Something Wicked This Way Comes

In his decision yesterday not to recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey put a final nail in the coffin of the rule of law.

Actually, it had been lying in state for some time before that, but now we can jam it in the box, drop it in the hole, and throw clods over it. The law is as dead as a dodo in the Country Formerly Known as the United States of America.

I’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop on Hillary’s email server, but it took a lot longer than I thought it would. My expectations were based on an article in The Washington Times that was published on January 12, 2016. It was written by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., the editor-in-chief of The American Spectator.

I’ll quote it at greater length later in this post, but here are two relevant excerpts:

Within two weeks to 60 days, the bureau [FBI] will recommend to the Justice Department that Hillary and certain of her aides face charges for the way they have handled classified information on her server. My sources tell me that the bureau already has the case “locked they are building a case that is unassailable.”

Hmm… Looks like the case got assailed after all. I’ll give you three guesses who the assailants were (humming “The Arkansas Traveler” under my breath while I wait).

And Mr. Comey was reportedly “incorruptible”:

The FBI’s director, James Comey, has a reputation for being incorruptible. He wanted to indict Gen. David Petraeus on far fewer charges than his investigators have come up with on Hillary. Now his chief of staff has reportedly said that the bureau plans to seek indictments of Hillary and her aides despite the politics of the case. One source told me, “the bureau doesn’t care about politics.” This case is seen as a national security matter.

But there are various shades of corruption. It seems obvious that someone made Mr. Comey an offer he couldn’t refuse. He may, for example, have been presented with incontrovertible evidence that his career would come to an abrupt and permanent end if he were to recommend an indictment.

Maybe he did something a little bit indiscreet back when he was in college, something that he had forgotten about. But surprise! There were photos.

Or he could have broken some federal law at some point. God knows, we all have. I always assume that I’ve broken five or six laws every morning before I’ve even had my coffee. Laws that I know nothing about — but ignorance of the law is no excuse!

There are so many laws now; everyone breaks some of them all the time. That comes in handy for the feds — anyone can be prosecuted at any time if need be. It’s now a political decision who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t. You or I? Maybe. Hillary? Never.

That’s what it’s like to live without the rule of law.

But Mr. Comey also has a wife and five kids… Nice little family you got there, Jim — be a shame if anything happened to it.

Yep, there are a lot of forms that unrefusable offer could have taken.

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According to Mr. Tyrrell’s account, there would be serious repercussions if Hillary were allowed to escape scot-free:

If it is ignored, the fear within the intelligence community is that it will be impossible to prosecute future defendants being charged with the mishandling of classified information. The intelligence agencies would mutiny if Hillary were given a pass…

If he is right about this — and given how wrong he was about everything else, I have my doubts — we’re still in for some surprises. I’m not sure what the intelligence community can do without the help of the Justice Department, but if I were an elected official in the federal executive, I definitely wouldn’t want the career bureaucrats in the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, and the DIA pissed off at me. They’ve collected a lot of information on a lot of, ahem, sensitive topics. Probably not even Hillary knows exactly what they’ve got deep in the bowels of their billion-yottabyte databases.

So we could be in for some entertaining times. But more than likely we’ll just roll through the conventions and the silly season into a face-off between Hillary and Trump this fall. And I don’t think I’d put money on Trump — the odds against him are probably about the same as those against the Brexit a few weeks ago…

Here’s the lengthier quote from R. Emmett Tyrrell’s January 12 column:

This week, three weeks before the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton spent valuable time during an appearance on “Face the Nation” swatting down stories that surfaced Friday. Early on Friday morning when most Americans are asleep, save second-story men, the State Department released thousands of Hillary’s emails. In one she seemed to be asking her aide, Jake Sullivan, to send her classified information across a “non-secure” line. That is to say, across her personal server. She was impatient to read the email’s contents and could not wait for it to be sent on a secure line. That strikes a lot of those who follow such matters as a clear breach of the law regarding the handling of classified information, or perhaps I should say another clear breach of the law regarding the use of classified information. On “Face the Nation,” Hillary termed the growing imbroglio a “non-issue.”

Well, as with a lengthening list of problems facing Hillary, we shall see. On Monday the respected investigative reporter for Fox News, Catherine Herridge, reported that “The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible ‘intersection’ of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, according to three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.” I sense there is going to be more of these stories.

