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At a facility for the disabled in the city of Sagamihara in Japan, a young man went on a rampage with a knife, killing 19 people and wounding several dozen more. When police arrived, he told them he wanted to eliminate all the disabled people in the world.

In other news, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said in an interview that France and Germany had only themselves to blame for recent terror attacks, due to their policies on mass immigration.

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» Bernie Sanders Started a Political Revolution. Now He Can’t Stop it.
» Fort Myers Nightclub Shooting: 2 Dead: 14 Others Wounded After Teen Event
» Protesters March on Democratic National Convention
» Raucous Opening to Democratic Convention as Sanders Backers Revolt
» Sanders Supporters Boo Call to Back Clinton
Europe and the EU
» Ansbach Explosion: Bomber Pledged Allegiance to IS
» Apocalypse Now: A Year of Crises, Shocks and Fears of Terror
» Germany Attacks: What is Going on?
» German Interior Minister: ‘No Constitutional State Can Prevent Every Crime’
» Pokémon Go Sparks Chaos and Concern in France
» Suicide Bomber Attacks Bar in Bavaria
» Switzerland Mulls Alarm Text Message Service
» Terror Fears Trigger Swiss Run on Guns
Middle East
» ISIS Claims U.S. Warplane Shot Down, Crew Killed; Pentagon Dismisses Report — Washington Times
South Asia
» Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan Hit New Record
Far East
» China Tightens Grip on Internet Media, Reports Say
» ‘I Want to Get Rid of the Disabled From This World’: Black-Clad Knifeman Goes on Gruesome Rampage at Care Centre Near Tokyo, Hacking at Least 19 to Death and Injuring 45
» Sagamihara Stabbings: ‘19 Dead and 45 Wounded as Knifeman Goes on Rampage at Building for Disabled in Japan’
» What’s the Point of ASEAN?
Australia — Pacific
» Mystery Ancient Human Ancestor Found in Australasian Family Tree
» New Zealand Aims to Become Predator-Free by 2050
Latin America
» Brazil Police Arrest Last Suspect in Olympics Terrorism Case
» Austria Ready for 100km Border Fence With Hungary
» ‘It’s Their Own Fault’ — Trump Slams France and Germany
» Merkel’s Refugee Policy Was ‘Reckless’: Left Party Leader
» Only a Quarter of Italian Towns Host Refugees: Study

Bernie Sanders Started a Political Revolution. Now He Can’t Stop it.

Bernie Sanders spoke to a large group of his supporters on Monday in Philadelphia. The crowd cheered as Sanders ran through all of the successes he and his self-professed “political revolution” had run up this year: the millions of votes he won, the reduction in superdelegates, the takeover of state parties by Sanders supporters.

Then came time for the pivot. Sanders tried to tell the crowd that now was the time to line up behind Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Timothy M. Kaine. Boos cascaded down. Shouts of “no!” And then a Sanders chant started up.

Sanders was at a loss. Here he was telling his most loyal supporters what needed to happen next in order to unify the party and beat Donald Trump. And they weren’t listening. They wanted revolution. Now, not later.

What was clear for anyone watching Sanders’s unsuccessful attempts to calm the churning among his supporters is that the revolution he started is no longer one he can totally control. Or maybe even control at all.

This is the nature of centering a presidential campaign — or any campaign, really — on the absolute necessity of radical political change. Sanders, who has been working within the political system — albeit it on the outskirts — for decades, gets that at the end of a losing campaign, you line up behind the person who won. That’s just how things work…

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Fort Myers Nightclub Shooting: 2 Dead: 14 Others Wounded After Teen Event

At least two people were killed and more than a dozen others injured after a shooting outside a Florida nightclub hosting an event for teens, officials said early Monday.

The gunfire rang out just as family members were picking up their kids from Club Blu in Fort Myers, where the “no ID required” party had just finished.

Some of the victims were aged as young as 12, according to authorities.

“We are deeply sorry for all involved,” Club Blu said in a Facebook post. “We tried to give the teens what we thought was a safe place to have a good time.”

