Germans Suffer From Comfort-Induced Idiocy

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According to these European scholars, Europe is experiencing the negative, unintended consequences of unprecedented affluence brought on by post-WW2 secular materialism.

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Societal Change — A Psychologist’s Devastating Assessment: Germans Suffer From Comfort-Induced Idiocy

February 25, 2016

So much bad seems to be happening right now that many people feel the world is teetering on the brink. Three researchers in three different disciplines share this judgment and sum up the madness in plain language. The world seems out of joint. Europe is on the verge of breaking apart in the struggle over how to control the refugee crisis. International terrorism is assuming an increasingly ominous aspect. The Cold War seems to be rebounding. And climate change is advancing. According to the Magdeburg political scientist, Thomas Kliche, these threatening scenarios in Germany led to a “globalization shock” which is forcing us to second-guess our own opinions. The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung has reported on it.

According to Kliche — says the report — we are faced with an increasingly interconnected and mutually interdependent world, with new realities which would require us to put to the test what has been believed until now. This is painful and uncomfortable. The expert in political psychology tells the newspaper that, besides this “globalization shock”, society is suffering from a stupidity brought on by [an excess of] comfort.

We Are All of us Dysfunctional”

When people prefer to go on vacation or jungle-camp instead of getting involved in the basics of the economy, politics and society, democracy is not in good shape, says Kliche. The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung quotes the professor: “Research is already talking about a late or intermediate phase of democracy.”

The researcher is not alone in this less than optimistic estimate In an interview with Zeit, the psychotherapist Joachim Maaz joins him to some extent in this attitude. Maaz, too, speaks of serious, undesirable social developments, and comes to the conclusion: “We are all dysfunctional.” The psychoanalyst’s criticism was: People participated in the wildness of growth, in the rush of consumerism; everything had to be better, higher, further.

French Economist: War Between Germany and France Conceivable Again

The French economist Jacques Atali views Europe’s future with concern. In the economist’s opinion, tensions between European states and the dissolution of the Schengen agreement do not augur a rosy future for the continent. Atali even sees a war on the European horizon. “I am convinced, if we go on as we are, there will be a new Franco-German war before the end of the century,” said Atali in a Wednesday interview with the TV channel BFMTV.

The future will show whether the scholars’ grim prognoses prove true. But there can be no doubt that we are confronting unsettled, if not stormy, times.

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  1. …how to control the refugee crisis.

    Except that it’s not a “refugee” crisis. It’s an intentional demographic shift to erase Western Civilization.

    And climate change is advancing.

    Except for that little 19-year “pause,” and the fact that not one single doomsday prediction has come true, yeah, it’s just plain terrifying.

    Anyone who can look at the destruction of civilization around us and still think that their global warming hoax is a major concern is utterly insane.

    • These are two intertwined issues that are equally destructive. The Oil and Internal combustion engine industry is just as dangerous as the Islamic invasion. Both can be stopped cold if the People demanded it and acted accordingly. If one hundred million Europeans went out to stop the invasion, it would stop. If one hundred million Europeans stopped buying fossil-fuel vehicles and opted for electric mobility, than oil would become redundant. If oil is un-needed then middle-eastern powers and interests become powerless, allowing for forceful decisions. Europeans and Americans are too comfortably lazy to do both, hence the double crisis. As for Obama, he is FOR the inavsion and does his best to divert attantion by using the climate question which is entirely peripheral to the non-particle emissions which are far more of a clear and present danger than climate.

      • And the electricity to run the electric cars comes from… where?

        The lack of warming and the lack of fulfilled ecological doomsday scenarios shows that fossil fuel is not the demon the alarmists say it is. The threat has turned out to be wrong. It’s time, according to scientific method, to say, “Oops. Our theory was mistaken.”

        Oil is not poison. It is the life-blood of civilization. The people who provide it are not monsters. They are wealthy because they have chosen to sell the thing that is more necessary than anything other than food. In fact, modern machinery propelled by oil and internal combustion provides for the production and delivery of food. Internal combustion has done more than anything to mitigate and, in many cases, eliminate malnourishment and starvation.

        If anyone has unearned wealth it is the peddlers of games and diversions, which are the things that have made people lazy, dumb and apathetic.

        • Excellent point! Ridiculous as it sounds, a large percentage of ‘green’ people really do think of electricity as completely green, since it just comes from a plug in the wall!

