Dear Mr. Fantasy

As we reported several days ago, leaders of Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD) walked out of an abortive meeting with Aiman Mazyek, the Secretary-General of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland, ZMD). Their departure was prompted by Mr. Mazyek’s refusal to withdraw his comparison of AfD with the Nazi regime.

In response, Beatrix von Storch of the AfD wrote an open letter to Aiman Mazyek. Many thanks to Nash Montana for this translation from Politically Incorrect:

Dear Mr. Mazyek,

Your insulting utterances about the AfD make it harder to have a personal dialogue. This is by far the biggest hurdle. The biggest threat to freedom, democracy and rule of law is, as of today, coming from political Islam. Therefore, something different is crucial: Your still unclear relationship with political Islam and sharia. After you were so courteous as to hand us a copy of said Constitution, on Constitution day, Monday May 23rd, I still have a few questions. These questions have a lot to do with our Constitution, and refer to the “Islamic Charter”, which the Council for Muslims has produced for themselves.

[Translator’s note: The “Islamic Charter” that von Storch mentions here is the “Constitution” that the Council for Muslims in Germans (ZMD) has provided for itself concerning the relationship between Muslims and society.]

1.   Do you distance yourself without prejudice from the legislative aspects of Sharia?

Do you support an initiative for the ban of violations of human rights within the Sharia, in order to forbid organizations and individuals who are demanding the same?

2.   Article 3 of your Islamic Charter says: Sunni and the Koran together form the foundation of Islamic belief, of Islamic Law, and of the Islamic way of life.

Given that parts of Islamic Law and the Islamic way of life contradict our Constitution and Rule of Law, will you respect our judicial system without any prejudice and unconditionally as the higher-ranking authority, and will you forgo the enforcement of your own religious judicial requirements?

3.   In Article 8 of your Charter it says, “Wherever they are, Muslims are required to call for solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the whole world.” You therefore restrict your worldwide solidarity solely towards your Muslim brothers and sisters of the faith.

So you are not in solidarity with Christians, Jews, and non-believers even if it were possible for you?

4.   In Article 10 of your Islamic Charter, it says that “Islamic law binds Muslims in the diaspora to basically hold themselves to local rule of law. In this sense, visa issuance, residency permits and naturalization are therefore contracts, that have to be adhered to by the Muslim minority.”

Islamic law binds Muslims to hold themselves to local rule of law. Does that mean that the law for Muslims is therefore not indefinite, but only and as long and as far as Islamic law tells them to?

This obligation is specifically for Muslims “in the diaspora” Does that mean: only as long as Muslims are a minority, obedience to this law is required, and after that they don’t feel they have to abide by our Constitution anymore?

You feel “basically” bound to the local rule of law. That means, your abidance of the law is not unrestricted. Which exceptions from abiding by our Constitution do you notify us of?

You mention three laws: visa issuance, residency permits and naturalization. What about all the other laws?

What does it mea, that you let our laws be looked at as mere “contracts”? A contract is in effect when both parties agree to it and only until one side gives notice. Laws, on the other hand, exist; nobody has to agree to them, and you cannot just give notice about them.

What does it mean, that these so called contracts are to be adhered to by the “Muslim minority”? Would a Muslim majority not abide by these laws anymore? Is this an announcement that a Muslim majority then would give notice to dissolve these “contracts”, because they are, after all, contracts? And then, which new laws would the majority Muslims intend to enact?

5.   I am particularly enamored of Article 11 of your Charter. In it you advise the Muslims of the Council to abide by “the by the constitutionally-guaranteed checks and balances, rule of law and democratic basic right of the Republic of Germany, including party pluralism, and the active and passive right to vote for women as well as the freedom of religion.”

What about all the other basic rights which are anchored in our Constitution? Women have rights in our society that go far above the right to vote you mentioned.

Do you stand unconditionally behind our entire basic law and Constitution, or only behind those individual principles and individual rights you mentioned?

6.   In Article 11 of your Charter it says that, “There is no contradiction between the God-given individual rights anchored in the Koran and the core of declared Western human rights.”

You emphasize that there are no contradictions with the “core” of western human rights. Does that mean that beyond this core, there are contradictions? Which human rights are affected by this?

Furthermore, in Article 11 it says: “Islamic law mandates treating equal things equally, and permits treating unequal things unequally.”

