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Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced today that no charges will be lodged against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classified material on her private email server. The announcement comes a day after FBI Director James Comey recommended that no charges be filed against Mrs. Clinton.

In other news, a Muslim taxi driver in the UK was fired for refusing to transport a blind couple and their guide dog.

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» AG Loretta Lynch Declines to Press Charges Against Clinton
» Nancy Pelosi Blows Off Traffic Laws — To Shop at Shoe Store!
» Op-Ed: What FBI’s Comey Could Not Say — But Rashi Did
» Washington Has Been Obsessed With Punishing Secrecy Violations — Until Hillary Clinton
Europe and the EU
» Anti-Brexit Conspiracy
» BBC News Presenter Muddles Up Tony Blair and George Bush’s Names
» Plot to Starve Anti-EU Parties of Funds as Brussels Takes Revenge to Silence Eurosceptics
» UK: ‘Not Part of My Country’ Katie Hopkins Slams Theresa May Over Her ‘Support’ For Sharia Law
» UK: Muslim Taxi Driver Sacked for Refusing Blind Couple and Guide Dog ‘Because of His Religion’
Israel and the Palestinians
» Idi Amin’s Son: ‘My Dream is to Meet With Entebbe Victims’ Families to Apologize’
Australia — Pacific
» Muslim Leader Calls Out Rise of Far-Right Politics as Crowds Mark End of Ramadan at Lakemba
» End of Schengen? MEPs Vote to Bring Back Border Controls as Free Movement Fails
» Germany: Leaked Police Report: ‘Huge Increase’ In Swimming Pool Migrant Sex Assaults Against Children
» Muslim ‘Refugees’ Threaten Minnesota Community With Rape
» Raped German Politician Lied About Attackers’ Nationality to ‘Stop Racism’

AG Loretta Lynch Declines to Press Charges Against Clinton

Washington (CNN)Attorney General Loretta Lynch made it official Wednesday: Hillary Clinton will not be charged for using a personal email server during her tenure as secretary of state, removing a long-looming shadow over her 2016 bid.

“Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system during her time as secretary of state,” Lynch said in a statement.

“I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough, year-long investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation,” she said.

Clinton’s campaign quickly welcomed the news…

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Nancy Pelosi Blows Off Traffic Laws — To Shop at Shoe Store!

Local Paul Smith wrote in to the St. Helena Star in June to describe Pelosi’s recent shoe shopping excursion at a fancy boutique, prompting a response from police chief Bill Imboden about the former House Speaker’s special status.

“Last Saturday afternoon (June 4) I’m standing on the west side of Main Street directly across from the Hunt Avenue intersection chatting with friends. Of course, traffic was heavy in both directions,” Smith wrote.

“A large perfectly polished and gleaming black SUV is attempting a left turn from Hunt onto southbound Main (not easy). Suddenly blue/red lights are flashing from the windshield area of the SUV (like you would see in an official fire/police vehicle),” he continued. “I said to my friends, I’ve never seen that before on a “regular’ vehicle and I’d think that’s illegal and dangerous. They agreed.”

That’s when the large black SUV jolted across two lanes of traffic, lights flashing, to park in front of a fire hydrant at the high end shoe boutique Footcandy.

“A St. Helena police car happens to be going northbound and pulls into the center lane and the officer starts shaking his arm and hollering at the driver of the SUV. While this goes on a man exits the SUV assisting a woman from the vehicle. She dashes off to Footcandy while he waits by the SUV in the red zone,” Smith explained.

The police officer then drove off without confronting the driver, he wrote.

“My friends and I are puzzled, say goodbye and I walk south on Main. As I approach Footcandy, Nancy Pelosi comes out with her shopping bags and the man assists her into the awaiting SUV. The SUV, with lights flashing, bursts back into southbound traffic,” Smith said.

“Wow! Privilege? Power? Whose SUV, taxpayers?” he questioned. “Say it ain’t so, Nancy.”…

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Op-Ed: What FBI’s Comey Could Not Say — But Rashi Did

By Jack Englehard

Yes, FBI Director James Comey admitted, Hillary Clinton was “careless” and guilty of “mishandling her email servers.”

But she was not guilty enough to be prosecuted.

Guilty, friends, but not guilty enough — that is the crux of it all.

Let’s make a quick dash to Scriptures. About Sodom, we learn that the people were rotten, but not completely. They were sneaky, according to Rashi, — but clever enough not to get caught. If, for example, it was against the law to steal 10 apples, they stole 9.

God hates sneaks. Don’t we all? But that’s who is leading us here in America today— people who are sneaky but just clever enough not to get nabbed.

Those are the worst kind.

Comey made a harsh case against Hillary. He found her liable on nearly all counts, but not liable enough to get her charged.

