Is Hillary Bat Guano Crazy?

Now there’s a phrase that passes the Gates of Vienna rules: “bat guano”. It’s also the most amazing fertilizer for straw bale gardening. Have we hit upon a Final Solution for Hillary?

More importantly it’s the crucial question posed by these three guys, men who consider the passing scene from their perspective at “The Right Angle”, an increasingly clever scrutiny of politics and culture.

They formerly held forth as “Trifecta” in a previous incarnation at Pajamas Media. Now they’re out in the wider world, and getting downright frisky at Bill Whittle’s place. I’ve watched them long enough to become a dedicated fan who can clearly see three heads are better than one. Especially these three examples of Crania Americana.

In this episode they are riffing on a new tell-all book about the antics of Hillary and Bill during their tenure in the White House during the last century, a place from which they were reduced to stealing the furniture on the way out the door. Fortunately, they went on to find more remunerative work later, enabling the Clintons to return the people’s artifacts to their rightful home at The White House.

The book in question is a current best-seller, written by a former member of the uniformed Secret Service, those people charged with protecting the President of the United States and his family:

Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate

For the author, one existential question became, “are we supposed to protect the President from his family, i.e., his sometimes violent spouse, Hillary Rodham?”. The stress of living with that question affected the author’s health until he was able to transfer out of those strenuous duties at the White House into another part of the same bureaucracy.

He also examines the dedicated pursuit of Bill Clinton by Monica Lewinsky, and the many times he was forced to stiff arm her away from the door to the Oval Office, sometimes because the President had another winsome visitor ensconced in his inner sanctum.
For our non-American readers, the three players are:

  • Scott Ott, (in)famous as the founder of ScrappleFace, a political satirist of the early part of this fast-aging century.
  • Stephen Green, known more familiarly as VodkaPundit, has an arch to his eyebrow that must have taken years to perfect. He still enjoys facetime on Pajamas Media, but it seems to be in the form of these Right-Angled Truths he creates with Whittle and Ott.
  • And Bill Whittle, he of “Eject, Eject, Eject”, has been hanging around in various venues since, oh, probably the days of the bulletin board internet.

This is a case where the sum is more than the total of its parts, but it’s a work in progress as they evolve from their Trifecta personae to this newer Right Angle Triangle. As much as I’m enjoying them now, I predict they will mellow into les eminences grises, something the ‘conservatives’ need badly. As we on the right are discovering, the current crop of talking heads are not mellowing. Instead, they are turning into vinegar as they froth at Donald Trump’s audacious existence. How dare he?

If those others had their way, we’d only have the bat-guanatress. Some choice.

25 thoughts on “Is Hillary Bat Guano Crazy?

  1. I keep reading how wonderful bats are. My summer home has an attic full of them and I don’t find them so wonderful. The guano piles up and smells. Bats are a vector for rabies. And the sound of hundreds of them shuttling back and forth at dawn and dusk are annoying.

    So comparing Hillary’s sanity to bat guano seems completely appropriate to me!

    • Bats have their place. Your attic isn’t one of them. However, outside, they devour lots and lots of mosquitoes and such…

      A neighbor hired an exterminator once to rid their upper space/attic of bats. The company in charge of it covered the roof, down to the first floor, in plastic…but I don’t know what they used to get rid of them. Very strange looking.

      We came home one evening to find one trapped in our house – I ran away and the B was left to trap and get rid of him…

      • I’ve stuffed moth crystals were they roost, I’ve wacked them out of the air with a badminton racket, and I’ve shot them with air guns. I’ve also sprayed oven cleaner on them with good results – they died.

        The summer home is less than 50 miles from Sun Valley and we have been advised that if we want to get rid or our bats we should come in during the middle of winter and fire up the fireplace and wood stove and thoroughly warm the place up. The expected result being that the bats wake from their hibernation and go out to forage, but instead die in the cold of winter.

        Good to know, except it’s a 1000 mile journey and then it’s either a snow machine or skis or snowshoes to make it to the place. The lake would be frozen over, and it would be COLD. So I guess we keep on living with bats.

      • They echo locate. I’ve found I can confuse them by whistling and tossing a tissue in the air. They sometimes fly right at you, but they turn at the last minute. There is a vintage bamboo fly rod at the cabin, about 10 feet long, it’s pretty good for whacking them out of the air too.

        One day my brother and I went up to the attic and found a whole bunch of them roosting at the top of the gable. That was the day of oven cleaner and badminton rackets. We killed 75 of the little buggers. Hardly made a dent in the population.