Since you have declared, under Article 2, that the Koran and Sunna are the source of all Islamic law, I am asking you if men and women, or Muslims and people of different faiths, are equal and therefore equal in their rights? or do these fall into the category of “unequal” in Islamic law? And foremost: When and in which areas is Islamic law applied in Germany?

7.   Article 14 of the Charter asserts that “European culture is substantially influenced by Islamic philosophy and civilization.” Furthermore, that “Muslims want to make significant contributions to overcoming crises. To this, among others, the affirmation of the Koran-approved religious pluralism applies.”

What does this limitation on the “Koran-approved” religious pluralism mean? Does it mean that you don’t recognize the unlimited equality of all religions, and that this refers to the sharia based “dhimmi” status (ahl adh-dhimma) for tolerated non-Muslims with mere limited rights?

Are you prepared and willing to give up the implementation of a sharia based legal status for non-Muslims?

8.   In Article 19 the Council applies itself to “the integration of the Muslim population into society, under the preservation of their Islamic identity.” It says further that the Council “supports all efforts which contributes the promotion of language and naturalization.”

Are you of the opinion that Muslims only have to learn the German language in order to become German citizens, so that they can then be regarded as “integrated”?

I shall look forward to your reply.

With sincere regards,
Beatrix von Storch

24 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Fantasy

  1. I also noticed another point in that the Islamic Charter is sectarian since it only covers Sunni Islam. Druze, Sufi, Shia, ahmedi etc are not included – no solidarity there. Anyway their paper is worthless and is a complete non-starter. Plain waffle as a means of distraction for the fools and duped ones. AfD should do better than that in picking apart this piece of subterfuge!

  2. Insanely bizarre. Bargaining with tbe devil. One country, one constitution. Period. Who are these AfD people?

    • She is not “bargaining”. She is making an ass out of Mayzek. This is classic German latent cynical behavior. So many younger Germans don’t get it anymore.

      This is how you beat down the enemy, by going into every single point of what they so wholeheartedly believe in, and ask them to back up the statements.

      The end result will be AfD score 1, german Muslim council score 100, but still, they try.

      I have no clue why you would question ‘who’ the AfD are, since they are the only ones’ that even TRY to stand up to this huge evil Mammon called European Islamization in Germany.

      • and AfD scored well in some getman states.For the first time elegible, they won up to 22-25 percent.This is sensational for a ” new” party.
        Unfortunately,their leaders are not always rhetorically on level with the ruses of msm media.which is not the case of Mrs .von Storch who is an aristocrat, if that matters at all.

  3. Beatrix is clearly on the case. He spotted the clever dissimulation, obfuscation, midirection and other deceitful behaviour.

    The Central Council of Muslims have no right to slander the AfD in the way they have

    I think the only solution to our Islamic problems is to ban both Islam and Sharia. Everytime they give us options they control us, and everytime our leaders give them options they control the Muslims. Only a complete separation os Islam/Muslims from the West will work. Yes Islam has influenced Europe, and that our response was to immefiately expel Islam from Europe.

  4. Gotcha Aiman! Tough biccies, mate! Don’t bother coming to Australia either!
    We ran out of Welcome mats a long time ago!

  5. The author knows the answers to all the questions. When it comes to give-and-take in interactions with Muslims, the Muslim response is “all take.”

    The author, and AfD, are better advised to expend their efforts in educating German citizens on the nature of Islam. Islam has not changed in 1400 years. Supremacist then; supremacist now.

    Go listen to the lyrics of Al Wilson’s The Snake (1968), which Trump has read aloud at several of his rallies.

  6. I would like to ask a single question of my own, in addition to the excellent questions posed by the AfD leaders to Mazyek, of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany. They did indeed allude to this question, but it was kind of covered up by the others.

    Suppose Muslims were firmly committed to following the laws of Germany, whether in the minority or majority. Suppose further, that Muslims attained a decisive political power, whether through population growth or through identity-based politics.

    The question is, would the Muslims retain the structure of rights and freedoms for Germans, as they are now (in theory) constituted, or would the Muslims use constitutional and legal means to change the laws to be more in accord with sharia law? For example, institute a solid ban on criticism of Islam or Muhammad.

    If it is the case that Muslims would change the laws when they could do so legally, then it is still an absolute necessity to exclude any Muslims whatsoever from immigration. Their presence is a dagger posed on the freedoms and culture of Germany. And this is the case, even if jihad, terrorism, no-go zones, sharia courts, and the rest are completely taken out of the picture.

