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Last night shots were fired at a Czech tourist bus on a highway in southeastern France. 75 Czech passengers were riding on the bus, and six were injured. The French authorities responded by stationing more police officers on bridges over the highway.

In other news, 78% of Swiss voters rejected a referendum proposal that would have provided every citizen with a guaranteed basic income.

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» CA Police New Response Policy: Benghazi Strategy (Satire)
» Clinton Blames Rally Violence on Trump: ‘He Lowered the Bar’
» Exclusive: General Jerry Boykin on Hillary Exposing Intelligence Sources: ‘Lives Have Been Endangered…punishable by Jail Time’
» Federal Government Threatens: “A Gigantic Grab of All Water Rights in the United States”
» Gulen Charter Schools and the Fethullah Gulen Movement, Part 2
» La Raza: The Hidden Hand of Hate
» One Dead After Two Skydivers Collide Over South Carolina
» To Keep and Bear Arms: What and Why
» Trump Endorsed by National Black Pro-Life Union President
Europe and the EU
» “Marxist Dream” Crushed — In Landslide Vote, Swiss Reject Proposal to Hand Out Free Money to Everyone
» Denmark Should Never Consider Following U.K. Out of EU, PM Says
» Germany: Düsseldorf Terror Plot ‘Bigger Than Previously Realized’
» Norway: World’s Biggest Wealth Fund Faces Dividend Hit After Oil Slump
» Six Hurt as Shots Fired at Tourist Bus in France
» Sweden Gets New Saint After 600 Years
» Swiss Say ‘No Thanks’ To Basic Income for All
» Switzerland ‘Rejects Basic Income’, Poll Projections Suggest
» Video: EU and Facebook Pledge to ‘Reeducate’ Users and Crush Free Speech
Israel and the Palestinians
» Secrets Under the Al Aqsa Mosque
Middle East
» ISIS Kills Dozens of Its Own in Hunt for Spies
» The Primordial World of Islam
South Asia
» Bangladesh Attacks Kill Wife of Police Officer and Christian
» Why the Border Can’t Separate Afghan and Pakistani Pashtuns
Australia — Pacific
» Melton Teen Bashing Caught on Video, Shared on Facebook
Latin America
» Collapse Reality: This is What the Tap Water Looks Like in Venezuela
» Anti-Trump Judge is Hispanic Grand Dragon
» Austria Suggests Interning Migrants on Greek Islands
» Bulgarian Civilian Vigilante Groups Hunting Migrants
» Claim: Austrian TV Faked Footage of Migrants Helping Flood Victims
» Criminal Immigrants Reoffend at Higher Rates Than ICE Has Suggested
» France: Calais Invaders “Armed and Dangerous”
» Germany: Invaders: Child Marriage Conundrum
» Homeland Security Using Private Contractor Vans to Transport and Release Illegal Aliens Inside the U.S.
» Italy’s ‘Floating Hotspot’ Idea to Sink in Legal Waters
» Merkel: If We Close the Border, ‘Europe is Destroyed’
» More Than a Thousand Refugees Flood in to Paris in Just a Few Days After City’s First Refugee Camp is Announced
» Nigel Farage: Migrants Could Pose Sex Attack Threat to Britain
» Polygamy: Europe’s Hidden Statistic
» Rutte: EU Would Retaliate Against Post-Brexit Immigration Laws
» Sicilians Rebel Against New ‘4-Star’ Migrant Center
» Smuggling Network Guided Illegal Immigrants From Middle East Terrorist Hotbeds to U.S. Border
» UNHCR Calls for Investigation Into River-Drowning of Syrian Refugee in Hungary
Culture Wars
» Multiracial Churches in Decline
» Husbands Can Beat Their Wives With a Stick if They Refuse Sex According to Islamic Council of Clerics and Scholars
» The Complete App for Sharia Compliance (Satire)

CA Police New Response Policy: Benghazi Strategy (Satire)

The Trump supporters gathered in their cult-like fashion hold up signs with offensive language such as “TRUMP 2016” (yes, even with capitalized AND bold letters!) or hats with hate slander “Make America Great Again”. (That is to say Obama didn’t make things great already — racists.)

To the streets were the honorable, peaceful peace-keeping future-peace-keeping Trump protesters “¢ who raised their Eco-friendly water bottles, organic eggs, and “Fists of Open Dialoged” “¢ They got into future-peace-keeping brawl in San Jose, CA with the evil republeecans and this allowed the CA police to introduce a new response policy which has totally been used all the time since forever. Code name: Benghazi Strategy.

In an off-camera interview the police spokesman spokesperson spokes-entity he/she/it said, “Once we realized they (future-peace-keeping protesters) were only (peace-keeping) non-officers we called for a strategy based on the federal government response to hostile situations. We code name it ‘Benghazi Strategy’ where our officers are told to stand-down from the threat in the hopes of appeasing the other side. This will allow the other side to get all their built-up anger out and satisfy them emotionally so that they will not be more of a threat to others — such as to the police for example.”

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Clinton Blames Rally Violence on Trump: ‘He Lowered the Bar’

The violence seen at recent Donald Trump rallies largely can be blamed on the Republican presidential candidate himself, Hillary Clinton charged Sunday, saying Mr. Trump created an environment in which unrest can thrive.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Mrs. Clinton unequivocally condemned all violence, but said Mr. Trump deserves the lion’s share of the blame and that anti-Trump demonstrators are merely responding in kind.