Many heard him speak. Many more will read the transcript. Thousands will debate as to where this leads us…

[up the creek without a paddle! — Some (the pigs) are more equal than others.]

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Washington Has Been Obsessed With Punishing Secrecy Violations — Until Hillary Clinton

by Glenn Greenwald

Secrecy is a virtual religion in Washington. Those who violate its dogma have been punished in the harshest and most excessive manner — at least when they possess little political power or influence. As has been widely noted, the Obama administration has prosecuted more leakers under the 1917 Espionage Act than all prior administrations combined. Secrecy in DC is so revered that even the most banal documents are reflexively marked classified, making their disclosure or mishandling a felony. As former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden said back in 2000, “Everything’s secret. I mean, I got an email saying ‘Merry Christmas.’ It carried a top secret NSA classification marking.” …

What happened here is glaringly obvious. It is the tawdry by-product of a criminal justice mentality in which — as I documented in my 2011 book With Liberty and Justice for Some — those who wield the greatest political and economic power are virtually exempt from the rule of law even when they commit the most egregious crimes, while only those who are powerless and marginalized are harshly punished, often for the most trivial transgressions.

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Anti-Brexit Conspiracy

by Srdja Trifkovic

The outcome of the United Kingdom’s EU referendum on June 23 stunned the London-based elite class. It laid bare the deep chasm between Britain’s political and media machine and the alienated, angry and disillusioned majority of “left-behind” citizens. Thanks to David Cameron’s miscalculation, hoi polloi used the opportunity to express their abiding dislike not only of the European Union and all its works, but also of the postnational, metropolitan elite class which dominates the political process and media discourse in Britain (as it does in every major Western country). That class was overwhelmingly pro-EU, not least because close to a million of its members have cottages in Languedoc, villas in Umbria etc. The vote can be seen as a plebiscite on the political system per se.

The elite class does not accept defeat, however, because it subscribes to the Bolshevik principle that the march of progressive humanity—of which it is the avant-garde—cannot be stopped by a mere exercise in “democracy.” Former Prime Minister Tony, a posthuman Briton par excellence, thus moans that the 48 per cent who voted to remain feel “disenfranchised.” He and his ilk all across the political spectrum are absolutely livid that yobs, racists and semiliterates from crappy northern towns have dared defy their wisdom, and horrified by the fact (that idiot Cameron!) that the Untermensch scum were given an opportunity to do so in the first place. That mistake must be rectified.

Of course the cognoscenti all think that the referendum should be overturned because those who voted to leave were too stupid to know what they were doing, and they are saying so, but that does not make the problem go away. They are therefore plotting a complex legal and constitutional stratagem. They are pressing members of Parliament—three-fourths of them in favor of staying in the EU—to simply ignore the referendum result and keep Britain in Merkel’s lager because (they allege) H.M. Government does not have the right to start the exit process by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty…

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BBC News Presenter Muddles Up Tony Blair and George Bush’s Names

A BBC news presenter has made an awkward mistake while reporting on the Chilcot report live on air, accidentally muddling up the names of Tony Blair and George Bush.

Ben Brown, who has worked at the BBC for nearly three decades, was looping to a commentator in Baghdad when he accidentally swapped the surnames of the former British Prime Minister and the former US President.

He said: “The repercussions of what happened way back when Tony Bush and George Blair were considering whether to go to war are still being felt in Iraq today”.

Viewers noticed his error and labelled it a “Freudian slip”.

“BBC reporter just called them ‘Tony Bush and George Blair’. #specialrelationship #symbiote,” wrote one Twitter user…

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Plot to Starve Anti-EU Parties of Funds as Brussels Takes Revenge to Silence Eurosceptics

BRUSSELS bigwigs are set to take revenge on Eurosceptic parties following the EU referendum result by starving them of cash.

Eurocrats are drawing up retribution plans to squeeze smaller protest parties out of the European Parliament by ensuring they cannot access the same resources as Europhiles.

They have penned a report proposing a radical change to how funding is allocated which will favour large pro-EU parties but hammer start-up anti-Brussels movements — like Ukip once was.

And MEPs also want to install a new, all-powerful finance chief who would dispense money to parties based on how well their policies reflect “European values”.

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UK: ‘Not Part of My Country’ Katie Hopkins Slams Theresa May Over Her ‘Support’ For Sharia Law

Theresa May’s belief that British people “benefit” from Sharia drew a furious reaction from Katie Hopkins. The Home Secretary and frontrunner to become the next Tory leader and Prime Minister said back in May that Britons “benefit a great deal” from Sharia teachings.

Mrs May, who is competing with Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove to lead the Conservative Party, also warned that it [Islamic law] was being “misused” and “exploited” to discriminate against Muslim women.

