The Church of Universal COEXISTence

A woman named Dawn sent us the following disturbing information about a church she used to attend. She’s asked that her anonymity be preserved, so I’ve edited out anything that might indicate where she lives and which church is referred to.

This sort of “educational” material can only gain traction where there is widespread ignorance about the history and doctrines of Islam. Disinformation flourishes among well-meaning but ill-informed people. This is why websites such as Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes, Tundra Tabloids, The Religion of Peace, Politically Incorrect, Snaphanen, Jihad Watch, and Pamela Geller exist — to provide an education about Islam that is otherwise sorely lacking.

Here’s what Dawn had to say:

For the past four years, a mainline church I used to attend has been opening their hall to Muslims to gather for Friday prayers. Since most of the congregation are elderly, no one has complained. The imam who leads the Friday prayers has run a few Q&A sessions for people interested in Islam, also in the church hall, and has left booklets there explaining an airbrushed version of Islam.

This same imam has podcasts that used to be online (but seem to have disappeared) where he preaches to fellow Muslims in a very different tone, frequently calling his fellow non-Muslim citizens “racists” and “bigots.” When I finally spoke up and suggested that this is our opportunity to open their hearts and minds to the teachings of Christianity, I was met with expressions of shock and indignation.

Recently, I noticed this official announcement poster in our church hall:

(Click to enlarge)

I looked online to try to find the source of their percentages and came across the Global Research website, which seems to be where it originated.

It would be interesting to know where these stats come from, as there are no links to data. I agree the Muslim victim statistic is high, but the other percentages are also highly doubtful. The definitions seem skewed as well.

Terrorism is usually defined as violence and intimidation with direct religious, political or ideological aims. This is different from someone who is insane, irrational, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and who mass-murders, no matter what ideology they may make references to while harming others. And, while a disturbing percentage of Muslims supports terrorism, especially amongst its youth, non-Muslims do not support mass-murderers like those of Columbine, Port Arthur, or Norway.

So it seems this site does not distinguish between murder through terrorism and murder through mental instability. It lumps them altogether, and also includes a curious 7% of US terror attacks having been perpetrated by Jews with “religious passion.” There is no reference or source.

The “contact” section has a list of names with titles like ‘professor’. Does anyone know anything about this organization, and anything about “Jewish terrorism” in the US?

I asked one of my contacts in D.C. about all this, and got a couple of tidbits of information:

As to Global Research, I would guess that they’re closely linked with the Kremlin along the lines of RT see their about page.

Also see the information on Michel Chossudovsky — he founded it. For greater detail there’s his wiki entry. I don’t think his daddy was a refusenik; sounds more like an operative.

Dawn did some further research, and sent this follow-up:

I’ve been reading about this guy and it seems he’s a paranoid conspiracy theorist. A journalist quoted on Wikipedia calls him “the nuttiest professor”. RationalWiki has a page of information about him and a list of his conspiracy theories:

“While many of Globalresearch’s articles discuss legitimate humanitarian or environmental concerns, its view of science, economics, and geopolitics is broadly conspiracist, with a strong anti-Western bent. It’s no surprise that the site has long been a crank magnet for moonbats of all stripes. If you disagree with mainstream sources on 9/11, or HAARP, or vaccines, or Gaddafi, or H1N1, or climate change, or anything published by mainstream “Western” media, then Globalresearch is guaranteed to have a page you can cite in support.”

If this is where our minister and his inner circle get their information, I’m so glad we left!

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  1. Join an Orthodox Church. You will not be fed lies there, because the Orthodox have been exposing the lies of Islam since St. John of Damascus wrote in the 8th c. Orthodox blood Enriches the soil of Eastern Europe where the Turk spilled it, and is yet damp in the Middle East. There is no substitute for Orthodox Christian witness to the Cross of Christ and the liars who deny Him.

    • The orthodox Christian churches are starting to shine like beacons among the rest of the “Christian” churches who’ve swallowed political correctness hook, line and sinker. God bless them.

