Brexit: The Unique Perspective from Liberty GB

Tim Burton of Liberty GB has written a guest-essay about the referendum coming up on June 23rd that will determine whether or not the UK leaves the European Union.

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Brexit: The Unique Perspective from Liberty GB

A Five-Minute Sound-Bite by Tim Burton

Possibly the most alarming development yet in the European Union’s never-ending quest to tighten its grip around the throat of our nation-state democracies and to choke the life out of our ever-diminishing freedoms, came to us last month from the desk of none other than the notorious and anti-democratic Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission.

This so-called “liberal bureaucrat” — or rather, “fascist” — was faced with the prospect of an FPÖ victory in Austria. His great fear was that so-called “far right” populist party —actually a centre-right party, which just ran Norbert Hofer for president — might win a democratic election.

This would have been an appalling prospect as far as Jean-Claude Juncker was concerned — a realisation of which would be yet another nail in the coffin of the ambitions of the unelected and unaccountable EU bureaucrats as they continued to pursue their goals of ever closer union and the creation of a federal super-state.

Jean- Claude Juncker sought to influence the results of the election by threatening to exclude Austria from all EU decision-making — and possibly also stripping the country of all voting rights in the EU, and even stripping the country of its EU funding. He could threaten to do this because the European Commission had recently been handed a batch of new powers in 2014 — one of which was the “rule of law mechanism” incorporated in Article 7 (TEU). The little-known law — a law that was presumably intended to be publicised as little as possible on the grounds that it would alarm the general population of the EU if it became widely known — allowed far-reaching sanctions to be applied to countries that were perceived to be deviating from “the common constitutional traditions of all Member States.”

In the event, Norbert Hofer and the FPÖ were narrowly defeated in the presidential election by a margin of only 0.6 per cent. This represented a mere thirty-one thousand votes, and given that Norbert Hofer and the FPÖ were consistently leading in most of the surveys taken in the run-up to the presidential election, the suspicion that a late batch of postal votes which decided the election were fraudulent to a greater or lesser extent will no doubt give rise to a legal challenge in the very near future.

However, because of the intervention of Jean-Claude Juncker in this instance, it has now become apparent that the unelected and unaccountable political elite of the European Union are willing to sink to ever new depths of depravity in order to maintain their stranglehold over the individual nation-states of Europe. This new law would have the power of effectively disenfranchising millions of voters who had the temerity to vote for any party that had the realistic prospect of overthrowing the corrupt political order that has been built up by the EU over the past forty years or so.

A rise to political power of a party such as Liberty GB, for example, would trigger a process that would exclude Great Britain from having any say at all in how the £10 billion that we currently send to the EU each year is spent. In addition, we might be completely excluded from having any say in whether or not 80 million Turks should be allowed to come to our country, a prospect that would completely destroy our social infrastructure and relegate indigenous Britons to third-class status.

It is difficult to imagine any more compelling reason to “Vote Leave” when the EU referendum takes place on June 23rd. A vote to “Remain” would take away any chance of ever reclaiming our sovereignty and our borders, or of controlling immigration in any meaningful way, Voters in our country would subsequently be put off from electing any political party that advocated a return to sanity in our political landscape, such as Liberty GB. This is a blatant attempt by the European Union to consolidate its power over individual nation-states, and to destroy any prospect of escaping the descent into tyranny that we are currently being led into by traitorous people such as Jean-Claude Juncker and his cabal of power-hungry megalomaniacs.

Be in no doubt that unless we “Vote Leave” on June 23rd, we will be condemning our children and grand-children to lives that will be far more unpleasant, and infinitely less free, than the lives that we currently enjoy in what was, after all, the greatest independent sovereign state in the world before the EU came along.

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  1. Brexit has taken a 3 point lead over Remain according to trusted and respected Pollster Opinium. If we exclude undecided, it is a four point lead 52%-48%.

    Now the Daily Mail has shown its true colours by saying the neo nazis have taken over the Vote Leave campaign.

    As far as I am concerned Eva Van Housen can vote and support Vote Leave if she wants without interference. They have no right to stop her.

