15 thoughts on “Matt Bracken: ISIS or Saudi?

  1. I got it wrong. I thought that the Saudis with their oil money would be better dressed. I was also expecting some sort of pageantry. After all, killing people is a form of entertainment. A family day of fun.

    • Pretty sure pageantry would be deemed to detract from worshipping The Cube, and would therefore be haram.

    • What do you mean?

      Bedsheets and tablecloths are perfectly acceptable formal wear!

    • Saudi’s are the extremist Muslim Wahabi a strict orthodox Sunni sect, which is why the Saudi’s refuse to take in refugees or those fleeing war in other Muslim countries. ISIS is a warrior/killing cult of sunni’s always on the move from region to region. Perhaps they are funded by the Saudi’s? Saudi’s have bought control over the US congress like big Frank said.

  2. Why do we even acknowledge the Saudis as civilized? They are certainly not by any standard we in the US hold. We need to leave the entire Middle east to themselves. I for one am tired of the Carpet Jockeys how much fuel we use and the price, the continuous funding of terrorists against us. We have more than enough crude and natural gas under our own soil to tell them to kiss off. They or their buds f*ck with us, Nuke em. It really is that simple and the rest of the world would be better off with that Cancer removed and land uninhabitable for a century. The Saudis furnish not one redeeming social value to mankind.

    • Michael – I wish I had written this. Thank you for sharing. I heartily endorse your sentiments. Their bright, sharp and shining swords won’t save them at the end.

    • I agree 100%, the problem is that our ‘friends’, (a sickening misnomer) the Saudi’s practically ‘own’ DC through the horde of lobbyists that infest the halls of Congress and the inner reaches of the Beltway. They as agents for the Saudis wine, dine, and POCKET LINE many of our ‘esteemed’ representatives, Senators, appointed and elected officials who IMHO have prostituted themselves to interests other than the American people. It’s time to ‘clean house’!

  3. One in the same. KSA has two faces. One that is urbane and civilized to the political classes of the West and it’s true face which is reflected in it’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and AQ.

    Of course our self-loathing and foolish elites eat up this Saudi praise and funding like manna from heaven.

    Until we cast out our permanent political class and it’s supporters in academia and Wall Street, any victory we have will be temporary. If we don’t they will just grow in cunning and oppress us even more.

    BTW here’s a example of this particularly loathsome group(taken from a Breitbart article).


    This aspiring slave master joins the ranks of George Will and Charles Murray as kept men of the establishment who despise ordinary Americans who want their country back.

  4. Actually, I have no objection to the Saudis as allies of convenience. Israel has a covert but well-reported limited military agreement with Saudi Arabia. Amazingly, Saudi Arabia even is developing some financial interests in Israel, in spite of the so-called boycott.

    The Saudis actually gave us some pretty good assistance during the first Gulf War. They advised George HW Bush to not topple Hussein. He was smart enough to listen to them, as opposed to his moron son, George W Bush, and as a consequence, US soldiers were not killed by the thousands during his presidency. It was totally in the US vital interests that Iraq not be allowed to absorb Kuwait or Saudi Arabia, even though both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were at least as barbaric as Iraq, and maybe more so.

    I do think the US acted unconscionably by maintaining the embargo on food shipments to Iraq, which resulted in the starvation of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Other than that, Iraq had a grudging compliance with US stipulations, always maintaining an irritating defiance resulting in maybe 4 or 5 US deaths a year, as opposed to the 4,000 and counting that moron George W Bush generated.

    The trick is to recognize that the Saudis can be limited allies, but never friends, and they should never be allowed to invest in vital US institutions or enter the US in any large numbers.

    The most troubling aspect of Saudi Arabia is the large pools of money at the service of Wahabbi Islamists, who use the money to infiltrate US institutions and politics. The US ought to make it a felony for its citizens to take Saudi money directly or indirectly, other than for straight purchases, like the solid-silver Cadillacs the princes are so fond of. But, if the problem of corrupt collaborator politicians such as the Bushes or the Clintons is not solvable, it may be in the vital interests of the US to allow the Shi’ite parts of Saudi Arabia to break away and form an independent country.

    In sum, to my mind, the barbarity of a country or its government is not an insurmountable barrier to treating them as arms-length allies if our interests demand it.

    • You make a great case for realpolitik. I don’t know…if oil is off the table for us, are they still vitally important to the world market? Can Europe survive on Russian or Canadian or our oil? Sometimes people have to trade with enemies.

      But, do you want to continue to be disgusted by Islam for another 1400 years? Do you want to tolerate their continued salafist espionage money all over the world? Don’t we have a right to try to clean up the evil in the world? Are you willing to accept a world where they are winners?

      • Hi William,

        I think I’m making the point that I’m not willing to tolerate Saudi or other foreign interference in our domestic affairs, but I’m not willing to reshape the rest of the world, which is a fool’s mission anyway.

        I will be disgusted by Islam forever, but I have no intention of trying to change Muslims when they are in their own country. I actually think the most moral actions occur when you pursue your own real self-interests, as opposed to imperial self-interest. As an example, I mentioned before that our real self-interests were threatened by allowing Iraq to annex or even control Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. So, we engaged in a limited military action to push Iraq back to its borders. We saved the Kuwaiti and possibly the Saudi governments, medieval monstrosities. But, it was in our interest and their interest to maintain real boundaries in that region.

        I did mention that if it proves impossible to limit the damage of unlimited Saudi dollars, we might need to take some further geo-political actions. If that happens, the takeover should be quick, complete, with no rules of engagement and no attempt at Muslim nation-building. If Trump carries out half his promises concerning immigration and foreign treaties, hopefully such drastic actions wouldn’t be necessary.

    • You would play with Rattlesnakes all day because their meat is tasty? They are a Cancer!!

  5. It is so interesting that successive US governments have been so vociferously critical of human rights violations in Russia or Belarus, for example, but somehow failed to notice somewhat greater violations in Saudi Arabia.

    It is especially curious to observe the difference in US official reaction to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine’s affairs and to Saudi Arabia’s open and mediaevally ruthless war on Yemen. While Russia is subjected to sanctions, proclaimed a pariah State and an evil empire, Saudi Arabia remains a friendly power and its leaders – welcome guests to Washington (or any other Western capital, for that matter).

    I think, the US (and its subservient allies) should be more discriminating in their choice of friends and enemies.

    To those who still believe that Russia or Belarus are less respectful of human rights, I would recommend to spend a week in Moscow, Minsk and Riyadh, and taste the difference.

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