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A man named Larry Russell Dawson pulled a gun on a police officer at the screening area of the National Capitol visitors’ center in Washington D.C., and was immediately shot and wounded by police. Mr. Dawson is under arrest in the hospital, where he is recovering from his wounds. He is reportedly known to police, having exhibited (non-Muslim) religious mania at the House of Representatives last fall.

In other news, in his Easter message Pope Francis condemned governments that prevent refugees from crossing borders.

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Financial Crisis
» 23 Percent of Americans in Their Prime Working Years Are Unemployed
» AG Loretta Lynch Wants to Let Nation Break Law Without Consequences
» Anger Management: Sanders Fights for Employees, Except His Own
» Breaking News: US Capitol on Lockdown After Visitor Opened Fire Shooting Police Officer
» Capitol Shooting Suspect in Custody, Lockdown Lifted
» Cop Who Filmed Himself Raping Children on Duty, Found Dead
» Gunman Shot by Cops at US Capitol
» Muslims Say That Easter Egg Hunt “Violates the U.S. Constitution’
» Super Soft on Islamic Terror: Obama Says That ISIS ‘Is Not an Existential Threat to US’
» Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump for Infidelity Story in National Enquirer
» There is a “Special Place in Hell” For Clinton Operative Albright
» Trump vs. The New World Order
» U.S. At Easter: Ignore the Muslim Slaughter of Over 10,000 Christians and Destruction of 13,000 Churches
» U.S. Capitol Shooting: Gunman Called Himself ‘Prophet of God’ In Previous Incident
Europe and the EU
» A European Patriot Act Will Not Keep People Safe
» Disgraced Celebrity Surgeon’s Spoiled Dreams of Fame
» Dramatic Arrest of the ‘Man in White’ Seen at Brussels Airport Whose Own Sister Reported Him to the Police Two Years Ago
» ‘England Isn’t Safe’: Donald Trump Tells Britons After Brussels ISIS Attacks
» Katie Hopkins: The Real Threat is Not the Far Right — it’s the Smug Left!
» Political Horse-Trading Threatening Poland’s Prized Arabians?
» Scotland: Asad Shah Murder Probe: Uber Taxi Registered to Bradford Seized by Police Investigating Murder of Glasgow Shopkeeper
» UK: Judge Bans a British Father From Taking His Son to Church… Because His Mother is a Muslim
» UK: Pensioner Who Owed £130 for a Petty Traffic Offence is Tracked to His House 200 Miles Away a Year Later by Bailiffs Who Try to Take His Car… Then Police Threaten to Arrest Him When He Objects
» UK: Student Captures Shocking Islamophobic Tirade on the Tube as Passenger Rants ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists’
» Selective Justice at the Hague
Israel and the Palestinians
» Israel Sees Heady Future for Medical Marijuana
Middle East
» Al-Jazeera Says to Cut Around 500 Jobs, Most in Qatar
» Diyarbakir’s St. Giragos Armenian Church Among Properties Expropriated by Turkish Government
» France ‘Changing Stance on Assad-Must-Go’ After Paris Attacks
» Inside the Palmyra ISIS Left Behind: First Images of Ancient Syrian City After Recapture
» ISIS ‘Crucifies Catholic Priest on Good Friday’ After Kidnapping Him From Old People’s Home Where Four Nuns Were Shot Dead
» Israel Urges Citizens to Leave Turkey, Cites Islamic State Threat
» Syria Army Vows to ‘End IS’ In Raqa, Deir Ezzor After Palmyra Win
» Terror Wave Adds to Fears for Fragile Turkish Economy
» UAE Jails 11 for Life Over ‘Terror Plots’
» Untold Story of Syrian Coup: Who is Really Behind the Plot to Topple Assad?
» Workers Suffer in Saudi as Once-Mighty Hariri Firm Falters
South Asia
» Easter Suicide Bombing a Preview of the Persecution Christians Will Face During the Tribulation?
» Opponents of Malaysian PM Step Up Drive to Oust Him
Far East
» New Kid on the Block: China Set to Globally Build Up Its Arms Exports
» ‘Nothing Has Changed’ Says Abused Hong Kong Maid Erwiana
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Nigeria Verifying if ‘Bomber’ Is Kidnapped Chibok Girl
» Architect of EU Refugee Disaster Links TPP-TTIP “Trade” Treaties
» Pope Slams ‘Rejection’ of Migrants, Refugees in Easter Message
» Pope’s Easter Message Condemns Those Who Prevent Migrants From Crossing Borders
» UK: NHS Use of Foreign Nurses Leads to Higher Immigration, Home Office Find

23 Percent of Americans in Their Prime Working Years Are Unemployed

Did you know that when you take the number of working age Americans that are officially unemployed (8.2 million) and add that number to the number of working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force” (94.3 million), that gives us a grand total of 102.5 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now? I have written about this before, but today I want to focus just on Americans that are in their prime working years. When you look at only Americans that are from age 25 to age 54, 23.2 percent of them are unemployed right now. The following analysis and chart come from the Weekly Standard…

Clearly, we have never recovered from the impact of the last recession.

But let’s try to put these numbers in context.

Below, I would like to share two charts with you. They show what has happened to the inactivity rates for men and for women in their prime working years in the United States in recent years.

In order to be considered “inactive”, you can’t have a job and you can’t be looking for a job. So this subset of people is smaller than the group that we were talking about above. The 23.2 percent of Americans in their prime working years that are unemployed right now includes those that are looking for a job and those that are not looking for a job.

These next two charts do not include anyone that has a job or that is currently looking for a job. These charts only cover “inactive” people in their prime working years that are not considered to be in the labor force.

As you can see in this first chart, the inactivity rate for men in their prime working years exploded higher during the last recession and then continued to go up even after the recession supposedly ended. At this point, it is hovering near all-time record highs. Does this look like an “economic recovery” to you?…

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AG Loretta Lynch Wants to Let Nation Break Law Without Consequences

As New York moves to decriminalize low-level offenses, arguing enforcement is “rigged against communities of color,” other large cities are coming under pressure from the Justice Department to do the same thing.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has issued a warning to municipal and state judges across the country that their courts could lose federal funding if they don’t ease up on fines and arrest warrants for minor crimes involving poor offenders, indigent minorities in particular.

In lieu of fines and jail time, Lynch urges the nation’s 6,500 municipal courts to provide an avenue for offenders to perform “community service” or take advantage of “amnesty days,” whereby outstanding arrest warrants are cleared for nominal fees.

Failure to comply with these policies could trigger a Ferguson-style discrimination investigation. Already, Lynch says she’s “evaluating discrimination complaints against several court systems.”

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Anger Management: Sanders Fights for Employees, Except His Own

When Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced three months ago that he’d seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the New York Times described him as a “grumpy grandfather-type.”

That caricature has persisted — most notably in a recent Washington Post listicle with the irresistible headline: “7 ways Bernie Sanders reminds us of our grumpy grandpa.”