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Exclusive: General Jerry Boykin on Hillary Exposing Intelligence Sources: ‘Lives Have Been Endangered…punishable by Jail Time’

“What Hillary Clinton has done, I can tell you, it is… punishable by jail time. I think ultimately she’s going be indicted. She has to be. This cannot stand,” Boykin said on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius/XM Patriot Channel 125 with host Matthew Boyle.

Breitbart News reported that Clinton exchanged numerous names marked by the federal government with “B3 CIA PERS/ORG” redactions, which protect intelligence sources and methods in accordance with the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949. Clinton’s sharing of those names on her non-secure private server could result in the FBI recommending indictment against Clinton for violating the Espionage Act.

“There are two very important principles associated with national security and the intelligence community,” Boykin said. “One is the protection of sources and methods. And the other one is called ‘the need to know.’ You don’t have access to information that you don’t really need to know about and you are responsible for protecting the sources that are used for the collection of intelligence and the methods that are used. Those are fundamental. They are, in fact, in statute.”

Boykin said, “The lives that have been endangered — look, most people think that are sources are compromised by spies. No. Our sources can be compromised by the mishandling of classified information that gives…China and Russia and even North Korea access through cyber attacks to the names of the people that are helping us and the sources and methods that we’re using to get that intelligence. People can be killed as a result of that!”

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Federal Government Threatens: “A Gigantic Grab of All Water Rights in the United States”

You may recall, Readers, that I penned a couple of pieces detailing the CKST (Confederated Kootenai & Salish Tribes) Water Compact last March in 2015. To refresh in brief, the Water Compact gives the Indian Tribes the water rights to all surface and subsurface water in almost all of Western Montana, to include Flathead Lake. The problem: these water rights are all off-reservation. That’s right. The Democratic-controlled State Senate, House of Representatives, and Governor of Montana voted this into law. Everyone is to receive a water meter on their well. All revenues will go to “the Tribes” as stipulated by HHS, to be managed by the Bureau of Indian affairs, and enforced by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security).

Now it is a national problem: to the tune of $2.3 billion, to come from the rest of the country.

Senator Jon Tester, D-MT is the culprit pushing the Tribes to ratify the Montana Law at the Federal level. Tester managed to lasso $3 million in Montana, and stick the state with a $55 million obligation toward this theft. Now Tester and all of the Tribes are coming after Federal Legislation to “legitimize” the compact…Congress being the one obstacle to the water grab. They know that Montana will never be able to raise that money in taxes (all of ours went up this year), therefore they’re making the move to put it in the lap of the Federal Government and obtain funding, materials, and manpower to enforce this compact, if necessary from the barrel of a gun.

The obstacle mentioned in the previous paragraph surfaced from the excellent efforts of House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop, R-UT, who had announced a new procedural change in 2015 that requires any Indian and Tribal compact regarding water to be approved and certified by the Department of the Interior and the Attorney General of the U.S. before introduction (into the U.S. House of Representatives). In addition, that introduction of a House version of the compact for a bill consideration rests with the Chairman of the Committee.

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Gulen Charter Schools and the Fethullah Gulen Movement, Part 2

In addition to his schools in the US, Gülen has schools and Madrasas (Arabic word for educational institutions) all over the world. His Madrasas were outlawed in countries like Russia and Uzbekistan and his schools were under investigation in the Netherlands. Plus, the origin of his immense wealth, which he uses to open and operate these schools all over the world, is unclear. As proven previously a great deal of it is American tax $$.

The CIA’s Graham Fuller, former handler of Fethullah Gülen, is currently one of the top American experts on Turkey and the Middle East. As a former CIA agent it was HE who endorsed Gülen to be allowed to not only enter the U.S., but take up residence in the Poconos Mountains, start over 100+ Charter schools collecting our tax dollars in the process along with the freedom to indoctrinate our children.

One of the frequently discussed issues in contemporary Turkey is the political influence of “The Gülen Movement,” (Hizmet) or the religious network inspired by the teachings of Fethullah Gülen. Almost all observers including the FBI agree that the movement needs to be taken as a serious “radical threat”. The very fact that one part the U.S. government gave this man permanent residency in our country claiming him to be an excellent scholar, while the rest of the country including the FBI look at Gülen for what he is — a “radical Muslim” while using our children and working within the confines and protection of our government is treasonous to me.

In an interview last year Fuller was asked if the U.S. would be sending Gülen back to Turkey as Prime Minister Erdogan had asked and Fuller basically stated Erdogan has no proof of any of the charges against Gülen and he would be staying in the US — Obama agreed.

With the very large role Fuller played in bringing Gülen to the U.S. (and keeping him here) he still fails to admit the dangers the Gülen schools and movement is placing on Americans within their very borders. Could this be because of Fuller’s link to other “radical” Muslims? You betcha!

In my previous article I explained his role in the Gülen “invasion” and now interesting facts are coming out in regard to how and when Gülen actually started working for the CIA…

Following the days of the Boston bombings a brand new name began to emerge — Ruslan Tsarnaev. Discovered to be the bomber’s uncle, he became known to the press as Uncle Ruslan. “Ruslan” gained notoriety for the ferocity with which he denounced his own nephews and their alleged Islamic radicalism. He said all the right things the right way to the “authorities”. But wait — who is this guy anyway?

Uncle Ruslan, a lawyer, and his nephews and their family are from Chechnya! They are Russian Muslims!

As more information came to light about these brothers we find they had worked with the CIA/USAID and they were working and living at the home of none other than our reported Graham Fuller, strong proponent of political Islam, inspiration for the Iran-Contra affair, character reference on more than one occasion for Gülen, former Rand Corp. analyst and former FATHER-IN-LAW to Uncle Ruslan. Oops!

