“They Literally Have a Carte Blanche Here”

The following news report from German TV is a reminder that Muslim immigrants are not the only beneficiaries of Multiculturalism and the policy of free movement within the Schengen Area. As the German town of Chemnitz has recently discovered to its distress, taking in an extended family of Roma (a.k.a. gypsies) as residents brings with it disorder, crime, and financial hardship for the municipality.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Woman: Why aren’t your children going to… Man: Who are you?
0:03   Woman: Hello, why aren’t your children going to school?
0:06   Man: Please you go away or I will make…(unintelligible) Woman: Why aren’t they going to school?
0:10   Man: Go away. Get away from me here (unintelligible)
0:18   Old man on crutches: Hey, are you insane, you stupid cow? (text: Go away you a**hole!)
0:21   woman at window: Go away you a**hole! There’s no room for foreigners in Germany you a**hole!
0:26   There is no room for foreigners in Germany?
0:29   Is this really about xenophobia?
0:32   But let’s start from the beginning.
0:35   This is about a Roma family who first came to the attention of police
0:39   because their children were begging in Chemnitz and pickpocketing passers-by.
0:43   But in the meantime the family is a permanent topic with the authorities.
0:46   Spokesperson for the police, Jana Kind:
0:49   It starts with infractions against traffic laws such as parking cars,
0:52   it continues with illegal disposal of garbage,
0:55   all the way to suspicions that children aren’t attending mandatory school.
1:01   We have also already investigated property and traffic violations.
1:08   The placid town of Penig in the Mulde valley,
1:11   twenty minutes’ driving distance from Chemnitz.
1:14   Here the Roma family bought a house eight months ago,
1:17   a protected landmark in the middle of the city.
1:20   17 persons are officially registered, but there are a lot more when counted up.
1:24   Again and again there are problems that impact peaceful coexistence,
1:28   the way garbage is handled,
1:31   cars that are permanently parked in no-parking zones —
1:34   120 tickets have been written so far.
1:37   Often the problem is disturbance of the peace.
1:41   Especially with the next-door neighbors, who live wall to wall.
1:44   Nerves are raw, and Policewoman Claudia Hop is therefore on location daily.
1:48   And it is only because she is present that a neighbor, Sonja Thiele,
1:51   dares to speak with us; she’s the only one.
1:54   Sonja Thiele: “They don’t want to be on TV, they’re all worn out and finished.”
1:58   Claudia Hop: “Many are afraid, because they even attacked me with a broom,
2:01   they attack the police, and then they stand in front of you in groups of seven, eight, nine…”
2:06   Sonja Thiele: “We are just afraid. In my whole life I’ve never been so afraid.”
2:12   The retiree shows us just how tight the courtyards are laid out here.
2:16   Sonja Thiele: “Our entire courtyard is covered with garbage.
2:20   They throw wet used diapers out the window,
2:25   then they make a fire in the courtyard; the flames several meters high.
2:29   That scared me, so I said, please stop this fire, but she turned around
2:34   and… I can’t tell the words she used, what she said to me,
2:38   but they were the worst, and then ‘what’s wrong’, when in reality
2:42   I always got along with the family.
2:45   The children are not going to school, even the older ones can’t read or write.
2:50   Just how could an education be organized for them? It’s not known.
2:53   The county only enacted a fine on the family
2:56   because the parents refuse to cooperate with authorities.
2:59   The citizens of Penig are annoyed that rules and laws
3:02   apparently aren’t applied to everyone.
3:05   (unintelligible)
3:08   Man with shovel: “They might just want to… follow the rules a little bit,
3:11   that would be appropriate…”
3:14   As EU citizens, Roma have the unfettered right to reside in Germany.
3:19   The family is not taking money from the state, they draw no welfare,
3:23   and no child benefits.
3:26   The men operate a registered car dealership, without offices,
3:29   and without a parking location for the cars. The cars are parked
3:32   on public streets, even in no-parking zones.
3:35   There is little confidence at city hall that these problems can be solved.
3:40   (Thomas Eulenberger, CDU, Mayor of Penig)… cars that are bought but not re-licensed here…
3:44   (unintelligible)
3:48   and so we are… I don’t know how else to say it, but we really are at our limit.
3:53   They disrespect our authority, without a doubt.
3:56   His colleagues can document all disorderly conduct,
4:02   but often they cannot take action, because the county administration is responsible.
4:06   “The car is officially registered in Scotland, but I cannot penalize Scottish vehicles,
4:11   therefore they literally have a carte blanche here.”
4:15   Many of the cars are old, again and again transmission fluid soils public spaces.
4:20   “So he in the meantime has a… (unintelligible) on location,
4:23   a nasty odor was even clearly noticeable.
4:26   It says it all in the report, but unfortunately no consequences were imposed.”
4:30   Claudia Hop could clearly match garbage bags with the family,
4:33   that were disposed of in the forest,
4:36   she found their own paperwork.
4:39   Obvious fabricated department store orders,
4:42   and evidence of insurance fraud.
4:45   The district administrative office is silent as to exactly why
4:48   the county administration is not taking harsher action.
4:51   There was no discrimination, and as for the pollution,
4:54   an on-site hearing is scheduled.
4:57   The district attorney so far has investigated eight members of the family,
5:01   mostly for theft, burglary and “schwarzfahren” (riding public transportation without a valid ticket).
5:05   With the help of Claudia Hop, we try to have a conversation with the family.
5:14   The doorbell doesn’t work, and we have to be careful about her
5:17   coming out with the broom, a little bit of a safety distance…
5:22   Good day. May I briefly talk with you about the problems we have,
5:26   and would you like to tell us your side?
5:29   Especially because of the school, the children, why they aren’t in school.
5:35   Do you at least want to talk to me? Can you come down here please?
5:38   Man at window: What do you want? Woman: We want to talk to you.
5:42   Man at window: Yeah but we don’t wanna talk! (unintelligible)
5:48   Go away you, a**hole!
5:51   The answer is wet and unambiguous.

