It Really Is This Bad


Here is the bio of this worthy, a career Foreign Service officer currently stationed in Washington:

On June 1, 2015, Mark Toner assumed the role of Deputy Spokesman. Mr. Toner returns to the Spokesman’s Office from the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, where he served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary. He is a career Foreign Service Officer who has served overseas in West Africa and Europe. Mr. Toner was the Information Officer in Dakar, Senegal; the Public Affairs Officer in Krakow, Poland; and the Spokesman for the U.S. Mission to NATO, in Brussels, Belgium.

In Washington, Mr. Toner has worked as a senior advisor for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; as a Senior Watch Officer in the Department’s Operations Center; and as the Director of the European Bureau’s Press and Public Outreach Division. Mr. Toner has an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and a graduate degree from National Defense University’s Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Prior to joining the State Department, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia, West Africa, and carried out graduate work in Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley.

In the old days, such deportment would have been grounds for demotion or firing. In the current administration, it will be…oh, who cares what it will be? Certainly, it would appear that no one in this sad excuse for governance even believes in the rule of law, at least not when it comes to their own behavior. Mr. Toner may well continue to enjoy his gallows humor during the dying days of this horror movie. I hope and pray we’ll be able to leave the theatre next January. The French, for example, currently have no exit.

But just for the academic exercise, of the two examples of lawlessness sourced below, which it worse? Yes, I am keeping it simple by limiting my sampling to two. Someone who can bear to do so will be publishing the whole book – all three five volumes – next year. If they’re smart,
they’ll have good security before doing so.

So…do you think it’s

  • Hillary’s willful violation of the rules regarding email security, a violation that appears to have added to her Kill List;

or do you prefer

Notice that both lawless actions involve Iran, i.e., Obama’s best friend in the Middle East.

So y’all decide. Moi? Time to order new barf bags.

Oops. It’s really time to leave for my root canal appointment. Well…that explains my dysphoric post. I just remembered it’s Doomsday @ the Dentist…we’ll be absent for a few hours…

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  1. It is all somewhat barf-making, I must say. The biggest liar of all is [H]illary and my realist husband thinks she will be elected.

    Dymphna, I hope your root canal goes well — take ALL the pain meds as presecribed. I had two of those and I was much younger than you and I are now — pain, terrible pain — I went to bed after taking whatever they gave me and cried myself to sleep (of course I was only 16 at the time and quite a wimp)! Actually, physically I still am a wimp. Pain and I do not get along.

    Nevertheless, do not neglect the pain pills. Take care of yourself, please!!! And keep us posted on your progress — we love you, don’tcha know?

    • My root canal went fine. Just very long and tedious. No need for pain meds, either. My dentist is skilled in microscopic dentistry – teaches it to others. Seems to be a popular method in Eastern Europe so he gets to travel to conduct seminars.

      Tell your realist to look at the social media and ignore the MSM polls. The latter are useless.


      Trump: 10,174,358 Likes
      Clinton: 5,385,959 Likes

      Trump nearly doubles the amount of Likes than has Clinton Now — some people follow Trump who don’t like him, so let’s look at some posts. Here’s the stats for his latest Facebook live stream:

      Trump Live Stream Post — 21 hours ago: 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views
      Clinton Live Stream Post — 25 hours ago: 11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views

      Since Clinton has zero shares, here’s the next best original post I could find from Clinton, albeit it’s not a live stream post:

      Clinton post — 30 hours ago: 22,000 Likes, 7241 Shares, 773,000 views

      Any way you slice it, Trump is crushing Clinton on Facebook interaction. One quick note regarding Facebook — you’ll find that on almost half of Clinton FB posts, the top comments are from Trump supporters, whereas the the top comments on Trump’s page are hardcore supporters only.


      Trump: 10.6 million followers
      Hillary: 8.1 million followers

      Trump has 30% more Twitter followers — and they translate into real votes. A recent study confirmed that 70% of his followers are real supporters, and 90% of those real followers have a voting history.

      Hillary’s “twitter army” is likely made up of dead voters and illegals.

      Youtube Live Stream

      Trump: Averages 30,000 live viewers per stream
      Clinton: Averages 500 live viewers per stream

      Trump has 5900% more live viewers than Clinton.


      Trump: 2.2 million followers
      Clinton: 1.8 million followers

      Trump has 22% more Instagram followers — which is impressive considering it’s a liberal cesspool consisting of college hipsters who can’t seem to take enough selfies.


      Trump: 197,696 subscribers
      Hillary: 24,429 subscribers
      Hillary FOR PRISON: 55,228 subscribers

      Hillary for Prison’s Reddit feed has more than double subscribers of Hillary’s reddit page, equating to Trump having 700% more Reddit subscribers.

      Here’s the person who gathered up the stats:

      Especially interesting is the fact that the Hillary for Prison reddit has so many followers.

      • Yeah, but Trump seems to be blowing it since his nomination. Could the rumor of his running as a stealth candidate to help Hillary be true? I guess we’ll see soon.

        • No I think Trump is doing quite well.His strategy is 2 fold.He wants to unify the G.O.P . behind him to build momentum to win the November election.

          This doesn’t play well to his more enthusiastic supporters who are not interested in subtlety .

          Secondly Trump is playing the “Softley softly catchee monkey “game against the Rinos. Smug as the Rinos are it is easy for Trump to lull them into a false sense of security .

          And then before they wake up to Trump’s real game the RINOs will be Cantored.

          Game set and match to Trump.

          If you are looking for a shameless Manchurian candidate look no further then Paul Ryan.

          Trump in contrast is the real deal.

      • The mass media’s desire to determine the outcome of the election this time is even worse it was with obama’s elections. At this point they’ve just cast off all pretense of impartiality.

        So I don’t trust any polls either.

  2. It really is that bad, and worse. Here is a hint, in two videos. First one is the best explanation of how hillary is neither mentally, nor physically qualified: The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior 6 mins., the best

    And this video takes a frustrating hour, but it is old and new all over again, a study in pathology, and time. A not to be missed 55 mins. by a notable Fed. prosecutor, Barbara Olson, way back 16 years to ’99, and see what it mattered then, and see what at this point does it matter, any time and all time, as far as hillary is concerned. ‘Hell to Pay’ is the book title, stunning lecture:

    This at the Independent Woman’s Forum, and you want to just SCREAM. It is a lesson in history, functioning of D.C. Reality is indescribable, here, when you think of today, and this far back.

  3. Thank you, Dymphna. I sit corrected on all fronts. Glad to hear that root canal has improved so much! Glad to hear you are feeling fine, too.

    The “realist” watches the business news for the most part and that might be where he gets his notions. In any case, it comes down to Election Day. . .

  4. They are talking among themselves of course they think truth and honesty are a joke; when we learn to hate them like they hate us then we might get some stuff done.

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