The Multicultural Menace in German Shopping Malls

The following three articles describe the crime, violence, and sexual harassment that young culture-enriches habitually engage in at German shopping malls. The first article is from Berlin, and is recent; the other two are from Kiel and were published in February. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translations.

First, from the Berliner Morgenpost, May 18 2016:

Assaults, Sexual harassment also in Boulevard Berlin in Steglitz

Sexual harassments took place not only at the Carnival of Cultures. For weeks, youths have been attacking customers and staff.

Sexual abuse or harassment did not occur only at the Carnival of Cultures in Kreuzberg [district of Berlin]. According to information obtained by the Berliner Morgenpost, bullying and sexual harassment of customers has also been going on for weeks at the mall Boulevard Berlin on Schloßstraße in Steglitz [district of Berlin]. This emerges from documents available to the Morgenpost.

Up to 35 young people have reportedly been meeting for several weeks on the second floor of the shopping center. Most of them have an immigrant background. According to eyewitness reports, the young people are staying there, among other reasons, because there is free Internet access.

As has emerged only now, for this reason there was a meeting of security service and police. At a site visit in the mall, the parties noticed two young men who had previously been banned. When the two young men with Turkish background were asked to leave the building by the police officers, a store detective, and the chief of the security service, a verbal fight began.

First, the 15- and 17-year-old youths insulted the officers. Then one of them made a phone call to his friends and told them about “problems with the cops”. During the filing of the complaint, more and more youths arrived, badgering, insulting and swearing at the officers. The danger became so massive that one of the officers had to threaten the usage of pepper spray. He notified more forces.

Subsequently, on the ground floor of the shopping mall it evolved into an attempted prisoner liberation, resistance to the officers, and alleged breach of the peace. On Tuesday, police were unable to confirm if there were charges for sexual harassment.

Currently there are seven complaints by eight women for the Carnival of Cultures. The women, according to police, are between 16 and 48 years old. They all described their tormentors as young men with southern looks. The women were circled by a group of men while dancing in front of the stage, touched their intimate areas – on the breast, the buttocks and the crotch. No women were injured.

The Interior Senator for Berlin, Frank Henkel (CDU) condemned the assaults: “This humiliating and misogynistic behavior is repulsive and criminal,” said Henkel. He pointed out that the police took the problem of the so-called “Antänzer” [mob dancing] very seriously. “Previously on April 1 2016, we formed a six-person strong task force ‘Antänzer’,” said Henkel. The aim of the investigators is to convict multiple offenders.

According to the police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf, during those four days in Kreuzberg 29 thefts were reported and investigations were initiated on 22 suspects. Also, four acts of “Antänzer” with the aim of theft were reported. “We arrested seven men who do not have permanent residence and who all come from North African states,” says Neuendorf. Three were from Tunisia, two from Morocco, one from Algeria, and another from Libya. There are arrest warrants for all seven of them.

From the Kieler Nachrichten, on February 26, 2016:

Mass assault in mall Sophienhof in Kiel

Large scale police operation in the Sophienhof in Kiel: Two asylum seekers from Afghanistan harassed three young women aged 15, 16 and 17 years on Thursday afternoon. When the girls fled, around 30 men chased them. […] Apparently, the pursuit of the girls is only the tip of the iceberg. Business people from the Sophienhof report a rising number of thefts. Customers are being harassed time and again.


Chronology of Events

The police are still investigating. According to the latest information, what happened is this:

  • Three young women aged 15, 16 and 17 were first observed at around 5:30pm by two men of Afghan background, and then chased. The 19- and 26-year-old asylum seekers living in Kiel photographed or filmed the young women with their mobile phones in the restaurant area of the shopping mall. Then they sent those recordings with their smart phones.
  • The group grew to 30 people, all of whom, according to eyewitnesses, had a migration background. The girls continued to be harassed. But there were no physical assaults. Frightened, two of the three girls ran away and managed to evade about ten pursuers. They were worried, however, and returned to their friend. There the two main perpetrators arrived again and started harassing them.
  • Passersby had observed what happened and called the security, who instantly called the police. When the officers attempted to determine what happened, they were massively insulted, threatened and some were injured. Around 7:30 pm, the Sophienhof calmed down. The two main suspects and two further suspects were temporarily arrested. The main perpetrators spent the night in police custody. On Friday, they had to be released because of lack of evidence. They have permanent residence in Kiel. The medical officer was also insulted and threatened by the two men.
  • A task force of police, supported by criminal police, began investigations. They are looking into surveillance camera recordings from the Sophienhof and the mobile phones of the accused.