        • I agree. Drawing the battle lines denominations is not helpful. Evangelicals cover a wide swath of beliefs from the “coexist” liberal views to the more conservative. There are many churches that are holding to the truth. Even mainstream leaders such as John MacArthur are recognizing the evil of Islam (teaching the Anti-Christ will be from Islam and not Catholic or even atheist)

          I will say that I come from a church background that seems to have tendencies towards pseudo-communism and liberalism but there are many that also resist. My own family history involved being trapped between the Nazis in Germany and the Communists in Russia. I won’t easily forget the evils of either.

      • Our Missouri Synod Lutheran Church does not cater to the Muslims either. LCMS is not a mainline church. It’s traditional and preaches about the Bible, not social or political issues. Our Pastor is very realistic about the Muslims — recently had a study group discussion on the differences between the Christian God and the Muslim Allah.

    • …. Orthodox blood Enriches the soil of Eastern Europe where the Turk spilled it ….

      You are right.

      I am an Orthodox Cristian and not only i was taught at school what my ancestors suffered during the 4 centuries under the barbarian turkish rule,but also my grand father who was born in Epirus(north west Greece,which were under turkish rule until 1913) told me how much they suffered.

      When the Queen City(Konstantinople)fell in 1453 to the Turks, the Greek population were 20.000.000,and after the war of independence in 1821,we were only 900.000.

      If this is not a genocide,what it is?

      • Genetic studies of the population of Asia Minor show that the majority of the present-day population are descended from the indigenous population present when the Seljuk Turks penetrated the territory. Linguistic dominance of Turkish and conversion to Islam seem to be the main reasons why the population is what it is today.

        • Michael just read history. Islam drove out the Greeks and slaughtered most of the Armenians. There was very little conversion to Islam.

          Please cite your source for your genetic studies.

          • Don’t forget the rape and enslavement of women from the conquered population. That preserves the DNA of the original inhabitants, at least on the distaff side.

      • Genocide by Stealth

        To truly eradicate a people, you must first wipe away its memories: Destroy its books, ban its language, culture and history. Then you create a new narrative – new books, new culture and a new history. They will have a new identity, and forget who they were. It may not be genetic genocide . . . but that does not matter in the end.

        • O.K. Muslims can try that. However once the ball starts rolling from the “kufar” side they had better be ready. Lies and rape aren’t much good up the sharp end. I am beginning to easily image the idiot Erdogan imploding Turkey.

    • Orthodox are also vulnerable to PC MC (not to mention regional problems of retro-dhimmitude). They may certainly be better than certain liberal Protestant churches, but I wouldn’t exaggerate their immunity to PC MC. A former good friend (we became estranged over this very issue) has been a devout, knowledgeable and socially networking Greek Orthodox for decades. Intellectually he’s quite astute, about history, theology and philosophy; about the problem of Islam, however, he’s a blithering idiot.

    • Dear Baron and Dymphna: Thank you for allowing us to comment on these articles that you post.

      The other day was the Second Sunday of Great Lent for Orthodox Christians, but also a commemoration of Saint Gregory Palamas who faced Islam personally several centuries ago. Virtually each day on the Orthodox ecclesiastical calendar there are Saints who were martyred for their Christian faith at the hands of Mohammedans over a period of several centuries in many lands.

      Dr. Constantine Cavarnos wrote a short book about the significance of the New Martyrs (Orthodox Christians) under the Turkish Yoke, as well as those who suffered under Communism.

      Dr. Cavarnos also wrote superb books warning the Orthodox about the dangers of being involved in ecumenism and the inter-faith movement.

  2. I seem to recall reading one of Caroline Glick’s articles (I think) in which the Israelis were being criticized for complaining about terrorism etc, and in response they actually shipped over one of the buses that had been blown up and left it outside the front door of the building (could it even have been in Brussels?)

    I’m afraid I can’t remember the specifics but the principle seems to be a good one. So why not just tack up over this poster some large colour photos of the aftermath of some of the Islamic terrorist attacks that have occurred over the years.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words …

  3. This kind of garbage is being spread far and wide:

    is Quebec’s semi-official anti-radicalisation centre. They make no mention of Islamic radicals, and mix in lots of other stuff.

    They actually used to have a page that claimed that it was a minority of terrorism, but probably too many people made fun of them.

    At one point they had someone involved with them with Muslim Brotherhood links.