        After having the place to themselves for 11 months one of the first tasks of opening up the place is cleaning the bat stuff off virtually every horizontal surface. But squirrels are even worse because they are destructive. They will chew through a door or a wall (we have tongue & groove pine paneling).

        We’ve had an occasional bear, a large doe that is fairly tame and visits us frequently. The animal I’m most concerned about is the reintroduced wolf. Instead of the small bodied and timid timber wolf that was indigenous the tree huggers wanted wolves back so badly that they sought out a hybrid of the Northern Grey Wolf. An aggressive animal that kills for sport. Packs have already required culling since the reintroduction. I’ll be bringing the .357 with some hard cast hunting loads. I’m primarily a city boy, but the mountains are in my blood.

        • This is a real downer, this thread. Bats are awesome creatures, and we’d be knee deep in mosquitoes and other ickies if they did not eat their weight in them every night. You want to get rid of bats? Here’s how. And you don’t even have to be a guano-head to our fellow critters.

          It’s easy to keep bats out without harming them. Because bats often raise their young in these spaces, do not block their entrance until you’re certain that all the bats have left for their winter hibernation cave (usually in early autumn). You can then create humane exclusions by placing one-way valves or polypropylene bird netting over all the entrance points. The netting should extend at least 2 feet below the hole; seal the top and sides of the netting with silicone caulk, leaving the bottom open so that the bats can escape. This simple excluder will let the bats emerge but keep them from returning. Once you’ve confirmed that all the bats are gone, you can make repairs to ensure that the exclusion is permanent.

          • Thanks for the information. I used to have a bat house but it fell apart over the years. I told you what our neighbors did, not what I would do. I also encourage black snakes and toads. The former for rodents and the latter for insects…

            …there is no entry point in our attic for bats. The Baron doesn’t even kill wasps, for heaven’s sake: he catches and releases them. The only thing we do kill is rodents who make their way into the house…in their various forms they do a lot of damage.

          • You have no idea how porous a 75 year old notched log cabin is to critters. Your suggestion might work on a shoe box, it won’t work on a log cabin.

            Confirmed that all the bats are gone, you are so inexperienced with the reality of the situation.

            Your suggestion reminds me of the advice for how to carve a wonderful statue of an elephant: just start with a piece of stone and take away everything that doesn’t look like an elephant.


        • Leave it to the tree huggers. I once lived in south Florida and they went crazy every time anyone cut down an Australian pine which is an invasive exotic and ruins everything under it. Someone ought to hunt down the tree huggers – they are the real menace.

          • Rick, I copied the advice from folks who deal with bats professionally. Of course, every house is different. But the crazy hatred of bats who do nothing but good, and are not doing so well alongside this crazy out of control human world, that’s sad.

            I’ve seen first hand how people react to one lost bat inside the house. You’d think it was Dracula himself. I bagged it in a cloth, leaned a plank against the house, and hung the bat on its inner edge. Then watched him later on waking up, grooming, and finally flying off. One of my treasured memories.

            Susan: ugly. If you have the guts to hunt humans, hunt the psychopaths. It would be nice to turn the tables on them.

  2. I’m a Whittle fan of standing. OT a bit but following is a link to an excellent analysis by former Law Enforcement/IBM Field Auditor Rob Enderle, of Comey’s Clinton announcement.

    • Thanks for this. Not OT at all. These are most interesting observations from an insider of sorts:


      Most parts of performing an audit aren’t a great deal of fun but doing security audits, email audits and expense report audits were the great dessert after an otherwise largely unpalatable meal. This is because, with a security audit, I got to play bad guy and attempt a breach; in expense audits, I saw a lot of crazy stuff and exposed a lot of outright theft; and in email audits, I generally found out what was really going on in the company, including who was sleeping with whom. However, I also found that some people were beyond punishment.

      Actions that would have lower-level managers and employees fired and perhaps sued would result in a reprimand or less to a CEO or critical VP. I can speak from experience in saying that kind of thing really tended to piss the auditors off because it made it look like we were going easy on those in power but were relishing in the pain of folks who were closer to being our peers. But these decisions were never ours to make. Generally, it was an override by the CFO or Audit Director. There were several instances when they made it clear that while they wouldn’t stop my team from making a recommendation that we thought more appropriate, it would cost us all our careers.

      The way we slept at night is that we laid out the evidence unaltered, but then gave the recommendation we were told to give. So it was with great interest that I watched the FBI director share his findings today in his organization’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s email practices. [this bolded sentence is a link to the video of the director]

      Here are my thoughts.