          My neighbouring province, Alberta, e.g. generates 74% of its power from coal, and 21% from gas. So 5% is ‘green’, from those unsightly windmills, just imagine if the windmills were to take up the slack and generate the other 95%! And just imagine the power bill, as power from windmills and solar is extremely expensive.

          Nor is the sea level rising, despite the imbecilic howls from the climate ‘scientists’ that “yes, indeed the sea level has risen 2 metres in the Maldives…..” (which are sinking, and any wonder, when you look at Male!) The oceans are inter-connected, and it’s not going up in London, Buenos Aires, Sydney etc..

        • You are 100% correct ( in my humble opinion ) Oil and natural gas have provided the wealth, which have allowed us to clean up our environment. Prior to fossil fuels most people spent most of their time securing food, wood for heat and cooking, etc. The west is cleaner for having fossil fuels.

      • To: yuval Brandstetter MD

        Sorry, but your idea for electric cars is [one that I vigorously dispute]. The Koreans have given up on electric cars, because they realized that they would have to double the number of power stations, AND extent the network in the sense of extra cabling and strengthening.

        Replacing combustion engines with electric ones will be worse in Europe and far worse in the US, longer distances. Further, electric cars are not only very inconvenient, but also HORRIBLY INEFFICIENT! Never mind the electric motor in an electric car, the whole process matters. As well as expensive, copper + RARE materials for the heavy batteries required to be carried all the time, they don’t lose mass with mileage – unlike a fuel tank.

        Gets worse: Fuel cost is approximately 100% higher, in today’s prices. Gets worse, power stations are completely, 100%, UNFILTERED – unlike combustion engine powered cars. Thus electric cars are UNFILTERED cars. BTW, a 500MW power station is a 670,511hp engine.

        Gets worse: Fuel cost is astronomical. You buy petrol and you buy 50MJ/kg mass unit (per ~1.2L or ~0.317gal). A kWh consists of 3.6MJ, thus there are ~13.89 kWh in a kg of petrol = total financial disaster.

        It’s not all bad news, for the manufacturer it’s something extra to sell, tax breaks and research grants…

        Let me paint you a picture: Eight times as many electric cars in the US than petrol powered ones. Within a few years they disappear, except for milk floats. Fuel is too expensive and filling them up takes for ever and a day. Range is too limited, unless you add batteries – greater fuel consumption due to increased vehicle mass and relatively less range, due to increased vehicle mass. What’s wrong with this picture? Answer: It’s rather dated, very early 20th century. Modern batteries are still much heavier than petrol…

        I know you mean well, but there’s nothing new or exciting about electric cars. The electric brigade argued then as it does now that the actual engine efficiency for an electric motor is much better than for one of these new fangled Otto engines from Germany. True. Then it was about 85% vs about 12% for the Otto. Now it’s even better, about 95-98% vs about 33-40%. But have a look at the supply chain, and it’s still a nightmare for the electric cars.


      • “The Oil and Internal combustion engine industry is just as dangerous as the Islamic invasion.”

        This has to be one of the most [seemingly ill-informed] statements I have ever read. Sounds like you [superfluous pejorative redacted].

        Oil and fossil fuels have done more good for mankind than any other force in the history of the planet. Harnessing them has brought billions out of poverty, cold, famine, destitution and a nasty, brutish and short life.

        [Additional pejoratives redacted].

      • This is from the same guy who said that Germany was experiencing collective divine punishment (how Marxist) for the holocaust (even though practically nobody left alive had anything to do with it).

        I suppose we’ll get collective divine punishment for the carbon emissions too. Great flood, Noah’s ark and all that…. (In fact this is the cultural schema that has been and is being exploited to make anthropogenic climate change into a religion.)

    • I don’t think the issue is that the climate is changing, it’s always changing. The real issue is what action can the state take that would make a scrap of difference. The idea that any unilateral action taken by a state can do anything to stop this is ridiculous, and not worth even trying. Now if we had a paradigm shift in how we produced and utilized energy world wide, that would change things, but this is not possible at this time, so why should we enact any policy to do anything, if such a policy does not work. Typical liberal thinking, we are doing something even though it does not work, therefore we can feel good about ourselves.

