“The Governments Are Acting Like Traitors”

Petar Nizamov is one of the leaders of a group of patriotic Bulgarian citizens who have volunteered to patrol their country’s border with Turkey, and help overworked border guards find and apprehend illegal immigrants — almost all of whom are young males, economic migrants rather than refugees.

The mission of the Bulgarian volunteers was discussed in last week’s interview with Tatjana Festerling and the Tagespiegel article.

Many thanks to Victor Laszlo for recording and editing this video, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading it:

7 thoughts on ““The Governments Are Acting Like Traitors”

  1. Not just acting like traitors, they ARE traitors, traitors to the native populations of Europe. Incited by Soros et al, led by Merkel, they are accelerating an all-out assault against us. Their weapon of choice is human WMDs, supported by draconian hate laws to stifle dissent.

  2. Acting ‘like’ traitors? No. They are traitors. Wake up please and tell the truth. Your government has committed the treason already. That’s why your children, your women and daughters are molested and raped by the Muslim Hijrah your governments have invited to destroy western cultures. When will you prosecute and execute the judgement for treason? Answer: Never, because your native western population no longer controls the Commanding Heights of its’ own society.

  3. The Bulgarian people are neither fools or dupes after 500 plus yrs. of Ottoman domination and 40 plus yrs. of brutal Communist dictatorship they are surely not looking for a repeat performance.

  4. As weve now known for a very long time, the eu member countries are paid off by the eu!!!

    And are operating against all of our best interests with impunity betraying their own people!!!!!

    To hell with these goverments and these political traitors, we must rise up in europe
    And get rid of these cancer ridden communist traitors and leftitsts amongst us!!!

    Uk dumped the eu, now come on bukgaria!!! Hungary, france germany,

    Rise up citizens, refuse to cooperate, refuse to obey merkel, masse, holland, junckerm schultz, borisov, we want these [obscenity] treasonous traitors behind bars NOW!!!!

    Then, shoftly after a military trial, [intemperate recommendation redacted].

    Angela merkel, [obscenities and vulgarities]!!!

    The people are coming soon for you!!!

    • I’m not so sure about the UK dumping the EU!

      As a fervent Brexit supporter I am beginning to feel that I, like many others, have been politically manipulated having witnessed the hapless Theresa May’s “coronation” as PM!

      All the major players of the BREXIT Campaign have either resigned or been stabbed in the back (Gove vs Boris), the Labour party is cannibalising itself, allowing a Remain supporting, inept Home Secretary to take control and we are likely to have a one party, Tory state for the foreseeable future!

      I hope I’m wrong but history is against me as the EU keeps coming back until people vote the way they expect you to.

  5. The closer they have lived to the Caliphate, the more circumspect the people seem to be about the nature of Islam . . . which explains much of difference between the Bulgarians and the Scandinavians. Alas, I doubt the Nordic idiots will survive long enough to learn the lessons of history.

  6. Yes, please continue your work, but why videos of lying captives? It could damage your
    work. People would say, o look at those poor migrants, and how terrible are those who cought them. It is about future of freedom and those migrants with their islam chip are indeed a danger to it. But a lying tied person, filmed by someone is just a bad picture for they look like victims and this would only strengthen the opinion of those who oppose us in our fight for freedom. Don´t show them as victims, show them as aggressors.

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