    • I find the best way to criticise Islam is to criticise Jihad, but remember Jihad is crucial to Islam whatever form it takes. This means you avoid attacking muslims directly and works to win over the last few reasonable left wing voters.

      I called the Rotherham child groomers “Racist Pakistani origin jihadist groomers” and that converted my formerly leftist cousin to sense.

      • Well, I’m in favor of any approach that brings leftists to sense. I applaud your example: I have been unable to generate any approach of my own that has successfully made any leftist see sense.

  7. Well, this is something else. I don’t know who had the bright idea of inviting unlimited Muslim migration to German — Merkel, right? — but they will live to regret it. Now starts the picayune arguments about Muslim law vs German law. There is only one law in Germany and it’s German law. Or it should be.

    As long as they are a minority, Germany MIGHT get by. But since they (muslims) believe in having lots of children (future soldiers for Allah) then things will deteriorate rapidly.

    Good luck, Germany (but keep your powder dry, assuming you are still allowed any guns with which to defend yourselves if need be). I know, just hunting guns.

    I will be boring and point out that when my mother brought us to USA, she knew she would be living under American law, not Hungarian or Austrian. I helped her with her studies for citizenship test (I was a young teenager) and she passed with flying colors. As did my father five years later (although he did his own studying).

    • The bright ideas come from those non-elected and faceless EU controllers in Brussels who completely agree with the totalitarian aspects inherent in sharia law : they also like the Islamic technique of mass mind-control through stupification of education and obfuscation by mass media to enforce ignorance and compliance.

      Therefore it shouldn’t be surprising that an Islamic form of anarcho-primitivism is being actively encouraged to accelerate the destruction of western civilization as we know it.

      Nazis love IslamicTheocracy for its simplicity of absolute control over the masses. Just watch how passionate EU vice-president Timmermans was, threatening Europeans to accept enforced importation of mono-culturism or prepare for civil war.

  8. I look forward to Aiman Mazyek’s reply also. It’s amazing how deep Islam has dug into Germany. The Germans have had a reputation for being an an orderly people and have been admired for that but now I think it’s simply because they are a people so easy to order around. Thank goodness though for people like Beatrix von Storch.

    • The Germans being a naturally intelligent people have high “Emotional Intelligence”, but such people are more easily prone to being misdirected and deceived. In fact it has been and remains western eurooeans’ main weakness.

  9. One can see how the Germans are agonizing over what to do with the Muslims….trying to be fair…hoping hoping. things slipping away.

    The demographics may have overwhelmed their ability to make choices. It may be too late. I think the prescient folks are thinking of leaving.

    A vision is gradually forming of people leaving western Europe and giving up. Dar al harb may be an expanded Russia, China, us and parts of South America.

    In a lifetime, the world has changed as if under a magicians hat.

    • What is wrong with the AfD, why are they even holding a dialog with these Muslim beasts?

      You’re twenty years too late.

      They should be organizing and recruiting members to protect their local communities. Sooner or later the Muslims will launch their version of the Tet Offensive as Bracken calls it.

      Maybe its the 70 years of socialism and state schooling/conditioning has rendered them daft to the consequences of Muslims in their midst. But then, what can we expect out of a people where the German men won’t come to the aid of their women and kids being raped by Muslims?

      • We are really seeing a upheaval in cililization….caused by some problems in public mentation, thinking, psychology that will take hundreds of years and thousands of books to understand (if these are permitted.)

        It is as of we have unwittengly switched planets and are now circling a different star.

      • I think western Europeans will eventually retake their countries by force. I can our own airforce saturation bombing Bradford, Luton, Leicester, London and other places. It may be the only way to impress upon the Muslims that they don’t belong in Europe.

        Cultural Marxism will be defeated if not this year but by 2020 ish. The Muslims have pushed us too far.

        • Thanks a lot, Francis. I prefer London (my home town) as it is.

          Oh, and the effect on the UK economy would be disastrous.

  10. Does Germany have sedition laws?

    I don’t understand why the west does not prosecute this kind of thing under sedition laws.

  11. “Their departure was prompted by Mr. Mazyek’s refusal to withdraw his comparison of AfD with the Nazi regime.”

    This means they are still on the path to losing. At this point, the only hope Germany has of remaining German is to go full-Hitler, first on their current government then on all Muslims in the country. Everything else is just delaying the inevitable.

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