    • The comfort-induced idiocy is a good and pithy way of putting it.
      But as you say RKae, the very notion of “climate change” is a large contributory factor that sums that up-so for the Psychobabels to include it as a problem only makes THEM complicit in the same idiocy.
      That what passes for “First World Science” ends up like a sandwich board outside a 60s football match with “The End Of The World Is Nigh” written in crayon is as good a symbol of the death of western thought as I know.
      No science-no faith-just Islamic solutions to deal with the secular fools who will go the way of Tudeh before the Ayatollah.
      Being a religious type-I see Islam as Gods purgative-I won`t be taking the medicine, but then again I know my history and how Islam operates…the oafs and snowflakes will either be improved or removed.
      Sadly, they`ll invariably choose the latter-like halal showponies taken to the souk, but with lots of liberal cow eyes mooching sadly by the roadside on gently sloping hills.

  2. “When people prefer to go on vacation or jungle-camp instead of getting involved in the basics of the economy, politics and society, democracy is not in good shape” well put, it reminded me of my vacous childless female workmates, a dozen of almost menopausal women who keep talking about their last or their coming trip to south america to worship the andean mother earth godess and things like that. ps: I am from Germany (unfortunately)

    • As much as a year ago, I’d say you were fortunate to be German. A country associated with discipline, work ethic, high standards of living and great technology (and Autobahns), as well as being big on culture and family values.

      Although always with an undercurrent of self-loathing and being ashamed, and extreme naivety, which last year came to the fore. Also, it seems that the further Germany moves away from the War, the more Germans are ashamed of it, and feel the need to atone for it… am I right in thinking this?

      • Greetings

        Thank you for your doubt.

        Almost nothing you have been taught about Germany during WWI and WWII is true.

        The Germans have been systematically brainwashed about their own history by mendacious tricksters who wish to conceal the war crimes of the allies against the Germans. Research “Sefton Delmer” and “Walendy” to earn about ongoing officially sanctioned hate propaganda against Germany.

        The mainstream media is full of false stories.

        Use your discrimination.

        A recent story about an Auschwitz witness mentioned that he saw smoke and flames and smelled the overpowering smell of burning human flesh coming from the chimneys of the crematorium. The crematorium (both the actual building and the 1947 Russian replica shown to tourists) has one very large chimney. The ‘witness’ was actually describing the camp kitchen! This building, with a row of chimneys, one of 12 such kitchens has often been (deliberately?) misidentified as a crematorium.

        Do you believe that the media would correct the above story? Most unlikely.


        • Greetings Rolf,

          With all due respect, I know of people who were experimented on in concentration camps. A good friend of my family also had a good deal of her extended family perish in the Holocaust. (she only escaped, as her parents managed to get a flight to Sweden, in the nick of time). My own grandfather was imprisoned in a Gestapo cell for a year, and was twice on the railway tracks awaiting transport to Auschwitz (which fortunately never came). Even back then, everyone knew what the word “Auschwitz” meant – almost certain death… yes, I’m comfortable that all events from that era happened as they were described. Even if Allied war crimes also happened, and even if playing the “Nazi” card to shut up any conversation about immigration is also stupid and wrong.

      • You are quite right, to many germans today being from here is a transgression against the rest of the planet a crime one must expiate by being generous to people who hate/envy us.

        • No matter how many times I read this from people who know this thinking first hand, I still cannot grasp why any German my age or younger would feel the least bit “responsible” for what a portion of the earlier generations did. I was one when the war in Europe ended. Whatever good or evil was done by the US between 1932 and 1945 in no way reflects on me. I am appalled by Eisenhower’s complicity in Operation Keelhaul but all that teaches me is how dangerous it is to give fallible men great political power.

          I am not being critical. I am just saying I can’t understand this, to me, mistaken sense of guilt. Any propaganda attempting to instill this guilt I would see as absurd.

          • Leftists hate themselves.

            Deep inside. they think that they are bad people, thus the guilt.

            Normal people would try to change that self-hatred, but that is the only way that Leftists know how to live, and changing everything that they know terrifies them.

            It’s the same reason that alcoholics and drug addicts won’t make the changes necessary to live sober. All of that heavy baggage may be killing them, but it’s their baggage and it’s all that they know. Which is also why they are so eager to take on the baggage of people long dead: it reinforces their comfortable self-hatred.

            And yet, they know that it would be possible to be happy if they could just find an easy way to shed that baggage without the pain of withdrawl.

            Which explains why they are SO determined to implement programs (e.g. “welfare”) which make themselves feel better but are disasters in real life. It’s easy to do, and no sacrifice on their part is necessary.