According to some who have worked closely with Sanders over the years, “grumpy grandpa” doesn’t even begin to describe it. They characterize the senator as rude, short-tempered and, occasionally, downright hostile. Though Sanders has spent much of his life fighting for working Vermonters, they say he mistreats the people working for him…

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Breaking News: US Capitol on Lockdown After Visitor Opened Fire Shooting Police Officer

The US Capitol is on lockdown after a visitor opened fire, shooting and wounding a police officer — just hours after an active shooter drill in the government building.

Staffers in the visitor center were ordered to shelter in place just before 3pm (Eastern Time) on Monday as police secured the area.

One officer was hospitalized with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. The suspect was taken in to custody within minutes of the first shot being fired, the Associated Press reported.

There was confusion as the shooting came soon after a scheduled active shooter drill, which staff had been notified about via email.

A visitor, Cathryn Leff from California, described crowds running and screaming after gunshots sounded as she was walking through security…

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Capitol Shooting Suspect in Custody, Lockdown Lifted

Washington (CNN)U.S. Capitol police shot a male suspect Monday afternoon following reports of gunfire at the Capitol Visitors Center, law enforcement officials said.

Per USCP, shelter in place has been lifted and the Capitol is open for official business only. Capitol Visitor Center remains closed. #alert

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Cop Who Filmed Himself Raping Children on Duty, Found Dead

[Warning: Disturbing Content.]

Ste. Genevieve County, MO — On Saturday morning, Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Major Jason Schott announced Marty L. Rainey, a former Gasconade County law enforcement officer facing state and federal charges involving a series of assaults on women and children, was found dead in his cell.

The sheriff’s office is remaining tight-lipped on the details for now, only saying that “At this point, it appears to be a suicide, but the investigation is ongoing.”

For years, this predator used his badge and gun to inflict his sick desires on countless victims.

In August 2014, a co-worker discovered a thumb drive belonging to Rainey that contained photos and videos of his victims. Police then raided his home seizing multiple computers, cameras, flash drives, and other storage devices.

According to the court records, Rainey used his authority to sexually abuse women and children. He was indicted on multiple counts of felony deprivation of rights on the color of law for crimes involving “acts of aggravated sexual abuse” against four women and the enticement of a minor to engage in prostitution.

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Gunman Shot by Cops at US Capitol

The US Capitol was on lockdown Monday afternoon after gunshots were fired at the visitor center.

The gunman was shot by police and taken into custody, The Washington Post reported. He was taken to Washington Hospital Center.

The shooter entered the Capitol’s visitor center with his weapon, setting off an alarm as he went through a metal detector, NBC Washington reported.

The man then pulled out his gun, pointing it at a police officer, who then fired at him.

A capitol police officer and another bystander were injured, but not by gunfire, a congressional source said. They were taken to an area hospital.

“There has been an isolated incident at the US Capitol,” the DC Police Department tweeted. “There is no active threat to the public.”…

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Muslims Say That Easter Egg Hunt “Violates the U.S. Constitution’

Muslim parents in Dearborn, Michigan are upset after elementary school students received flyers promoting an Easter Egg hunt at a local Presbyterian church.

The parents say the egg hunt “violates the U.S. Constitution”.

The Muslims told the Detroit Free-Press that they were concerned about the religious implications of Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church’s “Eggstravaganza!”

They were also “troubled” by images of a bunny rabbit.

“It really bothered my two kids,” parent Majed Moughni, told the newspaper. “My son was like, “Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.’ “

The school district did not comment and the pastor of the church said there’s nothing remotely religious about the event.

“Part of our efforts in Dearborn is to invite the community to let them know we’re here,” Pastor Neeta Nichols told the newspaper. “We’re offering various kinds of programming, fun opportunities, so what we can be engaged with the community.”

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Super Soft on Islamic Terror: Obama Says That ISIS ‘Is Not an Existential Threat to US’

In the wake of the horrible bombings in Brussels, Barack Obama is insisting that there is no need to change our approach in the fight against ISIS. He believes that Islamic terror is not a fundamental threat to our way of life, and he wants all of us to be convinced that the way that he is handling ISIS right now is just fine. Well, in this article you are going to learn some very shocking things about Obama and ISIS that are likely to make you very angry. It turns out that our allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been arming, funding and aiding ISIS and other radical jihadist groups such as the al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria), and Obama has known about it all along. The goal was to take down the Assad regime in Syria, and the American people were never supposed to find out the truth.

Earlier today, Barack Obama told reporters that ISIS is not “an existential threat to us” during a news conference down in Argentina. You can see video of him making these remarks right here. But at the same time, he is promising “to continue to go after” ISIS until they are “finally destroyed”…

The United States will “continue to go after ISIL aggressively until it’s removed from Syria and from Iraq and finally destroyed,” Obama said, using another name for ISIS.

“The world has to be united against terrorism,” Obama said, adding that “that’s a top priority of ours.” He added that “we can and we will” defeat terrorism.

So what precisely is Obama actually doing to pursue this “top priority”?

We are told that the U.S. military is bombing ISIS targets, but in all the months that this has been happening, U.S. aircraft never targeted the endless convoys of ISIS oil trucks that were transporting stolen oil into Turkey. It has been estimated that ISIS sold 800 million dollars worth of oil in Turkey, and Obama knew about it the entire time.

Why didn’t Obama say anything about this or do anything to stop it?

When the Russians came in, they showed satellite evidence of what was happening to the entire world and they immediately began bombing those oil convoys into oblivion.

But why hadn’t the U.S. already done that?

Massive convoys of oil trucks that stretched as far as the eye could see would go back and forth over the Turkish border completely unmolested and Obama did nothing.

In fact, if the Russians had not come in and bombed the living daylights out of those convoys it would still be happening.

This should be the biggest Obama scandal of them all, and yet nobody is talking about it. Sometimes I think that I must be going crazy because what Obama did was so obviously wrong and yet nobody wants to touch this. For much more on all of this, please see my previous article entitled “The Biggest Obama Scandal? He Knows That Turkey Is Buying Oil From ISIS And He Is Doing Nothing To Stop It”.

In addition, Obama knows that both Saudi Arabia and Turkey continue to provide advanced weaponry to ISIS and the al-Nusra Front.

He also knows that ISIS fighters use Turkey as a home base, and that when they are injured fighting in Syria they hop back over the border where they are treated at hospitals inside Turkish territory.

But have you heard Obama say anything about these things?

Has he done anything to stop any of this from happening?


The reason why Obama hasn’t done or said anything is because ISIS and the other radical jihadist groups were supposed to win in Syria. Once they had overthrown Assad, then the U.S., the Saudis and the Turks were going to come in and set up a Sunni puppet government. Of course Russian intervention has completely changed the game, and so now the Sunni militants are losing. That is why Saudi Arabia and Turkey are in such a panic about what is going on in Syria right now.

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Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump for Infidelity Story in National Enquirer

Republican presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz called allegations in the National Enquirer that he had multiple extramarital affairs “lies” and “garbage,” and he accused front-runner Donald Trump of planting the story.