Fuller was also the senior CIA person who was the architect of the Afghan Islamic fundamentalist Mujahideen war against the Soviets and he was also involved in creating a global jihad network, presumably acting on behalf of CIA interests.

Are Americans to still believe the CIA is not behind the increase of “radical Islam” in this country?

[Comment: Read it all. Gulen gets a lot of money and support from the US government.]

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La Raza: The Hidden Hand of Hate

Supremacy group continues to infect American politics

Most people are aware that the Ku Klux Klan is a white power organization. Some people are even aware of the fact that the KKK was created by The Democratic Party. Even fewer are aware of the KKK’s foothold in Washington D.C.

And most people hear the respectful allowance of La Raza to enter the U.S. political landscape. But most people have no idea what La Raza really is or where it came from.

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One Dead After Two Skydivers Collide Over South Carolina

Two skydivers collided in midair last night during CarolinaFest, an annual skydiving event hosted in South Carolina, resulting in one death, according to police.

The body of Bond Springer was found this morning in a wooded area near Skydive! Carolina, a popular “drop zone” for skydivers.

“Both skydivers in the incident were experienced and executing advanced wingsuit maneuvers at the time of the crash,” a statement from Skydive! Carolina said. “No malfunction is believed to have occurred with any equipment and all was normal leading [up] to the collision.”

A “wingsuit” is a one-piece garment that enables a skydiver to glide through the air during his or her fall.

The whereabouts and health of the other diver are unknown at this time. Police said that the case is still under investigation.

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To Keep and Bear Arms: What and Why

As an author, columnist, radio talk show host, and pastor who is outspoken in my support of the Second Amendment, I often receive inquiries from people asking for my personal preferences regarding firearms. This column will be devoted to sharing my thoughts on the various types of firearms in an attempt to help readers who may be new or even foreign to the use of firearms. I trust that some of these remarks will inspire people to become more familiar with the different types of firearms that are available and, hopefully, motivate people to take a closer look at those firearms that might be beneficial to them personally.

I’m sure this column will not provide anything new for the firearms aficionados out there. But we are living in a violence-prone society, and more and more people (especially ladies) who never paid much attention to guns before are sensing the need to arm themselves but don’t really know where to start. This column is designed to help those people.

Plus, there are many Christians reading this column who have been brainwashed by pastors who promote the idea that, on Biblical grounds, they don’t need to own a gun and even might be sinning if they did. I trust this column will give these folks some food for thought that will cause them to at least study the issue for themselves.

First, let me emphasize that I am NOT a firearms expert. And I strongly urge you to receive as much instruction and training from a firearms professional as possible. It is also critical that, no matter which firearm you decide to purchase, you practice with it. The firearm you purchase is no better or worse than your ability to handle it.

Second, when it comes to a discussion of which firearms are preferable, the suggestions are as varied as the people who proffer them. These are my suggestions:

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Trump Endorsed by National Black Pro-Life Union President

If one believes the people presidential hopeful Donald Trump calls the sleazy media, African Americans and Latinos are not about to cast their votes for the Republican maverick. However, many believe the polls being used to document opinions of minorities are false, miscalculated or just plain phony.

For example, Day Gardner, the president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, who has been involved in the pro-life movement for more than 15 years told reporters that this was the very first time she felt moved to endorse a presidential candidate. And that candidate is Donald Trump.

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“Marxist Dream” Crushed — In Landslide Vote, Swiss Reject Proposal to Hand Out Free Money to Everyone

This weekend the Swiss population was called upon to make a historic decision, when Switzerland became the first country worldwide to put the idea of free money for everyone, technically known as Unconditional Basic Income (of CHF2,500 per month for every adult man and woman, and CHF625 for every child, for doing absolutely nothing) to a vote.

As reported previously, the outcome of this referendum would set a strong precedent and establish a landmark in the evolution of the debate of handing out free money in a centrally-planned world. And as predicted, based on early vote projections it has been a landslide decision against the “free lunch.”

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Denmark Should Never Consider Following U.K. Out of EU, PM Says

Denmark will always belong inside the European Union no matter what the outcome of Britain’s June 23 referendum on its EU membership, Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen said.

“I’m not blind to the fact that the EU makes mistakes,” Rasmussen said according to the text of a speech delivered on Sunday. “Decision making can be too slow and there’s too much, or the wrong kind of, regulation.” None of this “prompts me to ask whether Denmark belongs in the EU. We do. Now and in the future.”

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Germany: Düsseldorf Terror Plot ‘Bigger Than Previously Realized’

The Isis plot to attacks the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia was bigger than previously assumed, with ten terrorists supposed to murder people with bombs and guns, local media report.

According to Spiegel, a suspect in police custody has admitted to authorities that ten people were supposed to be involved in the plot.

On Thursday three men were arrested in Düsseldorf, after a fourth plot member had turned himself in to authorities in Paris in February.

Three of the men, all of them Syrian nationals are alleged to have arrived in Germany in 2015 along the Balkan route, the route taken by refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

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Norway: World’s Biggest Wealth Fund Faces Dividend Hit After Oil Slump

Norway’s first-ever withdrawal from its $860 billion sovereign wealth may be bigger than planned.

Here’s why: The government has yet to account for a potential decline in payouts from Statoil ASA, of which it owns 67 percent. The oil producer has introduced a scrip dividend, allowing investors to take stock in-lieu of cash. Norway has committed to keeping its stake intact and will have to accept shares in the same proportion as other owners, meaning its cash payout will be reduced.

This possibility wasn’t apparent in Norway’s revised budget published last month, with the government estimating an unchanged income inflow this year of 15.4 billion kroner ($1.9 billion). Less income means more pressure on Norway to increase withdrawals from the wealth fund than the 84.2 billion kroner already flagged.

