Angela’s Turkish Delight

The following article from FOCUS Online examines the internal German political context surrounding Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow a television satirist to be investigated and possibly prosecuted for insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Abolition of Paragraph 103, But Not Until 2018: The Trick Merkel Uses to Provide Erdogan an Exclusive Right

by Wolfgang Kubicki

April 18, 2016

The Chancellor allowed investigation of [the television presenter Jan] Böhmermann and simultaneously announced the abolition of paragraph 103 of the penal code — but not until 2018. The reason for this postponement: otherwise, Böhmermann could not be punished. That is how Merkel allows Erdogan the exclusive right to a proprietary complaint of statutory offense in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Last Friday the federal chancellor was deservedly the object of strong criticism for her decision on how to handle the Böhmermann affair. It is noteworthy that she was visited with incandescent fury about her granting of permission to prosecute in accordance with paragraph 104a of the criminal code, not only by artists or TV functionaries or journalists, but also by her coalition partners, the SPD. Immediately after the chancellor [had spoken], Social-Democratic cabinet members Heiko Maas and Frank-Walter Steinmeier explained the reasons for their disapproval. With reference to the freedoms of opinion, press and art as the “greatest protected values in our constitution”, they expressed regret that they could do nothing, when the chancellor overruled them in a standoff.

Alleged heroic battle

This alleged heroic battle for our basic values was framed by commentaries from the usual red cheerleaders, such as the moralist whiz kid of the SPD, vice chair Ralf Stegner. He spoke of Angela Merkel’s “disgrace” and acknowledged his colleagues for deciding in favor of “reason” while the chancellor had decided “against it”.

What the SPD leadership describes as extraordinarily valiant is, in its effect, pitiful. If the SPD leadership had really been concerned about preserving one of the greatest treasures of our constitution, they would have had to take the confrontation with the chancellor all the way — and not simply swallowed her vote in the cabinet.

The fact that Steinmeier and Maas did not seek this battle indicates that there are more important things for the Social-Democrats than the most important legal protections of our constitution — namely, being able to point a finger of reproach at the chancellor.

So the question arises: How weak has the rich-in-tradition SPD become, if it seriously believes in its ability to celebrate a defeat in power politics in something so crucial?

Why does the abolition not take effect until 2018?

Far more consequential for the relationship to our basic values is the federal government’s announcement of its intention to abolish paragraph 103 of the criminal code. The question is, if the government now decides that the norm for lèse majesté does not suit the times, why is there a quick decision for a change in the law, which does not take effect for two years?

The reasons for this are not reassuring. It would have been logically consistent for the chancellor to announce on Friday that she would not approve the prosecutor’s investigation, because this relevant paragraph is to be removed in the near future. As we know, the chancellor did not do this, because it would have invalidated an investigation on these grounds. Paragraph 2 section 3 of the criminal code reads: “If the law that applies at the conclusion of the act is altered before the judicial decision is reached, then the mildest law must be applied.” In the particular case of Böhmermann, this means that eliminating Paragraph 103 before the judicial decision is reached leads to the judicial conclusion that the law, which no longer foresees this offense, is the lighter one. Therefore, Jan Böhmermann can no longer be convicted according to paragraph 103. No sentence, you might say, is really mild.

Merkel is affording Erdogan an exclusive right

Against this background, the chancellor’s decision to eliminate the insulting of a head of state from the criminal code — to take effect only in 2018 — was clearly made in deference to Erdogan. Angela Merkel is thus affording the Turkish Prime Minister exclusive right to a criminal complaint in Germany — just so he can vent his temper.

The chancellor takes a knee

With this announcement, the Turkish head of state has gained indirect influence over the legislative power in the Federal Republic. If that is not the chancellor kowtowing, than what is it? At any rate, it is not a sovereign decision of the federal government.

Wolfgang Kubicki is head of the FDP (Free Democrats) in the legislature of Schleswig-Holstein and deputy federal chair of the FDP.