    I’m sure that they’re European-level useless.

    This kind of garbage is all over the place, but I notice that it’s finding less and less purchase.

    Just tonight, I was listening to some Lebanese Christians. The rest of the world should listen to what these people have to say!

    • I like listening to radio programmes, sometimes even some sermons etc. I tend to download the mp3s & put them on to a memory stick so I can listen to them in the car.

      So if you know of any good ones …

  4. Here is the antidote to this sort of propaganda:

    It’s from the original “Independence Day” film. Roland Emmerich unintentionally made perhaps the most memorable modern day conservative movie.

    Recall that the US President (Bill Pullman) attempts to negotiate (in good faith) with an Alien. The Alien has strangled a scientist and has commandeered his vocal cords.


    “I know there’s much we can learn from each other. We can negotiate a truce. We can find a way to co-exist. Can there be a peace between us?”


    “Peace, no peace.”


    “What is it you want us to do?”



    • At least the alien doesn’t practice any sort of deception to mask its intentions.

      • Eventually and hopefully sooner rather than later non Muslims in western Europe will come to realize that unless the Muslims are confronted the non Muslims have a losers ‘future’.

      • Neither does Anjum Choudary, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or practically any muslim majority nation, but they do not speak for islam somehow. Liberals still want to believe that a peaceful islam somehow exists in their fantasy world. Obviously, they have not read the source, nor have any interest in anything that contradicts their world view that all people are peaceful and tolerant.

  5. Yes, the orthodox church remains the only hope for the real christians. Catholic church has become a silly joke. They have thousands of priests who are committed communists. Look at this pope. He admits that islam is invading Europe, then adds that this is a good thing. We orthodox christians have already paid too dear against communism and islam. We are inoculated from their evils. It is an idea to spread the word. We admit everybody of good reputation standing. Also, with the celibacy of priests, catholic church has been dysgenic for two millennia.

    • At a Christian gathering some time back, I met an Orthodox from Serbia who was insisting that we should “build bridges” with Islam -it’s not just Catholics and protestants who are like that. On the other hand, some of us Catholics are still “old school”, and also understand what’s really going on 😉

      • And there are extreme Russian nationalists who envision an Orthodox-Muslim alliance against the decadent West.

        As an Evangelical, I think the whole “Coexist” bumper sticker mentality silly, and when I’m in church, I hear pleas for witness (with a view towards conversion) rather than for fatuous “dialogue”.

    • Yeah, glad I bailed on the RC church, but frankly the Protestant church isn’t a lot better – too many “bless me clubs.” Bless me, my family, and my friends, and they don’t want to know anything else. Bunch of losers.

      • Susan– Sorry to hear that you “bailed” on the Roman Catholic Church. It’s the only place where true communion with Christ is achieved (body, blood, soul & divinity during the Holy Eucharist).

        As “Green Infidel” said: there are still some of us Catholics (myself included) who are “old school” and thus see Jorge and his “who am I to judge?” farce for what it is: the beginning of the culling.

        There are faithful orthodox Catholics out there who stick with Christ and his Church (along with the Eucharist) because it’s simply the right thing to do. I personally am a BIG Ann Barnhardt fan, and agree with all of what she writes about Jorge (a.k.a. Pope Francis). For starters: he needs to be deposed. Now.

        But alas, that probably won’t happen, because the College of Cardinals are a communist-infested bunch of weak ninnies. (With the exception of Burke and Sara.)

        • IMHO there was a ‘coup de tat’ in the RC Church when the Pope was deposed and replaced by the person I refer to as ‘Comrade Pontiff’.

  6. Mr. Chossudovsky sees Jews…er…Zionists behind every curtain:

    I quote from his introduction, written last year:

    “When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing war on Syria and Iraq, the war in Yemen, the process of regime change in Egypt, must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East. The latter consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of an Israeli expansionist project.”


    “Viewed in this context, the war on Syria and Iraq is part of the process of Israeli territorial expansion. Israeli intelligence working hand in glove with the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and NATO is directly supportive of the crusade directed against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), which ultimately seeks to destroy both Syria and Iraq as nation states.”

