Some Piggy Banks Are More Equal Than Others

You can’t make this stuff up: a German bank that caters only to “refugees”, where ordinary, hard-working native Germans are not allowed. That has to be a hoax, right? Wrong!

The following article is from the online German magazine Opposition 24. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

No Admittance for Germans? Savings Bank Opened Only for Refugees

When it’s about money: Savings Bank! And now Bielefeld has one just for refugees.

As fast as possible they should be “provided” with savings accounts, so that they quickly can take part in commercial life in Germany.

Of course this would be a relief for the government, but is this really only about participation, integration, relief?

Nationwide there is a multitude of buildings, especially concerning ATMs, that are not easily accessible for handicapped people. Wheelchair-bound people are often unable even to enter the small cubicles, which are usually not much larger than a telephone box, and they have to rely on the few “real” locations, or in inner cities they have to use general ATMs which will charge them extra. Which of course exactly for this group of people presents an increased risk.

So, an entire location just for handicapped people, or for women only, does not exist.

Is it reconcilable with equality that now refugees are being provided with their very own savings bank? Why not just an Islamic Shariah bank like in Frankfurt am Main? Yes, it does exist. Here.

So what do German and conventional migrants, who do not possess “refugee status”, think of such preferential treatment?

Will grocery stores climb on the bandwagon and implement refugees-only registers?

Will there soon be parking only for refugees? Since it’s already under discussion whether the driver’s license test should be available in Arabic — of course, only in the name of more expedient integration.

The new clientele will most likely only take part in commercial life in one direction only, by which their credits and loans will be provided out of nothing . And that in order to get something, one has to put something in, is probably not being mentioned, nor expected from them.

Because for that, there are all the other savings bank locations with their second-class clientele, whom the judicial officer will be quickly hounding in case they should neglect to make their scheduled payment.

9 thoughts on “Some Piggy Banks Are More Equal Than Others

  1. I imagine the older Turks, who came as Gastarbeiter, but who were never given so much free stuff and special treatment, must be feeling pretty peeved…

  2. Is it beginning to occur to the prudent Germans that their new fellow-countrymen will never be net contributors to the system?

  3. Take note of what’s happening in the U.S. with illegals crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, and the answer will be found in Europe as well. This nonsense is mostly political, as migrants will vote for the party that provides the most welcoming doormat. The political party that caters to these special interests will get migrants’ money and votes. That, plus dirty political tricks and the usual foul play, will ensure that other voices are shut out if not hated. So, placate the illiterate gropers with shiny beads, import them in huge numbers to overwhelm the populace, provide special banks and mosques and the deed is done. Of course, the elites are totally unaffected by this social carnage (such as David Cameron who intends to use the public’s money to achieve his demonic ends). But, these so-called leaders are human and … (remainder of post deleted by author).

    • Yes indeed! I posted it almost 10 years ago. I bet these are now illegal in Denmark, as they are everywhere else.

  4. Surely this is discrimination which is barred and outlawed in the EU.
    Would suggest organising as many Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and all other non Muslim faiths flash mob this bank and demand that they can open an account. Upon refusal SUE, SUE, SUE!
    Can you imagine what would happen if a Christian bank were to be opened and denied access to any other faith. The mutti Merkel toadying press would have a field day.

    • It’s not a Muslim bank per se. It’s a “refugee” bank. If you have refugee status, you can go there. The fact is, almost all the “refugees” are Muslims, so that makes it a de facto Muslim bank.

  5. The idea of piggy bank for Muslims is for obvious reasons a no-no. I thought perhaps a camel or goat bank.

    I think it would have to be a camel bank. Muslims might think that a goat bank is sperm bank exclusively for Muslims…

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