“This story is garbage. It is tabloid smear and it came from Donald Trump and his henchmen,” Mr. Cruz said on “Fox News Sunday.”

He noted that the only person quoted on the record in the article was Roger Stone, a former top political adviser to Mr. Trump, and that National Enquirer publisher David Pecker is a close friend of the real estate tycoon.

Mr. Cruz challenged the claim that Mr. Stone had parted ways with the Trump campaign.

“Roger Stone remains the henchman, the hatchet man, the enforcer for Donald Trump,” the Texas senator said. “He’s pushing these attacks. And by the way, he’s been pushing them for many months.”

The episode was the latest round of mud slinging in an increasingly dirty fight between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz, which has included jabs taken at the men’s wives.

In appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Trump insisted that he had nothing to do with the National Enquirer story that alleged Mr. Cruz had affairs with five women, including “a hooker, a teacher & coworkers.”…

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There is a “Special Place in Hell” For Clinton Operative Albright

The 17th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s illegal bombing of Yugoslavia

Back in February, the former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton said “there’s a special place in hell” for women who do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Madeleine Albright made the remark during a campaign stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Last Thursday marked the 17th anniversary of NATO’s illegal bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during Bill Clinton’s reign. The attack-38,400 sorties, including 10,484 strike sorties-lasted 78 days and destroyed infrastructure, commercial buildings, schools, health institutions, media houses and cultural monuments.

Democrat Bernie Sanders “begrudgingly” voted to attack Yugoslavia. “If anyone thinks there is a simple solution to this problem, then you know very little about this problem,” he said recently in defense of his decision.

“The [1999] bombing war violates and shreds the basic provisions of the United Nations Charter and other conventions and treaties; the attack on Yugoslavia constitutes the most brazen international aggression since the Nazis attacked Poland to prevent ‘Polish atrocities’ against Germans,” writes William Rockler, former prosecutor of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

In 2013 Albright admitted the bombing was illegal. “When you ask if that is legal-honestly, to go back to Kosovo, system kind of said that what we did there was not legal, but was fair,” she said.

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Trump vs. The New World Order

Trump’s strength is this. He possesses the ability to, as Ayn Rand said about Hank Rearden, “see through his own eyes.” This means he sees reality as it is, not as the Orwellian corrupters tell us it is in our disgraceful schools and contemptible media. He sees the lies, the propaganda, the half-truths, the cover ups, the fiscal insanity, the sinister conspiracies, and the egregious perfidy of America’s dominant intellectual-corporate-political class.

Throughout his adult life Trump has watched as most of the business and political leaders he dealt with have sold their souls to the World Government vision of oligarchs like George Soros. He has observed how our slimy Demopublican politicians and bankers have sold out the interests of the American people via trade deals that sixth-graders would realize are toxic for jobs and prosperity if they were explained at that level of schooling.

This has horrified Trump, this grotesque sellout of the America he loves, the America that gave him so much freedom, so much opportunity. Being the bodacious man of action that he is, he could not sit by and watch elites like George Soros, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Lloyd Blankfein, and Robert Rubin push for tax and trade policies that undercut the productive might of America in submission to a globalist, anti-nation-state vision for the world.

The vision of “world government” has been the goal of large numbers of influential American statesmen, intellectuals, and bankers ever since the end of World War II, with many precursor minds predating this march into the tyrannical muck of collectivism going back to the late 19th century. Soros, Rockefeller, et al are its modern leaders.

Their goal has been to make the world into a giant social welfare state akin to Sweden, but first in sections on a regional basis — like Orwell’s three regional governments of Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia. All the important decisions of governance will be mandated from world institutions such as the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank,the World Trade Organization, etc. And eventually an organized central governing body,complete with military and police drawn from all nations, will evolve into transcendant power. In essence it will be a world-wide form of Mussolini’s economic fascism.


What is destroying America today is the ideological collectivism taught in our schools for the past 100 years, and its push to a New World Order. This push has resulted in the formation of powerful globalist groups such as the 5,000-member Council on Foreign Relations in New York and the 400-member Trilateral Commission in Washington. CFR elites have comprised the bulk of every presidential administration for the past 85 years,along with Trilateral elites since 1973.

[Comment: Recommended reading.]

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U.S. At Easter: Ignore the Muslim Slaughter of Over 10,000 Christians and Destruction of 13,000 Churches

Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamic extremist group, has killed more people in the name of jihad than the Islamic State (ISIS), according to the findings of a new report. Since 2000, when twelve Northern Nigerian states began implementing or more fully enforcing Islamic law, or Sharia, “between 9,000 to 11,500 Christians” have been killed. This is “a conservative estimate.”

In addition, “1.3 million Christians have become internally displaced or forced to relocate elsewhere,” and “13,000 churches have been closed or destroyed altogether.” Countless “thousands of Christian businesses, houses and other property have been destroyed.”

The report alludes to a number of other factors that connect the growth of the Nigerian jihad to the growth of the global jihad. The rise of anti-Christian, Islamic supremacism “did not emerge in Northern Nigeria until the 1980s, when Nigerian scholars and students returned from Arabic countries influenced by Wahhabi and Salafist teaching. Each year, thousands of West African Muslims get free scholarships to pursue their studies in the Sunni Arab countries; this has had a major impact on Nigerian culture.”

This “major impact” is not limited to Nigeria. Saudi Arabia annually spends over $100 billion disseminating “Wahhabi and Salafist teaching”-or what growing numbers of Muslims refer to as “true Islam”-including through European and American mosques. Behind the radicalization of ISIS, Boko Haram, and Lone Wolf jihadis stand America’s best Muslim friends and allies.

Another important finding from the report is that, “Not just radical Islam, Boko Haram being the most notable example, but also Muslim Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and the Northern Muslim political and religious elite are also major actors of targeted violence towards the Christian minority.”

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U.S. Capitol Shooting: Gunman Called Himself ‘Prophet of God’ In Previous Incident

Hearing Voices?

Larry Russell Dawson of Antioch, Tennessee has been reportedly identified as the man who allegedly drew a gun at the Capitol Visitors Center on Monday.

At a press conference outside the Capitol, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa said the suspect “drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers” during routine screening at the visitors center at 2:38 p.m. One officer fired and struck the suspect, who is undergoing surgery at the hospital. His condition is unknown. A weapon was recovered at the scene.

Verderosa would not confirm or deny the suspect’s identity as Dawson, but said the perpetrator was known to police thanks to a previous incident at the Capitol. On Oct. 22, 2015, Dawson yelled “I’m a prophet of God” from the balcony of the House of Representatives…

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A European Patriot Act Will Not Keep People Safe

The security crisis in Europe is directly tied to bad policy

It was not long after last week’s horrifying bombings in Brussels that the so-called security experts were out warning that Europeans must give up more of their liberty so government can keep them secure from terrorism. I guess people are not supposed to notice that every terrorist attack represents a major government failure and that rewarding failure with more of the same policies only invites more failure.

