The Jungle Moves From Calais to Paris

Not long ago the French Police finally cracked down on “The Jungle”, the squalid shantytown near Calais thrown together by illegal immigrants. At least some of the migrants thus displaced have now made their way to Paris, where they are determined to begin a new life for themselves — camped out in the space underneath an elevated Metro station.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Metro Stalingrad, Paris 19e. Every day there is a long queue that forms.
00:04   These migrants come to collect a warm meal distributed by a handful of volunteers.
00:08   The police, however, try to evict them,
00:12   but these refugees will not leave. It has already been dismantled by the police
00:16   and they return each time. At night between
00:20   300 and 400 people sleep here, during the day there are about 100.
00:24   This improvised camp is directly under the Metro Station ‘Stalingrad’.
00:28   The conditions are deplorable. Rubbish is everywhere.
00:32   Some of these refugees came via the Jungle of Calais.
00:36   And now they want to try their luck in France. — It’s not a life
00:40   (among) trash cans and during the night we are very cold.
00:44   ABDOU, Sudanese Migrant. — I want to stay here in Paris.
00:48   I don’t want to return to Calais.
00:52   Calais or England, that’s over for me.
00:56   Over the last ten days, the number of migrant living here has grown from 50 to more than 400.
01:00   The majority are men.

11 thoughts on “The Jungle Moves From Calais to Paris

  1. It’s interesting that when these people get a chance to speak to a camera, they don’t take the opportunity to tell the audience what their skills are or at least speak of their commitment to integration and learning the language. Instead, all they seem to say is what they want. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to them that the host country might want something in return. Clearly, they have been getting the wrong message…

    • That’s because, like most non-Caucasians, they have an inability to empathise – thus they can only think of the world from their own perspective. This is actualised in the form, “I want, I demand, I need…” ad infinitum.

      • No. Non-Caucasians I know (south asian, British-born black) are not at all like this. It seems to have much more to do with islamic ideas than genetics.

    • Lol he must be one of those brain surgeons coming to enrich us (looks more like he needs one !)

    • Self righteous, self entitled, illiterate third world chancers who will continue to make the lives of the indigenous European population a misery until the latter’s so called “representatives” in the various parliaments agree that violence should be met with zero tolerance. Just round them up and return them from whence they came and confiscate any mobile phones, jewellery, cash they may have on them to cover some of the costs incurred. Should any “no borders” activists be caught up in the net send them along for the ride too!

  2. It looks like the French have finally convinced them that France is worth a shot.

    It’s amazing how long that took. There’s a lot of an in “idée fixe” mentality among this crowd, it seems.

    And I see with Guest 20/03/2016-10:53, in saying that an opportunity to showcase their skills is missed. For example, the guy interviewed, he at least had one thing going for him that not all do: passable English. That’s a huge leg up in learning French, among other things. With a different take on the world, he might manage to build up to a reasonable life. And skills doesn’t need to be a high skill level: “I’m learning French, my English is decent and I’m happy to wash dishes” has some potential for a start. Then busboy, waiter, etc. I’m sure that even in France’s socialist economy, there are ways to break out of the trap, with the kind of motivation that these guys had to move to England applied to something else instead.

    I do know from personal experience, however, that it’s bloody difficult to transfer motivation!

  3. These Eu weenies are getting EXACTLY that for which they voted. No sympathy here.

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