I’ve Had it up to Here!

This excellent rant was originally published at Fisch und Fleisch. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

I’ve Had it up to Here!

February 15, 2016

I’m sick of being relegated to the right-radical, misanthropic corner, just because I don’t shout “Welcome” and wave a little flag.

I’m tired of more and more refugees coming here, and no one knows how many, or who they are, or what will become of them.

I’m sick of the refugees’ criminal activities being swept under the rug and making our system of justice ridiculous.


I am tired of always being told that I should adapt to the refugees’ customs and practices in various areas and, on grounds of religious freedom and religious orientation, accept and approve of what is in absolute contradiction to my own.

I am sick of having to consider every word so as not to be seen as a xenophobe.

I am tired of people seeking asylum here and then acting like barbarians and believing “You can’t do a thing to me!”

I am sick of the male refugees molesting women because they have a different value structure.

I am tired of our security services always being the target of criticism when they have to take proper steps against asylum seekers.

I am sick of constantly being told that I must have consideration for the concerns of the refugees.

I am tired of public events being called off because there are fears for the safety of our citizens.

I am sick of working for the sake of sponges who get everything for free while I have to pay for every medicine, every tooth, every stay in the hospital, even though I am paying into health insurance.

I am tired of tax money being misdirected.

I am sick of constantly being lied to by politicians trying to whitewash everything.

And I am tired of having to justify this opinion of mine, probably a zillion times.

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  1. “Here” is relative. When I keep seeing people in the Counter-Jihad giving Muslims the benefit of the doubt, that’s my “here”.

  2. I would suggest the only solution that would work and that there be established a network of European peoples defending their cultures effectively…..

  3. Great post – do you member that great 1960’s film the Time Machine in which the passive Eloi tribe are fodder for the aggressive Morelocks?
    Well it would seem that practically the whole European population has turned Eloi overnight and you can figure out who the Morelocks are!
    I for one will keep ranting too, glad I am not alone!

    • indeed, H.G. Wells was a outstanding visionary.Strongly recommrnded author.Not to forget his ” The man who was thursday”.A dystopic play ,too.

  4. Many thx to “Michlmayr” an GATE OF VIENNA
    its difficult nowadys to have eyes and ears open and not cry out load without being called a nazi (which I’m must certainly not)

    • Gunter, one thing I keep hearing from Germans and Austrians is ‘I’m not a Nazi’ as you apologise for feeling what you feel, seeing what you see.

      It’s not Nazi to love your culture the way it is. It’s not Nazi to love your country the way it is. It’s not Nazi not want to see your settled, orderly and civilised way of life trashed by people who are completely incompatible. It’s not even Nazi to want Germany to stay German, because a nation is its people – not the state. Your nation can tolerate small minorities. But if it’s swamped by non-Germans of any ethnicity, let alone muslims from the third world, then it will die.

      • As someone whose grandparents suffered greatly during the war, with my then-teenage grandfather spending a year in a Gestapo prison cell, and having heard many stories from friends of their family having been taken to Germany to be slave labour, I just want to say that IN NO WAY does wanting Germany, and Germans, to survive constitute “Nazism”. If anything, this “refugee” crisis will mean a growth of popularity of the NPD – real Nazis – while Germany will have millions of new citizens with no jobs, and eager to fight and invade places (now when did we see that before?)… so are these developments comforting for Germany’s Eastern neighbours, so brutally invaded and occupied between 1938 and 1945? I think not…

    • Germans have been fed a completely false dichotomy since before WWII: if you’re not an International Socialist then you must be a National Socialist and vice versa.

      The idea that there is no option other than Socialism seems to have worked its way into underlying cultural assumptions, along with the ridiculous idea that National Socialism isn’t really Socilaism

      Therefore if you’re against either “international” OR “socialism” then you’re a Nazi. Globalist mission accomplished! Socialist mission accomplished!

      No matter where you are, I’ve found that so many people are such slaves to fuzzy emotional thinking that no amount of logic or explanation can override it.

  5. I am sick of the male refugees molesting women because they have a different value structure.

    This is not a good sentence. There is so much beneath and all around this one sentence. Thousands of words could be spent explaining all that is left unexpressed within this one sentence.

  6. Welcome to the New World Order. This is not just an immigration problem. The orc invaders are only ONE of the weapons the internationalist political elites and their Marxist, anti-Enlightenment, anti-Judeo-Christian trolls are using to remake the world into a polyglot, Islamic. anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-nation state hell-hole with the full range of genetic engineering, robots, billionaire medlers, and wage serfs, where populations are forced to live in ideological cages and be moved about according to the dictates of the global financiers.