            And it doesn’t take a psychologist to make the leap from self-hatred to hating your country and your culture. They are the same mental disorder.

            Leftists aren’t hard to figure out: they are traumatized children who have never been able to get past that trauma and grow up. And most of them believe that they, at least partly, were to blame for that trauma (think children of divorce who believe that if they had only been better kids, their parents wouldn’t have divorced).

            Look back into any Leftist’s life, and I guarantee you that you’ll find some traumatizing event, whether it’s physical or sexual abuse, bullying or any number of negative events.

            Most people get over these events. The ones who don’t become Leftists.

          • You could be correct re the Left’s self-hate. But in order to survive, the host organism containing all that self-hatred must needs turn in outward in order to avoid destroying the container. Thus that over-the-top animosity and contempt, spewing out in bilious antipathy toward those they see as disagreeing with their skewed point of view.

            It is also telling that civil disagreement drives them to spewing rage. They don’t seem ever to have matured to the point of being able to listen to, much less espouse a moderate response in their disagreements.

            The childhood events could well be a triggering factor, given that they are drawn inexorably toward whomever they perceive to be ‘underdogs’, including stone-cold killers like Jamal Whats-is, here:


            or the by-now canonized Che, mass murderer.

            I’d like to see safe-spaces for those who have been destroyed, maimed by the “underdog” criminal aliens – the ones let go by Obama’s catch-and-release system, let out and permitted to kill again since they’re part of that protected group, undocumented migrant murderers:


            That was totted up in 2015; I’m sure it’s much higher now.

            Meanwhile, the self-poisoned “Right”, with their great fear of The Donald, are spewing ever more noxious globs of vomitus. Are these circular chundering sessions meant to move anyone besides their own equally angry choir? It’s difficult to imagine their regressive howls would appeal to an adult.

            Since they’re almost beyond belief, Diana West has collected some of these oral explosions…from soi-disant “conservatives” -though a principled conservative would never ever utter such vile “witticisms”. Is the prospect of losing their charmed place among the beta beltway blatherers turned them into Leftists now? Are they so terrified of being out of the loop that they’re willing to sink to this level of ordure?


          • The Exile, that is an insightful comment. I have long thought that one of the strengths of Christianity is that is explicitly addresses the matter of human fallibility and sin. As a steam boiler must have an outlet for dangerous pressure, so must humans be able to understand and deal with their imperfection. Since imperfection is baked into the cake, it’s inevitable that we will begin to be aware of our faults. For the non-religious person, this release mechanism is unavailable.

            All is not necessarily lost for non-religious people as Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs demonstrate very well. The non-judgmental atmosphere and effective ways of allowing the addict to admit and deal with past transgressions are have great healing power.

            For people involved in neither Christianity nor a 12-step program, you would predict a hurting soul with no healthy way to deal with self-condemnation and, as Dymphna observes, what is not resolved must be offloaded onto others, no doubt seen as holier-then-thou sources of condemnation.

            Tying both your views together constant anger at unconsciously realizing one’s imperfection (or being challenged) and hyper-vigilance on the matter of “right-wing,” “Puritanical,” “bourgeois,” or “middle class” judgmentalism are to be expected. Only a forgiving, neutral state and an absolute clean slate politically, socially, and culturally — one that is constantly swept clean lest new traditions and values spring up — will remove the unbearable condemnation.

            I’ve had a related idea that the call to responsible, self sufficiency is particularly difficult for many, especially in the atomized existence that is possible in large cities where one is isolated, especially from family. A state that is in any way nurturing or that provides a “safety net” and some insulation from the terror of individual, isolated striving is going to have enormous appeal. Its appeal is so strong that nothing whatsoever the state does with its other power and resources is of any interest or concern, hence the maddening failure of the European electorates (who are born into, live in and die in the comforting but enervating arms of the state) to react to the Islamic and African threats. It’s the opposite of anger that must come out. Anger will, instead, be directed at any who criticize the provider state.

          • Col Bunny, some day I hope you do a review of Ayn Rand’s work. She was blind to the “terror of the individual”.

            Profoundly resonant comment, sir.

          • Thanks, Dymphna (12:24). It’s been a long time since I read anything by Rand. I think any writer fails if he or she does not factor in the “terror of the individual,” as you say. It’s a great concept. Anthony Quinn’s character in “Zorba” show great compassion to the aging once-companion of various admirals. We can do that for each other. Politics are not a substitute and never will be. Alexander Pope call your office.