    So, the Jews are behind pretty much every Mideast war, and is engaged in a crusade against poor ISIS. What’s more, those sneaky Jews have gotten the clueless Saudis, Turks, and Americans to go along with the nefarious plot.

    BTW: I’m guessing the church in question is the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). That particularly church has gone full bore Jew hater.

    • That particular church has abandoned the Bible, and with it their orthodoxy.
      They are an empty husk; they are worse off than the pig who built his house from straw.
      The devil comes along, huffs and puffs, and the entire edifice of congregants run scurrying with no thought as to a safe haven.

      The “Great Evangelical Disaster” by F. Shaffer is a warning to Christendom that when you throw out the Bible, the various churches (including the RCC) have no sword remaining with which to fight against the attacks of the world, the devil, and our sinful natures. Never forget that the first lie was this: Did God really say? spoken by the serpent to Eve, with Adam listening nearby.

      The Word of God is our Weapon. Dismiss it, despise it, mythologize it, trample it underfoot, ignore it, and what once was Christendom will fall victim to every new idea under the sun, to the cravings of itchy ears, to the lust of the flesh and a host of other human frailties.

      The PC USA and so many other “churches” are hollow husks.

      • Please make it a point to not lump independent (Protestant) Christian Churches in with the big bureaucratic World Council of Churches denominations. In the Midwest anyway, they are not usually ones who go along to get along.

    • “Viewed in this context, the war on Syria and Iraq is part of the process of Israeli territorial expansion.” I have a proud Jewish friend who argues precisely this. I have no idea what is really going on in the ME myself, but given that nearly all Arabs hate Israel, what is improbable or indeed unreasonable about Israel trying to subvert their countries?

      • If this means a serious reduction in the number of slaughterers being sent all over the world to kill infidels, it sounds like a great idea to me.

        One way of reducing Dar al Harb…

      • If the Israelis were in charge, it would look at lot better than it does.

        What problem did the Israelis have with Assad? None, really. Their quietest border. Now they have a mess.

        They blew away both the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear projects, because those *were* a threat to them. I don’t think that they care much otherwise, as long as it doesn’t spill over.

        We should be quite thankful that they blew away those nuclear projects, BTW.

    • There is no Jewish plot to take over the world, but there is a Chabad (sort of an Orthodox Jewish sect) plot to take over Judaism. So unless you are Jewish you don’t need to worry.

      • You’re not suggesting that the folks in Chabad are equivalent in Judaism to the ISIS crowd in Islam, are you?

        I have not, and will never be, a member of Chabad, but I still support them in the charitable work they do.

        Fat chance that ANY sect will take over Judaism.

        • They’re non-violent. They’re not into compulsion.
          They’re usually pretty nice, even if a bit otherworldly.

          They basically want to love/cajole everyone to their way of seeing the world.

          The main societal risk for them is in Israel, where their birthrate (and that of other Hassidic groups) is VERY high.

          On the other hand, their birthrate is slowly drowning out the Muslim population increase there, so on the overall, it’s probably a good thing.

          Pick your poison: I’ll take living among Hassidic Jews before living among Islamists. Hassids’ main concern is not having *their* lifestyle interfered with, not in interfering with others’. It could be annoying for “universal values”, but it’s possible to live in parallel with them. I don’t think that this is the case with Islamists.

      • There is indeed a Jewish plot to put the world under a Jewish king. I’m part of it, and proud to say it began two thousand years ago in the shadow of the Second Temple itself.

        It’s called Christianity.

  7. Yes, join a Greek Orthodox Church. Friendly sort of people.

    The Greek clergy does not espouse politics ever. AT least that is the PLAN.

    Just over 2 years ago now, the AL NUSTRA rebels ( Al Queda ) in Syria kidnapped 2 Greek Orthodox Bishops and killed their driver, a deacon. They have not been returned.

    Many Greek churches have members who are Ethiopian, Armenian, Serbian, Romanian, Syrian and Bulgarian , all those people have sometime first hand knowledge of muslim “ways”

    • I was just reading Max Hastings’ Finest Years, which is his biography of Winston Churchill during the war years. Anyhow, towards the end of the book (and the war) the thorny little problem of Greece arose, and the solution was to make the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church a regent. WSC flew out there on Christmas Day, and met the fellow and was very impressed with him. So the deal was done & that was who was relied upon to bring some kind of peace to the place. So there you have it, just a little piece of useless information, LOL…

      • Winston Churchill was right.