The club said there was “armed security” at the event for children between the ages of 12 and 17, adding there “was nothing more we could have done.” Although police did not immediately give information about the identity of the suspects, the club said that “it was not kids at the party that did this despicable act.”

Police said that officers responded to the parking lot of Club Blu at around 12:30 a.m. to find multiple people suffering gunshot wounds ranging from minor to life-threatening.

Of the 16 people taken to Lee Memorial Hospital, one died after being admitted and two others were in the intensive-care unit as of early Monday.

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Protesters March on Democratic National Convention

Thousands of protesters bore the blistering Philadelphia heat on Monday to march on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention.

Amanda Sullivan of Weston, Fla., told she traveled north to take part in the demonstrations after experiencing voter suppression during the Democratic primaries.

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Raucous Opening to Democratic Convention as Sanders Backers Revolt

Supporters of Bernie Sanders disrupted the first day of the Democratic convention on Monday, repeatedly chanting and booing mentions of Hillary Clinton’s name as the party’s hopes for a show of unity dissolved into frequent chaos.

Speakers in the convention’s first hour struggled to carry out business as angry Sanders supporters roared their disapproval, drawing a deafening response from Clinton delegates.

“We’re all Democrats and we need to act like it,” U.S. Representative Marcia Fudge of Ohio, the convention’s chairwoman, shouted over the uproar.

Earlier in the day, Sanders drew jeers from his supporters when he urged his delegates to back the White House bid of his formal rival, Clinton, and focus on defeating Republican Donald Trump in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Sanders’ followers shouted: “We want Bernie” in a show of anger at both Clinton’s victory in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination and emails leaked on Friday suggesting the party leadership had tried to sabotage Sanders’ insurgent campaign…

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Sanders Supporters Boo Call to Back Clinton

Bernie Sanders supporters booed and jeered at a rally ahead of the Democratic Party convention when he urged them to back Hillary Clinton.

The Vermont senator, who lost to Mrs Clinton in the race to be the party’s presidential candidate, will call for Democrats to unite behind her in a speech to the Philadelphia convention.

He will say she is a “far superior” candidate to Republican Donald Trump.

But some Sanders supporters protested, vowing never to vote for her.

The convention gets under way on Monday with a leaked email scandal threatening to overshadow it.

Wikileaks released emails that show the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which runs the party, was biased against Mr Sanders when he ran against Mrs Clinton in the hard-fought primary contest.

The FBI has confirmed that it is investigating the leak.

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Ansbach Explosion: Bomber Pledged Allegiance to IS

The Syrian man who blew himself up in Ansbach, Germany, on Sunday made a video pledging allegiance to the leader of so-called Islamic State, Bavarian authorities say.

The man threatened a “revenge attack” on Germans in the video, they said.

Germany’s federal prosecutor’s office has taken on the case due to “the suspicion of membership of a foreign terrorist organisation”.

IS has claimed it was behind the attack and the Syrian was an IS “soldier”.

Fifteen people were injured, four of them seriously, when an explosive device in the man’s rucksack, packed with shrapnel, went off close to a music festival in the small town, which is near Nuremberg.

If the attack is confirmed as IS-linked, it would be the first Islamist-inspired suicide bomb on German soil.

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Apocalypse Now: A Year of Crises, Shocks and Fears of Terror

Ansbach, Munich, Würzburg, Nice, Brussels — in light of the many horrific news stories, many are asking: What’s the matter with 2016?

Has the world gone mad? This question is occupying the minds of many people these days. It feels like the world is out of step, that multiple crises are encroaching upon us and that the distant world of international politics is about to get dangerously personal. How are we supposed to deal with the feeling of living in an era that we no longer seem to understand?

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Germany Attacks: What is Going on?

Germany is reeling from a series of four violent attacks in a week in its south.

Ten people have been killed and dozens more injured in separate gun, bomb, axe and machete attacks. Three were in Bavaria and one in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The authorities say they were not linked — but do they herald a new era of insecurity for the country?

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German Interior Minister: ‘No Constitutional State Can Prevent Every Crime’

After this week’s attack on a train near Würzburg, fears of terror in Germany are growing. In an interview, German Interior Minister de Maizière says greater security precautions at major events are needed, but that acts of violence cannot be completely eliminated.