I am sure a frightened population will find government promises of perfect security attractive and may be willing to allow more surveillance of their personal lives. They should pause a little beforehand and consider what their governments have done so far to keep them “safe.”

The government of France, for example, has been particularly aggressive in its Middle East policy. Then-French President Sarkozy was among the most determined proponents of “regime change” in Libya. That operation has left the country in chaos, with much of the territory controlled by an ISIS and al-Qaeda that were not there before the “liberation.” As we learned last week from Hillary Clinton’s emails, Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron were much more concerned with getting their hands on Libya’s oil after the overthrow of Gaddafi. The creation of a hotbed of terrorism that could easily make its way to Europe was not important. They wanted to secure enormously profitable deals for well-connected French and English energy companies.

Likewise, European governments have been very active in the five-year, US-led effort to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. This foolish move has boosted both ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria to the point where they nearly over-ran the country late last year. It has also led millions to flee their war-torn country for a Europe that has opened its doors with the promise of generous benefits to anyone who can make it there. Is it any surprise that so many hundreds of thousands took them up on the offer? Is it any surprise that in this incredible flood of people there may be more than a few who are interested in more than just free housing and a welfare check?

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Disgraced Celebrity Surgeon’s Spoiled Dreams of Fame

Dreams of fame and fortune turned into a nightmare for a once-renowned Italian surgeon who compared himself to Doctor Frankenstein and now stands accused of using patients as guinea pigs.

Sweden’s Karolinska Institute (KI), which awards the Nobel Prize for Medicine, fired Paolo Macchiarini this week after years of controversy.

A pioneer in regenerative medicine, Paolo Macchiarini was born in Switzerland in 1958 and won international renown in 2008 after undertaking a grafted windpipe transplant using stem cells.

In medical circles, his star was rising, and he was invited to Stockholm’s KI as a visiting professor in 2010. He attained world fame for completing the first synthetic trachea transplant using stem cells in 2011…

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Dramatic Arrest of the ‘Man in White’ Seen at Brussels Airport Whose Own Sister Reported Him to the Police Two Years Ago

The ‘man in white’ seen moments before the Brussels airport bombings has reportedly been captured alive and charged with terrorism offences.

Belgian media named Faycal Cheffou as the suspect pictured alongside Ibrahim El-Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui shortly before they detonated suicide bombs in the departure hall, killing 14 people.

Along with two other men, he was charged yesterday with ‘involvement in a terrorist group, terrorist killings and attempted terrorist killings’ following a series of arrests last week. At the time, police feared another attack was imminent.

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‘England Isn’t Safe’: Donald Trump Tells Britons After Brussels ISIS Attacks

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has said “England is not a safe place” following the Brussels terror attacks.

The Republican front-runner has suggested Britain was among countries which have become “weak” and cannot protect themselves. Mr Trump said that Europe had “very, very severe” problems when it came to terrorism and that it needed better law enforcement.

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Katie Hopkins: The Real Threat is Not the Far Right — it’s the Smug Left!

When did it become acceptable to water cannon people standing up for their country while turning a blind eye to the destruction of Europe?

So let’s just get this straight.

A peace march in Belgium was cancelled over fears ISIS could use it to launch another attack on Brussels. Belgium security forces decided a March Against Fear, however topical, would be ill-advised because the fear is grounded in truth, and marching isn’t going to make it go away.

This is a bit like the people who say they are standing up to terror by continuing to use the underground. They are not actually standing up to anything. There is no real show of defiance. Everyone is scared to death.

In truth, they are gambling on the old adage lightening never strikes the same spot twice. Or for a more modern twist, suicide bombers never target the same subway twice in a week.

But if you live in jihadi central, that’s a pretty risky bet to place.

Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists, writes KATIE HOPKINS

Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists, writes KATIE HOPKINS

Right-wing protesters arrived en masse in central Brussels today and unfurled banners denouncing ISIS

Right-wing protesters arrived en masse in central Brussels today and unfurled banners denouncing ISIS

In place of the March Against Fear, a few pro-migrant groups turned up at the Old Stock Exchange in Brussels to watch mourners light candles for the dead, and shove a bit more leftie clap-trap down their throats, reminding them that irregular migrants are good people at heart and the last suicide bombers were actually home-grown, so not technically migrants at all. So that’s ok then.

In response, a group of anti-immigration protestors gathered at the Place de la Bourse to unfurl an anti-ISIS banner and vent their frustration at the direction in which the self-styled capital of Europe appears to be heading.

As far as I can tell, the March Against Fear was cancelled because there was too much fear, and a riot broke out because the police objected to a peaceful protest.

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Political Horse-Trading Threatening Poland’s Prized Arabians?

Nostrils flared and tails thrust high, a glorious herd of Arabian purebreds gallops across a paddock at Poland’s world-renowned Janow Podlaski stud farm, which insiders charge is the latest state enterprise threatened by political horse-trading.

The 200-year-old facility in the EU country’s poorer east holds an auction every August that attracts an array of wealthy Gulf state sheikhs and notables including breeder Shirley Watts, the wife of Rolling Stones’ drummer Charlie.

Prized for their speed, endurance and good looks, the ancestors of Poland’s Arabians were first bred by Bedouins centuries ago in the deserts of the modern-day Middle East…

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Scotland: Asad Shah Murder Probe: Uber Taxi Registered to Bradford Seized by Police Investigating Murder of Glasgow Shopkeeper

AN Uber taxi has been seized by police investigating the murder of shopkeeper Asad Shah — who was stabbed to death after wishing friends a “very happy Easter”.

The grey Volkswagan Passat mini-cab with Uber branding in the windscreen was parked opposite “man of peace” Mr Shah’s shop in Glasgow, where he was killed just four hours after posting his Easter message to “my beloved Christian nation”.

Police said on Friday that Mr Shah’s death was being treated as “religiously prejudiced”.

It is feared Mr Shah was set upon because he belonged to the Ahmadi Islamic community, which promotes “love for all, hatred for none” but which has been denounced as heretical by some hardline mainstream Muslims.

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UK: Judge Bans a British Father From Taking His Son to Church… Because His Mother is a Muslim

A British father has been banned from taking his son to a church after the boy’s Muslim mother won a controversial court order preventing the boy from attending.

The father — a non-practising Muslim who has forged close connections to his local Christian community and is divorced from the boy’s mother — has been warned that he could be denied access to the nine-year-old if he attempts to take him to church or to a leisure centre it runs.

Now the father, who was born in the UK to Pakistani parents, is challenging the ruling made by District Judge Williscroft at Derby County Court earlier this month.

Last week, he lodged an appeal with the High Court to have the order overturned. ‘This judge is simply scared of being branded Islamophobic,’ he said. ‘I want my son to have a balanced life in which he is exposed to different faiths and can make up his own mind about which, if any, religion he follows.’

The father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said his ex-wife insisted their son, whom she is bringing up in the Muslim faith, could ‘become confused’ if he is subjected to other religions.