    This is the beginning of the war to either defend our Western heritage or see it crushed underfoot by the swindlers, the Marxists, the Muslim barbarians , the technology gurus and the unethical scientists.

    • Yep, I fear you maybe onto something. Is it a coincidence that this crisis is happening at the same time as the war on “hate speech”, and such wonderful new technology as Windows 10, which tracks almost everything you do and write including, apparently, passwords? Some time back, I discussed this whole terrorism, refugee and Religion of Peace thing with a friend, who said “they need terrorism and danger… so that they can make us all safe again – by monitoring us all”. And once they know everything about us, what then? When Hitler invaded Austria, 70,000 Austrian potential “enemies of the state” were rounded up within 24 hours – the Gestapo knew who they were, and where to find them…

      Nowadays, with key information about millions (or billions?) of people now stored online, in emails or browsing histories, and potentially monitored by government spy agencies and/or hackers, how much easier would it be for a similar exercise to be repeated today – by government, or organised criminals? And with most of the population more interested in reality TV, easy soundbites on Twitter or rehashed revolutionary nonsense by Russell Brand or Michael Moore, would anyone even notice?

      I’d love to be wrong, but I fear we’re nearing the end of a golden era of human history…

      • I agree once the ’roundup’ begins , it will not take long to ‘keep the people in line’.

    • A word on behalf of the robots (!)- as the Japanese have already worked out, who else will care for the increasing numbers of the elderly?

      • Japan – now there’s a country which innovatively finds solutions to its “demographic issues”, which don’t involve importing enrichers… come to think of it, with the AI/robot-filled future just around the corner – could Europe also find that it has more enrichers, than it could ever hope to have jobs for them? Especially as many of the enrichers work as taxi drivers – rated to be one of the first sectors to be hard-hit by robots and AI…

        • Yes, and a female passenger is less likely to get raped by a robot taxi driver. Unless it’s maybe one of the new sex-bots…

    • Beginning of the war? We are already in it, it has began and will intensify, broaden.

      We are already semi-occupied or partially occupied. Difficult to find an appropriate word for this.

      Time for the bulk of the populace to wake up and to face reality.

    • It is going to take MORE than a word to get to Merkel’s BRAIN!

      Perhaps a quick slap on her a$$ets would produce a shock to her BRAIN as that is where her brain is now attached!

  7. I love the artwork. Those three young ladies, looking so innocent, remind me of the young girls selling their Girl Scout cookies outside of supermarkets this time of year. How much for the rope, sweetie?

    Unfortunately I can easily guess what their banner actually said and for that these young ladies are completely brainwashed morons. The brainwashing was probably performed as part of their primary education, too bad critical thinking wasn’t on the syllabus instead.

  8. The photo of those German girls welcoming refugees represents the same thing as the photo of the two young Italian women who posed for photo holding a Syrian flag. The two young women later found themselves being held hostages in Syria until the Italian government, some have claimed, paid millions of euros in ransom. The thing both images represent is abandonment of rationality. They are like an infatuated young girl (or boy) unable to recognize her idol as ruinous.


  9. instead of complaining one action idea that anyone can do is make new private facebook profile and post copy paste horror stories out to moderate and even liberal news media On social media. We need to reach out to MODERATE MAJORITY to show evil of Islam.
    Be warned Muslims are doing same thing making fake WHITE profile and telling lies how bad white people are, lying that they were raped by white Christian men and to sympathize with Muslims. They also say how their cousin is in military to sound patriotic.

    Some Facebook pages to Like and share horror stories of Islam educate moderate majority
    Crusade Against Islamisation of The World
    Never Racist to Hate Evil Behavior Islam
    Exposing Islam
    Islam Exposed
    Anti-Islam Europe
    Infidel Task Force
    Aussie Infidels
    Jihad Watch
    Patriots Global Alliance
    Infidels worldwide United against Islam
    No sharia law – Never ever give up Australia
    Stop the Islamization of our Nation
    Stop islam and Protect our Children
    Supreme Patriot
    Irish Patriots
    New Revolution
    Pamela Geller
    Brigitte Gabriel
    Britain First

    • Good idea, however, Zuckerberg is already co-operating in passing names and addresses of “non-pro-Islamic” (not even anti Islamic!) posters and commentator’s to various media outlets and various security forces. You can bety, twitter wont be much different.

      You will have to use ‘blogs, established ones, for communications.

      Also, learn how to communicate by email without sending emails. Plus the simpler forms of communication. That is for people whom you know and trust.

      In case you haven’t noticed, we are under partial occupation, and the occupying force gets stronger and stronger.

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