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Pokémon Go Sparks Chaos and Concern in France

Gaming phenomenon Pokémon Go officially arrived in France on Sunday, and while gamers are undoubtedly thrilled, police and some politicians definitely don’t count themselves as fans.

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Suicide Bomber Attacks Bar in Bavaria

A Syrian migrant set off an explosion at a bar in southern Germany that killed himself and wounded a dozen others late Sunday, authorities said, the third attack to hit Bavaria in a week.

The 27-year-old, who had spent a stint in a psychiatric facility, had intended to target a music festival in the city of Ansbach but was turned away because he did not have a ticket.

“Unfortunately, this is a terrible new attack which will surely increase people’s anxiety,” regional interior minister Joachim Herrmann said, adding that investigators “have not ruled out” he had an Islamist motive.

However, police said that the victim count could have been much higher if the young man had succeeded in his plan to enter the festival which was attended by around 2,000 people.

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Switzerland Mulls Alarm Text Message Service

The Swiss authorities are considering introducing a text message alarm system to warn people in the event of a terror attack.

Police in southern Germany used the system during an attack earlier this week by a lone gunman at a mall.

Now Switzerland’s federal police, Fedpol, is considering a system similar to that used by some states in Germany, 20 Minuten reported.

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Terror Fears Trigger Swiss Run on Guns

There has been a marked increase in applications for gun licences in Switzerland, a development police attribute to growing insecurity.

The SonntagsBlick newspaper reported new statistics showing the number of applications increased by 17 percent last year over the previous year.

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ISIS Claims U.S. Warplane Shot Down, Crew Killed; Pentagon Dismisses Report — Washington Times

The official news agency of the self-styled Islamic State claimed Monday that it forces shot down an American warplane, a claim the U.S. military quickly dismissed.

“The crew of the U.S. warplane that was shot down by Islamic State fighters near Ayn Asad Airbase is dead,” read a statement by the Amaq news agency.

The Islamic State claim did not specify whether the air crew was killed in the crash or captured alive and executed.

However, the U.S. military quickly rebutted the claim as false.

“There is no truth to reports of ISIL downing a U.S. aircraft near Anbar. All U.S. & Coalition aircraft accounted for at this time,” the U.S. Central Command posted on Twitter.

U.S. airplanes have been flying over the Islamic State’s “caliphate” in western Iraq and eastern Syria in support of a recent offensive by the Iraqi government.

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Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan Hit New Record

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan have reached a record high in the first half of this year, the United Nations says. Children are paying a heavy price as insurgent groups launch indiscriminate attacks.

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China Tightens Grip on Internet Media, Reports Say

Major online companies in China such as Sina and Tencent Holdings have been ordered to stop original news reporting as the country’s media crackdown continues.

Citing Chinese media, Bloomberg reports that the Cyberspace Administration of China placed the ban on a number of the country’s major news portals, including and NetEase. The news was reported in identically worded articles that cited an unnamed official from the Cyberspace Administration’s Beijing office, according to Bloomberg.

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‘I Want to Get Rid of the Disabled From This World’: Black-Clad Knifeman Goes on Gruesome Rampage at Care Centre Near Tokyo, Hacking at Least 19 to Death and Injuring 45

A knifeman was arrested when he confessed to killing at least 19 people and injuring 45 in a stabbing frenzy at a centre for the disabled in Japan.

The attacker went into the Tsukui Yamayuri centre in Sagamihara, outside of Tokyo, brandishing a knife at around 2.30am local time.

Police were called to the scene after residents saw a man with blonde hair armed with a blade in black clothes in the centre’s grounds.

Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported that the suspect told police: ‘I want to get rid of the disabled from this world.’…

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Sagamihara Stabbings: ‘19 Dead and 45 Wounded as Knifeman Goes on Rampage at Building for Disabled in Japan’

At least 19 people have been killed and 45 wounded in Japan after a knifeman went on the rampage, according to reports.

The attack happened in the city of Sagamihara, west of Tokyo, where locals saw a man holding a weapon in the grounds of the Tsukui Yamayuri Garden.