Late last week I wrote in The American Spectator that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was working on the indictment of Hillary. Within two weeks to 60 days, the bureau will recommend to the Justice Department that Hillary and certain of her aides face charges for the way they have handled classified information on her server. My sources tell me that the bureau already has the case “locked they are building a case that is unassailable. “ And another source said the case that the FBI has built was ready two weeks ago.

The evidence involves material from Hillary’s server that the FBI has gathered in the course of its months-long investigation of her and her staff. Last week others also weighed in, most notably former prosecutor Joseph diGenova. From everything I can tell, this story is going to get worse for Hillary. I assume Ms. Herridge agrees with me.

The charges will consist of some of the following:

  • Improper disclosure or retention of classified information.
  • Destruction of government records.
  • Lying to federal agents.
  • Lying under oath.
  • Obstruction of justice.

One source told me that, “the [leadership] of the FBI is deeply engaged in the investigation.” And another said the bureau has “no choice” but to ask Attorney General Loretta Lynch for indictments. The FBI’s director, James Comey, has a reputation for being incorruptible. He wanted to indict Gen. David Petraeus on far fewer charges than his investigators have come up with on Hillary. Now his chief of staff has reportedly said that the bureau plans to seek indictments of Hillary and her aides despite the politics of the case. One source told me, “the bureau doesn’t care about politics.” This case is seen as a national security matter.

If it is ignored, the fear within the intelligence community is that it will be impossible to prosecute future defendants being charged with the mishandling of classified information. The intelligence agencies would mutiny if Hillary were given a pass. Said Mr. diGenova last week, “The intelligence community will not stand for that. They will fight for indictment and they are already in the process of gearing themselves basically to revolt if [the attorney general] refuses to bring charges.” This is apparently one of those processes that takes on a life of its own.

Why will the indictments be recommended in the time frame I have mentioned? Justice Department policies mandate making such decisions as far in advance of elections as possible. If there are conflicting winds blowing in the FBI or Department of Justice, they must avoid the appearance of being motivated by partisan politics. So 60 days is about as long as the bureau or department can wait. On the other hand, there are those Democrats who would like the action to begin this month. That would allow Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry to toss their hats in the ring.

This brings to mind a curious statement by Mr. Biden just the other day. On Jan. 7 quite out of the blue Joe said to CNN, “I regret it every day” — “it” being his decision not to run for the presidency. But after saying his decision not to run was the right decision for his family, he went on to say he would be “staying deeply involved.” What could that mean? Does he know something we are not to know about the doings of the FBI and its 150 agents now working on the Hillary case?

45 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. Vouching a politician honorable is like assuring a cat-house madam celibate. It’s possible but not very likely.

    • Three daily felonies is soooo 2009! This is Brave New 2016 — we’re up to six, and rising.

    • Let me suggest that one way to reign in the exploding number of crime definitions created by the federal government is to put teeth into the moribund tenth amendment: any rights not specifically given to the federal government by the Constitution is reserved to the states.

      It’s true an individual can be just as oppressed by a small government as by a large. But, the state government is more connected to its constituents, and have more accountability. If worst came to worst, you would simply move from the states most abusive of civil liberties (assuming you were not the one in prison) and go to another state. This is the experiment of many governments competing for the best methods.

      The federal government got its foot in the door partly by claiming to protect individual rights against the states: and such cases can always be found. However, the trade off principle dictates that there is always a price to pay, and perhaps the price of looking to the federal government as an over-all savior was too high.

      I think the best Supreme Court justices would be strict constitutionalists. The conservatives talk about anti-abortion justices, but that is as mistaken as liberals looking for anti-abortion justices. I think probably a constitutionalist justice would rule that the federal government has no business mandating the states laws in the matter. Some states would allow abortion; some would not. Like it or not, it would not be the business of the federal government.

      Following this principle would invalidate many, if not most, of the newly-minted crime definitions foisted on us by the federal government.

      • Restoring the 10th amendment is a fine idea in principle. But it’s long past the time where it’s possible to actually do that. The federal government has evolved into a political and economic monstrosity where the ruling class make their fortunes off the backs of us peasants. They are not going to voluntarily let us take one bit of that power back.