‘My son is being indoctrinated and the only way I can show him other things is to take him to other places,’ said the father.

‘If I don’t show him other types of life he will become just like a dumb sheep. I want him to see and learn about different cultures.

‘This is nothing short of brain-washing him. Already he is telling me that I have a black heart, that I am a bad man, because I am not a practising Muslim. I am heartbroken that I have to keep him away from activities with local children.

‘He is being fed the same lies I was as a child and I want better for him. This judge was so busy being politically correct that she has ignored the influence of myself as a loving father. I am terrified that he will stop wanting to see me because of his indoctrination.’

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UK: Pensioner Who Owed £130 for a Petty Traffic Offence is Tracked to His House 200 Miles Away a Year Later by Bailiffs Who Try to Take His Car… Then Police Threaten to Arrest Him When He Objects

A pensioner who owed £130 for a minor traffic offence was tracked down a year later to his remote farmhouse more than 200 miles away.

Stuart Robertson, 69, was caught on CCTV straying into a lane reserved for emergency vehicles in Islington, north London, last March.

The retired gas engineer appealed to the local council, explaining that his driving had been safe. Having not heard from them after 11 months, he assumed they had let him off.

So he was astonished when he came home to find two bailiffs trying to remove his car, pick-up truck and trailer.

After he demanded to know what they were doing, three police officers turned up with flashing blue lights and threatened to arrest him if he did not pay a £500 fine or let the bailiffs take his vehicles. They said the fine had gone up almost four-fold because of the cost of sending bailiffs round.

They also confiscated his two shotguns, claiming he was drunk and breaching the peace.

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UK: Student Captures Shocking Islamophobic Tirade on the Tube as Passenger Rants ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists’

This is the shocking moment a commuter launched an Islamophobic tirade against a young woman as she travelled on the London Underground.

The student was shocked to witness the rant as she boarded a train on the Jubilee Line near Stratford on Friday.

She filmed the man, who has not been identified, loudly branding all Muslims ‘terrorists’ before posting the short clip on social media — prompting outrage from readers who labelled him a ‘coward’.

[Comment to the article: “Be aware that this is probably a setup by a pro immigrant group designed to try and raise sympathy for them. This kind of stunt is becoming more common now along with the usual cries of “wascist”!”]

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Selective Justice at the Hague

Srdja Trifkovic discusses on Radio Sputnik International the sentencing of Dr. Radovan Karadzic at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. [Audio]

Trifkovic: The verdict had been written well in advance of Karadzic’s arrest in 2008. All key points in the verdict had been prepared well in advance based on a previous sentence, against General [Radislav] Krstic, when the “Srebrenica genocide” was quasi-legally verified. This is the logical outcome of a politicized tribunal with politicized proceedings…

Sputnik: What are we going to see now, when it comes to the future of the Republika Srpska?

Trifkovic: We are going to see the use of this verdict as another building bloc in the political case for the dismantling of the Dayton Agreement, signed in the fall of 1995, which recognized the Republika Srpska as a semi-autonomous entity within Bosnia-Herzegovina. This will be used, together with some previous verdicts, as justification for a sustained attempt to delegitimize its existence and to claim that—having verified the guilt of Karadzic—it is now time to look for another arrangement for the future of Bosnia-Herzegovina as a more or less unitarized state—in which, by virtue of their members, the Muslims will have predominance.

Sputnik: Many people will probably think “well, this is the end of an era, the end of the story,” but it’s not going to be like that in your opinion?

Trifkovic: Not at all. The whole show at The Hague Tribunal has the task of providing legal justification for the decisions made by the Western powers in the 1990’s. Nobody at The Hague is looking at the circumstances that led to the civil war in Bosnia, the way in which the illegal referendum on February 29-March 1, 1992 resulted in the war; or at the role of the American Ambassador in Belgrade at that time, Warren Zimmermann, who flew to Sarajevo in March 1992 to dissuade Alija Izetbegovic, the Muslim leader, from accepting the plan put together by the European Union under Portugals’ presidency, the plan which could have prevented the war even before the first shot was fired. This is selective justice by a tribunal with a clear brief to prove Serbian guilt as retroactive justification for political decisions made at the time…

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Israel Sees Heady Future for Medical Marijuana

With its moat, wall, barbed wire, armed guards and security cameras, the facility could be mistaken for a military base if it weren’t for the pungent odour of marijuana in the air.

Here, on the outskirts of a quiet village in northern Israel, 50,000 plants of 230 varieties grow at the country’s second-largest medical cannabis plantation.

“For cannabis, we are in the promised land with a good climate, 300 days of sunshine each year and perfect levels of humidity,” said Tamir Gedo, head of BOL Pharma, a company authorised by the Israeli health ministry to grow and distribute medical cannabis.

The recreational use of cannabis is illegal in the Jewish state, but for the past 10 years its therapeutic use has not only been permitted but also encouraged…

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Al-Jazeera Says to Cut Around 500 Jobs, Most in Qatar

Broadcaster Al-Jazeera said on Sunday that it is to shed around 500 jobs, most of them at its Qatar headquarters, as part of a “workforce optimisation initiative.”

Al-Jazeera said in a statement that after a management review it was “expected that around 500 positions worldwide will be impacted, the majority of which are in Qatar”.

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Diyarbakir’s St. Giragos Armenian Church Among Properties Expropriated by Turkish Government

DIYARBAKIR, DIKRANAGERD (Armenian Weekly)—A list of lands and buildings in Diyarbakir’s Sur district—including the Surp Giragos Armenian Apostolic and the Armenian Catholic Churches—have been expropriated by the Turkish government, according to reports.

Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos reported that an “urgent expropriation” cabinet decision was taken regarding 6,300 plots of land, citing the March 25 issue of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey (T.C. Resmi Gazete), the country’s official journal that publishes new legislation and official announcements. Based on the report, the Surp Sarkis Chaldean Church, Virgin Mary Ancient Assyrian Church, and the city’s Protestant church have also been expropriated.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Heritage Director Nevin Soylukaya told Agos that some properties belonging to the municipality have also been expropriated, and that the local government will initiate legal action. She also urged owners of other expropriated properties to take legal action. Armenian Weekly contributor and member of the Surp Giragos Church reconstruction project Raffi Bedrosyan said that there will be a strong effort to reclaim the lands. “All legal and political channels will be mobilized within Turkey and internationally to stop this legalized robbery,” Bedrosyan told the Armenian Weekly.

According to Agos, lands in Abdaldede, Alipasa, Cemal Yilmaz, Camikebir, Cevatpasa, Dabanoglu, Hasirli, Inönü, Iskenderpasa, Lalebey, Malikahmet, Özdemir, Süleymangazi, Savas, Semhane, and Ziyagökalp neighborhoods, as well as two neighborhoods in Yenisehir province have been expropriated through the decision.