            Christian or other forms of community are successful if they can supply a measure of acceptance and affirmation. Ditto marriages and friendships. Celebrations of rugged individualism, of life detached from community, can do harm. Although, as Al Capp said, the movie “Easy Rider” did have a happy ending.

            I should amend my last post to say that I recognize that even without Christianity or 12-step programs one can reach a state of mature objectivity about how to assess one’s character. At 72, I’m appalled by my now lengthy list of selfish and unthinking acts. However, I console myself that no one’s as bad as the worst thing he’s done or as good as the best thing he’s done. And then there’s Marcus Aurelius’s apt thought, “Why worry about the opinion of a man who curses himself thrice on the hour.” Objectivity can help a lot but it’s a lonely exercise outside of some community. These days I try to avoid killing ants on the sidewalk so maybe I can claim some kind of moral progress . . . .

          • Even the early eremetics living in the desert on locusts and such either came in for a while or were visited by others on occasion. It was Pachomius who came up with the idea to form communities of such men to ameliorate the mental suffering brought on by their singular striving.


            It would be another several hundred years before Benedict created his “Rule” – built on Pachomius’ work – that became the basis for Western monasticism. Through the centuries Benedictine monasticism would become degraded only to be reformed again and again, returning to Benedict’s original simplicity.


            Living outside some kind of community always carries with it the problem of not being accountable for one’s mis-steps. Without that, what hope does one have not of “objectivity” but of intersubjectivity…see Gabriel Marcel or Martin Buber on that…

            Anyway, every mother’s son has his own long,long list of “selfish and unthinking acts”. The image which comes to mind is Lucy’s scroll, unrolling across the floor, on which she’s listed all of Charlie Brown’s sins – obviously in her view, mortal sins. In his own defense, Charlie Brown says they’re but character flaws.

            Instead of being appalled at one’s shortcomings, Gabriel Marcel suggests becoming one’s own big brother, providing enough ‘aesthetic distance’ from that lengthy list to be able to view it with the compassion of an older, wiser sibling. Much better than being one’s own “best friend”. BFFs come and go; family is forever.

    • You are from Germany? Oh you poor thing! I’m so sorry.
      Well look at the bright side. You’re not from Sweden.

    • Their attitude is very strange. I look at my children as my best hope for someone to look out for me when I grow old. Do these people really believe they can depend on government?

      • It’s not strange here, german people (especially women) think children are an annoyance that stand in the way of their personal fulfillment.

        • A special welcoming gift to the stab, slash and rape Muslim Ummah-patriots. Nostalgia. It must be like a never ending wet dream for Africans and their Arab Slave drivers. Ignorance.

  3. RKae–You have put your finger on one of the more insidious characteristics of people in academic disciplines, even those who who lay claim to a “scientific method”. They tend to build theoretical castles in the air and hope for some gullible tenants.

    Nancy–The Germany some of us admired so greatly will be missed.

  4. Yeah there might be a Sunni v Sunni war in the lands formerly known as France and Germany.

  5. Science used to mean ‘knowledge’ and was a process of seeking after truth. Unfortunately it has now become the stuff that baffles brains. That academia allows this says much about the academic ‘religion’ that now holds sway in western schools and colleges. This is a religion of gaining grants, and gaining influence and thus recognition. Sadly it has left us with a rotten hearted of ediface of concensus ‘education’ (actually brain washing) which is useless to man or beast.

    • First tenet of the natural world is you fight for what is yours and that which has been passed down to you by previous generations or you lose it! A pride of lions doesn’t welcome a displaced rival pride into its territory whatever the circumstances. Africa has been the begging bowl of the world for decades, always with an excuse, drought, famine, we were suppressed etc, BILLIONS of aid frittered away on limos, private jets, and useless vanity projects! Now the whole of North Africa are swarming into the EU almost unchallenged.
      Do wake up Europe for God’s sake!

      • Unfortunately many in the west have the proverbial money sickness. Akin to a malaise that leaves after you hit bottom – maybe. Meantime the African and Muslim migrant or whatever keep vulturing. “Whatcha got for me Kufar!?”

  6. “When people prefer to go on vacation or jungle-camp instead of getting involved in the basics of the economy, politics and society, democracy is not in good shape, says Kliche.”