30 thoughts on “Angela’s Turkish Delight

  1. The Turko-German relationship goes way back, and it hasn’t been for the betterment of humanity. Nuff said.

    • Indeed it does ,all the way back to the Second World War .
      The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem bonded with Hitler after reading Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

      Every page blamed all the world’s ills since time began on the Jews.

      As this chimed in so exactly with the Koran, the Mufti sent entire Muslim regiments to fight for Hitler .(They were absorbed into the Schutzstaffel.)

      This alliance between Germany and Islamofacism is nothing new therefore.

      And neither is the alliance between the left and Islamofacism.

      Bear in mind that the Nazis were the German Socialist Workers’ party.
      Initially Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia had a mutual non-aggression pact.This pact Hitler overcome by megalomania, eventually broke by invading Russia.

      Remember also that Hitler and Mussolini were allies at the beginning of World War 2.(The Italians changed sides when they saw that Britain and America were winning)
      So the Nazis were fans and allies of both Fascism and Socialism..

      I think the Baron posted an excellent article on the subject ,quite recently.

  2. Merkel says in essence that the law is worthless and must be abolished in 2018, however, prosecutions under this worthless law in the meantime have merit.

    Contemporary official German logic at its best.

    Radioactive food must not be sold in Germany after 2018 but may be sold until then. Is this an apt analogy?

    • Evil personified! Mutti Merkel acting as a a hand maiden to a despot determined to islamise Turkey which until recent times had managed to keep state and religion in reasonable perspective. When is Europe going to prosecute this treacherous woman?

  3. Merkel is unrepentant. Everything she says and does proves beyond doubt that she is evil. I would describe her as criminally insane, like a serial killer who cleverly plans the next murder.

  4. The Empress and the Sultan take to ruling by decree.
    The people matter not one little whit.

    • You’ve left a bit out and / or are misreading the relevant section.

      The translation of para 103 provided on PG’s website is as follows:

      “(1) Whosoever insults a foreign head of state, or, with respect to his position, a member of a foreign government who is in Germany in his official capacity, or a head of a foreign diplomatic mission who is accredited in the Federal territory shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine, in case of a slanderous insult to imprisonment from three months to five years. ”
      Let’s break it down:

      “Whosoever insults:

      1. A foreign head of state


      2. with respect to his position, a member of a foreign government who is in Germany in his official capacity


      3. A head of a foreign diplomatic mission who is accredited etc

      Shall be liable to imprisonment etc”

      In essence, it’s a very old law and it needs to be revoked urgently.

      My impression is that this law has been unused for so long that most Germans (including German lawyers and politicians) had forgotten about it.

      On the other hand — it looks as if the Turks have been brushing up on German law.

  5. Ma Merkel is not the first mad German to be allowed to stay in power nor will she be the last.
    Clearly the Huns haven’t learnt a whole lot from having Hitler as Chancellor in World War 2.

    They are happy to allow Ma Merkel to usher in World War 3 ,having first invited the barbarians at the gates(Islamic hordes) into both Germany and Europe.An act of appalling treachery .

    But one can see why Ma Merkel approves of the anachronistic law in question and doesn’t want to abolish it before her term of office ends.

    For she wishes to invoke it whenever she faces criticism from any plucky astute German citizen.

    There aren’t many admittedly and they all seem to belong to Peigida and the Alternative for Germany party.But still…

    • Amazing how [insulting characterizations] [display less than complete knowledge]
      1) The Huns were defeated mostly by German knights
      2) They were split into two very large groups
      2a) One was permitted to stay in the area where they were, the land of the Magyars. Together they formed a new nation Hun-Gary, Hungary. There, Attila is still a common name.
      2b) The second group was forced to move far north east, finding land in Finland.

      That’s why both languages have so much in common, and both are of non-European origin. Although the people are good Europeans.

      That was not to educate you, but to show how poor and [insulting descriptor] your… ‘knowledge’ or mindset is.