    My Spanish wife is also voting for Brexit, and she has been bombarded with IN/Remain literature just because of her European name. This is racism and I am complaining.

  2. REMEMBER! It is not who or how they vote that counts, it is who counts the vote!

  3. *** deviating from “the common constitutional traditions of all Member States.” ***

    Protecting free speech and preventing foreign invasion seem like “common constitutional traditions” the Junckers and Timmermanses could get behind. But that’s just me. Maybe next year.

    Voting for the wrong people – “wrong” or “wrongish” as determined by E.U. toad overlords (EUTOs) – is also something that unquestionably deviates from “the common constitutional traditions” of Poland, Britain, Spain, the United Kingdom, Malta, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Germany, Romania, Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, Latvia, Slovenia, and Sweden, among others. It’s a simple matter to acquire knowledge of what is common to the basic laws of these countries and kissing the nether regions of central authorities has to be the holiest and most principal principle to which all member states historically adhere.

    Just ask the Irish, Basques, and Corsicans. A long time ago, Swedes could have been in that very short list for having a certain rambunctious nature but lately they relish servility. As do millions of other Westerners.

  4. There are a number of good reasons to leave the EU, or at the very least modify our terms of remaining. Cheap labour from the Catholic and Orthodox countries umdercutting English jobs is one.

    Another is that exit may encourage the freeloading Scotch to decclare themselves independent.

    But it is highly unlikely that the entire population of Turkey will decide to move here if we remain.

    It is also highly unlikely that a fringe party like LibertyGB or Britain First would ever gain a seat in parliament, let alone be elected. So that arguement is a red herring.

    The only downside of leaving is that UKIP may no longer be seen as being of relevance.

    • We the Scots, are so freeloading that most English Mps of any note, almost begged the ignorant mostly labour voters to remain in the United Kingdom.
      We freeload with billions of pounds of oil,millions of pounds of whisky,salmon,coal,gold,dense forests and untouchable fertile land for vegetation.Scotland is probably the only country in the world that could supply all its needs without need of any resources from elsewhere.All with a popualation of only 5 million to feed.Like Brexit the referendum for an independent Scotland was full of scurrolous lies,from westminister mps who rely on Scotlands natural wealth.As a Scot the only truth is the rest of the UK rely on us rather than the other way round.I fully admit that Jimmy Krankie aka Sturgeon is Merkel the second if given half a chance.Sturgeon thinks its ok to hate the English but to love everyone else,she is prime national socialist material with policies pro refugee,and the abomination known as the stasi style named person policy for every child.Sturgeon wants separation from the English,which she calls independence while at the same time wanting to hand over all power to a federal europe.You could not make it up.

      • Scotland needs its own real nationalist party. I agree that the independence referendum was badly argued by both sides.

        You need a Scottish Democrats Party, a bit like the English Democrats Party.

        The SNP are separatists mixed with a bit of Anglophobia in the mix.

        The SNP never answered the currency issue, which ultimately cost them the referendum.

        I support BREXIT, but if Scotland wants to leave the UK that’s fine by most English who now demand their own national Parliament.

        The arguments that Scotland was toonpoorbor too weak were pathetic, while those claiming that an English Parliament will breed racism are thoroughly dishonest.

    • “Scotch” is the alcoholic beverage “Whiskey” one is recommended not to drink too much of, during the Brexit decision making process.

      “Scots” are the inhabitants of Scotland.

          • LOL! Jocks, Taffs, Micks and Sassenachs! That’s the British Isles — Frogs and Krauts need not apply.

          • Or as a colleague once said when he heard my name “Oh no, not a member of THAT sexually incontinent species”?.

            I was soooo offended I didn’t have the energy to contradict him…

          • But Baron, it gets a little complicated where the Micks are concerned because the Northern Micks consider themselves Brits….Some of them anyway…..The Prot portion.

            You do see the problem I take it?

          • watching —

            Oh, yes, I see the problem. The future Baron is an expert on the Orange/Green problem, and he keeps me informed. He’s been researching Irish history extensively — he’s half Irish, and has Scots blood from my side. We think the Scots in my family, who were Appalachian Scots before they came down into the foothills, were actually Scots-Irish — that is, they did a stint in Ulster before migrating to Americay.