    Is vacation necessarily a bad thing? I for one would prefer spending time with my family than on a task at work which may be needed only because of bad planning, rather than bringing something useful. And in the modern globalised world, families are more apart than ever before (unfortunately this also applies to me) – hence more free time may mean a lot more time spent with close relatives. Besides, in the modern computerised era, repetitive tasks are becoming more and more automated, while tasks that bring value are as a result of creativity. Programming is a good example. Do we necesarily then add so much value simply by being in an office?

  7. There will be no German-French war because there will be no ethnic Germans nor ethnic French by that time, per the 0.9 children per franco-german family. The likelier war will be the Sunni Shia war among the tribes settling the European heartland. As things go it will be America and Israel fighting Eurabia.

  8. It’s Attali, not Attali.

    And I couldn’t give a hoot about what that sc**ndrel sai. Immediately Post Cold War this “economist” was appointed Head of the EBRD, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

    Now check out a summary of his tenure, from The Independent no less!!!

    “… The Financial Times reported that Attali had been reimbursed twice for the same first-class air fare to Tokyo and had collected dollars 30,000 (pounds 20,000) for a speech there, even though bank staff were not supposed to be paid by anyone but the EBRD.

    But it was only the culmination of nearly three months of damaging disclosures about Attali and the EBRD. In April, the FT disclosed that the bank had spent pounds 55.5m on refurbishing its new headquarters in Broadgate, the second set of offices it had occupied in London since its establishment in 1990. The expenditure swallowed the whole of the pounds 45m grant that the British had given the bank. Of that, pounds 750,000 went on exchanging the red Travertine marble in the bank’s lobby for pale Carrara marble. Works of art and carpets specially woven to even out the light in the bank’s offices also swallowed money.

    Senior staff were, in many cases, more highly paid than in other multinational organisations such as the World Bank. (Attali was on four-year contract with a tax-free salary of around pounds 250,000 a year.) The EBRD’s expenditure on itself was twice as much as the bank’s actual lending in 1991 and 1992, its first two years of operation.

    The bank also blundered, as far as its public image was concerned, by spending pounds 600,000 on hiring executive jets to fly Attali and his staff around Europe. He would go on lightening visits to meet top politicians in former Soviet republics and Eastern European countries, spending only a few hours in each. Some trips cost considerably more than they might have done because the bank paid for him to stop over for the night in Paris with the meter, as it were, still running….”

    And now this crook and loser is telling us that war between Germany and France is conceivable again.

    Maybe I should be flabbergasted at a high profile Euro elitist treating the world to yet ANOTHER totally nonsensical fake threat – even more fake than that Climate Change thingy – but I am not.

    Attali is, after all, a Frenchman. And, the few sensible Frenchmen and -women visiting here and appreciating GoV notwithstanding, the French can be safely relied upon to enthusiastically do the exact stupidly wrong thing not required by the situation, or offer the spectacularly wrong assessment at precisely the most unfit moment.

    There’s more wisdom in our cat’s assessment of the food situation around our house than in this profiteer’s warning about a renewed war between France and Germany.

    • It’s Attali, not Attali.

      That hurt my brain. Are you, by any chance, a Lewis Carroll character?

      • You know just as well that I meant ‘It’s Attali, not Atali.’ I see that my post is full of typos. I should have checked better beforehand.

        Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS for sidestepping the real issue here, i.e. the fact that Attali’s projection is ridiculous. Especially when there is an 800 pound gorilla in the room, namely the islamization of France.

  9. As we are swept into the vortex of orchestrated chaos, it is invigorating to find those who are waking up to the lies. The invasion “crisis” is planned–yet I ask among my ‘merkan associates of what they know of the mayhem in western Europe, and it is usually deer-in-the-headlights–so, I point them here to GoV.

    I do find it very disheartening that the German conscience seems to be locked into this crevice of guilt from a near century ago and the brave-new-world disorder that Huxley scripted. I’ve always thought of the Germans as precise and intelligent, but it appears that they, as a society, are just as confused in their own respect as we are across the pond in the breeding out of cognitive thinking skills.

    Be the remnant.

  10. When it comes to Germany, there is a big elephant stomping around the room which few people are willing to talk about. That elephant is the massive browbeating which Germans have been subjected to since World War II, from outside and within Germany: “Nazis!”, “Holocaust!”, “Blonde Criminals!”, “White European Imperialist Racists!”, etc., etc….

    Germans have been continually told that their people are responsible for the greatest evil in history. Not only is that accusation historically false, when one considers what Marxism has wrought, but it is absurd to condemn an entire people for what happened in the 1930’s and 40’s.