      Now go [insult redacted]

      • I was simply using World War 2 colloquialisms (slang).The Japanese were referred to as the Nips or the Japs . The Germans were referred to as the Huns .The British were referred to as the Poms and the Germans were referred to as the Huns.

        And no I’m not insulted .I couldn’t give a rat’s posterior for your opinion.

        • Oh by the way the Americans were referred to as the Yanks and the French as the frogs.

          • That should read the French were referred to as the Frogs.(Just in case you want to get pedantic about punctuation.)

          • Americans are referred to as “seppos” in Australia. It’s short for “septic tank”, which is Aussie rhyming slang for “Yank”.

    • I like this idea. I hope it catches on. I’ll think up some graphic for the occasion if it does.

      A good date would March 3, the anniversary of the abolition of the Caliphate in 1924. Too bad we’d have to wait so long for that one.

      Maybe it could be on May 19, the 135th birthday of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

    • According to PI (Politically Incorrect) Magazin, Erdogan is the most insulted head of state. Over 2,000 (No Typo!) lawsuits pending. Mostly in Turkey

  6. How is this evil woman, nazi, commie, marxist anti white genocidal murderer of all european peoples and cultures still walking around??
    This woman should have been taken away in the night long time ago, and
    Disposed of in the same way she is disposing of us!

    Angela merkel, is monster, a nazi murderer of white people, of germany, of 1000s of years of western civilisation and culture.

    This evil woman, has no right to to speak for us, her ideas are warped, not valid, angela merkel MUST be stopped by whatever means it takes, her days are numbered, im sufe there are some brave germans out there reading this who are thinking the same.

    Angela merkel, hides behind armed traitor bodyguards, and bullet proof cars,
    She knows, without this she would have already been swinging.

    Come on germany, time to [intemperate recommendations redacted].

  7. I agree with all the comments so far, but the reason I was drawn to this article was its similarity to another situation in a supposed democracy, where the head of state treats its Constitution like so much waste paper, and has opened the sluices to all comers, with a distinct bias toward Muslims and against Christians. Guess where?

  8. This shows political incrementalism. The effect of gradually allowing more and more Turks into germany….pretty soon its leaders begin to favor Turkish interests. The same will happen here if we allow more Islamic immigration. Nations become their demographics. Their minds change. And the invaded country can’t resist well, because it is becoming partially what its new people are. It’s like your face is changing in the mirror.

  9. I have speculated in the past that the Anti-Christ could be a woman…there is something definitely “off” about Angela Merkel.

  10. German Caliph Angela Merkel is the main culprit who wants to convert Germany and Europe into Islamic Caliphates- and convert all Germans and Europeans to Islam, and wants muslims, africans, asians, non-whites to rape and miscegenate with white Europeans and bring about extinction of white race. Wily thug Erdogan is only her accoplice who is happily fulfilling Jihadist Merkel’s wishes to convert Europe to Islam,
    the wily thug Erdogan wants to get paid billions for his evil collaboration and even wants open visitor visa for 80 million turk muslim visitors to Europe.

    Erdogan’s refugee treaty with evil Merkel cleverly legitimises and permanentalises the entry of syrian muslim refugees into Europe – europe has no obligation to accept any muslim refugees into Europe- muslims and christians are a most dangerous and inflammable mix, and muslim race has uncontrollable, overwhelming lust and hunger for white caucasian women and girls and and wherever muslims went they converted those lands to Islam and carried out genocide of original people. Possibly Angela Merkel has secretly in her heart converted to islam, but it is quite clear that she deeply hates white Germans and Europeans for some reason that only she knows best – and she is out for revernge with germans and europeans. Satanic hag Merkel knows that soon she would lose power and EU will break up- that’s why Merkel is taking in muslims in large number as fast as she can before she loses power or meets worse fate.

  11. I am going to risk my neck and say a good word for Angela Merkel. She is the hideous rash of the disease, that which makes plain the bacilli infecting within. The pus filled bubo that makes manifest the plague within, the mortal disease of Europe 2016. For this I am thankful.

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