Also from the Kieler Nachrichten, February 27, 2016:

In the evenings, trouble starts

“Trends, Events and gourmet variety: Sophienhof is shopping delight for the whole family!” This is how the shopping mall in Kiel advertises itself on its homepage. But it appears, the world there is not quite that idyllic.

Kiel. Many business people lament the thefts and harassment of customers that have noticeably risen over the last months. Only two weeks ago, the management of the mall boosted the security service, and they plan to further increase it after the significant harassment of three young women by around twenty young men on Thursday evening.

The recent problems in the mall seem to increase in the evenings. The Sophienhof mall closes at 8 pm. A lot of the people working in the shops that we talked to on Friday said that the security situation worsens during the hours before closing. The employee of a leather goods shop, in front of which last Thursday’s incident took place, says: “From around 7pm almost every day several groups of four, five young men, all of them apparently with a migration background, gather here. Sometimes there are up to 30 people, from 15 to mid- and late-20s. Recently, there have been more and more. It does scare me. I just don’t feel safe there anymore. So for the past few weeks, my brother picks me up from work.”

In a nearby clothing shop, the two employees report that “practically every day” the area around the rear escalators “turns into a hot spot”. The thefts in the shop have markedly increased since around New Year’s: “Small groups of men come in, no more than 20 years old. A few of them distract us, and behind our backs, they steal.”

A staff member of a restaurant, who came “from the Arab world” decades ago himself, says: “They are here now practically every evening. From their accents, I can hear that nearly all of them are Syrians.” Then the man complains with distress about their behavior: “What they are doing here is not proper. As soon as they see a young women who wears a skirt, or some kind of open clothing, they believe they have a free ticket. One should educate them — that things are different here than back at their homes.”

Also, the broad passage [from the shopping mall] to the [street] Holstentörn (near the former “Little Duke”) has apparently become a problem area. There the department store Karstadt offers free WLAN for three hours every day, which, especially towards evening, is used by a large group of young men. A Karstadt employee, who has been keeping an eye on this area for a long time, says: “We are experiencing since the end of last year many difficult situations. In the evenings, at times unbelievably numerous people hang about here. Sometimes the young foreigners jostle elderly people. They harass young women, chat them up, grope them, slap them on the behind. They also have verbally abused young people and spat at them.” All of this had “such a macho aspect,” the lady says. “They engage in disrespectful behaviour when they walk in groups.”

44 thoughts on “The Multicultural Menace in German Shopping Malls

  1. – Yet the women keep voting for parties that want open borders despite being the prime targets of the enrichers. Look at Austria.
    – What I find striking is the lack of gratefulness to the country that has given them asylum. Whatever one may have been taught about the Kuffars, one would think that one would be aware that these people helped you. I guess Islamic supremacy destroys any such feelings.
    – From a recent discussion about Sweden, it seems that these asylum seekers do not think the Swedes are allowing them to settle in their country. Instead they think that it is the UN that is settling them. Hence, they do not feel any sense of obligation to the Swedes.

    • Muslims suffer from what is termed the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Google it.

    • They see what was given freely as sign of weakness is my guess and look down on the natives…and now they will just take….gratitude doesn’t enter into it

    • According to their religion non-Muslims are required to pay tribute to Muslims, the famous “jizya” tax. So, to them it makes perfect sense that Allah has arranged the world so that they can go live without working in Sweden or Germany and the hated kafir pay them jizya.

      Reading these stories makes my blood boil. What is wrong with European men? Why aren’t these scum being beaten to death by football hooligans, snatched off the streets and found dead in the canals of Europe, or otherwise discouraged. Sad.

      • Jackson: I’ve wondered the same thing myself. The Euro men are obviously cowards, appear gelded and sissified. If they have families at all, they care nothing for their women and girls, future or heritage. The police have been dumbed down and trained to protect the Muslims only. and ignore the Euro victims of crime.

      • Jackson-

        The average European man is locked into an authoritarian “system” that will destroy his life completely if he pursues vigilante action against the enrichers.

        • raspail: If groups of patriot Euro real men did what Jackson mentioned, it could be done “covertly” (secretly, hidden) like at night in a back alley, tossed over a canal, etc. Critical thinking and planning is the key, not rocket science. Gotta be done, it’s either Euro citizens or the invaders who will rule. Motivation and logic should be the goal. The clock is ticking towards the final hour.