It is thought that the building includes facilities for disabled people.

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What’s the Point of ASEAN?

Fourteen years after they first began discussing their differences with China over the South China Sea, the 10 members of Asean — the Association of Southeast Asian Nations — have once again bowed to pressure and produced a watered-down joint statement at their summit, in Laos.

No mention of China, which has been creating “facts” in the sea by building islands on disputed reefs.

No mention of the recent ruling at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague that China had no historic rights over the area.

Once again, it was the smaller Asean members under China’s thumb — Cambodia, and host-nation Laos — that were the weak link in the bloc’s efforts to stand up to its giant neighbour.

And so, once again, the question pops up: what is the point of an Asean so crippled by its consensus-based decision-making that it rarely makes any decisions at all?

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Mystery Ancient Human Ancestor Found in Australasian Family Tree

Who’s your daddy? An unknown hominin species that bred with early human ancestors when they migrated from Africa to Australasia has been identified through genome mapping of living humans.

The genome analysis also questions previous findings that modern humans populated Asia in two waves from their origin in Africa, finding instead a common origin for all populations in the Asia-Pacific region, dating back to a single out-of-Africa migration event.

Modern humans first left Africa about 60,000 years ago, with some heading west towards Europe, and others flowing east into the Asia-Pacific region.

Previous research looking at the genomes of people living today has revealed that the Asia-Pacific arrivals mated with two hominin species they found there — the Neanderthals and the Denisovans.

Mysterious ancestor

But when Jaume Bertranpetit at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and his colleagues analysed the genomes of living Indigenous Australians, Papuans, people from the Andaman Islands near India, and from mainland India, they found sections of DNA that did not match any previously identified hominin species.

These DNA sequences are not present in the genomes of living Europeans or east Asians, suggesting that the ancestors of these people met and bred with a mystery hominin in south Asia or the Pacific region, who left their genetic legacy in the area’s present-day populations.

The unidentified hominin may be Homo erectus or “upright man” , says Bertranpetit. H. erectus is believed to be the first hominin with a similar stature to today’s humans, and the first to leave Africa.

Ancient DNA needed

Fossil records indicate that H. erectus was present in Asia between about 1.8 million and 33,000 years ago, so there could have been an overlap with humans towards the end of its existence.

“But we do not have any direct evidence,” says Bertranpetit. Confirmation would require a match between ancient DNA from H. erectus remains and DNA from current Australasian populations.

Unfortunately, none of the H. erectus fossils unearthed to date contain sufficient genomic data for this kind of comparison to be made, says Alan Cooper of the University of Adelaide, Australia. “Until we find a skeleton that is preserved well enough, we won’t be able to generate a whole genome like we’ve done with the Denisovans,” he says…

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New Zealand Aims to Become Predator-Free by 2050

New Zealand has set a goal of eradicating all non-native predators within 35 years in order to protect the country’s indigenous wildlife.

The clock is ticking for stoats, rats and possums, as Prime Minister John Key wants “every single part” of New Zealand to be free of the creatures by 2050, the New Zealand Herald reports. Mr Key says the animals kill 25 million native birds each year, and getting rid of them will be “the most ambitious conservation project attempted anywhere in the world”.

Feral cats are also in the government’s sights, but pets — including Mr Key’s own moggy, Moonbeam — aren’t at risk.

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Brazil Police Arrest Last Suspect in Olympics Terrorism Case

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Police arrested the last suspect wanted so far in a case of Brazilian sympathizers of the Islamic State who allegedly discussed attacking the Olympic Games next month in Rio de Janeiro.

The Federal Police said in a statement late Sunday that the man was caught in the city of Comodoro, in the central west region of Brazil.

Authorities said he was taken to a federal prison but didn’t reveal his name, citing security reasons. But family members confirmed the suspect was 32-year-old Leonid El Kadre de Melo, a mechanic from Mato Grosso state.

The anti-terror case was announced Thursday when 10 Brazilians were arrested in different Brazilian states, increasing worries over security ahead of the Aug. 5-21 Summer Games. Another man turned himself in on Friday.

Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes said some of the men had pledged allegiance to IS without having any personal contact with members of the terrorist group abroad. The suspects didn’t meet in person and communicated with each other via messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram, he said…

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Austria Ready for 100km Border Fence With Hungary

Austria has finished preparations for building a possible 100 kilometre fence along its eastern border with Hungary after securing permission from hundreds of private landowners in the region.

The fence is part of the country’s efforts to prepare for a possible repeat of last summer when thousands of asylum seekers and migrants arrived to Europe every day.

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‘It’s Their Own Fault’ — Trump Slams France and Germany

Republican White House nominee Donald Trump has said that France, Germany and other nations hit by recent terror attacks had only themselves to blame “because they allowed people to come into their territory.”

“We have problems in Germany, and we have problems in France” — both countries rocked by fatal attacks claimed by the Isis group.

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd asked specifically if the proposal would limit immigration from France, saying: “They have been compromised by terrorism.”

“They have totally been,” Trump responded. “And you know why? It’s their own fault. Because they allowed people to come into their territory.”

The candidate has repeatedly called for “extreme vetting” to be put in place for such nations to protect the United States from the risk of attack.

Trump denied the policy amounted to backing away from his previous call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

“I actually don’t think it’s a rollback. In fact, you could say it’s an expansion. I’m looking now at territory,” he said.

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Merkel’s Refugee Policy Was ‘Reckless’: Left Party Leader

The attacks carried out by refugees in Germany over the past week show that Merkel’s welcoming policy towards refugees was “reckless”, the Left Party’s (Die Linke) co-leader said on Monday.

Speaking after four rampage attacks hit Germany in just seven days — three of which were carried out by refugees — Sahra Wagenknecht said that more needed to be done to help Germans feel “safer”.

“Although we must wait for a concrete explanation of the background of the attack in Ansbach, we can say this much: The events of the past few days show that the acceptance and integration of a large number of refugees and migrants is tied up with significant problems and is more difficult than Merkel tried to persuade us last autumn with her reckless ‘Wir schaffen es‘ [we can do it],” the left-wing politician declared in a statement.

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Only a Quarter of Italian Towns Host Refugees: Study

In spite of Italy’s position on the front line of the Mediterranean refugee crisis, just one in four of the country’s municipalities has housed refugees and asylum seekers.

According to the report, just 2,026 of the country’s 8,000 municipalities currently host migrants on humanitarian grounds, meaning the refugee burden is being unfairly shared across the country.

Since the start of 2015, more than 220,000 refugees have landed in Italy, with more than 80,000 arriving since January 2016.

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33 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/25/2016

  1. Priest was butchered
    in church
    in France

    On Tuesday morning barbarians interrupted mass at the church Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray in Rouen in Normandie, France, allegedly crying “Daesh!”, while slitting the throat of the priest.

    The two barbaric intruders were later neutralized.

    • So, today, will be the day when quite a few of the gullible will wake up?

      Today will be the day when some will see that the churches will have to be guarded like the synagogues.

      • Baron was (of course…) right when he suggested a long term investment strategy on stuffed bears, candles and flowers. I’m willing to wager a fiver that the Intel services could predict future attack locations by trailing the Mohammedans purchasing quantities of these items.

      • “when the gullible wake up?”

        This is a week old – something similar will be published tomorrow, with the word ‘Rouen’ in place of the word ‘Nice’ –

        I can recall similar articles being published after every Muslim atrocity since 9/11.

        Fifteen years on and I’m still awaiting the backlash.

        Today Muslims murdered a priest – an assault on the West’s religious and cultural traditions. In France alone Muslims have murdered over 200 civilians, including schoolchildren, in the past five years. This is not to mention the migrant rape epidemic, the Sharia ghettoes, the jihadi tourist industry…

        How far do we have to be pushed before a backlash is warranted? How bad does this situation have to become?

        Should I marvel at our forbearance or despair at our apathy?

        • It’s amazing how “right-wing Europeans” and “neo-nazis” are actually so relatively pacifistic in comparison to the Islamically-inspired.

          Are these Islamic terrorists mentally ill?