    This anti-German, anti-western, and frankly anti-white spirit which has engulfed the West is causing terrible damage. And the Muslim “migrants” are taking advantage of it.

  11. I used to live in Germany. I find the Germans strange in some ways.

    Think about the great thinkers of Europe promoting freedom, capitalism, limited government, libertarianism and so forth. You find plenty of UK thinkers: Burke, Locke, Hume, Mill, the French: Montesquieu, Say, Bastiat, Tocqueville; Austria produced Hayek, von Mises, Boehm Bawerk, the whole Austrian School but Germany?

    To me Germany was lacking big time here and the fact that a great nation like Germany can not produce great thinkers of the traditional limited government right is interesting.

    It isn’t just WWII – Germany started the Franco Prussian War, WWI and WWII. During these wars the Germans reached out to the Islamic nations. Germany saw Western Europe expand internationally and was left behind. So rather than seeing if there was a place to colonize intelligently they lashed out at their Euro neighbors by starting wars which got them a win followed by two devastating losses.

    As I said, Germany just went in an entirely different direction.

    • Didn’t the Germans develop the most enlightened welfare state for its time? Didn’t the rest of Europe follow down that road eventually? Such economic arrangements do a lot to kill entrepreneurial endeavors and human potential. What wealth there is accrues to the state and is doled out. Now many people are finding that their portion of the dole is smaller than the migrants’ dole. So in the end the ‘fairness’ turned out to be a myth.

      Socialism is a huge albatross on any polity.

    • Lol, what a lopsided retelling of history. By the way, all three wars were declared on Germany.
      And why including the Franco-Prussian war? Because it makes your “list of evil” look more impressive if it includes three items? With such resentful projections guiding your judgments, Germans may have found you strange, as well.

    • I’m very much an admirer of the English traditions of common law, empiricism and respect for individuals. And yes, Germany did go in different directions, but is that necessarily a bad thing? I don’t think so. Bismarck was a great statesman and conservative, and he accomplished a lot of good, along with being ruthless sometimes on behalf of Germany. After he was dismissed, some elements of German elites pushed the country down perilous, troubling roads. Germany does deserve some of the blame for WWI, but definitely not all. I don’t agree with those who idealize fin de siecle German culture, or the Kaiser’s attempts at European hegemony, but I also won’t condemn the Germans for not being liberals of various sorts.

      We saw during the George W. Bush years how attempts to force certain western ideas on Middle East cultures were disastrous, in multiple ways. We’ve recently seen how the Obama Administration and the Neocons have been trying to impose gay rights, feminism and other detrimental ideologies on Russia and elsewhere. Russia has gone in different directions than us, and I would argue that that has been good for Russia. Would that we in the west would go in some different directions than we have during the past few decades!

    • John Galt III:

      Priceless. But you forgot, if they wouldn’t have exterminated the dinosaurs, they would not have been able to tempt Eve in the garden. And we all know what that has led to: They murdered poor Abel. What next? They are probably scheming and plotting the assassinations of Peter Pan and Santa Claus.

  12. At some point Western democracies must confront the issue of gross human overpopulation in the Islamic and Developing world. Overpopulation is the core forcing factor in failed states and mass migration. The fantasy that the current ‘refugee crisis’ is temporary and can be fixed by resolving conflicts in source countries for refugees shows misunderstanding of the core dynamic and results in national policies that are destructive and suicidal.

    • Correct IMHO, overpopulation is indeed the driver of the current ‘refugee’ and migrant disaster.
      Nor do the western countries accepting the migrants seem to understand who is pouring into their countries; claiming the migrants will save their countries, and other abysmally stupid platitudes.
      The trash pouring into Europe is the dross, the failures, the losers who couldn’t make it in their own miserable countries.

  13. It is not only the Germans who suffer from this form of idiocy. All Europeans became lazy in the last fifty years or so. No idea how the globalists have shaped and continue to shape their lives and what is coming. They take everything for granted. They are generally (not all) soft and spineless creatures on a trajectory of becoming like their American counterparts. People are getting fatter from unhealthy foods. Every year I see more and more American brand food products on the shelves of Europe’s supermarkets. If the TTIP goes into effect we have had it. Meanwhile, most are stuck on stupid while a minority try to get the word out.

  14. Since when secular materialism means abandoning your home, property and the future of your children?

    We are guardians of Asgard!

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