Culturally Enriched Gang Attack in a Melbourne Shopping Center

The following news video shows an unprovoked attack by five culture-enriching “youths” on a 14-year-old boy at a shopping center in Melbourne, Australia. The first blow was a kick to the head while the victim had his hands in his pockets.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from an article about the incident in The Herald Sun:

Melton Teen Bashing Caught on Video, Shared on Facebook

A MELTON teenager has narrowly escaped serious injury after he was the victim of a violent and unprovoked attack.

A video shared to Facebook viewed more than 64,000 times, shows 14-year-old Haydyn Wilson being violently bashed by a group of five older teenagers in an unprovoked attack at Woodgrove shopping centre in Melton.

The incident happened last Wednesday evening around 5pm.

Eyewitness Joel Hamilton said he heard a racket which got his attention.

“I saw this group of teenagers holding the kid up against a window, crowding and circling him, he couldn’t get out of there,” he said.

“They were intimidating him. The kid had his hands in his pockets the whole time … he wasn’t going to attack.

“He tried to escape and ran 2-3meters away from the group before they got him again and started beating the sh*t out of him.”

“He was on the ground bleeding so much, his nose was all pushed back it didn’t look too nice.”

The victim’s father, Travis Wilson shared his anger on Facebook earlier today: “You guys have no idea what it’s like watching this………!!!!!!!”

“5 on to 1 kid unaware with hands in his pockets,” he said.

“But nothing the police or courts or news segment or God himself can do, will teach these tough c^*#s a lesson.

“Not a real lesson, This is only something a scorned father can!!!!!!”

The victim suffered an out-of-the-blue kick to the face as his hands were in his pockets, before he was punched in the face.

He then fell to the ground and was kicked in the head multiple times.

The victim cowered in pain and covered his head, while the attackers continued their ruthless attack before the video stops.

One of the student attackers hasn’t been back to school at Christian Regional College since police became involved.

Hat tip: The Observer.

21 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Gang Attack in a Melbourne Shopping Center

  1. Arrested and what? What will happen? In America, he’d be heavily admonished! Imagine if it had been 4 white Australians and 1 “immigrant.”
    But this was common in Oakland as far back as the 60s. I know, I experienced it.

  2. Curious isn’t it how there are always more of these brave culture enrichers–in this case 5 to 1.
    Why do they always go in gangs–as if I didn’t know, and why do they invariably attack lone younger boys, or girls?
    But more to the point, why are there never people around to rescue the lone kid? In what passes for society today, all they seem able to do is photograph what’s happening.

    Yes, yes I know if they intervened to help the kid, the police would come down on the side of the culture enrichers! So the status quo continues, and we slide further to sharia rule…

  3. Confirms what I suspect will become the rule. Among other races, Blacks especially, there’s a collective mindset taking shape that it’s somehow “payback” time. You know, for centuries of “oppression”, for being racist, for holding them back, for keeping them in shackles like Joe Biden said.

  4. Beyond appalling is this news report! Justice can only be done if the 5 bully-coward-culture enrichers were locked up for an indefinite period and the parents of these
    vile perpetrators made to pay a huge amount of compensation to this young teenager.
    Why is there not endless outrage at this bestial behaviour? And, yes, where were the other white Australians who should have come in to rescue him? Cowards all!
    What are we breeding these days?

    • “What are we breeding these days?”

      My guess is that traits like courage, integrity and honor are draining out of the population. These traits are not being rewarded. Parents with none of these traits can exist on the dole, and have as many or more offspring as productive, honorable parents.

      This is a classic Darwinian situation: the stronger species outcompetes the weaker species for an environment. The weaker species goes extinct. The cowardice and rigidity of our leaders has left us open to invasion by violent animals.

      The only thing going for Eastern-bloc communism was that the government was in such an advanced state of decay that people had to maintain survival traits just to survive. They retain both a group identity and an ability to fight and commit violence. Look at some of the Russian films that were made just after the fall of communism, but before the Putin administration was able to clamp down on the media. These films show the grittiness and hardships of life in a communist country. These people will not let their children be bullied by invaders.

      • The weaker species may become extinct, but in this case the “stronger species” can’t survive unless there are others to feed them. Violence is all they know.