        Every body was impressed by Archbishop Damaskinos,a patriot who during the war saved a lot of Jews.
        I hope that the Jews will not forget.

        • Jews in Israel at least are quite well disposed to the Orthodox Church, which is probably the major Christian denomination there.

          It’s probably the most pleasant place to be Christian in the Middle East, with the possible exception of Lebanon (for now).

  8. Dawn: thanks for pointing this out and for leaving this “church”. I wish you would publicly shame them. They don’t deserve anonymity. I think you’d be doing a public service letting everyone know who they are.

  9. I’m seeing the same sort of thing in my neck of the woods with the Syrian “refugees” Trudeau has been shipping in en masse. The biggest private sponsors are churches, many alarmingly in small rural areas with homogeneous populations. I can’t imagine that rural Canadians would actually be in favour of this, but of course the media never gives them a voice.

    In my neighbourhood, the local paper has run many propaganda pieces featuring middle aged Protestant and Catholic leaders who have turned into Islam-apologists, and make no mention of their brothers and sisters in faith who are being slaughtered by the same people they’re sponsoring. I’m a Protestant myself, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seriously considered joining the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in my town.

    • Same here, the local church people are practically begging for Muslim refugees from Syria.

      I actually found them someone who sort-of fits the profile and needs help, badly: a Muslim refugee from the Middle East, no less, who is at high risk of Islamist violence and actually *is* in need of protection. Someone who, considering why he needs the protection, is 100% guaranteed not to be a problem, and to be a useful member of the community, to boot. The kind of Muslim anyone here would WANT as a neighbour (I can’t say more, but TRUST me on this).

      They couldn’t be arsed to answer my request for help.

      That’s the nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned. They’re not just useful idiots: they’re actively destructive.

    • Are you sure they are really sponsors? In USA the charities are PAID CONTRACTORS, taking money from the Government.

      • I refer to it as the ‘refugee racket’, filling the coffers of various ‘religious charities by importing misery, poverty,vast cultural differences, criminality, and a group that will be a financial burden on the state for a lifetime. Hardly anyone is looking at the total cost , not just the welfare budget, but the burden on most local services, Police, Fire EMS, Emergency Rooms and the big 900 lb. Gorilla in the room the education budget, many ‘refugee’ children are in the special needs category,parents are illiterate, you just can’t slam then into a classroom and expect results.

      • This is a good point, and I have the feeling that there’s something financial going on, as well.

        I think I’m going to do some digging!

        • In the past six months the website :

          has posted a data chart listing all the financial figures and churches by names/denomination and the amounts are staggering. This totally explains all the requests to “bless” these “refugees”. It’s so sickening.

      • It seems to look that way. Often a church or even a whole town will raise money for a family or several, it seems to be genuine private sponsors rather than a scheme.

        Then again, the whole “refugee” resettlement process has been such a mess, who knows what’s really true or not. It seems like everyday new information leaks out about what’s actually going on rather than the “sunny ways” the Trudeau government feeds the public. I remember reading recently about a small town that sponsored three families that just never showed up, and that money vanished right along with them. If I can find the article online, I’ll be sure to add it to my comment.

    • Sat in a tea room in rural Ontario next to SUCH a helpful couple hosting a family of refugees fresh from Syria the other day. Names such as Akmed and Muhammed were flying around the table. I was not thrilled.

  10. The Catholic Church has become a joke and Pope Francis is an ignorant buffoon with his pontificating on environmental issues and refugees. His welcoming of his “muslim brothers” on Holy Thursday was disgusting:

    I find it hard to believe he really is unaware of the nature of islam and its implacable hatred of us infidels. According to muslims the world is in two camps: them and the rest of us. They call their camp the house of peace, and ours the house of war. War, Francis, war! And it’s not “spiritual” warfare either – as the bombs attest to.

    Somebody ought to tell him.