          • laura-

            I don’t disagree, but there are surveillance cameras *everywhere* in Western Europe. Let’s also not forget the omnipresent cellphone, which can easily tie an individual to a certain time and location due to the protocols it uses to communicate with the towers.

          • Response: raspail @1:05pm: cellphones can be left elsewhere, no need to take them on this mission. Faces can be covered, disguised: odd clothing, hats, wigs, etc. Again, not rocket science. Agree, cameras are everywhere ( in the U.S. also) but after dark it is hard to get clarity or accuracy if persons faces are obscured.

  2. Dogs – it is the only answer. the security guards and police should all have big black dogs. The Muslims are terrified of them and do not know how to act when there are dogs around. They have no experience of them.
    Mohammed hated dogs -black ones carried the devils agents-djinns – and had a cat or so the story goes. They all believe this BTW.
    If you are reading this and in Germany or any other of the new soon-to-be Wilayats – get a black dog or at least give one to your daughters.

    • This is an excellent idea. *German* shepherds and big black labs. Loyal dogs but not unruly. Well-trained for crowd situations.

      Do German police authorities use canine-officer training?

    • Indeed if the elites hadn’t brainwashed the police ranks, they might have picked up on this big time.

      • In England and Wales, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) employs plenty of well known jihadists and anti white racists. They misdirect investigations, conceal evidence and frame innocent people usually patriotic white Britons for crimes they did not commit.

        • ” They misdirect investigations, conceal evidence and frame innocent people usually patriotic white Britons for crimes they did not commit.”

          As they have done to Tommy Robinson.

  3. Why aren’t these people being deported after the first or second assault? What is wrong with Germany? Or should I say what is wrong with the Germans? Do they still feel guilty about WWII and think they now deserve this? They don’t. The WWII generation is geriatric if not dead.

    Of course Angela Merkel just puts her fingertips together and smiles. Oy.

  4. The photo illustrating this essay shows two men in a mall wearing shirts that say, in English, SECURITY. So this photo is probably not from Germany. But what is more striking is the name of a shop at the left: [obscured by piller]rc O’Polo. This must be a reference to the medieval explorer Marc O’Polo, who traveled from Ireland to China and back.

    • No, it’s in Kiel. For some reasons the use of the word “Security” is widespread on the jackets and shirts of German security guards, rather than “Sicherheit”.

      • Two things:

        1) Like it or not, English is the de facto lingua franca of the globe

        2) The producer and security contractor probably get a volume discount on English language items such as this. Economies of scale and all

    • Nowadays Security and Security Guard are English loanwords in German.
      Only old people may use phrases like Wachdienst oder Wachmann.

  5. Well, those German women should take some tips from their sisters in Saudi Arabia by wearing headbag/tent clothing, not going out in public unless accompanied by a male relative, never singing or dancing, plus they should be married and pregnant by age 9. Then they’ll be safe, unless their husband decides to beat them, but they still have the option of suicide, so all is not lost.

    Perfectly understandable that they should be holding up “Refugees Welcome” signs at the train station – they learned that in their Ethnic Studies class at the university. After their first beating or rape, they’ll learn even more, it’s called Reality 101 class.

    • “….those German women should take some tips from…”
      May I take the liberty to offer another suggestion? Quote from the article:

      “…Currently there are seven complaints by eight women…”…”between 16 and 48 years old.”

      The article goes on to describe the ensuing altercation as involving two young men with Turkish background, 15- and 17-year-old youths, who began a “verbal fight” with mall security, a store detective, and the chief of the security service and rapidly escalated.

      “First, the 15- and 17-year-old youths insulted the officers. Then one of them made a phone call to his friends and told them about “problems with the cops”. During the filing of the complaint, more and more youths arrived, badgering, insulting and swearing at the officers.

      So we have two mall security apparatus facing off with two abusive “youths with a Turkish background” .

      Clearly ‘banning’ ‘disruptive’ (I’m being generous here with that term) youth of immigrant background is NOT working. The confrontation with mall security escalated when either or both security officers did not immediately confiscate and secure the communication devices of each of the ‘banned’ ‘youth’s of Turkish background’ .
      As for the women involved. The report above suggests “eight women…”…”between 16 and 48 years old” filed complaints. Assuming each of these women had their own communication devices…where are their men? Did any of these eight women bother to make contact with the adult males in their family or circle of MANLY ethnic GERMAN acquaintances? Were there no ethnic German MEN in the mall witnessing these assaults?
      It is apparent that mall security in Germany is no more impressive than mall security here in the United States.
      Ethnic Western men better wake up and MAN UP to protect Western women.
      Western women better train and prepare to protect themselves and it would be a good idea to take a hint from these punks …Western females should already have the phone numbers of their male kin on speed dial. MANLY Western males should also have their fellow MANLY males phone #’s at the ready with coded texts in preparation to respond to these types of incidents as they are likely to spread and multiply wherever elected officials intentionally seed society with this threat. Relying on ‘mall security’ and the existing ‘legal process’ isn’t working.