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Six Hurt as Shots Fired at Tourist Bus in France

Six people were hurt when shots were fired at a tourist bus on a motorway in south-east France, police say.

The bus carrying 75 Czech tourists, some schoolchildren, was travelling from Spain to the Czech Republic when it was hit on Saturday night.

Two shots smashed the front and rear windows, Alex Perrin, a prosecutor in the Drome region, said.

Le Dauphin Libere newspaper said more police were stationed on bridges over the road in case of repeat incidents.

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Sweden Gets New Saint After 600 Years

Pope Francis canonized a Swedish woman and a Polish man in a mass at St. Peter’s Square, adding the two to the list of Catholic saints. The Swedish-born Elizabeth Hesselblad hid Jews in a convict during World War II.

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Swiss Say ‘No Thanks’ To Basic Income for All

Geneva (AFP) — Swiss voters were on course Sunday to flatly reject a radical proposal to provide the entire population with a basic income, no work required, initial results and projections showed.

National projections showed 78 percent of voters had opposed the initiative, according to numbers provided by the gfs.bern polling institute to public broadcaster RTS an hour after polls closed at noon (1000 GMT).

Most Swiss vote in advance by post, so a large majority of ballots had already been counted, and gfs.bern put the margin of error at just plus/minus three percent.

In a global first, the Swiss were asked whether they wanted all citizens, along with foreigners who have been legal residents for at least five years, to receive an unconditional basic income, or UBI.

Supporters say providing such an income would help fight poverty and inequality in a world where good jobs with steady salaries are increasingly hard to come by.

The group behind the initiative has suggested paying 2,500 Swiss francs ($2,500/2,300 euros) a month to each adult — considerably less than most workers earn — and 625 francs for each child.

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Switzerland ‘Rejects Basic Income’, Poll Projections Suggest

Projections from a referendum in Switzerland suggest voters have rejected a plan to introduce a guaranteed basic income for all.

Some 78% of voters opposed the plan, a GFS projection for Swiss TV suggested.

The proposal had called for adults to be paid an unconditional monthly income, whether they worked or not.

Supporters said since work was increasingly automated, fewer jobs were available for workers. Switzerland is the first country to hold such a vote.

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Video: EU and Facebook Pledge to ‘Reeducate’ Users and Crush Free Speech

Breitbart London has produced a video to get the word out about the EU’s “Orwellian” new online censorship deal with Facebook and Twitter, after the story went under-reported in the mainstream media.

On Tuesday, unelected eurocrats and private corporations slashed the civil liberties of people all across Europe, restricting their right to free expression online with little public consultation or discussion, a Breitbart London reporter argues.

The EU announced on Tuesday that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft had “signed up” to a new ‘Code of Conduct’ containing a long list of new “commitments”.

They include working closely with the EU, national governments and “their law enforcement agencies” to “criminalise” perceived “illegal hate speech” online and censor it within 24 hours.

A measure that went almost completely unreported, however, was the promise that Twitter and Facebook will be “educating” and “informing” their users online, as well as “promoting” EU approved “counter-narratives”.

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Secrets Under the Al Aqsa Mosque

A photographic essay made possible by a 1927 earthquake and a British photographer who explored the area revealed under the mosque.

The current Mufti surely knows that the Al Aqsa Mosque suffered a major collapse during an earthquake in 1927. Renovation took several years, and in that period at least two Christian photographers, including British archeologist Robert Hamilton, ventured into and under the mosque. Hamilton, from the British Archaeological Authority, “photographed, sketched, excavated and analyzed” what he saw, according to Nadav Shragai, a scholar on Jerusalem, writing in Yisrael HaYom.

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ISIS Kills Dozens of Its Own in Hunt for Spies

In March, a senior commander with the Islamic State group was driving through northern Syria on orders to lead militants in the fighting there when a drone blasted his vehicle to oblivion.

The killing of Abu Hayjaa al-Tunsi, a Tunisian jihadi, sparked a panicked hunt within the group’s ranks for spies who could have tipped off the U.S-led coalition about his closely guarded movements. By the time it was over, the group would kill 38 of its own members on suspicion of acting as informants.

They were among dozens of IS members killed by their own leadership in recent months in a vicious purge after a string of airstrikes killed prominent figures. Others have disappeared into prisons and still more have fled, fearing they could be next as the jihadi group turns on itself in the hunt for moles, according to Syrian opposition activists, Kurdish militia commanders, several Iraqi intelligence officials and an informant for the Iraqi government who worked within IS ranks.

The fear of informants has fueled paranoia among the militants’ ranks.

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The Primordial World of Islam

The involution of Islam is just one side of the coin. The other one, which is not less horrifying, is the spiritual degradation of the West that welcomes the primordial predatory world with cute teddy bears, songs about peace and flowers.

Modern Islam is characterized by all features of slave-owning, archaic communities.


“World of Crescent” is the only place on the planet where slavery flourished legally for centuries and continues to thrive in a disguised form in our time.

Formally, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Yemen abolished slavery in the 60s, but informally actively practiced it in relation to foreign workers (Indians, Filipinos, Ceylonese, Thais, etc). All of them have sponsorship laws (kafeel), which de-facto represent contemporary slavery. “Sponsors” have absolute power over labor migrants. They can deprive them of rights of residence, confiscate documents, pay no salaries, ban them from leaving the country and even their houses on the pretext that the workers might try to “escape”. They can kill and rape them with impunity.

