7 thoughts on “The King of Axes

  1. All Muslims should be deported out of America. Their “faith” is not compatible with American freedom. Period.

    If Europe had a brain, muslims should be deported from there, also. Not compatible with western ideas. Let them go back to their sand. Let them live their lives in peace, of course — but not with us.


    I am kind of waiting for the next crusade to start up. Sooner or later, even the dumb Europeans and Angela Merkel will realize this was a really bad idea. I don’t know how long it will take, how many people, priests, etc., have to be murdered before they finally wake up?

    • Please explain how the U.S. can deport its native born citizens. It can not be accomplished within the framework of our laws.

  2. Just one tiny observation, isn’t it only the Jacks (Knaves) that are shown in profile ?
    Hence the phrase ” One eyed Jack”.

    • I’ll take that back !
      The King of Diamonds does only have one eye, the only King card that does.
      My bad.

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