On Feb. 14, reports emerged that the Armenian Catholic Church of Diyarbakir had suffered extensive damages during clashes between Turkish armed forces and Kurdish militants in recent months. A series of images depicting the extent of the damage to the church were posted on the “Armenian Church Surp Giragos and Surp Sarkis in Diyarbakir” Facebook page. The Armenian Catholic Church is located in the historic Sur district of Diyarbakir, which has been a target of military operations by the Turkish state.

Bedrosyan in a Jan. 7 article had written that “[The historic Sur district] is now mostly in ruins. Most of the buildings have been destroyed by rockets and cannon fire from army tanks. The Surp Giragos Church has escaped relatively unscathed with only broken windows and some bullet holes. But the Armenian Catholic Church had its doors broken down and some internal damage. The most important mosque in Sur, the historic Kursunlu Mosque—originally the St. Theodoros or Toros Armenian Church, converted to a mosque in the 16th century—has been completely burned down.”

Armenians from around the world flocked to Surp Giragos Church in Diyarbakir on Oct. 22, 2011, to attend both the consecration of the largest Armenian Church in the Middle East and the Badarak held the following day. The church was renovated by the Surp Giragos Armenian Foundation, which received funding from Armenians all over the world, with the support of the local Kurdish-controlled municipality of the time.

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France ‘Changing Stance on Assad-Must-Go’ After Paris Attacks

It is up to the Syrian people to decide the fate of their President Bashar Assad, French lawmaker Thierry Mariani told RIA Novosti news agency.

On Friday, Mariani led a group of five opposition center-right Republican Party MPs on a visit to Syria where they plan to meet with local political and religious leaders.

“The situation in Syria is developing well and even though I am an opposition politician I welcome the recent change in our government’s position, which made no difference between Daesh and Assad. Now they draw a clear line between the two: first we get rid of Daesh and then we’ll see what to do with the Syrian government. I think it is the right way to go, but I still believe that we should ask Syrians what they themselves think about this,” Mariani said ahead of the visit.

Commenting on the Syrian army’s advance Thierry Mariani said that the liberation of Palmyra would be very good news.

“I believe that everyone who is really against terrorism should rejoice at the Syrian army’s successes. This does not mean we endorse the Syrian regime, it only means that we know who the enemy is threatening France, the West, Russia, Belgium — everyone. This enemy is Daesh and it is our paramount task to fight it,” Mariani said.

He also wished that the French authorities had changed their stance right after the November terrorist attacks in Paris.

Noting that Syria was the place many French jihadists are being trained to kill, Thierry Mariani emphasized the need for data-exchange cooperation with the Syrian government — something still refuses to do.

“This is a paradoxical situation we have here: most of the people we are looking for have gone to Syria and we have no coordination with Syrian security services. By breaking off our ties with Damascus we have deprived ourselves of vital information that would help us prevent terrorist attacks,” Thierry Mariani said in conclusion.

On November 13, extremists wearing explosive belts and carrying automatic weapons attacked several sites across Paris, killing 132 and injuring dozens of people at restaurants, the Bataclan concert hall and in the vicinity of the Stade de France sports arena. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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Inside the Palmyra ISIS Left Behind: First Images of Ancient Syrian City After Recapture

THE first images of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra since it was recaptured from the clutches of evil Islamic State (ISIS) have emerged — showing the devastating destruction caused by heartless jihadis.

Destroyed ancient artefacts and dilapidated temples are all that is left of the Unesco World Heritage site of Palmyra after ruthless ISIS maniacs took hold of the precious area.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops finally reclaimed the city after 10 months under the rule of ISIS, but discovered little more than a ghost town remained.

Photographs show how the 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel and the Arch of Triumph have been turned to rubble.

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ISIS ‘Crucifies Catholic Priest on Good Friday’ After Kidnapping Him From Old People’s Home Where Four Nuns Were Shot Dead

The Indian Catholic priest kidnapped by ISIS-linked terrorists in Yemen earlier this month was crucified on Good Friday, it has been claimed.

Father Thomas Uzhunnalil, 56, was taken by Islamist gunmen, reportedly linked to ISIS, who attacked an old people’s home in Aden, southern Yemen, killing at least 15 people, on March 4.

The terrorists reportedly carried out the heinous murder on Good Friday, after threatening to do so earlier in the week, according to the Archbishop of Vienna.

It is not known how the Archbishop became aware of Father Thomas’ alleged fate, but his confirmation of the crucifixion during Easter Vigil Mass was reported in Austrian media.

A spokesperson for the cardinal today admitted that while he did say that the priest has been crucified, he has no confirmation of Father Thomas’ fate.

‘The cardinal based his statements on news published on Arabic language web sites. The validity of this information has, however, not been confirmed,’ said Arhdiocese Vienna’s head of media relations, Michael Prüller.

‘The cardinal doesn’t himself have any sources that have confirmed the death of Father Tom.

‘Thus, for the time being, there’s still basis for hope that Father Tom is alive,’ said Mr Prüller…

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Israel Urges Citizens to Leave Turkey, Cites Islamic State Threat

Israel urged its citizens in Turkey on Monday to leave “as soon as possible” in an upgraded travel advisory predicting possible follow-up attacks to the March 19 suicide bombing in Istanbul blamed on Islamic State.

Three Israeli tourists and an Iranian were killed in the Istanbul attack, which prompted the counter-terrorism bureau in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office to issue a generalised “level 3” warning against travel to Turkey.

A statement by the bureau raised this to “level 2” on Monday, signifying what it called a “high concrete threat” that Islamic State or similar groups would attack Turkish tourist attractions. It did not elaborate on what prompted the alert.

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Syria Army Vows to ‘End IS’ In Raqa, Deir Ezzor After Palmyra Win

“Palmyra will be the central base to broaden operations… against Daesh in numerous areas, primarily Deir Ezzor and Raqa,” the army said in a statement carried by state media, using an Arabic name for IS.

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Terror Wave Adds to Fears for Fragile Turkish Economy

Six suicide attacks in eight months and a spat with Russia have added to concerns for the Turkish economy as tourists flee, taking billions of dollars in spending elsewhere, and foreign investors skirt the troubled country.

Days after a suspected Islamic State jihadist blew himself up on a top shopping street in Istanbul, hotels, restaurants and retailers in the city are counting their losses.

Shops and restaurants on Istiklal Street, the usually bustling two-kilometre-long pedestrian artery targeted in the March 19 attack, complain of a sharp drop in business since the bombing, which killed four foreigners and injured dozens…

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UAE Jails 11 for Life Over ‘Terror Plots’

A top court in the United Arab Emirates jailed 11 people for life on Sunday after convicting them of jihadist links and plotting “terrorist” attacks in the Gulf country, state media reported.

The Federal Supreme court in Abu Dhabi jailed two others for 15 years, 13 for 10 years, six for three years, and two for five years, the official WAM news agency said.

Seven defendants were acquitted…

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Untold Story of Syrian Coup: Who is Really Behind the Plot to Topple Assad?