18 thoughts on ““They Literally Have a Carte Blanche Here”

  1. Sounds about right.
    In 2003 I visited my native Croatia for the first time, beautiful.
    Driving from Zagreb to Dubrovnik we had to take a detour because of some road construction.
    We drove past this filthy block of Soviet era buildings, I turned to my Cousin Darko, “what’s up with the horse starring out of the 4th floor window bro?”
    He chuckles “Cigani” (Gypsies)

  2. My only surprise here is that the ladies who came to talk to the gypsies were not spat at, or shown a naked [backside], which traditionally come into the set of the “oppressed minority’s” arguments. These pests are widely hated in the Eastern Europe, and for very good reasons.

  3. When I worked in Westminster, we had a great deal of trouble with so-called Roma. The women were baby begging in the subway while their husbands were upstairs picking pockets on Oxford Street. One evening when I left work late, I got on a train at Paddington to find a horde of them in a carriage, women and children, counting up their takings for today. They had a staggering amount of money between them.

    A Westminster Councillor told me that he was harassed by a Roma beggar in Marylebone High Street. The following day he had to go to Paris on business and that evening, he was harassed by the same man in the Avenue de Champs Elysee. In Europe, they have failed to convince these people that begging and thieving is not an acceptable way of making a living.

    • What a pathetic response from the local authorities, all hand wringing and whining about what they couldn’t do.

      A boot up their bottoms and an instruction to move on is required. If current by laws prevent you from doing this then change them!

      In the long run you are doing these people no favours as, god forbid, someone is going to emerge from the ruination of Germany and take much harsher actions against these interlopers, no doubt with the full approval of most of the nation.

  4. This is how Europe is being destroyed.
    Next come the nervous breakdowns and health problems of the law-abiding.
    The younger citizens will move away.
    The town will be dragged down into lawlessness and decay.
    The EU elites will congratulate themselves on achieving “diversity”.

  5. In NYC a crew of “travelers” took up residence in a vacant retail store. I can still recall one of the men regularly standing in the front door completely naked, smoking a cigarette.

  6. This dysfunctional, criminal roma family is what merkel is hoping to bring to every German town. Just to make it worse, merkel imports jihadis to rape and murder as many Germans as is necessary.
    Germans can’t seem to find sane, responsible politicians. Most of the West has the same problem. And the garbage dump of multiculturalism is clearly seen in these gypsys’ courtyard.

