Lost in Translation: The Taqiyya of the Interpreters

The following investigative report from the German public broadcaster ARD exposes the deliberate mistranslation by Muslim interpreters of the Arabic words spoken by non-Muslims. The rate of influx of Arabic-speakers into Germany is such that the authorities are unable to find enough translators who are both fluent and reliable. When acting as interpreters, Muslim translators take the opportunity to suppress the complaints and calls for help by non-Muslim refugees.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   With the growing number of refugees,
0:03   the need for translators has risen dramatically.
0:06   Translators play a central role for instance during the asylum process,
0:10   but since qualified and sworn-in translators are scarce and hard to find,
0:14   the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees now
0:18   tries to recruit translators with this pamphlet.
0:21   In it it says, ‘in this work you will take on a great responsibility,
0:25   and we expect of you neutrality and reliability.’
0:30   But often there is a gaping void between demand and reality.
0:38   Bullied and threatened by other refugees,
0:42   From what this refugee from Iraq tells us, it is a nightmare.
0:46   He asked for help from a translator,
0:49   but the translator threw his support behind the attackers.
0:53   ”They wanted to beat us, verbally abused us,
0:56   and during the translation, the translator negated it all,
0:59   and he claimed that none of this even happened.”
1:04   Hassan, that’s what we’ll call the young man, belongs to the
1:07   small religious community of the Yazidis.
1:10   Radical Sunni Muslims despise Yazidis, in Germany as well.
1:14   Instead of mediating, the translator betrayed him.
1:18   ”The translator translated that we merely brushed up
1:21   against each other on the street.
1:24   That was a calculated fallacious translation.”
1:29   Not a single incident, says Gian Aldonani.
1:32   She fled to Germany when she was a small Yazidi child.
1:35   The Cologne student is actively engaged in working with refugees.
1:39   Again and again, she notices:
1:42   ”There is a deliberate effort to fallaciously translate.
1:45   First we thought that this was a single incident from Cologne,
1:48   but we have recognized now through the documentation
1:51   of all cases that this was the case all over Germany,
1:54   that translators very deliberately inaccurately translated.
1:59   Example number two, the incident in the Swabian town of Dunningen.
2:02   Here as well, a Yazidi, the son of a teacher from Iraq, was bullied
2:06   and horrifically berated and mistreated.
2:09   One incident was even recorded with a cell phone camera.
2:12   When he wanted to complain, he was threatened.
2:15   One attacker says, “I will cut out your tongue!”
2:19   ”Your tongue, I will cut it out!”
2:22   ”Do you understand, or not?”
2:26   The video is exclusively in the hands of ‘Report München’.
2:30   The young Yazidi man calls his German relatives for help.
2:34   To his Cologne cousin Gian, the whole incident is very suspicious.
2:38   Gian and her sister make a call to Dunningen.
2:42   We talked to the translator; he asked, ‘Can you speak Arabic?’
2:46   My sister told him, ‘No, I don’t speak Arabic,’ even though she speaks Arabic,
2:50   and then he translated, he asked my cousin if he was beaten,
2:54   my cousin very clearly stated yes, and the translator told my sister:
2:57   ’No, he wasn’t beaten,’ and that’s when we knew, okay, that, that…
3:03   there had to be… a swift intervention.
3:06   The young Yazidi fled Dunningen, full of fear.
3:10   We met with him at an anonymous location. He showed us his refugee ID,
3:15   and he told us, we quote: “I had this feeling from the very beginning
3:19   that the translator wasn’t translating correctly. I wanted to file a report,
3:22   but that didn’t happen anymore.”
3:25   The social workers rely on these translators,
3:28   but the translators then exploit this situation, and
3:32   very deliberately translate inaccurately,
3:35   and basically exactly do the same thing to these people here,
3:38   that is already being done to these minorities in their countries of origin,
3:42   they do the exact same thing here.
3:45   It is indisputable that for too many refugees
3:48   there are not enough sworn-in and qualified translators.
3:52   And according to Report München’s investigations,
3:55   there is a security problem. After multiple inquiries,
3:58   the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees said, quote:
4:02   ”That a translator had made approving statements to another translator
4:06   about attacks with an Islamic background.”
4:11   The hitherto unknown incident, according to the Federal Agency a single incident,
4:16   happened only a few days after the terror attacks in Brussels.
4:21   We drive to Göttingen. Here, the lawyer Kareba Hagemann has her practice.
4:26   She accuses the authorities of naïveté.
4:29   First the authorities don’t react at all, or they say, “We don’t know anything about it,”
4:37   and then, in any case, they stall and ignore,
4:43   that there even have been reports filed with them.
4:49   Besides Yazidis, there mostly Middle Eastern Christians are filing complaints
4:53   against untrustworthy translators, such as this family from Syria.
4:58   We meet with them in a Syrian-Orthodox church.
5:01   They too, want to remain anonymous.
5:05   Christina, that’s what we’ll call her, fled with her two children via the Balkan route,
5:09   by foot, their heads full of lice.
5:12   Once they arrived in Germany, Christina made a request to the translator,
5:16   a Muslima, for medication.
5:20   Three times I asked for it. Every time she said,
5:24   ”I’ll get back to you later.”
5:27   So I went to another translator, and I told him,
5:30   ”My girls are scratching themselves terribly.”
5:34   He told me that the other translator told him that she already inspected
5:37   the heads of my children, and that there was nothing wrong.
5:40   I then went with him to the translator. He asked her,
5:43   ”Madam, you looked at the children’s heads, there was nothing, right?”
5:48   She answered, “I have not seen anything, I have not heard anything.”
5:55   Another refugee who speaks English then helped her.
6:00   The family asked us not to make waves about it; the fear (of retaliation) is too great.
6:04   ”This is something that multiple refugees reported to me, not just my clients,
6:09   that they again and again pointed this out, but that no one listens to them.
6:14   And over and over, when they want to point these things out,
6:18   it’s either the same translator, about whom they want to file a complaint,
6:22   that then shows up to translate the incident,
6:25   or it’s a friend of his [the translator’s].”
6:28   In the case of Hassan’s translator, we learn that a previous employer
6:31   of said translator had let him go after numerous accusations.
6:35   And Gian Aldonani has, in the case of her cousin, given a sworn statement,
6:41   while the community of Dunningen declined an interview with ‘Report München’.