  11. The character with “The End Is Nigh” board doesn’t seem quite as daft today as not so long ago.

  12. On “opening their halls for Muslims to pray.”

    Our church, my church, won’t even open its halls for any other Christian denomination to pray, not even others within our own denomination who are not in fellowship with us.

    In addition, practice closed-communion, and if you’re not in our synod and are a visitor when we’re having a communion Sunday (at least two times monthly), you may speak to a pastor about learning what we believe in a multi-week course conducted by one of our pastors — so that you may join us in the future.

    You see, we are very serious about what we believe and are eager to have those outside our camp join us. But we will NOT be joining them.

  13. All sources can be said to be disputable. And they are, except when looking at science data that’s not been manipulated. But when Dawn believes Chossudovsky a “paranoid conspiracy theorist” or his website “a crank magnet for moonbats of all stripes” this is not at all supported by credible facts. Many of Global Research’s articles do discuss legitimate concerns and yet quite a number I’ve read I thought were biased. Just as RT can be as biased as CNN, yet on RT I find reporting on subjects you will never find in Western media, so it’s a grain of salt with everything. And always, there are some pieces that always have credible sources and some not, or where I was expecting a source there is none. I think Chossudovsky is right on some things and wrong on others. When he is on the subject of Palestine he seems to lean heavily on their side. When he writes about Zionists being behind something bad, I think we ought to look at how he defines “Zionist” for his purposes. What type of Zionism are we talking about (socialist, revisionist, post-Zionism, the characterization of it as colonialism and ethnic cleansing, etc.)? But I think he may be talking about the globalists who want complete control over the planet, of which some of them are secular Jews, those bankers, who would not hesitate to sell out their own people, as it is reported to have been done with the 6 million sent to the gas chambers in Germany when the project was financed.

  14. Presbyterian or Methodist would be my guess. Many threw out the divine Jesus years ago so tend towards a humanist brotherhood of man philosophy. Not surprising they choked on the suggestion of sharing Christian teachings with the muslims. By the way, no true Christian would accept the symbolism implied in the “COEXIST” graphic.

  15. It’s easy to create these types of statistics. Just redefine any Muslim act of terrorism as mental illness or workplace violence, then redefine any terrorist act by anyone else as religious extremism of the group you want to denigrate. All you need to do is look at the gigantic coexist on the bottom to see this agenda. Typical liberal behavior, always remember “Ignorance is Knowledge” for them. They do the same thing with gun violence statistics by lumping in suicides with murders, and also skew economic and unemployment statistics until no one can figure out what is actually happening, other than we are being lied to.

  16. Dawn:

    I do not think it would be a disservice to readers to publish the name of the church since you have rightfully distanced yourself from it anyway. People need to be aware of opinions of others in order to know what to avoid. If this is a widespread phenomenon, then we need to speak out against it (yes, I realize western Christianity is full of neo liberal pastors and this is not solely one church in particular. The New Testament philosophy lends itself to being distorted this way).

  17. If it wasn’t such a blatant lie. Islam is the only one that can’t coexist. Mahatma Gandhi had experience to offer on this topic.

  18. One only needs to look at Christian organisations such as “International Christian Concern” and “Open Doors” to learn about the extent of Christian persecution by Muslims globally! The history of Islamic jihad speaks for itself!

  19. If it weren’t for the COEXIST types, the Walls of Theodosius would still be standing And St. Sophia’s’ would still be a Cathedral. However, because a Christian Cannon Maker decided that if the Muslim’s had the secrets to building siege cannons as did the Europeans it would lead to a sort of 15th century Mutually Assured Destruction where everyone would be so afraid of the technology they wouldn’t dare attack each other. Didn’t work out that way and now Istanbul was once Constantinople and no one is happy but the Turks.

  20. We always get the “What would Jesus do?” argument. Would Jesus invite his enemies into his camp? The answer is obviously yes. Would he allow them to continue in their beliefs and destructive behavior. Obviously not, and that is where the Coexist types and their numerous supporters in the clergy have got Christianity all wrong. Jesus actually stood for something. As an example he took a whip to the money changers. What would he do to someone who was trying to destroy his community?