  5. Im sorry for the youngster,but that little boy won’t be voting to the left when he grows up…hopefully

  6. Those thugs now have had their pictures spread all over the internet and everyone knows what they look like. If they are smart they will turn themselves in for the protection of the authorities. If they stay in the streets sooner or later they will be found by an angry mob and what goes around comes around.

    • I think this is wistful thinking. We should be so lucky that native Australians would see the invader thugs in the street and attack them.

    • And just where do we find your “angry mobs?”

      I don’t see any……do you?

      This, in my considered opinion, is the whole damned trouble!
      OK, I know we’re not supposed (allowed) to defend ourselves, but unless someone, somewhere, does just that and starts a movement, then we will inevitably be taken over by the rabble–for nothing is stopping it from happening.

  7. These [redacted] deserve nothing [redacted].

    NOTE: Brokenwing, whoever you are, no more comments for you.

  8. Were it not for the fact that the government has enacted anti biker laws and alienated most motorcyclist as well as anyone who values their constitution they could have asked them for help and most likely received it as most bikers,1% more so, are socially conscious and could have helped make these place safe seeing as police are too busy using up taxpayer money harassing people rather than keeping anybody safe.
    Post a few 1%ers in the shopping centers and watch the “culturally enriched gangs” disappear.

    • There were lots and lots of bikers at the Garland protest that Spencer and Geller organized in response to the “Defend the Prophet” conference held by Muslims shortly after the Hebdo attacks. This was prior to the “Draw the prophet” event held months later.

      The bikers were very, very respectful of the police.

      Note also that Australia instituted severe anti-gun laws in 1996, requiring the destruction of almost all guns owned by law-abiding citizens. It is still almost impossible to own a repeater rifle. Pistols are limited to competition shooters, must be kept disassembled in the house and, get this: the police regularly visit pistol-owners to make sure they are currently actually in shooting competitions.

    • A somewhat wishful concept perhaps borne of what used to be. But Australian bike gangs today are themselves “culturally enriched” being fully Islamic (Soldiers of Islam), Islam infiltrated (Mongols) or just simply car driving crackheads in bikie colours running drugs, prostitution and extortion rackets. The greybeards of the old outlaw gangs may have been true blue but even they are alarmed by what has become of their old outfits these days. 1%ers today wouldn’t keep anybody safe – they’re more likely to be extorting local tradesmen whose ute and equipment they stole from outside a gang-run gym, demanding $10K and a ‘go’ with his girlfriend to ‘help facilitate’ the return of his vehicle and tools of trade.

  9. Funnily enough, Melbourne’s local MSM newspaper The Age (AKA Al Age, or The Agitprop) didn’t report this story. But The Age does seem to give a lot of space to phony tearjerker stories about how ‘racist’ Australians are to those poor poor ‘refugees’. I think if The Age and all the rest of the invader advocates had their way, the entire populations of Africa and the Muslim Middle East will simply be transported here and given a lifetime supply of free welfare and halal food at the expense of the existing white population.

  10. Learn to defend yourselves, kids. The law will not protect you and your parents and grandparents won’t either, as they were the ones who gave it all away- cowards! This is not the same world they grew up in. A battle is brewing and we need to get tough. At least he has witnessed diversity and he is now wise to all the school brainwashing about ‘diversity is our strength’. Read Enoch Powell for a what we are just about to enter…

    • Most attacks by multiple assailants should be treated as attempted murder, or terrorism. There is a group dynamic that takes over; no-one feels responsible, all want to show off by getting in a good hit. the person attacked is terrorized – he feels totally defenceless. Punishment of this kind of thing(also rioting ) such be very harsh, or we will be(we are) ruled by the worst sort of gangsters.

  11. Time to return to white Australia policy !!!!!, Blacks , Muslims and south Asians need gone from Australia now , DONT DELAY!!!!!

  12. (A) ban all future mosque construction
    (B) destroy any mosques found to have any association with even one person with I.S. Connections.
    (C) ban ALL future Islam migration
    (D) ban Sharia law entirely. If the Government can’t do it and the police won’t, then it is time for the Australians of fighting age for Vietnam and older generations, especially Vietnam Vets to take the law into their own hands. (As covertly as these heathens are trying to overthrow our way of life. Never forget the thousands who died fighting against opression to preserve our freedoms. Can you imagine what these Scum would do as a matter of course to all the white CROSSES which mark the final resting place of our Glorious Dead?

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