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    • Lying to infidels doesn’t count as a lie. Only lying to another Muslim.

      Infidels only exist to pay jizya, or become slaves, or be tricked into converting to Islam with sweet lies.

  1. No longer can the German authorities be accused of a heads-in-the-sand approach. It’s now collusion in human rights abuses.

  2. How about Google translate to cross check the translators? I would say in place of but I don’t know if it would work both ways so they could check their own testimony.

  3. So, Muslims lie and German authorities collaborate. Dog-bites-man. What’s the story?

  4. Viewing it from another angle these ‘translators’ are members of the ever growing ‘fifth column’ of invaders, loyal to only one faction,aiding and abetting in many ways the conquest.

  5. In the early 90’s I came across a most intriguing phenomenon regarding lying Arab-Muslim translators. In the world of personal injury/workers’ compensation law, not an area I practised in, I somehow met a Lebanese Christian man who for some inexplicable reason felt compelled to speak candidly to me. He made an extremely handsome living as a Court-appointed Arabic translator. His stand out value was that he translated the questions put to and answers given by Arab-Muslim plaintiffs, who of course could speak and understand English and didn’t need a translator at all. So when a question was put to them by a lawyer for an insurance company, the plaintiffs not only got more time to consider the question they also got his suggestive “translation” of the question. Or a straight out warning of how not to respond. Nobody else in the courtroom had a clue what was going on. And if the plaintiff’s response wasn’t the best it could have been to serve his interests, the “translator” just tweaked the answer. An extraordinarily sordid racket. He gravitated to the criminal justice system with an even more damaging impact. There was no scope for the judges to have their own translators to rumble this scam. He told me, by way of apology for his corrupting of the Australian justice system: “In Lebanon, one has to be a shark to survive.” It was nauseating beyond belief. And nobody did anything about it so it continues.

    • Thanks for the story.

      Sometimes it seems as a society advances, it becomes less able to cope with true predators. The citizens luxuriate in their wealth, protected from the street tactics of the “sharks” infesting their society, until the thugs are ready to move,and simply demolish to walls protecting the wealthy elite.

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