Ownership of black slaves is a special matter. The religious justification of this slavery in Islam is rooted in Biblical interpretation, according to which Africans are sons of Ham who committed an unpardonable sin against his father Noah, and therefore they are doomed to be slaves of descendants of Shem, i.e. the Arabs. So Negros, whose ancestors were brought by Arabs from Africa to the area of Basra as slaves in the earliest days of Islam, remain slaves of Arabic sheikhs up until now. They are called Abd (“slave”).

In Mauritania, slavery was abolished in the early 80s. But until now the whole population in this country is actually divided into castes: lighter-skinned “Moors” — slaveholders, “Black Berbers” or “Haratin”-their subjects, and Negros — the lower class. Slavery is hereditary, and children of slaves remain the property of their owners. The number of slaves in the country is estimated to be up to 600,000 men, women and children, or 20% of the population, though officially the use of the word “slave” in the media is forbidden. In many cases slaves have a certain place in the house, like animals.

In Sudan slavery is thriving. Entire villages are being demolished; men, women and children are being enslaved. In the 90s, the number of enslaved descendants of Ham was estimated to be 100 to 200 thousands.

In Niger slavery is a norm. There are almost a million of slaves there.

ISIS and its branches in Libya and Nigeria officially revived the institution of slavery in its most heinous and barbarous form, but slavery is deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of the Middle East world and is practiced actively.

Human Sacrifice

A death on the battlefield was considered as honor for a warrior in previous times, because such death opened the way to heaven. The early version of the “Jihad” was no exception: men fought against equal rivals in a fair fight, but by no means against children, women and unarmed men.

The current concept of “Jihad” is much closer to the primitive human sacrifice. The purpose of the ancient cult of sacrifice was to appease the angry and bloodthirsty Deity. For the sacramental ceremony they selected predominantly children, juveniles and girls of their own tribe as the embodiment of naivety and virginity. Sacrifice represented a horrifying theatrical performance. The sacral victims that voluntarily sacrificed themselves went to paradise where they could enjoy carnal pleasures. People from another tribe were slain like cattle.

The same mythologeme we can see in the current interpretation of “Jihad”. For the role of “martyrs” they choose children and adolescents that are too young to realize they are going to the slaughter. They believe that by killing themselves they make their way to heaven — to the embrace of 72 virgins. (What else can a man of the Bronze Age dream about?) On the other side, slashing of people from another tribe chosen randomly, especially women and children, shall delight the cruel Deity and make his enemies tremble from horror.

Finally, the terror of “shahids” is of a public, theatrical and ultimately horrifying nature — with torn bodies, severed limbs, blood flows. This is a typical murderous mystery practiced by ancient people — from Mesopotamia, Syria, and Phoenicia to South America…

This disgusting phenomenon was inherent to all people in all times, but only Islam legalized it. Things that were considered to be shameful in Judaism, Christianity and in the secular culture, became the norm in the Middle East. Raymond Ibrahim cites Dr. Saleh bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council.

Bin Fawzan just issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for marriage, and that girls can be married “even if they are in the cradle.”

Fawzan insists that nowhere does Sharia set an age limit for marrying girls: like countless Muslim scholars before him, he relies on Koran 65:4, which discusses marriage to females who have not yet begun menstruating (i.e., are prepubescent) and the fact that Muhammad, Islam’s role model, married Aisha when she was 6-years-old, “consummating” the marriage-or, in modern parlance, raping her-when she was 9.

Ibrahim gives examples of girls who died as a result of such “child-marriage”, pointing out that leading Islamic authorities, such as Yusuf Qaradawi, took young girls as wives.

According to THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH ON WOMEN, in 2005 there were 51 million child marriages and almost all of them — in Muslim countries.

Ayatollah Khomeini wrote: “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby”.

Bestiality? Why not? Ayatollah Khomeini: “A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.” (From Khomeini’s book, Tahrir al-Vasyleh, fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990).

In May 2010 in Gaza, 450 Hamas men married girls that were younger than 10 years old. Feminists? Oh, yes, we forgot-they are busy arranging the “Flotilla of peace” to Gaza.

[Comment: Long and informative article. Recommended reading.]

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Bangladesh Attacks Kill Wife of Police Officer and Christian

The wife of a top police official known for leading raids against Islamist militants in Bangladesh has been murdered. In a separate attack on the same day, a Christian man has been hacked to death.

Also on Sunday, a Christian grocer was hacked to death by unidentified assailants in northwestern Bangladesh’s Natore district.

Sunil Gomes, 65, was found by family members lying in a pool of blood following the attack on his grocery store which is located close to a church and a Christian neighborhood, reported Monirul Islam, a local police chief.

Although the motive for the killing is unclear, the attack is similar to those perpetrated against Hindus and other minorities in recent months.

Majority-Muslim Bangladesh has been reeling from a series of brutal murders of liberals, bloggers, secular activists and religious minorities by alleged Islamist militants.

Around 40 people have been killed by jihadists over the past three years, police believe. In recent weeks, attacks claimed the lives of a Hindu trader, a homeopathic doctor and a Buddhist monk.

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Why the Border Can’t Separate Afghan and Pakistani Pashtuns

Most Afghan and Pakistani Pashtuns have cultural ties that date back centuries. The Durand Line border has failed to separate them and restrict their mobility. Can Pakistan’s new border control measures be successful?

Every day, thousands of Afghans and Pakistanis cross the Durand Line — the 2,430-kilometer (1,510 miles) long boundary established by the British during their colonial rule.

The Afghan government does not recognize the Durand Line as the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, nor do ethnic Pashtuns who live on both sides of the border and share historical, cultural and family ties.