        The FBI, the Dept. of Justice, the IRS, the Supreme Court, Congress, the Military, etc. all have been co-opted. They all work for the Empire. After Hillary’s Supreme Court puts on their robes every single sentence in the Constitution is only going to mean what they say it means. There are no tools left for the peasants to restore the old Republic. It’s gone.

        There’s millions of good Americans still out there. After this house of cards collapses that’s the time that good things can be built again.

  2. I see Martin Armstrong is not too fussed with Mr Comey’s decision.

    “James Comey was the chief prosecutor in the Southern District of New York between 2003 and 2005. He had no problem keeping me in Federal Prison on contempt of court without any charges, indictment, or a civil complaint describing any crime whatsoever that they even admitted openly in court. There were never any charges or complaint filed, and they publicly stated, “[T]here is no description of criminal liability.” Yet, Comey allowed me to be held in prison, entirely arbitrarily, with absolutely nothing whatsoever; Comey completely violated my civil rights, those of my family, and all 240 employees. So he is not someone who upholds the Constitution when it goes against government or the banks. As they say, the Department of Justice is really “Just Us” in reality. He has proven that once again.”

    Without knowing too much about Armstrong’s situation, it does indeed seem like yet another double standard.

  3. With the Clinton’s he may well have been promised a mystery suicide unless he did what he did.

  4. All rather puzzling. The Director lays out a case in detail of illegal and negligent handling of classified material and even admits, if my memory is correct, that a lower level official doing the same would face a sanction, but then says there will be no prosecution. It’s almost like the preamble is what he believes in his heart but the decision was forced on him. The question is by who? I also find the suggestion that “hostile actors” may have some or all of Hillary’s emails fascinating. If there were shady dealing regards the Clinton Foundation and foreign donors, imagine a scenario where a President Clinton is trying to face up to stroppy Russia or China and the word comes through diplomatic sources that “we’ve got a truckload of your emails and will dump them on the internet if you don’t back down.” Then you’ve got a lame duck President.

  5. Which means that more and more of us will strive to live “under the radar” simply to be left alone. I am too old to fight these battles, but I have hope and faith in younger generations to do it — assuming they haven’t been totally brain-washed. They younger ones (very few) that I know are really busy just staying alive.

    • Seem with each generation there are fewer patriot tuned in folks, and ones on the fence/or don’t care in politics, education, media, the clergy, civic leaders. etc. can be bought off/muzzled to go along to get along. A good example now is mayors and city comm. allowing Muslim refugees into their towns. My parents generation allowed the UN to run this country after ww2, new deal 30’s (FDR), medicare in ’65 and other socialist programs. Most my generation is so dumbed down that hubby and I are social recluses refusing to interact with uninformed (stuck in stupid) peers. We live under the radar and do not belong to any type org. civic or club or church.

      • Laura you are not alone in your solidarity. My son and I, had my dear wise hubby lived to see this past 5 years he’d have joined a militia movement by now, just kidding, are reclusive now. He posts on FB but I just fly low these days. My few political FB posts get few likes, and something in me gives a hoot so I don’t post much anymore. If my daughter or I put a photo where I look halfway cool ( I’m 66 it ain’t easy) I
        get 80 likes and comments about how blah blah blah I look and how they, my former teacher colleagues, miss me etc. But post a conservative comment or share an article and . . . Crickets. So you can count my current friends on the fingers of one hand, and my ever popular HS football mini-hero son still in his hometown – the same.

        I think we should wear that as a badge of courage, that we have abdicated that meme of having more friends than the next guy, and proudly declare we have discretion in choosing those with whom we sit at the table of our lives. I am at an age where I can say I’ve earned this right, but I really admire those younger, like my son, who doesn’t buy into that unworthy goal. The Son of God Himself had only 12 He was close to, and one out of those betrayed Him.

      • We live in a rural area. I describe it by saying we’re forty miles in any direction to the nearest latte.