In his recent Op-Ed for Russia Today Neil Clark, a journalist, writer, broadcaster and blogger, writes that former US Secretary of State Clinton’s emails as well as secret labels and reports provided by Wikileaks and American conservative educational foundation Judicial Watch show that Washington was by no means an innocent bystander, but went out of its way to destabilize Syria and exploit its ethnic and religious divisions.What previously seemed to be just a set of circumstances have turned out to be elements of a highly thought-out and well-orchestrated project.

Nothing hinted at any trouble back in 2006, when US Ambassador to Syria William Roebuck sent a cable to the White House describing “potential vulnerabilities” of the Assad government and the “possible means to exploit them.”

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Workers Suffer in Saudi as Once-Mighty Hariri Firm Falters

He’s had no salary for six months, he cannot pay his children’s school fees and his permit to reside in Saudi Arabia has expired.

But Robert still holds out hope that things might improve for him and thousands of other workers at Saudi Oger Ltd, the once-mighty construction giant led by Lebanon’s billionaire former prime minister Saad Hariri.

Delayed receipts from a Saudi government whose oil revenues collapsed over the past two years have left employees of the company struggling to survive while they wait to be paid, Robert and other sources say.

Other contractors are also affected, but sources say problems at the 38-year-old Saudi Oger go deeper than the kingdom’s current economic strains…

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Easter Suicide Bombing a Preview of the Persecution Christians Will Face During the Tribulation?

At least 65 people were killed and at least 300 were injured when an Islamic suicide bomber targeted a group of Christians that were celebrating Easter in a park in Lahore, Pakistan on Sunday. Photographs and videos from the scene show bodies that are absolutely covered in blood and that are mangled beyond description. To be honest, many of them are so graphic that I would not feel comfortable sharing them with my readers. This brutal attack comes right on the heels of the horrific terror bombings in Brussels, Belgium, and it appears that we have entered a period of time when there will be a feeding frenzy of Islamic terrorism. According to Wikipedia, there have been 96 such terror attacks since the start of 2016 alone, and this is already shaping up to be a record setting year for Islamic terror. But of course this is just the beginning. What we will see in the months and years to come will be far worse. In fact, attacks like the one that we witnessed on Easter are just a very small preview of the persecution that Christians will experience during the coming Tribulation period.

This suicide bombing in Lahore was particularly reprehensible because it targeted women and children. In fact, the Daily Mail is reporting that “most of the victims are believed to be women and children”…

Suicide bombers have killed at least 65 people and injured more than 300 more in an attack aimed at Christians in a park in Pakistan.

The blast happened in the parking area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore, a few metres away from children’s swings, and most of the victims are believed to be women and children.

Authorities have so far confirmed the deaths of 65 people at the park, where Christians had been celebrating Easter, but they expect the death toll to rise.

How could someone do that?

How could someone strap on a bomb and dive into a crowd of women and children at a park?

Incredibly, many mainstream news reports in the United States do not even mention that Christians were the target of this attack. Just check out this CNN article where there are no mentions of Christians at all. The political correctness of our mainstream media continues to extend to ridiculous new extremes.

The same thing could also be said of our politicians. During his weekend radio address, Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to bring in 100,000 new refugees this year despite the recent suicide bombings…

And as I have written about previously, Obama’s refugee program appears to be specifically targeting small towns in the most conservative parts of America.

When will people wake up?

All over the world, violence against Christians is rising.

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Opponents of Malaysian PM Step Up Drive to Oust Him

Leaders from across Malaysia’s political spectrum said Sunday they plan to present a petition to the country’s Islamic royalty seeking the removal of scandal-plagued Prime Minister Najib Razak over a corruption crisis.

The highly unusual grouping of heavyweights from the ruling party, the opposition and civil society groups was formed in early March, when it issued a call to “save” Malaysia from disaster by removing Najib.

A succession of speakers pressed that demand during a rally attended by several hundred supporters Sunday, accusing Najib of using his office to thwart scrutiny of the graft allegations and avoid justice…

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New Kid on the Block: China Set to Globally Build Up Its Arms Exports

China is the world’s largest arms exporter, after the US and Russia. At the same, Chinese arms producers are still in pursuit of their niche in the global market.

The Chinese newspaper The People’s Daily recently published an article about possible buyers of Chinese-made weapons, particularly the new FC-20 jet fighter.

“Among the potential buyers are developing nations which have no military ties with the West,” the article read. Those regions are Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

At the same time, the US considers arms exports as a “diplomatic indicator” distinguishing friends and foes, the newspaper noted.

On the contrary, China is free from political prejudices in its arms trading.

Chinese-made weapons are high in demand due to their low price tags and high quality, close to their Western analogues.

The J-15 jet fighter was a copy of the Russian-made Su-33 aircraft, while the J-31 was based on the American F-35B. And there are many more of such examples. The Chinese defense industry has been copying many types of military hardware, including tanks, artillery, combat vehicles, guns etc.

Beijing is not concerned with the place in the market China is currently holding. This month, the government has announced two major initiatives on the issue.

First, the Chinese defense industry is going private, but of course, in the Chinese sense of the term. The industry is strictly controlled by the government, and any company employing over 50 employees is supervised by a party official.

Second, China is set to create a defense research agency (an analogue to the US DARPA), Popular Science reported. Unlike the US agency, the Chinese agency will supervise the industry.

The agency will run research programs, promote innovation and integrate them with the Chinese Armed Forces.

The possible scenario is that the bulk of Chinese defense research would be done by state-owned companies, not by private firms.

Currently, there are some 1,000 private defense companies operating in China, 127 percent more than in 2010. They are controlled by the State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND). This year, SASTIND will intensify efforts to build up Chinese arms exports and develop an export-oriented defense industry.

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‘Nothing Has Changed’ Says Abused Hong Kong Maid Erwiana

It is just over a year since Erwiana Sulistyaningsih’s Hong Kong employer was jailed for horrific abuse of her maid in a case that made headlines around the world.

After pictures of Erwiana’s extensive injuries went viral in 2014, the young Indonesian became the face of a movement determined to force change for the army of more than 300,000 migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.

Although she never admitted her guilt, employer Law Wan-tung was jailed for six years, a triumph for quietly spoken Erwiana who was held up as a hero…

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Nigeria Verifying if ‘Bomber’ Is Kidnapped Chibok Girl

Nigeria is sending a team to Cameroon on Monday to verify a would-be suicide bomber’s claim that she is one of the 276 school girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram from the northern town of Chibok.

With less than a month before the two-year anniversary of the brazen kidnapping which shook the world, 219 Chibok students are still missing and there are few signs that the Nigerian government is making progress on securing their release.

The Nigerian government said it would be sending a team to the Cameroonian capital Yaounde to meet the girl, who was arrested along with another would-be bomber…

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Architect of EU Refugee Disaster Links TPP-TTIP “Trade” Treaties

Global Business Dialogue, a coalition of corporate globalists promoting world government through so-called free trade agreements, sent an e-mail to its members on March 21 praising a speech by Cecilia Malmstrom, a key architect of the disastrous migrant/refugee program that is devastating her native Sweden and all of Europe.