          If so, does Islamism encourage mental illness?


          Do Islamists seek out the mentally ill and encourage them towards action like this?

          These would be useful questions to know the answer to. There is obviously a difference between Islamism and other current ideologies in terms of the level of violence…

        • I think the government retaliation is the only reason someone doesn’t retaliate. You do something and wind up in prison with a Muslim population. Unless they do like in the countries like Egypt where a mob retaliates you will pay for it. I believe that is what they are trying to suppress because the reaction will occur all over. Everyone would need to be willing to stomp it out.

      • People will definitely drop out of church now, and “home church”, watch it on TV or online. Many are doing this now anyway all over because of convenience or health reasons. In the EU it will mainly be for safety reasons. Movie and concert business will die out too. Many churches will close and consolidate over time. When will people realize that letting third world killers in these countries wanting to kill infidels and conquer the invaded countries? Not rocket science, so why the apathy with the citizens not standing up against all this? Real men, please stand up the hour is very late.

        • The government is in the way and you have conflicted people who may turn you in. Unless there is an achievable goal or real purpose why bother. The government is smart in suppressing the speech to catch trouble makers.

          • And in groups that aren’t traceable…bec most of them are tech savvy. No, I don’t know any, but I can read between the lines…no doubt our worthy govt orgs are doing the same…

      • I don’t think it will. I used to think the day some Muslim kids decapitated an infidel schoolmate (in the West) that it would all change. I don’t think it will. The case in Utah supports me here. I am not advocating revenge but killing the attackers who are going to kill until they die is expected. They don’t start that expecting to live. I don’t think there is a solution here that doesn’t result in either the forfeiture of Europe to Islam or a lot of pain that people don’t want to realize.

        Guarding churches is only a temporary solution. The story that should go along side this one about the Mosque of the Mujaheddin in Iraq. I think it was the Archbishop there that was most surprised by the behavior of his decades long neighbor who he had fed and provided charity to. His neighbor volunteered to climb on top of the church to push the cross off.

    • I would bet anything that the attacker didn’t yell “daesh”. This is almost certainly an outright lie fabricated by police to push the “nothing to do with Islam” theme. They’re not doing a very good job of coming up with a plausible lie here.

      If he yelled anything it was “allahu akbar” and/or something about the Islamic State, but there’s no way in hell that he used the term daesh.

    • Of course! They were crying “allahuakbar!”

      Maybe at first, the MSM were trying to pretend it would go away, so they wouldn’t have to pronounce that, by now, well known battle cry?

      One friend of the jihadies tells French radio RTL, that two months ago on their way out of the mosque, the jihadi had sworn to attacking a church. But I didn’t believe him, the friend says to RTL.

      “Sur le Coran de La Mecque (sic), il m’a dit : ‘Je vais attaquer une église’. Il m’a dit ça il y a deux mois en sortant de la mosquée. Sur la vie de ma mère, je ne l’ai pas cru »

  2. Never mind the attacks where people are killed by Muslims but crimes of robbery, assault and property crimes should be considered terrorist attacks as well. European prisons are loaded with immigrants from ME, African countries and the Balkans.

  3. BBC has reported the attack on a Catholic church in Rouen, northern France by two armed attackers who said they were from Islamic State. They took four people hostage and according the the BBC “slit the throat” of the 84 year old priest. Other news sites are saying they beheaded the priest. (Throat slitting sounds so less barbaric than beheading).
    The BBC also says one attacker is known to French intelligence services and is on the terror “S” list. But that didn’t seem to help the priest.
    What is of note is a paramilitary assault team engaged the jihadists immediately, killed them both and freed the three hostages. This seems to be a new tactic, no longer a regular Police incident, bring in paramilitary SWAT types immediately.
    No mention of Breivik.

    • If/when the police in Israel do that, they’re heavily criticised.

      Please, human rights campaigners, march outside the French police stations. Come on, you hypocrites… let’s see you there!

  4. Jihad attacks against churches in France have already been prevented in 2015, according to Le Figaro.

    Two in Villejuif, not far from Paris, and one at the famous Sacre Coeur basilica at Montmartre, in Paris.