      Auditors and Evidence

      As I wrote earlier, Clinton’s statement that nothing she put on her server was classified because it wasn’t marked classified was false.[see link] Information is classified by its nature, not by words placed on the bottom of the document…


      definitely worth anyone’s time. You can bet the Trump org has read this one.

      • If ever there was an example of the miscarriage of justice, Hillary’s email investigation’s conclusion surely must be it. What if the actors were reversed and instead of Hillary it was some prominent conservative politician and it was a Republican administration?

        We know the media would be all over it, sensationalizing the miscarriage of justice. We know the Democrats and their allies would be raising bloody hell. There would be sit-ins in Congress. There would be marches and demonstrations calling for justice to be done. But in this case, what do we get from the Republicans and those of us on this side of politics? A hushed disapproval? Quiet resignation?

        Can’t we be assertive and rowdy like the Democrats?

      • “There were several instances when they made it clear that while they wouldn’t stop my team from making a recommendation that we thought more appropriate, it would cost us all our careers.”

        And that is why the FBI did not recommend prosecution of Crooked Hillary.

  3. So, Hillary Clinton’s persona is not dissimilar to that of Jim Carrey in the film “The Mask”?

    The world has become a truly scary place !

  4. Guano a certian its Bird Poop from certian seabirds and the demacrats are full of it

  5. Bottom line? Mitt Romney was unfortunately correct when he placed 47% of the electorate in the taker/government dependent category. They vote based on only one calculation: with which candidate am I better off, the more benefits party candidate or the most benefits party candidate? The Democrats are the most benefits party. Hillary the nutcase means nothing to them; Hillary as cornucopia everything. In a way I admire the Democrat base. It is purely realist, purely free of idealism…or illusion if you prefer. She is going to be very hard to beat.

    • Precisely. Hillary Clinton is totally mad and bereft of any reason. But I’ve concluded that it isn’t her fault. She is what she is and makes no effort to disguise it. But who put Obama in the White House? The same people who will likely put Hillary in office. Good or bad, we cannot forget that this is the will of the American people.

    • Actually, I think that she will be VERY easy to beat.

      All it will take is an opponent who is willing to go after her and her MYRIAD bits of UNCEASING corruption.
      AND respond to her obvious attacks. (fyi–bankrupt in four out of four HUNDRED companies ?–howsabout $ twenty TRILLION in unrepayable debt and an entire BANKRUPT COUNTRY on ‘your ‘ watch?)

      You know, fight–the way the ‘Republican’ party HAS NOT for the last coupla decades or so.

  6. We knew an old timer back home that worked on the guano boats. That would be a great job for some individuals that come to mind. Full time, no shore leave…in the hold.

  7. So Hillary-ous is going, going, guano and she’s outta here for a home run!
    What we would like Vin Scully to say.

  8. As I’ve said many times on fora around the Net and in private conversations with friends and family, Hillary could have sex with a goat in Macy’s window while eating aborted baby parts – all captured on live TV – and 40% of Americans would still vote for her. Liberalism is, indeed, a mental disorder…Furthermore, she could, as another commenter noted, be caught on video roasting an aborted baby for Thanksgiving and the so called progressives would ask for the recipe.

    • Yes, “Leftism/socialism/communism” is a mental disorder. But classical liberalism isn’t. In the U.S., principled Jacksonian Democrats like Daniel Moynihan were men of stature. But they gradually died off. Moynihan’s NY senate seat was ‘inherited’ by Hillary Clinton, who wasn’t fit to shine his shoes…

      On the right, our GOP(e) isn’t one whit better nor any more mentally stable…they sell out to the highest bidder. Paul Ryan is a good example.

      You’re right about Hillary’s public behavior being tolerated past all belief. There is a large swath of voters who never think, they merely “feel” their convictions. Sorry to say, a lot of her fans are deluded women.

  9. Over the past few months I have examined pictures of Hilary Clinton as she goes about her chosen task of persuading the American people to vote for her. I have also watched her on video clips. I have now come to the conclusion she is “on something”. Normally people do not have their eyeballs popping out like that and their mouths continually wide open as if in the dental chair. Nor do they continually gesticulate wildly and jerk their heads about from side to side like a person who has been bitten by a hornet. My fave picture of her, though, is the most recent one of Obama in his shirt-sleeves, left hand side, addressing the Democrat anointed with Hilary Clinton, right hand side, in front of the microphone, hands demurely folded over her stomach, her face turned side profile towards Obama with a look that said, ” Daddy’s here now! He’ll fix it”! Smug and sickening though it was, the manic miasma had gone. Does it take a lunatic to calm another one down? Belatedly I should add that viewing pictures of Hilary Clinton is difficult and depressing work and not to be recommended for the faint-hearted.

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