      • This is unrealistic because any sane Western male realizes that vigilante justice will be dealt with most harshly by the authorities.

        They know that, because they are a member of the “system”, their livelihoods and careers will be swiftly ended. They will be tarred as racists and thrown into the prisons at the mercy of the Muslim gangs.

        Biker gangs and football hooligans that work construction/general labor are the best hope in the near term.

        • to raspailwasright, this is a fine point I make because I generally agree with your comment. I guess it boils down to semantics but it is this: the justice meted out by authorities is, by definition, NOT vigilantism.

          Simply the wrong choice of a word, but the irony of it is that vigilantism is exactly what is sorely missing in Germany and other countries that are overrun with Muslims.

        • Confirming what I expected…Ethnic Europeans lack the Tommy Robinson gene. It is far more readily acceptable to surrender the country to dueling legal systems ( shariah v. native) than to risk personal loss by directly addressing the impotence of national/community/mall security and their utter refusal to uphold existing national laws protecting her citizens.

        • raspail: with our input to this article, we hopefully will motivate general labor/biker gangs men (women should also be motivated since Islam enslaves women) to get the ball rolling now, and save their heritage and families. This is serious business, not much time before Euro infidels are totally controlled under Shiria and their Marxist leaders. We know this will be a complex agenda but what is the alternative? Will the authorities really care if the canals are full of bodies? They are getting paid to do nothing anyway.

      • I imagine their menfolk were probably at work, you know, that thing young muslims don’t do ..

    • Indeed. The amazing egotistical delusion that one’s tolerance is so winning it will inspire the same is awe inspiring.

  6. There was a time not too long ago (late 70’s) in Western Europe that other than small time scappotori and the off chance of being in the line of fire of police and a Soviet sponsored ‘radical’ group like Actione Direct, BMG or Brigado Rossi was really the only physical threat.

    Traffic in Europa was far more likely to cause injury or death.

    Germans in particular would never have condoned this type of disorder.

    But than again in Belgium in those days if the paramilitary gendarme caught kids doing this (any kid regardless of origin) you would have gotten a beat down to remember in back of the mall.

  7. These young thugs do what they do because they can. No authority in Germany is prepared to use the full force of the law, or even summary justice which is what these mobs would understand. As for ‘no evidence’, the police themselves were actually abused by these feral youths but decided not to prefer charges. If that signals ‘start as you mean to go on’ the German population, particularly if you are a woman, is in a whole heap of trouble.

  8. The elites running Germany remind me of Adolph’s crew, hide in the basement and demand the citizens accept their coming fate.

  9. “Previously on April 1 2016, we formed a six-person strong task force ‘Antänzer’,” said Henkel.”

    Six people eh? Wow they are really taking the problem seriously.

  10. I’m preaching to the choir, but the German laws and regulations were developed for a culturally homogeneous population with something to lose. In other words, German teens are not inclined to act in such a way, and even if they were, the thought of a police record serves as a strong disincentive.

    The immigrants have no such constraints. In their culture, self-control is heavily de-emphasized, with any restraints on behavior enforced by the very real threat of severe physical punishment. The methods of the Middle Eastern dictators we find so horrifying are in fact necessary in the society they rule.

    Further, the immigrants have no jobs or ambitions. They were shiftless and unemployed at home, and look forward to a life of welfare support in Europe. Their status as immigrants, and as recipients of welfare is not threatened, regardless of how they act. At most, the leaders of the mobs might, with emphasis on might, be forced to spend a night or two in the lockup before being released to their “parents”.

    The culture clash is irreconcilable. There are no traditional constraints of the Germans that can prevent the mob actions, and the Germans will absolutely not be able to continue their traditional festivals and celebrations. It’s a choice of the Germans giving up their traditional legal protections (those which are left after the enforcement of cultural sensitivity regulations), or giving up their culture.

    I find it very odd and very noteworthy that in the same period of time, the major western countries have acquired leaders who hate the culture and the people of the countries they lead.

