are dealing with demonic forces here, think about it.
    How could any mere mortal stand up, give one public address, (Mosul Grand Mosque) and motivate Middle Class kids around the world to blow themselves and their neighbors to kingdom come.
    Islam by definition (Antichrist), this thing is going to get really eF’n Snakey.

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