6 thoughts on “Benghazi on the Potomac

  1. Lots of your common run of the mosque Koran be-headers and in hijabs and brother-huds made it to the top. Now Muslim taqiyah will rot the body politic from the head down. It matters Hilarious.

  2. This is so close to the truth, it is not even making me laugh. At this point, it does not matter if she gets elected. Expect more of the same.

  3. The world is a nightmare.

    Another Trudeau running Canada.
    Another Clinton in the White House.*
    A moslem invasion in Europe.
    Aliens flooding the southern US.
    Russia buzzing American ships.
    Fascism in Germany (maybe the UK too?)
    Men turning into “women” and women telling other women to be proud of their STDs………….

    (*Not yet, but if the Republican Party splits…)

    When does it stop ?

    • Gender ambiguity, like sexual “deviation”, is almost certainly due to exposure to the wrong dose of testosterone during pregnancy. Get over it.

  4. It’s not funny. [This woman I despise] will probably be POTUS, and we’ll have another run of disaster.

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