    • i don’t think it’s a coincidence. i believe that the elites, almost all leftists, believe themselves to be smarter and more capable than the stinking masses, and so will do almost *anything* that will put themselves into power permanently. that way, the “smartest” people will lead human society. and of course, they can do away with war by doing away with the nation-state. this is common thinking, and because the left has controlled education in all western countries for decades, virtually everybody coming out of the academy thinks that way, too.

      what they do not realize is that they are not just injecting a little chaos into society so that they can ultimately seize power; rather, they are injecting a poison that will kill civilization. muslim society is not civilized; islam is a pirate cult that produces nothing and parasitizes real civilizations, and adult males, especially those that are pious, have been trained since birth to be thieves, killers, and rapists. those who have been exposed to the west *without* the influence of large number of their fellow pirates are many times positively influenced by western (christian) society, but even after decades of peaceful, productive life in the west, if things go wrong, a muslim may still revert to that old-time religion and kill a few kuffars for allah – Just In Case the religion is true.

      the only way to stop this poisonous cult is to isolate it. pragmatically, it would be best to round up all muslims on the planet and kill them, but that is morally bankrupt, inhumane, and as monstrous as islam. thus, we need to isolate all who will not leave the religion behind. there are 50 muslim countries around the world; we could pay the way of every muslim to the country of his choice. it’s either that, or we all become muslim. that monster mohammed was truly an evil genius. if ever anybody came close to satan, it was him.

    • “I find it very odd and very noteworthy that in the same period of time, the major western countries have acquired leaders who hate the culture and the people of the countries they lead.”

      No truer words have ever been spoken. And while these “leaders” are generally elected by a majority of the voting citizens, most, if not all of them are quite good at saying whatever they have to say (Lying) to get elected thereby fooling a portion of those voters that elected them. This helps account for the election of these terrible leaders but it is just as noteworthy that so many of the PEOPLE in major western countries themselves hate the culture and the people of their own countries. When you think this through you can’t help but come to the conclusion that this way of thinking, the lack of respect for your culture and heritage is surely suicidal in these days in which we live and it brings to mind an old Bible verse I heard years ago (God speaking) “Those that hate me, love death”.

  11. I wish the Germans should deal with these problems like the no-nonsense Turkish police. All it takes, I was told, is one offense of this nature; they are convicted and given a beating they never forget.

    • I agree these inbred mutants are in need of ‘old fashioned’ police work. A well applied dose of ‘wooden shampoo’ and a ‘concrete facial’. I grew up in a large metro area (USA), if you did not give the police any guff, when encountering them if you and were polite no problem, however if you were a smart mouth or assaulted them you received a dose of behavior modification. IMHO a stern hand is the only language these cultural misfits comprehend. I have been in quite a few E European and Balkan countries never a problem with the police, however they will not put up with the groping,violence, and criminal behavior that these ‘migrants’ perpetuate.

  12. I expect nothing else from them.

    They are human garbage, like their founder.

    They should be expelled from the West.

  13. Siege of Vienna huh.There were several other fights too you know.Where were europeans in 1922.I bet it doesnt ring a bell.What about 1974 ? Still nothing?
    Dont get me wrong ,i am not happy at all with the situation but is time for europeans to understand what the fortress of hellenism meant for them

  14. If you’d read more than one post here, you’d know that we have covered those “other fights”. We’ve been doing this for more than 12 years. The first post I did on the burning of Smyrna was almost 10 years ago, and there have been more since. Ditto for Lepanto, Constantinople, Serbia, Malta, Poitiers, on and on and on.

    Stick around; you might learn something.

  15. My poor english probably didnt help me to make my point clear.My comment wasnt about critisizing your policy on posts or judging your historicall knowledge.It was a bitter way to make fellow readers to connect todays problem with past events and the connection with foreign policy european countries implement through time.Especially in the european borders…

  16. Early politically correct indoctrination on young European boys is identical to castration. Only a continent of castrated males would sit idly by while they are invaded by hordes of uneducated and unemployable savages who roam their streets in gangs and rape their women while collecting welfare benefits that European men are expected to work to pay for.

    We all know what the ultimate fate of castrated livestock is.

  17. If they don’t have a shopping agenda they need to clear out. If they got all day to hang around then how do you think they support themselves? Cut benefits to the grown men immigrants. Have them searched when they are there. Ban the bad ones. Stop making Germans pay to be abused by freeloading criminals.

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