No Daughter of Mine…

The following clip from a German comedy channel is very amusing. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:12   You have a really beautiful apartment, Frau Baumgartner
0:15   Oh thank you very much Isa, that is very nice of you
0:18   Mama. It’s pronounced Issa
0:21   Isa? — Issa. — Isa? — Issa. — sss sss Issa! — sss sss
0:27   Issallgood now! It’s enough!
0:32   What kind of a name is that, anyway, Isa?
0:35   Daddy, that name comes from the Middle East.
0:39   Well, translated to German, the name means Jesus.
0:44   It’s a real shame what-all’s going on there right now, no?
0:47   Where? — Well, with you over there, in the Middle East!
0:50   Daddy! With you!
0:55   But you speak German really well.
1:04   No, thank you, not for me, thank you very much.
1:07   What’s up? You don’t like meatloaf?
1:11   No…
1:14   Daddy? Issa is a vegetarian.
1:22   The good old vintage ’70s!
1:30   Nooooo… Thank you, thank you. I’ll pass.
1:34   What, you don’t drink wine as well? — I just don’t drink alcohol, period.
1:40   You know, we’re here with the car, I still have to drive. — Daddy?
1:45   I’ll… I’ll go get the cake
1:48   Wait, I’ll help you.
1:54   Finally say it! — Say what? — You know exactly what I want to know!
1:59   Why does that matter so much to you? — Finally admit it!
2:05   Coffee? — Yes. Please! Dear.
2:11   Daddy? Do you want a cup of coffee?
2:16   Daddy, a coffee?
2:22   Uh, yes… very much, dear.
2:26   I want to know! — No.
2:30   I HAVE to know, dammit! — No. — You are “Muslimican” [Moslemiker, expression used by a country bumpkin]
2:34   Why does that matter? — Are you? — It doesn’t matter, whether I’m Arab German, Christian or Muslim.
2:40   Or would it bother you if I were a Jew? — Of course not! — And why not?
2:43   We are Jewish.
2:58   Coffee?

8 thoughts on “No Daughter of Mine…

  1. God I just LOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE the little “ping” of dad’s eyebrow at 1:20

    And the church bells when “Issa” says his name means Jesus. LOL

    This is one of the greatest little subtle sketches I’ve seen in a long time!

  2. The most depressing thing about this sketch is that the producers appear to be completely oblivious to the fact that a Muslim would never allow one of his children to be raised as a non Muslim of any kind.

    The writers are equally oblivious to the fact that before any such marriage could take place the daughter would be first be obliged to convert to the murder cult. Her Jewishness would not be classed as a relevant issue in this case.

    If she refused to cooperate, then one or more “honour killings” would, most probably, come to pass sooner or later.

    • I don’t remember where the sketch talked about the children one way or another.

      Also, strictly, a Muslim male is allowed in Islam to marry a non-Muslim female. The children have to be Muslim, of course. A Muslim female is strictly forbidden from marrying a non-Muslim male, except where there are political benefits to Islam, as in the case Anthony “Wiener” and Huma Abedin. Also, Grover Norquist and Samah Alrayyes. So, if you are a successful politician, financier, or actor, you just might get yourself a pretty, Muslim wife willing, somehow, to overlook the strict prohibition against Muslim women marrying non-Muslims.

      • You must have missed the bit near the end where a young boy dressed as an orthodox Jew is portrayed as having appeared in the horrified imagination of the Muslim after being informed by the father that he is a Jew.

      • And George Clooney Amal Alamuddin — his peripherally Muslim stockholm-syndrome Muslim (Druze) wife.

        As Debbie Schlussel wrote:

        …Alamuddin’s family on her father’s side are Druze Arabs. But her mother, Baria Alamuddin, is a Libyan Sunni Muslim, who has been outspoken in her attacks on Israel, as a top editor at the Arabic newspaper, Al-Hayat. She is also President of the International Arab Charity (IAC), which has funneled a good deal of untraced money to Gaza, in the name of “sponsoring orphans in Gaza for their schooling and living expenses” (from IAC’s website). That’s the lingua franca of all Arab charities that are sponsoring the families of terrorists and “martyrs.”

        Interesting that Schlussel says that “Alamuddin’s family on her father’s side are Druze Arabs”. This is an odd locution, implying that Amal and her father converted to her mother’s Sunni Islam, even while family “on her father’s side” remain Druze.

  3. I doubt that would be allowed to be transmitted in England. Our sense of humour has been slammed under the jackboot of political correctness and “Musn’t cause offence”

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