The Pashtuns can easily travel back and forth across the border, but the deteriorating political ties between the two countries are now causing them problems.

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Melton Teen Bashing Caught on Video, Shared on Facebook

A MELTON teenager has narrowly escaped serious injury after he was the victim of a violent and unprovoked attack.

A video shared to Facebook viewed more than 64,000 times, shows 14-year-old Haydyn Wilson being violently bashed by a group of five older teenagers in an unprovoked attack at Woodgrove shopping centre in Melton.

The incident happened last Wednesday evening around 5pm.

Eyewitness Joel Hamilton said he heard a racket which got his attention.

“I saw this group of teenagers holding the kid up against a window, crowding and circling him, he couldn’t get out of there,” he said.

“They were intimidating him. The kid had his hands in his pockets the whole time … he wasn’t going to attack.

“He tried to escape and ran 2-3meters away from the group before they got him again and started beating the sh*t out of him.”

“He was on the ground bleeding so much, his nose was all pushed back it didn’t look too nice.”

The victim’s father, Travis Wilson shared his anger on Facebook earlier today: “You guys have no idea what it’s like watching this………!!!!!!!”

“5 on to 1 kid unaware with hands in his pockets,” he said.

“But nothing the police or courts or news segment or God himself can do, will teach these tough c^*#s a lesson.

“Not a real lesson, This is only something a scorned father can!!!!!!”

The victim suffered an out-of-the-blue kick to the face as his hands were in his pockets, before he was punched in the face.

He then fell to the ground and was kicked in the head multiple times.

The victim cowered in pain and covered his head, while the attackers continued their ruthless attack before the video stops.

One of the student attackers hasn’t been back to school at Christian Regional College since police became involved.

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Collapse Reality: This is What the Tap Water Looks Like in Venezuela

Editor’s Note: When real economic collapse happens the prevailing system and how it functions is often completely destroyed. As we’ve seen in Venezuela, that means no access to basic essentials like food and toilet paper, no law and order as rioters and looters rampage through the streets, and as noted below by Zero Hedge, those working for the state simply stop showing up for work because there’s no money to pay them. In Venezuela, that means the people responsible for maintaining utility facilities aren’t around to ensure your water is safe to drink. As you’ll see below, this is the very reason we strongly encourage our readers to consider water preparedness a priority.

One week ago, we showed what the maximum amount of money one can take out of a Venezuela ATM machine looks like: the good news, one still doesn’t need a wheelbarrow to transport it (if only for the time being: with hyperinflation now rampant, it’s only a matter of time); the bad news: this is the equivalent of $25.

Now, thanks to AP’s Hannah Dreier, we get a glimpse at the other kind of socialist “liquidity” and step aside Flint, because Caracas has some funky orange stuff flowing out of the tap to offer to those who are thirsty after a day of rioting against a entrenched, dictatorial regime. It appears that Venezuela’s Guri dam, which is so empty it caused the country to give public workers a “five day weekend” as it can’t generate enough electricity to keep the country running, has finally run dry.

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Anti-Trump Judge is Hispanic Grand Dragon

Media downplays Clinton education scandal as supremacist judge oversees Trump case

The United States district court judge overseeing the class-action lawsuit against Trump University is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego.

According to the Daily Caller, Gonzalo Curiel openly admitted in a 2011 judicial questionnaire to having a long history with the group — whose name translates to none other than “the race.”

The controversial judge, who has attended at least two La Raza Lawyers of San Diego meetings and was involved with giving “a law school scholarship to an illegal alien,” is also a supporter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I think first of all it’s important to establish that the judge is not only a Mexican radical, he’s a Hillary Clinton contributor,” political insider Roger Stone told Alex Jones Saturday.

The judge’s position is seen by many as a conflict of interest given his public support of illegal immigration.

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Austria Suggests Interning Migrants on Greek Islands

Austria’s foreign minister is proposing interning migrants on Greek islands.

In a newspaper interview, Sebastian Kurz says Europe could copy Australia’s model of intercepting migrant boats offshore — either sending them back or keeping them in island camps until their asylum claims have been processed.

Human rights groups have criticized the practice as inhumane and a breach of international law.

Kurz told Austrian newspaper Die Presse in an interview published Sunday that “of course the Australian model can’t be copied one-to-one, but the basic principle can be applied to Europe too.”

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Bulgarian Civilian Vigilante Groups Hunting Migrants

A group of men in Bulgaria roam the countryside helping plant trees, participating in torch light parades on national holidays and tracking down illegal migrants to turn into the Bulgarian authorities. The group call themselves the “organization for the protection of Bulgarian citizens,” and were founded by Hristo Atanasov, a cook and self described patriot, Die Welt reports.

Atanasov leads the group who go out on weekends donning military fatigues to go on what they call “healthy walks” through the nearby beaches and mountains close to his home in the coastal town of Burgas. Atanasov claims that the group likes to go to the area because of the natural beauty but also because it is a major hotspot for migrants who have come across the border from neighbouring Turkey.

The self styled patriot describes the process saying that the group often spots the people smugglers first, “they run 200 to 300 metres ahead to see if the coast is clear,” he said. If the migrants see him and his men they often run away, “they think we are the police,” Atanasov remarked.

The patrol leader said that he is usually joined by around 30 more men at any given weekend. The group has so far managed to capture more than 50 migrants crossing the Bulgarian-Greek border and they bring them all directly to Bulgarian police.

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Claim: Austrian TV Faked Footage of Migrants Helping Flood Victims

According to the reports, the Austrian state broadcaster ORF were filming a piece on the flooding in the town of Schwäbisch Gmünd and highlighted several migrants who were volunteering to clean up the mess left by the flooding. The migrants can be seen shoveling mud and debris that has been swept into the town after heavy rainfall.