        The Baron came here first, moving from extremely citified Northern Virginia. He had saved money from his computer job with a plan to paint full time for at least a year before having to move back to the city…he figured that living very carefully, he could eke out an existence for that long…Then he discovered quickly how much his nervous system calmed down in the quiet and began to look for ways to hang on…

        His only criterion for a place to live (besides elec and running water) was that it be within 3 hours of his parents’ home just in case one of them got ill and needed his presence. The hunt was quite protracted: my favorite story was the one where he was shown a converted chicken coop. A larger-than-usual chicken coop, but still…

        As it was to turn out, the year he moved proved to be the most pivotal of his life. First his father died, which meant he did indeed spend a lot of time on the road or staying with his mother during his dad’s final days. At one point he came back to find out his home had been broken into. He talked to his nearest neighbor (she was about a mile away) about it and they both thought it had been “teenagers” who hadn’t realized the house was now occupied…it had been vacant for some time.

        Our neighbor was black and over the years would become a good friend.

        Later in that first year he and I met…and married six months later.
        We live in a mixed “neighborhood”, though you can’t really define rural areas in the same way one does city or suburban areas. Instead places are often named in one period for an edifice or business which is well-known at the time but has long ceased to exist. Thus, the area known to everyone as “Milton’s Store” is named after a business that was probably thriving in the 1920s but now not even the building itself remains. It really is true that directions to a place can contain bits of information like “turn at the next right, Route 618 – ’bout a half mile from where that big oak came down”- and continue on…” Anyone who wasn’t here when that mighty oak was felled by lightning has to ask for more clarification.

        The woman who cuts our hair lives a few miles from us. She was born and raised in the next county over, so she’s an outsider, though not as much as we are…

        Our church is about 3 miles from here. For the last few years only the B has gone most of the time bec. with fibromyalgia mornings are difficult for me. I’m working on it, haven’t given up hope yet. My mother, who lived here in the last period of her life, is buried in that churchyard, and we both know that eventually we will lie next to her.

        The B is an introvert so he’s not a joiner by nature. But ironically, it fell to him to do so since I mostly worked “in town” during my productive years. Our friendship network includes many who are indeed more active, though. Our work is in the ether, at least until whatever tyranny may come shuts us down.

        The county is about two thirds white, one third black. What racial tensions there are come mostly from city folk who haven’t been here long enough to learn the ropes. However, the high school probably has the highest levels of overt tensions…it’s too bad there is no one trained to explain some basic cultural differences – e.g., how the black and white kids use public space very differently. The more information any kind of network has, the less fear there is.

        There are various efforts made to bridge the racial divide, some more successful than others, but always on-going. The blacks who live here have done so since *before* the Civil War. Once “freed” many chose to stay close to where they’d lived as slaves. As plantations became more or less useless, small tracts of land were sold off and those freed men and women who could do so had large families in order to have enough bodies to work what land they did own.

        [The racial divide is a low-level grievance. I’ve been wondering how the schools would have dealt with the news from Dallas, where all the police were shot. It certainly would’ve been a topic to be addressed were school in session, but teachers/administrators mostly don’t handle such things very well. I’ll bet there’s not one class in those teachers’ colleges devoted to the distinct differences between black and white culture. Cowards, the bunch of them – but not helped by professional grievance gougers, so it’s hard to judge in the final analysis. ]

        I consider us fortunate to live off the beaten path here, though it was often a grueling drive to work – but a drive through beautiful countryside and no traffic lights until the last five minutes or so. Our property, 30+ acres, is cheap, taxes are very low. But then we look at real estate as places-to-live, not “investments”. When we leave it will be horizontally, in a coffin. Our descendants will have to decide what to do with whatever we leave behind.

        We’re off the radar here but like everyone else, if the PTB wanted to find us, it would be easy enough.

        Haven’t met many “too-dumbed-down-for me” types, but I do see them at the grocery store and know some well enough to say hello. OTOH, we’ve been invited to an annual 4th of July party (yeah, a bit late due to strange weather) this weekend. I hope to be well enough to go…

        … I’d have to say our reclusiveness, such as it is, comes from the nature of our work. GoV is pretty much 24/7; it evolved that way from very different beginnings and expectations…but in its present form consumes much of our time. I’m happy to be here. When people I haven’t seen in a while – like commenter, Jewel, show up, it’s a delight. Immediately, the small things I do know about her and her family come back in a kind of gestalt.