            Here’s a song he sent me the other day. I don’t know where it’s from:

            Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
            My father he was orange and me mother she was green

            Oh my father was an Ulsterman, proud Protestant was he
            Me mother was a Catholic girl, from County Cork was she
            They were married in two churches, lived happily enough
            Until the day that I was born and things got rather tough

            Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
            My father he was orange and me mother she was green

            Baptized by father Riley, I was rushed away by car
            To be made a little Orangeman, my father’s shining star
            I was christened David Anthony, but still in spite of that
            To my father I was William while me mother called me Pat

            Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
            My father he was orange and me mother she was green

            With mother every Sunday to mass I’d proudly stroll
            Then after that the orange lodge would try to save my soul
            For both sides tried to claim me, but I was smart because
            I played the flute or played the harp, depending where I was

            Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
            My father he was orange and me mother she was green

            Now when I’d sing those rebel songs, much to me mother’s joy,
            My father would jump and say “Look here would you me boy.
            That’s quite enough of that lot”, he’d then toss me a coin.
            And he’d have me sing the Orange Flute or the Heroes of The Boyne

            Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
            My father he was orange and me mother she was green

            One day me ma’s relations came round to visit me
            Just as my father’s kinfolk were all sittin’ down to tea
            We tried to smooth things over, but they all began to fight
            And me being strictly neutral, I bashed everyone in sight

            Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
            My father he was orange and me mother she was green

            Now my parents never could agree about my type of school
            My learning was all done at home, that’s why I’m such a fool
            They both passed on, God rest them, but left me caught between
            That awful color problem of the orange and the green

            Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
            My father he was orange and me mother she was green

          • Oh Lordy Baron, It is a bit of a Heinz 57 I guess.

            To make matters even worse two of my sons are half Mick. Proper Mick, not the Prot bit and a third son who is half Cockney….

            Will the horror never end?

          • I am very fond of Wales. My family used to holiday there when I was a teenager in Yorkshire in the 1960s. I remember it, and took my son there when I went back to Britain in 2002. We went to the coast of North Wales, Anglesey, and Snowdonia.

          • Also: The Welsh write the best music for hymns. Of all the the hymns in the Anglican Hymnal, the finest were written by Welshmen. This is not to slight the Germans, but there is nothing that compares with the lyrical magnificence of Welsh tunes.

            Hyfrydol is a prominent example — I hope I spelled that right.

  5. So the Remain supporting sewer Daily Mail has to dug up dirt to put people off voting BREXIT.

    Just because Eva Van Housen has a private belief in Nazism doesn’t mean all BREXIT supporter share her views. I am disgusted.

    Her BREXIT vote is the same as my BREXIT vote, and that is more important than petty one trick pony jibes.

    • The twining of Hitler with an issue is surely some subset of Godwin’s Law? Hillary is busy comparing Trump to Hitler. In fact, I recommend Scott Adams’ essay on why he’s endorsing Hitler Hillary. Very clever “endorsement” indeed.

      A snip:

      If Clinton successfully pairs Trump with Hitler in your mind – as she is doing – and loses anyway, about a quarter of the country will think it is morally justified to assassinate their own leader. I too would feel that way if an actual Hitler came to power in this country. I would join the resistance and try to take out the Hitler-like leader. You should do the same. No one wants an actual President Hitler.

      So I’ve decided to endorse Hillary Clinton for President, for my personal safety. Trump supporters don’t have any bad feelings about patriotic Americans such as myself, so I’ll be safe from that crowd.

      For those outside the US, Adams is the cartoonist who created that office cubicle creature, Dilbert. He helped that he had eight years of office experience.For the latest cartoon, see here:

      • Hitler wanted an independent Britain? Who knew?

        There is however a current German leader who wants to subjugate Britain, again.

        • I think it’s called Godwin’s Law at some point in the conversation.

          Not that it matters. If you’re not Mexican, you’re Hitler.