The city spokesman Markus Herrmann confirmed that the entire TV spot had been staged by the ORF saying that they had requested to specifically film migrants cleaning up. By the time the filming had been done on Friday most of the actual cleanup of the damage which consisted of flooded cellars and houses, had already been cleared by the city’s paid employees. The broken furniture and other debris by the roadside, that was included in the footage, was actually left there on purpose by city workers who were planning on collecting it all later.

According to Herrmann, the TV crew had asked to shoot some scenes that showed the results of the clean up initially. Upon hearing that the film makers were in town several migrant caregivers decided to try and bring some of the migrants in their care down to the site where they were filming. Herrmann wasn’t sure why the ORF made the choice to re-shoot the scenes with migrants but said: “The fact is that real refugees have volunteered for the cleanup. Only that there was previously just no film footage of them.”

ORF has since denied the allegations surrounding the filming and has claimed the camera crew did not belong to them. City mayor Richard Arnold has also declared that the filming did not meet his approval and both he and his deputies had not received any kind of request from the TV crew.

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Criminal Immigrants Reoffend at Higher Rates Than ICE Has Suggested

Review reveals damage inflicted on victims by criminals who were ordered to be deported

They were among the nation’s top priorities for deportation, criminals who were supposed to be sent back to their home countries. But instead they were released, one by one, in secret across the United States. Federal officials said that many of the criminals posed little threat to the public, but did little to verify whether that was true.

It wasn’t.

A Globe review of 323 criminals released in New England from 2008 to 2012 found that as many as 30 percent committed new offenses, including rape, attempted murder, and child molestation — a rate that is markedly higher than Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have suggested to Congress in the past.

The names of these criminals have never before been made public and are coming to light now only because the Globe sued the federal government for the list of criminals immigration authorities returned to neighborhoods across the country. A judge ordered the names released in 2013, and the Globe then undertook the work that the federal government didn’t, scouring court records to find out how many released criminals reoffended.

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France: Calais Invaders “Armed and Dangerous”

French police have officially warned that the nonwhite invaders destroying Calais are “armed and dangerous” and at least twelve have been admitted to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds.

According to an article in the French Nord Littoral newspaper, witnesses reported hearing several gun shots during recent clashes between Sudanese and Afghan invaders in the “Jungle” camp at Calais.

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Germany: Invaders: Child Marriage Conundrum

The mass nonwhite invasion of Germany by Muslims from the Middle East has plunged that country’s legal system into a quandary on how to deal with the “hundreds” of child marriages among the newcomers. According to reports, there are now hundreds of underage brides in Germany, and more than half of all “marriages” among the nonwhite invaders are forced.

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Homeland Security Using Private Contractor Vans to Transport and Release Illegal Aliens Inside the U.S.

The government classifies them as Other Than Mexican.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly transporting illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents, Border Patrol sources tell Judicial Watch.

The government classifies them as Other Than Mexican (OTM) and this week around 35 were transferred 116 miles north from Tucson to a Phoenix bus station where they went their separate way. Judicial Watch was present when one of the white vans carrying a group of OTMs arrived at the Phoenix Greyhound station on Buckeye Road.

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Italy’s ‘Floating Hotspot’ Idea to Sink in Legal Waters

A plan to process migrants in boats in the Mediterranean Sea in so-called floating hotspots will face big legal hurdles.

First proposed by Italy’s interior minister Angelino Alfano in early May, it was not opposed by the European Commission.

Both the Brussels executive and EU border agency Frontex are waiting for Rome to send an in-depth analysis on the legal and operational challenges it poses before possibly making a proposal.

Giulio di Blasi, the EU commission official who cooked up the original idea of land-based hotspots, has refused to comment.

But case law at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg will most likely sink the idea of sea-based hotspots.

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Merkel: If We Close the Border, ‘Europe is Destroyed’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made an impassioned plea for keeping Europe’s internal Schengen-zone borders open, despite the migrant crisis.

The warning of destruction, which has followed several others made at times where borders have had to be closed in order to manage the migrant crisis came as Europe braced for a “new wave of refugees”, reports Die Presse.

Following the so-called closure of the Balkan route — which nevertheless still sees thousands of migrants making their way to Hungary’s borders every week — focus has moved to Italy, as migrant boats sail from North Africa. The improving summer weather and sea-state conditions is exacerbating this trend, and has seen the key strategic Brenner Pass subjected to strict controls, and civil unrest.

Mrs. Merkel said: “If now all come from Libya through Italy, to say we could simply close the [Brenner Pass] simply will not do. Then Europe is destroyed”.

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More Than a Thousand Refugees Flood in to Paris in Just a Few Days After City’s First Refugee Camp is Announced

More than 1,000 refugees have entered Paris just days after the French capital’s first official camp was announced.

It comes after mayor Anne Hidalgo revealed a plan for the internationally-recognised aid site as part of a plan to end a wave of shanty camps that have been set up.

Paris police have been battling the makeshift camps for months, with new illegal sites being built at the same rate they as existing ones are being evacuated and torn down, costing the authorities both time and money.

The mayor was forced to admit defeat in the fight against the shanty towns, saying Tuesday that the current situation is no longer ‘tenable’.

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Nigel Farage: Migrants Could Pose Sex Attack Threat to Britain

Women could be at risk of mass sex attacks carried out by gangs of migrant men if Britain stays in the EU, Nigel Farage has warned.

The UK Independence Party leader said he fears “big cultural issues” will result from the failure to control migration from Europe and North Africa, putting the safety of women in danger.