        In sum, I do think America’s public square is changing as people withdraw into small, diminished circles of quietude. Some withdraw angrily, some seem to just drift into it…and the internet is clumping into groups of people with shared interests. Not the same kind of neighborliness our parents knew, but still…

  6. Would it be possible to view a Clinton regime in the US as legitmately elected? What would happen if the true conservatives declare

    “We hereby withdraw our consent to be governed by this regime. While due to matters of practicality, this regime has power over us, this is only due to the threat of the use of overwhelming force against us. They are in power over us, but we do not stand with them. They are our oppressors. We now consider this regime a tyranny, and an occupying power, under International Law. We make no attempt to cause harm or violence to this power, or its members, for all too frequently throughour history we have seen thebfruits of such endeavours frequently cause more harm, but be it hereby known: they rule us against our will. As a result this regime may on occasion have our compliance, but they do not have our loyalty. We will begin to act in ways now that are in our interests, and not in the interests of the regime. We will do the minimum necessary to avoid confrontation, but in all other respects, this regime will not receive meaningful assistance from us. And in a knock-down fight between this regime, and a foreign enemy, we take no side”….

    A kind of declaration of non-enthusiasm? Try canvassing our community for help in your search for a suspect, […]…

    • I would heartily agree, the left’s callous disregard for all those who do not agree with it and endorse its agenda has divided this country to the point of being torn asunder. Their lawless actions have cost the America that they govern my loyalty. Yes, I will remain a law-abiding citizen, but no, my loyalty has been consigned elsewhere, namely to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  7. Picking up on your remark about all the laws of which you know nothing, one of my lefty mates on Facebook posted something about the alleged ‘productivity’ of Australian governments–measured in how much legislation they passed. Needless to say, a recent government that would very much appeal to the lefty mindset was also the most ‘productive’. In my view, that’s no badge of honour. The proliferation of codification is a blight on the law. Parliaments appear to want to justify their existence by codifying everything, or enacting laws we never needed before. I only wish they’d find more Acts to repeal.

    • So many laws that noone really knows what they are….

      I have sometimes heard it said that Hammurabi’s Code was one of the key beginning points of civilisation because it made it possible for everyone to easily learn what the law was. They were free of the need to go ask a local big man for everything.

      By our current circumstance, has this freedom and civilisation been taken away? This is not a complicated question.

    • In Colombian Law Schools, this fenomena is known as “Normative Overproduction” and it is considered a sign of an inmature/declining culture, because in a healthy one, most of the people will know what to do and how to treat eachother without the need for laws to regulate every aspect of an individual’s life. Pretty much allowing for tradition and customs to regulate most aspects of social interaction, and leaving only those that are truly serious (like killing someone) to the laws enforced by the state…

  8. Of 30 years of active service as a United States Marine, a full and complete 24 years was spent collecting, analyzing, reporting or managing Intelligence, Signals Intelligence or Information Operations assets. 3 years of recruiting, schools, liberty, leave or convalescence filled the 6 years I was not in proximity or possession of classified materials. I have 4 combat deployments, 3 additional deployments to dangerous areas short of combat operations and 1 humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operation. I am mortified and angry.

    I held zero faith in the integrity or fidelity of the Attorney General, her decision to accept the “recommendation of the FBI” and close the case of Hillary and her criminal activity was of no surprise. It was the pronouncement of Director Comey, who laid out in specific detail the actual crimes committed, then called it careless and suggested that no reasonable prosecutor would refer charges that shook me to the core. I will be further shaken as no true professional in the Intelligence Community or Law Enforcement field will publically condemn this travesty and resign quite publically.

    However, since that has not happened within the DoD, despite the absolutely treacherous actions of the current Secretary and the President, not one senior officer has stepped aside to complain about a lack of critical skills training, shortages of equipment, but plenty of money and effort to put women in the infantry and design a program that allows the mentally ill to serve. While Carter is at it, he should come up with a good plan to allow drug addicts to serve as well. Personal interest over principle, and people wonder why somebody may need an AR-15.

    Before I use the Petreaus example, I am not a fan of his. He was fired by Donald Rumsfeld for being a lousy Division Commander, the awesomestest COIN manual he supposedly drafted was a modern rehash of the Marines’ Small Wars Manual (1940), lastly he signed his name to General Order Number 1, the personal conduct directive applicable to all US forces and attached civilians, assigned to Iraq or Afghanistan, et al…he was unforgiving on violators, except for his own indiscretions. He should have been recalled to active duty and courts-martialed, not given the Central Intelligence Agency. Sadly, David Petreaus who released some Secret-level information to a cleared soldier, outside of the prescribed networks, facilities and without authorization, he plea-bargained a lenient punishment for a far less serious violation than Hillary and her staff committed.