    Villejuif, literally, Jewtown

    Montmartre, from Mont des Martyrs, Mount of the martyrs

    • Church attacks : some have been prevented, but the recent attack proves there is no security in EU churches and folks will quit going. Concealed carry in the U.S. is common in churches and elsewhere with a compact pistol, which would save lives.

      • Imagine, the first funeral, or wedding attack…

        Do things really have to go that far for the gullible to realize what is really going on, that the invading forces have come to stay?

        What measures will be taken already for tomorrow, or Sunday mass?

  5. What’s with the fence between Austria and Hungary? There was a news item not so long ago, that Orban buckled to pressure and was busing people from the Yugo area to Germany. But they don’t have a border with Germany. Were they just dumping them on Austria’s border? Is that why the fence?

    • I don’t recall a story about Orban/Hungary buckling. They do allow people non-stop/pass-thru access if they have the right paperwork to exit Hungary (e.g. enter Austria). I suspect that government funded buses for this purpose are justified by avoiding major population centers and only having stops at controlled locations such as border posts.

      As far as the fence goes, it looks like they are soliciting rights with no actual construction scheduled. So I would file the story as advance/contingency planning for a fence if ever needed.

      Given that Hungary refuses to take migrants back, there may be a valid need for a southern stub fence to prevent “end around” travel in case the Hungarian border doesn’t have 100% containment on illegal crossing from Croatia and Slovenia.

      Austria did tighten its Italian border security in the past few months:

  6. Butchering is butchering
    Terror is terror
    Jihad is jihad

    Why, again, this need to describe it as “cowardly”, like Francois Hollande is doing after this terror attack, when it is neither, what, “brave”?!, nor “cowardly”?

  7. The Muzzies have thrown down the gauntlet in France and all Hollande can do is gurgle and look like a clueless fool.

    I saw the video of him at the press conference and he looked like he had no idea why he was there or what was happening.

    Yet the French love this man as their leader. I really can’t say I have any sympathy for the French people at this point so as long as they vote in suicidal hacks like Hollande.

    The same applies to the Germans and their adoration of Merkel.

    • Exactly. These leaders actually represent about 2/3 of their population.

      Gee, I wonder if the same can be said about Islamists like Erdogan… YES.

      All I can hope for is that Trump will represent 50.00001% of the U.S. population in November.

      “Never sell America short” is the old saying. So far, that has held true for over 200 years.

      • Hillary is cooperating with her choice of Kaine as her running mate. Boring and More Boring. People will think she has nothing new to say (she’s already said it all) and some will show up to see if she has any “health” incidents while campaigning…as time moves on and we get closer we can expect “campaign by character assassination”.

        Obviously wiki leaks has put a crimp in the Dem plans there. You can be sure they haven’t ‘leaked’ all of it and the Dems must be freaking by now.

        As for persuasion tactics, Donald Trump is now called “dark” by the opposition (that’s sticking) and Hillary is has moved on from “Crooked” to “Rotten” (it’s a play on her Hillary “Rodham” Clinton name. That appellation has glue AND legs – she can’t outrun it).

        I will be glad when these thousand cuts to the fabric of America are done. We’ll see what remains…

  8. Is France able to deliver its own nuclear devices to points above ISIS-held cities and towns in Syria and Iraq, so that they can be detonated there by Frenchmen?

    • Able, but unwilling. How long do you think that this stuff would continue if they did that?

  9. Trump´s comment on terrorism in France & Germany is true. My country Sweden is in the world´s top when it comes to rape. Our politicians (like Merkel ) opened the door for all immigrants. The rapists are mainly arabs & africans.

  10. Look, this was a human sacrifice to their demonic god.
    Satan is always present at the shedding of innocent blood …

  11. Sadly I stated recently that these attacks would come as regularly as the morning newspaper. The time will come when the French will either take it in the chin, or pick up pipes, axes, clubs, available weapons and knives and ‘take care of business’, their feckless,spineless and ####ess government has failed them miserably. It’s not going to be pretty, innocent folks will be harmed, the country is teetering on civil breakdown but someone has to ‘send a message’ to the immigrant community’.

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