  21. My church could be Dawn’s. The pastor invited the local muslims to hold prayers in the fellowship hall while their new mosque was under construction. Friendly and Christian, right? That was the pastor’s argument. Except this was the northern Virginia ICNA-affiliated mosque where five of their members were convicted of terrorism in Pakistan in 2010.

    Needless to say, my attendance has plummeted, and the church lost members. Methodist, if you must know. I rely on internet sermons and have yet to find a brick and mortar church.

    • Fabricius — if you are in Northern Virginia (greater D.C. area), and are interested in Roman Catholicism (we’re not ALL pagans), I can recommend one to you!

    • I could listen to this guy:

      if I were Christian!

      Why, I can I agree with his *public* policy, even if I don’t agree with his religious ones. That’s what I like about Baptists: the doctrine of separation of Church and State. It floats my boat.

      And hearing all the people cheering in the audience makes me think that there’s hope yet.

  22. What Dawn encountered is going on here in small-town Ontario too. Last November when the Syrian refugee issue was being debated, the local newspaper, The Kawartha Promoter, ran an editorial claiming astoundingly, without any sources cited, that “less than two percent of all global terror attacks are done in the name of Islam.”

    The willful ignorance shown by those who spread Islam-supporting propaganda is disturbing. It’s worse when the media irresponsibly does its part in the deception game.

    In the same editorial we are told that ISIS is to Islam what the Ku Klux Klan is to Christianity. Where does one begin to address such a lack of knowledge and such a deficit in logic?

    • The answer to the KKK argument could be – that Isis is active in the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, and has cells in many other places such a Belgium, while other similar terror groups exist in almost every Muslim community in the World… whereas the KKK, If I recall correctly, was a local phenomenon that existed in around 9 southern US states. Were they a problem in New York, or any place in Christendom outside of the US?

      • Also, the KKK has absolutely no biblical support. While ISIS has a lot of Koranic support.

      • ISIS has a global reach, but the KKK never, to my knowledge, became international. However, the editor trying to draw a comparison between the two groups missed the most basic point: ISIS acts exactly as Muhammad taught, whereas the KKK acts in contradiction to Christ’s teachings. How can they be comparable phenomena?

      • You’re right, there’s a lot of lying going on – or what seems to be lying. But there’s something much deeper here as well: to admit the truth of the jihad and the factual history of Islam would present the liar with an unbearable reality; hence, the defense mechanism of presenting Islam as benign and peaceful.

        • To destroy multiculturalism in such a way destroys the very fabric of the tribal politics of liberals. That is why they will never renounce islam, in fact they celebrate it because they now see it as a ally, and can present it as another victim of the right. They do not stand for any value system other than their own political power and will throw any group under the proverbial bus in order to attain it. As terrorist attacks increase, you will see these same groups see through the fraud that the left has perpetuated. The most effective policy the right has is to demonstrate how the left actually hurts the very people that support them.

    • Moslems kill as many or more people every month or two than the Klan killed in 86 years. ANY comparison is simply ludicrous.

    • The KKK is a joke by now. They don’t really threaten anyone.
      They *were* a danger, when my grandmother was a young child…

      Islamists are real, and they’re here TODAY. That’s the difference!

  23. They might actually be right in that:

    “Less than 0.02 % of Muslims have been involved in terrorist related activities.”

    THAT IS 1/5000. That’s a LOT!!! That’s 200 per million! That’s more-or-less in line with the low-end estimates of ISIS operatives among “refugees” in Europe. That’s enough to change society, at the very least. NO THANKS.

    “More than 98 % of the victims of terrorism globally are Muslims.” might also be true. Let’s ask the next question: WHO PERPETRATED THIS TERRORISM? Buddhists? Zoroastrians? Yazidis? Aliens? We all know the answer.

    • 96% to 100% of the terrorism on the Earth is perped by moslems, depending on the day.

      • And, probably much of that 0% to 4% is labeled as terrorism by others when they begin to fight back against moslems. Read the leftist media articles … when moslems are attacking Christians, what is it called? Bingo, “sectarian violence”, implying that the Christians are equally to blame. When Christians are attacking moslems, what is it called? Bingo, “genocide of moslems”, implying that Christians are totally to blame.