    Tyrell points to the email that directs an aide to transcribe the classified information from a slide into a standard document or email. Whether or not the information in this slide was of a Top Secret caveat/ caveat/ caveat// nature or merely confidential, it was classified for a reason and was not to be transmitted outside of official and proper classified channels. The fact that Comey stated that emails that were classified at the Top Secret level (by the originating agency and not the State Department) with the classifications stripped off, and that Secret material with the classification markings still on it demonstrates that this deliberate transfer of data was a persistent demand by the Secretary and willfully executed by her minions. Intent???? These documents were physically copied from the proper network and physically transferred to an unclassified machine. A process we called air-gapping, but if you were not designated to move information between SIPR, JWICS, NSANet, or coalition networks, you placed yourself in grave danger of losing a clearance, career and potentially your freedom. Hillary established this a matter of practice. Director Comey allowed it.

    I am disgusted.

    Sorry for posting too long.

    • I spent over 25 years working in and out of SCIFs. What Hillary did would have gotten someone in the rank and file prosecuted. But I spent those years working for a big company, with its own rules of conduct. Those rules were often violated and I learned a long time ago that when it comes to dishing out the punishment it’s not what a person did, it’s who the person is.

      A big company has a very difficult time enforcing its rules on women, managers, and minorities. The thing is that the rules regarding the handling of classified information are laws, not company regulations. It is very likely that Comey was threatened. Lynch went on record saying she would follow the FBI’s recommendation well before the FBI made that recommendation. That was all wrong…it is the duty of law enforcement to gather the evidence and provide it to prosecutors. The decision to prosecute resides with Lynch and she abdicated her responsibility.

  9. If anyone is surprised about this they should contact me about a one time special offer on a bridge over the East River in N.Y., N.Y. We are overstocked and everything must go!

    Really!!!!!! This deal was done a loooonnnng time ago. Surprised they waited this late to put a finger in Justice’s eye. The rule of thumb used to be that the electorate’s memory never exceeded 6 mos., but I guess as millennials become a greater percentage the time frame is commensurately shrinking.

    On the other hand it’s handy for the Empress Dowager to have the FBI going around noting weak links in the narrative and drawing out those of less that Samurai quality loyalty to the Imperial Family. Saves a lot of “donor” money that might have gone to private investigators and I’m sure those confidential (LOL) files will be put to good use after the coronation. If I gave anything other than name, rank, and shoe size to the FBI I would be seeking very obscure and isolated abode for my family. Guccifier might as well give on parole. He’s going to rot in the cell next to the video guy till the Rapture.

    The good news is that America only has to endure one more Presidential Election; the bad news is …., well for the fascist there is no bad news.

  10. Having followed the case for some time it is worth remembering: 1) Tip of the iceberg, the evidence we have is what is left after massive purging of the files by Hillary and her gang and even this is enough for incontrovertible guilt. 2) The Secretary of State is part of military secrets and vital operations and her responsibilities are ‘military’. Her devastating security failures are directly damaging to the security of the country and treasonous de facto if not by intent.

  11. I’m still intrigued by the private email thing. She’s a monster, but a politically savvy monster. One who is a student of the game. All this attention on her, keeps the light off the bug in the corner. I think we’ve only a glimpse of “private servers”.

    • You realize she had help having all that classified data transferred over to her e-mail severs.

      First off, it required state department, DOD or CIA people with the proper security clearances and access to classified systems. Ask why none of them are named.

      Secondly it had to be downloaded either to a floppy or memory stick since those classified systems aren’t connected to the internet and physically walked over to a unclassified system connected to the internet. Again no names mentioned.

      Third, the IT staff for the classified systems would know when someone was illegally downloading classified data to a external device. Normally that sets off alarms and security comes to down to investigate. They either did and were told to back off or didn’t. Chances are it’s the former.

      OR they were told by someone in authority to allow the transfer of TS and SAP data to another system.