Speaking on LBC, outspoken and controversial commentator Hopkins hit out at the Home Secretary.

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UK: Muslim Taxi Driver Sacked for Refusing Blind Couple and Guide Dog ‘Because of His Religion’

A MUSLIM taxi driver has been sacked after refusing to accept a blind couple and their guide dog because of his religion.

[And his religion is what, exactly? It is ISLAM. Say the word — ISLAM!]

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Idi Amin’s Son: ‘My Dream is to Meet With Entebbe Victims’ Families to Apologize’

He was raised by one of the most notorious tyrants in history, but the son of Ugandan despot Idi Amin wants to come to Israel with a conciliatory message: ‘I have a list of the five Entebbe victims from Israel, and I want to meet with their families to say sorry,’ says Jaffar Amin.

And while Jaffar defines himself as a Muslim, he says, “I tend to look at the unifying factors rather than the ones that divide. I realized that if we focus on Abraham, we can find unity in a lot of the problems we have in the world.”

He notes that asking for forgiveness is the most important thing for him.

“Let me tell you an amazing story,” he starts. “It involves the death of his mother, and he always repeated it in his lamentations. On July, 27, 1969, his mother went into a coma. When she came out of a coma, she had Israeli doctors in front of her.

“She thanked the Israeli doctors and then turned to my father and said, ‘Never forsake the children of God.’ It was almost like a warning before 1972 (the breaking of ties with Israel —ed.). That was when he still had strong ties with Israel, and all the doctors were Israelis. She warned him, and that’s what he was lamenting about in Saudi Arabia (in his final years), always. It was almost like he had a lost love in his life.”

Jaffar says his father told his Palestinians friends that “the difference between you Palestinians and the Israelis is that Israelis would always have your back. But you, you’d rather stab somebody in the back. But the best way to fight against Israel is in a frontal attack. For them to see you coming, and then it is a battle. But you Palestinians always want to stab them in the back.

“He felt the Arabs lost wars because with (terrorism), you go against the public. But a war is honorable. Conventional war is when somebody attacks, and everyone knows the sides. It’s almost like a football game. But (terrorism), out of the blue damage and killing, has never had an honorable touch to it.”

“My father was a soldier’s soldier Any Israeli would understand that because you go through military training. There’s a time when you need to put down the weapons and pick the shears to plow the fields. Most soldiers don’t know how to do that balancing act. Israelites would understand him for what he was, a soldier.”

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Muslim Leader Calls Out Rise of Far-Right Politics as Crowds Mark End of Ramadan at Lakemba

A senior Muslim leader has called out the growth of Islamophobia and far-right hate groups in Australia at a gathering of thousands of Muslims at Lakemba Mosque, in Sydney’s south-west, to mark the end of Ramadan.

Samier Dandan, president of the Lebanese Muslim Association, told the crowds that the rise of right-wing political parties in Australia was a major concern, particularly in the light of the weekend’s election results.

Pauline Hanson’s election to the Senate has led Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane to warn that her anti-Muslim and anti-Asian comments could unleash hatred, division and violence.

The One Nation leader has repeatedly called for a royal commission into Islam and re-iterated a claim, that Asians were “swamping” the country.

Crowds started arriving in the early hours of the morning and the mosque reached capacity by 6:00am, with people having to spill out onto surrounding streets.

Prayers are being broadcast on loud speakers.

‘Continued rise of Islamophobic discourse’ in Australia

Mr Dandan said it was frustrating to see people with these far-right views become elected.

“The continued rise of Islamophobic discourse in the public in addition to a number of divisive and toxic policy decisions have only exacerbated negative sentiments towards the Australian Muslim community,” he said…

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End of Schengen? MEPs Vote to Bring Back Border Controls as Free Movement Fails

In a bid to minimise the effects of the migration crisis on Europe MEPs agreed to replace the union’s border agency, Frontex, with a new European Border and Coast Guard Agency (EBCG), which will be granted more powers.

The passport-free Schengen area — which the UK is not part of — has been blamed on allowing terrorists, people traffickers and economic migrants to travel freely across the continent.

An impressive 483 MEPs voted to bring in the new plans this autumn, while 181 voted against and 48 abstained.

The re-introduction of border controls is bizarrely being trumpeted as a victory for the EU, despite the Schengen agreement being seen as one of the bloc’s success stories.

EU rapporteur, Artis Pabrics, said: “The European Border and Coast Guard Regulation will ensure that the EU external borders are safer and better managed.

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Germany: Leaked Police Report: ‘Huge Increase’ In Swimming Pool Migrant Sex Assaults Against Children

A leaked internal report from the German city of Düsseldorf has lain bare the rapidly developing child sex crisis in swimming pools, for which so-called ‘refugees’ are often identified as the culprits.