      • Does anybody know what is with the artwork in Dilbert lately? It looks like a child drew it. Reminds of the ‘bad animation’ seasons of The Simpsons.

        And after, or during, my 27 years of office/cubicle experience I recognized flashes of brilliance in Dilbert. Wally is my hero, he taught me to always carry a document with me in order to look productive but to save my energy.

        • For a week or so recently, Scott Adams has allowed a “guest cartoonist” to draw (and write?) the “Dilbert” comic strip.
          (Look for the cartoonist’s name in the space between the panels.)

          • Mr Spahn, I am working my way through his latest book. I think you would like it. Not all of it, but enough to make if of interest to you.

          • It’s Jake Tapper, an MSM jornolist. They (Adams and Tapper) have some kind of fund-raising-for-a-good-cause deal together and the cartoon project by Tapper was part of it…obviously he will keep his day job. Which is okay since he only half-sucks whereas the other jornos sound like the noise the water makes going down the drain full speed, with lots of air.

            He’s good looking, too.

  6. Europe – the source of Communism, Fascism and National Socialism. The most de-Christianizing area of the world and the purposeful importer of the millions of anti-liberty Muslims. In addition the most anti-Israel and Jew hating place on earth. Did I forget anything?

    Why would anyone want to be part of this on purpose. The Czech, Slovaks, Poles and Hungarians smell a rotting fish. That stench has been wafting over the UK for decades. Time to remember you have a pair and vote to leave this farce of totalitarian evil.

    • Indeed; and be inspired by the opportunity to rebuild GB in the image of the “England” of old, which arguably, on balance, was the National Entity that inspired and contributed, Human Rights and Development to much of the world.

      Without England, there would not be a USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand and the Indian sub-continent would be a moslim controlled islamic Colossus.

  7. Referendums in Europe have always been ignored. The British one may end up being no different. The vote may end up be rigged for to the Remains advantage. The “choice” British citizens assume they have may not even exist. British globalists and their bottom feeders at the trough are in it to win. The EU grand drunkard, JC Juncker already made it clear on the European side: “There can be no democratic choice against the European Treaties.” He actually said this and the European people actually remained in their zombie state of mind after he said it. The European people deserve the leaders they have.

    • The EU will collapse regardless in the next few years. If we get out now it will be less painful later.

  8. The European Union at the moment looks very much like the Soviet Union did in the 1980s. It is suffering from very serious systemic problems, and its ruling and intellectual elites have no solution for them.

    The European rulers and mainstream intellectuals are every inch as ideologically rigid as Soviet Communists were. And as far removed from reality. Maybe even more so – they have more money and it gives them an illusion of power. But there always comes a moment in history when money no longer helps.

    Of course, history is full of surprises, but right now it looks that, save for a miracle, the EU is doomed. I do not know if leaving the EU will save Britain. But, in any case, it will cause the country no harm.

    • Britain may split up into its component parts England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is not likely to want to leave the UK for the foreseeable future at least.

      There are demands for an English only Parliament and should the EU Referendum fail, then I expect a massive revolt demanding English self government within both the UK and EU.

  9. All of you fine Brits…please do yourself a favor and watch “Brexit the Movie.” If, after seeing the eye opening statements of those who truly know about the EU and its mega budget and power over sovereign nations, you don’t know that your only path to remaining a powerful independent nation is to vote to leave the EU, then you are not facing the truth. BREXIT now…make Great Britain great again!

  10. “Be in no doubt that unless we “Vote Leave” on June 23rd, we will be condemning our children and grand-children to lives that will be far more unpleasant, and infinitely less free, than the lives that we currently enjoy in what was, after all, the greatest independent sovereign state in the world before the EU came along.”

    I have 2 issues with the above and last paragraph of the article.

    1. Your implication, to me, is that you refer to GB as “the greatest independent sovereign state in the world”. For a number of reasons, left un-elucidated, surely the USA is the holder of that label?

    2. While it is positioning in the sentence that causes the confusion, the “we currently enjoy in what was, after all, the greatest independent sovereign state in the world before the EU came along.” statement implies the EU replaces GB as “the greatest independent sovereign state in the world”.

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