Malmstrom (shown) is an executive member of Sweden’s Liberal People’s Party, which has unsuccessfully pushed for Sweden to replace its national currency, the krona, with the EU’s euro. She has also served as Sweden’s Commissioner for European Affairs (2006-2010) and, more recently, as the European Union’s Commissioner for Home Affairs (2010-2014). In both of those major posts, Malmstrom labored to expand EU controls, at the expense of national sovereignty, and, especially, to undermine border security and do away with restrictions on migration.

The migration/refugee swells that grew to a flood in 2014 and a tsunami in 2015 are largely the result of her handiwork. While most Europeans, according to polls, view the massive influx of 1.5 million migrants (mostly Muslim and a large percentage of which are young males of military age) as an unmitigated disaster, Malmstrom has been rewarded by the EU’s ruling plutocrats. Specifically, she has been promoted to EU Commissioner for Trade, with a chief mission to win approval for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the globalist scheme that would merge (economically and politically) the United States with the EU, in much the same way that the formerly independent nations of Europe have been brought under the control of the increasingly oppressive EU oligarchy in Brussels.

[Comment: Banksters reward her for a “job well done” in destroying Sweden.]

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Pope Slams ‘Rejection’ of Migrants, Refugees in Easter Message

Pope Francis on Sunday spoke out against the “rejection” of migrants and refugees during his Easter message as Europe struggles with its biggest migration crisis since World War II.

“The Easter message of the risen Christ… invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future, an ever more numerous throng of migrants and refugees… fleeing from war, hunger, poverty and social injustice.

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Pope’s Easter Message Condemns Those Who Prevent Migrants From Crossing Borders

VATICAN CITY, March 27 (UPI) — Just as he did during his Christmas address, Pope Francis on Easter remembered the suffering of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, but this time condemned those who wish to prevent them from crossing borders.

During his urbi et orbi address from St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, the pope remembered the suffering of people from Syria, Libya and Yemen and urged Christians to reach out to them.

“The Easter message of the risen Christ,” he said, is “a message of life for all humanity, echoes down the ages and invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future, an ever more numerous throng of migrants and refugees — including many children — fleeing from war, hunger, poverty and social injustice.”

He had particularly harsh words for those who wish to prevent migrants from seeking safety outside their homeland.

“All too often, these brothers and sisters of ours meet along the way with death or, in any event, rejection by those who could offer them welcome and assistance.”

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UK: NHS Use of Foreign Nurses Leads to Higher Immigration, Home Office Find

HOSPITAL chiefs are driving up migration by using cheap foreign nurses as a “get out of jail free” card instead of training British staff, a study has revealed.

NHS trusts and the Department of Health prefer to fly in overseas recruits rather than spend money on nurturing homegrown talent, Home Office advisers found.

More than 8,000 nurses were brought in from abroad last year, nearly double the previous year’s figure, to plug gaps in the workforce.

In a highly critical report, the Migration Advisory Committee said staff shortages “could, and should, have been anticipated” by the Department of Health and other sector employers.

Announcing that nursing should be put on the “shortage occupation list” so recruits can be more easily brought in from outside the EU, the head of the committee, Professor Sir David Metcalf, said: “We have reluctantly made this recommendation. However, there is no good reason why the supply of nurses cannot be sourced domestically.”

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12 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/28/2016

  1. Pope has reduced himself to Mr. Nobody. He has turned the catholic church into a joke. It’s clear that he too wants the invasion of Europe. It’s clear that what happened is a concomitance of forces: muslim Obama president of USA, muslim Trudeau prime minister of Canada, sellout Merkel prime minister of Germany, conservative pope retires in a first in five centuries.

    The only countries standing in the way of a full blown invasion of Europe are Macedonia (pro-Russian president), Bulgaria (pro-Russian president) and the eastern European countries that haven’t been systematically brainwashed into hating themselves.

    • The Pope as I understand specifically condemned countries that do not let through refugees. Now, the big question – is someone who sets sail from Turkey, illegally lands on a Greek island then demands to be let through northwards, while throwing stones or holding a banner saying “open or die” a refugee? The Macedonian government, for one, evidently thinks not…

    • Pope,the Patriarch of Konstantinople and the Archbishope of Greece are For the NWO.
      So we do not expect something good from them.
      I hope that the Patriarch of Russia does not belong to their group.

      In Vatican there is ample space for a large hot-spot if he is so much pro-“refugee”

      Now ,a historic advice.

      Macedonia is not a country,is the northern province of Greece.
      The country that you write about was called,(during Tito’s ruling)Vardarska Banovina,and today is called FYROM.
      It’s people are of a slavic origin,unless you think that Alexander,and Aristoteles were Slavs,which is impossible since the slavs came to the Balkan peninsula in the 6th century A.D.

      Now why they insist of calling their country Macedonia?
      Well this is a very long story which at the end will lead to a very nasty bloodshed,because we(the Greeks)will not let every bastard appropriating our identity.

      • The Greek goverment could have closed the border but the greek prime minister is like Merkel, an ethno-traitor.

        They both are in favour of Gudenhove-Kallergi Plan.

        Unless we have more Orbans,we are lost.

      • Macedonia is a country and a province of Greece, two in one. Another example is Georgia a country and Georgia US state. It is not the case to stand by Greece today and trash Macedonia some more. Greece is fine with the demise of Europeans altogether, the tiny Macedonia is not. If there were a war between the two countries today, I would go and die for Macedonia. And these words are coming from somebody who is a christian orthodox Albanian with much more connection to Greece than to Macedonia. It is time that we call Macedonia by its own name and stop calling it FYROM to please Greek Quislings. No Macedonian here to translate this speech into Macedonian language? Drop by drop is grown the worldwide PR campaign to give to Macedonia what belongs to Macedonia.

  2. They call it invasion. They have shiny powerful armies and do nothing about it. How cheap would it be today to win this war against this invasion, the cheapest defense in history. They wait for the invader to enter inside in the tens of millions, then surrender him everything. The invader is already behaving like a bold winner since a few decades: rape and pillage of the conquered. What do western men do? They parade cross-dressed like women. Now, that’s a powerful weapon that will scare the invader away. They have powerful armies designed to defend themselves, now they have made it immoral to defend themselves. Very soon everything will be grabbed from them, countries and everything. Then they will finally be able to live in the high moral ground, because the lowly ground made of dirt will be gone.

  3. I am 71 , I fear not for myself but for my children and grandchildren, never in my life did I think there would be such an expansion of the Muslim horde. We were warned back in the 60’s and 70’s but few would listen.

  4. *** first we get rid of Daesh and then we’ll see what to do with the Syrian government. I think it is the right way to go, but I still believe that we should ask Syrians what they themselves think about this,” Mariani said ahead of the visit. ***

    The arrogance of these people is astonishing.

    • Who are” these people “? If you are referring to Monsieur Mariani, then please understand that he is not at all by the French gov. He is only repeating what was agreed in the Geneva talks on Syria.

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