The document, distributed among specialist officers dealing with sex crimes and confirmed to Germany’s Bild newspaper as genuine expresses concern “that sexual offences are recording a huge increase.

“In particular, offences of rape and sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments is significant”.

The document goes on to acknowledge that, despite protests by pro-migrant advocacy groups who have protested vocally against swimming baths closing their doors to ‘refugees’ to protect their regular customers, that “the perpetrators are for the most part immigrants”.

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Muslim ‘Refugees’ Threaten Minnesota Community With Rape

Local media ignore incident or leave out vital details

“A mob of up to 30 young Somali men paraded through one of Minneapolis’ more upscale neighborhoods last week, yelling disparaging comments and threats against homeowners. A female resident of the neighborhood, obviously shaken in a TV interview, related how she was screamed at by a Somali man who threatened to kidnap and rape her.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

“Somalis living in Minneapolis are almost all Sunni Muslims, and residents of the Lake Calhoun area say this isn’t the first time a group of Somali men has made an intimidating march through their neighborhood, which is filled with million-dollar homes.

“No hate-crime charges are apparently being considered by either the Minnesota authorities or the Obama Justice Department headed by Loretta Lynch.

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Raped German Politician Lied About Attackers’ Nationality to ‘Stop Racism’

A left-wing German politician has admitted she lied to police about the nationality of three men who raped her in case it triggered racism against migrants in her country.

Selin Gören, who is a spokeswoman for the left-wing youth movement Solid, was attacked in the city of Mannheim in January while working as a refugee activist. She was ambushed in a play area late at night and forced to perform a sex act on her attackers.

Although she went straight to the police after the attack, she did not report the ethnicity of the men, nor that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi.

Instead, she said the men spoke German and robbed her.

However, after her initial interview she went back to the police 12 hours later and told the truth.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/6/2016

  1. Funny how a former president had to resign , because he deleted ten minutes of tape. Now somebody who wishes to be elected president has deleted 30000 emails —- and she is still running.

    • From Judicial Watch – it’s funny also that Comey’s FBI helped convict a Naval Reservist for the same thing

      Illustrating that FBI Director James Comey is a liar and a fraud, his agency helped convict a Navy reservist last summer of the same crime that he just cleared Hillary Clinton of committing. In that case the reservist from northern California got criminally charged—as per FBI recommendation—for having classified material on personal electronic devices that weren’t authorized by the government to contain such information. The FBI investigation didn’t reveal evidence that the reservist intended to distribute classified information to unauthorized personnel, so he was just being “extremely careless” like Clinton and her top aides.

      Similar offenses, vastly different outcome. The key factor, of course, is that one subject is a regular Joe without Clinton-like political connections. His name is Bryan H. Nishimura and last July he pleaded guilty to unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials after the FBI found such materials were copied and stored in at least one “unauthorized and unclassified system.” Clinton had droves of classified and top secret materials in an “unauthorized and unclassified system.” Nishimura had been deployed to Afghanistan as a regional engineer for the U.S. military and had access to classified briefings and digital records that could only be retained and viewed on authorized government computers, according to the FBI announcement, which defines the reservist’s crime in the following manner; “handled classified materials inappropriately.” So did Clinton on a much larger scale.

      Last July Nishimura pleaded guilty to “unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials” and was sentenced to two years of probation, a $7,500 fine and forfeiture of personal media containing classified materials. He was further ordered to permanently surrender all government security clearance. Hillary Clinton could soon have the highest security clearance available if she gets elected president making Comey’s inconceivable recommendation that “no charges are appropriate in this case” all the more outrageous. Incredibly, during his 15-minute press conference this week Comey provided details of how Clinton violated the law by exchanging dozens of email chains containing classified and top secret information and how she mishandled national defense information on her outlaw email server. The FBI director even outlined how Clinton compromised the country’s national defense to “hostile actors” yet he asserts Clinton and her cohorts didn’t intend to break the law. “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information,” Comey said, “there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” Enough to be criminally charged like the Navy reservist from northern California.

      When Comey, the federal prosecutor in the Martha Stewart case, put the television celebrity in jail for participating in an insider trading scheme, he acknowledged the importance of not granting special treatment to a rich and famous person. Stewart went to prison for obstructing justice and lying to investigators about a sudden stock sale that helped her avoid losing thousands of dollars. In an interview with his college newspaper a few years after Stewart’s conviction Comey, then U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said that if Stewart were Jane Doe she would have been prosecuted. “I thought of my hesitation about the case due to someone being rich and famous, and how it shouldn’t be that way,” Comey said. “I decided we had to do it.”

  2. I hope that he gets off based on Hillary’s defense of being stupid…

    After all, how “stupid” could a lowly Marine be based on Hillary’s bar of being stupid?

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