  24. Eventually and hopefully sooner rather than later non Muslims in western Europe will come to realize that unless the Muslims are confronted the non Muslims have a losers ‘future’.

  25. Noam Chomsky is a ‘world renowned academic?’ Immediately you know that notice is garbage!

    It’s truly amazing that there are ‘dhimmis’ who actually believe that islam whitewashing–straight out lies.

    We see increasingly how atheists are vilified, but the worst enablers and moslem-huggers are invariably staunch church-goers. Curious, that.

    • Simply because there are so many more of them. I’ve broken with the “atheist” crowd due to its incessant Islamopandering.

      • I realized some time back, there are atheists, and there are atheists.

        I certainly don’t pander to moslems, nor do any of my acquaintances or friends–they wouldn’t be my friends or acquaintances if they did!

        Atheism actually means disbelief in the existence of god/s–or used to, but the meaning is being skewed, and we have yet to see the final definition….

        • Saying someone is atheist doesn’t provide much information on what they do believe, only what they don’t. Unfortunately it seems that all too many are believers in neo-Marxism without realizing it.

          So if you’re atheist and don’t pander to Islam then you’re probably not a neo-Marxist because the islamopandering seems to be based on neo-Marxist ideas about political utility.

          • I have never been a believer, loathe everything to do with islam and Marxism.

            How do you, and others, manage to connect islam and atheism? Makes no sense to me, but hey, I’m open to other points of view….

            The two are surely opposites, rather like islam and democracy. (which westerners are stupidly trying to impose on moslems)

          • I suppose that’s fair. After all we seem to have theological versions of Marxism as well. But from what I can gather, it seems as though someone who is a theist is more likely to place a traditional religion higher than a philosophy such as Marxism. If this weren’t true then communist countries wouldn’t try so hard to stamp out traditional religion and promote atheism (which for them is really just a hammer to smash traditional religion and replace it with the religion of communism).

            In places where traditional religion is too popular such as Latin America, the tactic is to parasitize it with “liberation theology”.

            But while you may be more sophisticated than most and thus reject both theism and Marxism, you gotta be kidding me if you don’t see the general pattern.

          • “Communist countries wouldn’t try so hard to stamp out religion….”
            Where? China seems to have relented on the religion question, and appears to lean more and more to the religion of capitalism, with occasional petty hissy-fits of communism.
            Russia? Uncle Vlad is an Orthodox man, as are most of his countrymen.
            Cuba? A failed country….

            But no, as an ‘original’ atheist, I don’t see any connection between atheism and islam. Must be ‘thick’, eh?

  26. Wow, little did I know that an “overwhelming majority” was 0% to 4%. Must be that new math, huh?

  27. I am very ashamed of the foolishness of the current pope and the handful of the predecessors before him. I am ashamed of the nonsense spewed in the documents of Vatican II regarding Islam. I am ashamed of the way my fellow Catholics are too lazy to study Church history, Scripture, to read encyclicals of great and mighty popes, especially ones who have defeated the godless Turks, but choose rather to live in their cotton candy land version of reality.

    This dangerous amnesia is a slap in the face of the Almighty and His Holy Church. It will get us all killed.

    • Why don’t they just convert to Islam and be done with it?

      You know, I really have to say, I find that the average leftist in Western societies is probably more dangerous than the average Muslim, who at least knows what he wants to get away from.

      That’s the disturbing bit. They’re every bit as insane, if not more, than Islamos.

      The combination of the two is particularily vile, of course.

  28. Ideally a church, temple, or whatever should be lead by someone who has the primary purpose of standing for some sort of religious ideology. Instead it seems that what happens way too often is that it is lead by someone who is trying to optimize for maximum social approval and minimal social disapproval. In such a case it doesn’t serve its purpose as an anchor to ideological tradition. It becomes a “no op” because people with no leadership will just normally try to optimize for maximum social approval and minimum disapproval anyway.

    • Truly bizarre behavior if you ask me, and the same mistake the liberal left is making. By apologizing for islam, you align yourself with it, and thus become identified with the terrorist attacks as a supporter.

    • . . . churches that believe in nothing, lest they offend someone. It pretty much describes most “mainline” protestant social gatherings in the West. Go see how their real membership is trending.

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