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Polygamy: Europe’s Hidden Statistic

A few years ago, Sweden’s Center Party, one of the four parties in the center-right governing coalition at the time, proposed legalizing polygamy. The idea caused outrage; the proposal was dropped. The party’s youth division, however, refused to let go: “We think it is important for the individual to decide how many people he or she wants to marry,” said Hanna Wagenius, head of Center Youth, predicting that polygamy would be legal in ten years, when her generation would enter parliament and make sure of it.

Sweden is not the only place in Scandinavia where “idealistic” youths have advocated polygamy. In 2012, the youth division of Denmark’s Radikale Venstre Party (“Radical Left”), then part of the governing coalition in Denmark, also proposed that polygamy should be legalized in Denmark. The move came four years after an Iraqi asylum seeker, who had worked for the Danish military in Iraq as a translator and then fled to Denmark, arrived with two wives. As Denmark does not recognize bigamy and as he refused to divorce his second wife, he returned to Iraq. “It is unacceptable that we are so narrow-minded in Denmark, and will not help a man who has helped us. We want to do something about that,” Ditte Søndergaard, head of Radikale Venstre Youth, said at the time. The proposal, however, did not find favor with any of the other political parties.

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Rutte: EU Would Retaliate Against Post-Brexit Immigration Laws

If the United Kingdom left the EU and installed tougher immigration laws, European countries would respond with tit-for-tat rules for British citizens, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said on Wednesday (1 June).

“It will immediately mean that we will get this race to the bottom, that it will move against the interests of the population,” Rutte told the BBC in an interview, saying it would be “impossible” for EU countries not to retaliate.

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Sicilians Rebel Against New ‘4-Star’ Migrant Center

The hotel Capo Rossello Realmonte is located just a short distance from the Scala dei Turchi, or “Turkish Steps,” an unusual white, rocky cliff popular with tourists that has also been proposed for the UNESCO Heritage list.

The Region of Sicily, led by governor Rosario Crocetta of the Democratic Party, has decided to transform the hotel into a hub where asylum-seekers will be accommodated, theoretically just for 48 hours for registration purposes before being transferred to other centers or possible repatriation. Critics have noted that the migrants and refugees will actually be staying considerably longer, judging from the way such centers work elsewhere in Italy.

The local City Council of Realmonte, chaired by Mayor Calogero Zicari has joined a local citizens’ movement in collecting signatures protesting the plan to convert the hotel into a migrant center.

The mayor told local media that since the area depends on tourism, the proposal would have “a major impact on the economy,” recalling that the arrival of large groups of migrants in other areas has destroyed investments that had been developed over years.

“We are angry and worried by this latest irresponsible decision,” said Angelo Attaguile, the local leader of the Noi con Salvini populist political party.

“Some people forget that we are talking about a site with enormous touristic value, which was recently nominated as a UNESCO Heritage site, and which could be jeopardizes by this foolish decision,” Attaguile said.

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Smuggling Network Guided Illegal Immigrants From Middle East Terrorist Hotbeds to U.S. Border

A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.

Immigration officials have identified at least a dozen Middle Eastern men smuggled into the Western Hemisphere by a Brazilian-based network that connected them with Mexicans who guided them to the U.S. border, according to internal government documents reviewed by The Washington Times.

Those smuggled included Palestinians, Pakistanis and the Afghan man who Homeland Security officials said had family ties to the Taliban and was “involved in a plot to conduct an attack in the U.S. and/or Canada.” He is in custody, but The Times is withholding his name at the request of law enforcement to protect investigations.

Some of the men handled by the smuggling network were nabbed before they reached the U.S., but others made it into the country. The Afghan man was part of a group of six from “special-interest countries.”

The group, guided by two Mexicans employed by the smuggling network, crawled under the border fence in Arizona late last year and made it about 15 miles north before being detected by border surveillance, according to the documents, which were obtained by Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican.

Law enforcement asked The Times to withhold the name of the smuggling network.

It’s unclear whether the network succeeded in sneaking other “special interest” illegal immigrants by border officials, but the documents obtained by Mr. Hunter confirm fears of a pipeline that can get would-be illegal immigrants from terrorist hotbeds to the threshold of the U.S.

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UNHCR Calls for Investigation Into River-Drowning of Syrian Refugee in Hungary

The UN refugee agency has documented over 100 cases of ‘excessive use of force’ against refugees trying to enter Hungary. Budapest has taken bold measures to block migrants from entering the country.

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Multiracial Churches in Decline

The more a Christian church becomes “multiracial,” the quicker its attendance drops and the institution declines, a new study has shown.

The report, published in the latest issue of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, focused on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

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Husbands Can Beat Their Wives With a Stick if They Refuse Sex According to Islamic Council of Clerics and Scholars

Since millions of women in the United States support the unrestricted immigration of middle eastern “refugees” we thought it appropriate to give them a warning about the kind of mentality they can expect, because apparently the sexual assaults and rapes in Europe aren’t enough.

According to an Islamic Council made up of clerics and scholars, Pakistani husbands can now beat their wives if they refuse certain requests.

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The Complete App for Sharia Compliance (Satire)

ShariApp is a fine addition to the ever-expanding line of Sharia compliant products…

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  2. It’s Monday, so I am not surprised to see all this depressing news. The only good news I can see is that the EU is finally getting a black eye, well-deserved. I’d like to see more countries say ENOUGH of EU. As pointed out, unelected and unsupervised, they have become totalalitarion, which is what happens when the people do not do their duty and rein them in as needed. What would be interesting to see is what would happen if more countries decided to leave the EU?

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