  7. Why not tow their cars and impound them? That’s what they do in the states. They won’t get their car back till they pay the fines. Do this a few times and watch the parking problem go away. As for the rest, arrest them, put them in jail, then deport them.

  8. Can’t penalize a car registered in Scotland?

    Haven’t these fools ever heard of a tire boot or tow truck?

    I can’t believe that even the police in Germany are simply sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

  9. Ah, the romance of gypsy violins! Rome is the WORST – the gypsy children pickpockets are everywhere destroying one of the great cities and tourist destinations of the world. Soon Paris, London, Rome will be a memory.

    • Rome has had gypsy beggars for ages.’I remember coming out of the train station on my first visit there in 1974 and seeing gypsy beggars sitting on the pavement with their hands held out. I was shocked – I had never seen a beggar before.

  10. In Hungary they are routinely moved on from the underground intersection pedestrian routes near stations by the police. If they don’t then they get a kick up the backside and any lip they get a rifle butt smacked across the face. I was shocked the first time I saw this but realised it is the only way to treat them.

    • I realize the Romani are a nomadic, lawless group who don’t hold with the normal rules by which the rest of us operate. Bu to describe this response as “the only way to treat them” means that we have no choice but to become just like them. That is truly sad.

      • I think it is the opposite. Westerners do not have the will to take the fight to our enemies. That is the shame, not in doing something that works. In every other conceivable way, Western elites pursue suicidal policies that in fact ensure that we will become “just like them.” They employ street thugs as de facto paramilitaries, ensure that the law is unenforced, and relentlessly pursue citizens who object to treason. They do all in their power to ensure an Islamic takeover — the surefire way to become just like them.

        We need to return to the concept of the outlaw. “Citizens” may choose to embrace an FU lifestyle but should not be able to rely on infinite tolerance and meticulous observance of legal procedures from society. Why do we meekly accept this? We are slowly witnessing Western civilization dissolve before our eyes because we exact no change of heart from Muslims, subversives and criminals. Muslims and gypsies are most assuredly not like us and we are foolish to think otherwise.

        The criminal law involves an expectation that a criminal can still be a part of us but that there should be penance and a recommitment to civilized society. That is, as between people of the same culture. But it is clear that people such as these have a centuries-long commitment to being lawless. Well then, so be it. Let us accord to them that status of outlaw who have no claim on the protection of the law. These people are literally dumping their bodily waste into the lives of civilized people. What will they understand except the truncheon and the rifle butt? For starters?

        Those who show a dedication to a rejectionist and criminal life must lose their rights to be considered part of the human family. An unholy terror needs to be instilled in scum, which these people obviously are. They have lived for centuries relying on the generosity and restraint of civilized people who have lost in every encounter because they think that being civilized means that you are not entitled to use brutal methods.

        Let the people who object to deviation from the niceties of due process and equal protection for our enemies first explain why it is acceptable to deviate ad lib. from the clear prescriptions of the Constitution. Do they want a “living Constitution”? Well then let them explain why due process requires suicide.

        This is all building to a horrendous civil war as Western governments have conclusively demonstrated that the part about being “what we are” is of no moment. It’s all optional and a matter of expedience. There is, in fact, a sick interference between the very chambers of the heart of our civilization by those who hold power.

        People have noticed and will embrace the truth of the idea that sometimes you have to hit a mule in the head with a 2X4 to get its attention.

  11. Having lived in both Germany and Italy, I have seen the gypsies in action. They are basically beggars and thieves. When I say thieves, I am not only talking about money or property. They will literally steal your children if given a chance. In Italy, a friend of ours with an infant child in a stroller turned her back on her child while making a purchase at a fair. When she turned around the stroller was gone and a gypsie woman was pushing the stroller down the street with the child in it. Fortunately, she saw it time to get her kid back.

    Our own small children were in a school run by Italian nuns who would lock the gates as soon as gypsies were seen in the neighborhood.

    Call me racist for pointing this out, but it is true. God forbid we ever allow them here in any great numbers.

    • When I was a child my mother was always going on about the risk of being stolen by gypsies. They came door to door selling wooden clothes pegs. When I got older the risk was from “white slavers”. I never really understood what this was and concluded that my mother was paranoid.

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