      The point is, all of this wasn’t a rouge operation. It reeks of approval by very powerful people in the system. To implicate Hillary would be to implicate those people as well.

      • Indeed. I believe this latest is just a squirrel for the press and the proles to chase around. The corruption and treachery must go deep, very deep. The fact that the post 2008 thing has gone on as long as it has with very little push back speaks to something dramatic and unprecedented.

      • Reads like you know a little bit and are making up the rest. A floppy? No one has used that tech in at least 20 years. Of course she had help, that has been established. What in the world was the dork who set up her server thinking?

        You are correct that classified systems are not connected to the internet. When I worked classified if we wanted to bring something out we had to provide a printed copy to security and fill out a form signed by another cleared technical expert asserting that the information was not of a classified nature.

        Bringing in a thumb drive or a blank CD-R or a cell phone was a violation, but lots of folks got their I-Pod cleared to bring in. And alarms don’t go off if someone does. There are however means to detect cell phone activity. External drives on computers in a classified environment are disabled. No alarms needed, the drives just don’t work.

        This does not reek of people very powerful in the system, but it would indicate that there were lower lever IT people who were bullied into helping Hillary circumvent security protocols. In a SCIF the program security office has computers where it’s a simple matter to burn something from the classified side onto transportable media.

        Bottom line is “Hillary for Prison 2016”. But the flame blew out.

  12. “But Mr. Comey also has a wife and five kids… Nice little family you got there, Jim — be a shame if anything happened to it.”

    —and Nigel Farage, the Leader of the UK Independence Party until he resigned after Brexit, also has a nice family…

  13. Just been listening to Comey being dragged over the coals on FOX, and funny thing–several times when things got really interesting in the questioning we lost sound, funny thing, that!

    Too often to just be coincidence.

  14. I am trying to rear two sons (full disclosure, both still living at home in their twenties and we are dealing with many issues, but they are good hearted and better informed than 99 percent of their peer group) but all they see is a bleak future being brought on by serial greed and self service from both sides of the political spectrum. They know full well the deliberate actions the elites are taking to ensure the survival of their own and with total disregard to their fellow citizens. They see the flag and are loyal and proud of the Republic for which it stands, but they have no faith that Republic still exists.

    This most recent charade is icing on the cake, it confirms everything they already knew. I remember going through the same coming of political age as a 20 something in the nineties. I was devastated by Sick Willie’s win (he is disgusting, using slick seems too much like a compliment and he really is sick, a sex addict at the very least). I knew what we were in for and it all played out as expected. The office of the Presidency was tarnished beyond repair, and W, while he did do ok in some respects, had neither the foresight or inclination to clean house. He was beholden to the very same forces that Bill was and that are still in control.

    I can understand a person’s reservations about Trump, I have some myself though they are very different than what the media harps about. But as time passes I like him more and more. I could never say the same about Romney or McCain. Yet I held my nose and voted for both of the idiots believing even they were better than Obama.

    Now the same cabal that brought us these losers in 2008 & 12 want to take their ball and go home because we didn’t pick Jeb. I and millions of others had to choke back the vomit for the last two elections while voting for imbeciles, why can’t they return the favor. Please vote for Trump, you can still keep your NeverTrump bumper sticker and deny that you did. As far as I know our votes are still private, maybe?

    If this long march that started over forty years ago ever comes to fruition and HRC becomes our next president, she will release hell on earth. Read her own words on record since the seventies, if anybody had bothered to read what Obama wrote he would never have made it beyond being a communist, sorry, community organizer in Chicago. “Dreams of My Father” was full of insights about who this man was and where he was coming from far beyond what was plainly written, and his intended message was bad enough. With Hillary we have a long running and very public record to judge by. What sane person could possibly be willing to risk having her in the Whitehouse versus DJT? Even if he were to be a lousy president he would do less harm than her agenda will.

    And I doubt very seriously he will be lousy, this is a person who strives to win and has a record of Love and concern for America.

    Hillary has a record as well…

    • …am trying to rear two sons (full disclosure, both still living at home in their twenties and we are dealing with many issues, but they are good hearted and better informed than 99 percent of their peer group) but all they see is a bleak future being brought on by serial greed and self service from both sides of the political spectrum.

      As a Canadian family therapist wrote a few years back, “keep your children close”. The fact that they live with you must certainly allay the loneliness endemic to much of their cohort, out on their own because they’re “supposed to be”…

      Used to be that kids stayed home till they married and moved out with their new spouse…or if money was tight, married and still stayed home. Setting boundaries is fraugt, but it can be a good thing for both generations. And even better if your parents join you.

      Trump? An unknown. Hillary, otoh, is a known quantity – and what we do know leaves little room for respect or affection. The H&B Slush Foundation…

    • I just listened to respected radio talk show host Mark Levin. His guest, J. Christian Adams, formerly of the DOJ, said this isn’t a Comey problem; it’s a Department of Justice problem. If that’s even halfway correct then this cancer of collusion runs very deep — and to the White House.

      Bill Clinton’s tarmac summit with Lynch wasn’t about discussing grandchildren. That’s how stupid the elites think we are. Instead Bill Clinton was informed, in advance, there would be no indictment, according to Levin via Adams.

      Russia and China are in talks to set up a regional superpower (likely to include Africa); the EU attempting the same; North American Union (to include S. America) is gaining steam as a regional power, with Mexico and Canada in talks. And guess who runs the show.

      • Ingrid, I read J. Christian Adams’ book a few years ago: a man of principle, he was a DoJ career lawyer who got the heck out after some months under Eric Boy Wonder Holder…oops, can’t say ‘boy’, that’s racist…

        Oh well, tit for tat- seems like Eric couldn’t say Islamic terrorism, either.

        A classic by now…

        And Adams showed great integrity by leaving a career position because of Holder’s disgustingly racist beatdown of white people in small Southern towns…he’s just George Wallace in blackface. Not one whit better. Worse, maybe, since he pretends to be something he is not.

  15. There’s little difference between King George III’s tyranny and this. Action needs to be taken soon or we will be outnumbered.

  16. I heard Michael Savage today report that, upon being questioned, Comey said that he, personally, did not interview Clinton; his underlings did.

    Also there was no recording of the interview and there is no transcript!

    More grist for the mill. It’s so obvious he succumbed to pressure.

    Nice little family you have there Mr. Comey. Junior is applying for this college and that job, right? I’m sorry your wife hasn’t been feeling so well Mr. Comey.

    It may have been more subtle than this, but real nonetheless.

  17. something “really” wicked is coming our way. more bloodshed, more obsession with Putin and Russia and Assad, and more “islam is a religion of peace.”

  18. I think the key is:

    “He may, for example, have been presented with incontrovertible evidence that his career would come to an abrupt and permanent end if he were to recommend an indictment.”

    Followed up by vigorous prosecution for theft of government property: “Ahh
    , so you DO admit to taking home a pack of ‘Post-It’ notes, Mr Comey! We’ve also found paper clips (pack of 24), ball-point pens, blank note pads … need we go on? Come clean Mr Comey and we can offer you a plea bargain of say 5 years in a Federal correctional facility.”

    Then there is the unauthorised use of government resources: “On at least 4 occasions a week, during your term as Director, you telephoned your wife or a family member using your FBI office phone, did you not? Also on April 5th one of your children used an FBI photocopier to copy a 4th Grade History Assignment…”

    A sad day for the rule of law.

  19. Besides Hillary Clinton and incorruptible James Comey, also urinating on the justice system in Europe it goes the same: Mario Draghi, Jeroan Dijesselbleom, Wolfgang Schauble, Guy Verhofstadt and Jean-Claude Juncker. As if that isn’t enough we must also listen to the most ignorant leadership since 1914 telling why asylum seekers create jobs.

  20. I agree Comey was pressured. His attitude and tone of voice and how he enumerated HRC’s transgressions make that clear. In the House Hearings, when questioned, he readily agrees that HRC broke many laws. And then he clings to his “out” which is she had no intent. Lynch told him the conclusion of this “investigation”, and not the other way around. James Comey is a coward.

  21. Yeah, Mr. Incorruptable. He is a coward, a traitor, and basically speaking, no different from the rest of our” self above all” Government. Hopefully history will judge him accordingly. There are stronger words I would use here for his betrayal to America, but I shall take the high road and refrain…another pimple on the corrupted butt of American politics. If the screeching pantsuit gets elected…my mind can’t even go there.

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