Actions Will Speak

The following essay speculating on Europe’s immediate future was published in the Austrian journal Neue Ordnung*. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Actions Will Speak

by Dr. Wolfgang Dvorak-Stocker

Throw a frog into hot water and it jumps right out. But if you raise the temperature slowly, it will stay in the water until it dies. Thanks be to Mrs. Merkel. She has raised the temperature abruptly. Maybe we will jump out of the system that is surrendering our culture to a slow death by heat.

For decades, European elites have been pursuing the shattering of the European national cultures and transformation of the continent after the American model. The writer Barbara Spectre has named what she considers compelling reasons for that. This plan is now in serious peril. The frog may jump out of the water.

Members of the European right have grappled for a long time with the implications of the ideas of Mrs. Spectre and company. Journals like Neue Ordnung have explained why we consider the displacement of people and the dissolution of nations to be just as against human nature and disaster-prone, as the battle against religion and the destruction of families and gender identity. We have warned for decades of the consequences of demographic developments. We have repeatedly pointed out what perils the decreed multiculturalism and Islam’s expansion in Europe harbor, particularly for the democratic constitutional state. And we have made clear why the welfare state is being destroyed by mass immigration.

The time for arguments is past. That does not mean we should stop arguing, but we must understand that we are essentially only repeating what we have been saying for decades. The powers-that-be have brought things to a point where it is no longer enough to contend the pros and cons in the comfortable armchairs of public discourse. Right now — like it or not — actions will do the speaking. In the 1960s, British conservative, Enoch Powell, spoke of “rivers of blood” to which immigration policy would lead. That time has now come.

And the thinking in terms of parliamentary cycles also belongs in the past. It is of no consequence whether some patriotic party gains a few percentage points in the next election, or not. The decision will be made in the next year or two. Legally exercised forms of resistance such as demonstrations’ proving to be completely futile — ridiculed and slandered by the media — will have consequences. This is already clear. And we, who have warned of these developments, will again be the scapegoats, as Ernst Jünger knew: “After an earthquake, it’s the seismographers who get beaten up.”

We are, in the formulation of Viennese political scientist, Michael Ley, “at war.” We are undergoing a hijra — a jihad invasion. Wherever this leads, the years 2015-2017 will mean something to students a thousand years from now.

There are various possible directions of development, but three of them are probable:

1. Radical Change

Police and volunteers are reaching the end of their ability to cope. Government finances are overextended. The immigrants’ expectations of instant prosperity — to some extent promised by the people smugglers — that everyone will immediately get a car and a house, are disappointed. Realistic estimates by economists assume that fewer than 30% of the immigrants can be placed in the labor market. Conflicts within the refugee camps, but also with police and the local population, will increase. There will be fatalities.

In the local elections in Spring, 2016, AfD will enter the state legislatures with double-digit results, the CSU will slam on the emergency brake, Merkel will step down, there will be new elections. A fundamental change in the party system seems possible, similar to what has already happened in Italy and Greece. The hopes of many AfD adherents seem to focus on that. If it comes to a center-right government, the military, the police and the bureaucracy would be prepared — indeed just waiting for the setting of a new political leadership.

Then Germany could really close the borders. The result would be a domino effect. What does Austria do? How will Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia act? If it comes to a rigorous closing of the border, some part of the immigrants will probably try to force their way north. Plundering, battles and fatalities will be the result in southeast Europe. And to be expected in Germany is that leftist extremist forces will join the immigrants in throwing themselves in the path of the new government. Here too, escalation will accelerate.

If the new German government wants to retain control in this situation, it will not be able to avoid giving the shoot-to-kill order already mentioned by Alexander Gauland of the AfD. At first to secure the border, and also for internal security, after the first police officers are killed. Even this seems possible in a situation in Europe in which people are dying daily. Then the German government could enforce push-backs. If the pendulum of public opinion swings radically, an extensive divestiture would be conceivable, with voluntary reverse migration of immigrants who had arrived recently. Germany could become a model for Europe, with countries like France and England encouraged to take similar measures.

However, the objections to this scenario are massive. Won’t German voters be even more likely to flee into the arms of their rulers in parlous times? When the GDR collapsed in 1989, the goal was clear. Now, there is nowhere to go. And the question is: Is the German people up to defending its national interests — if necessary by force?

2. Decline

So, with its remaining strength, the Federal Republic manages to stop the flood of immigration, perhaps with Turkey doing the “dirty work” for it. There are no extensive expulsions, since they cannot be accomplished without violence, and our society is not ready for that. In spite of escalating conflicts, many asylum seekers are pushed on to central Germany and Eastern Europe. That way, Germany and/or the EU can handle millions more immigrants and their follow-on family members in the coming years. “We can do it” — but the majority relationships in the young active part of the population under forty will change abruptly, at least in Western Europe. And the East will follow. Germany is changing… more than in the last three decades, and ten percent faster. The EU is changing. A majority non-European population is within reach. Islam becomes the strongest religion in many regions.

Representatives of an “active pessimism” like Götz Kubitschek expect such a development. They regard the creation of nests of resistance below the governmental level as the last, non-negotiable line of retreat. After the frenzy of the “welcoming culture,” anyone who wants to remain German will act on this with increased intensity.

Looking at the intellectual conditioning of recent decades, the fear must be that this is the most likely scenario. But what does this mean in the long run? Will a reconquista be possible at some time? Or must we only expect collapse? Will governmental institutions, by then increasingly affected by not only leftist multiculturalists but by immigrants, even allow such “German resistance centers”? Will they not take the fight to them, as has been the practice of the “managerial state” (Paul Gottfried) for decades in the USA? And while there is in the USA at least a strong tradition of autonomy and independence, no such attitude can be claimed here.

On the other hand, all rightist, “patriotic” internet portals have experienced a doubling or tripling of selection. Sharing of the articles in Sezession, Junge Freiheit,, etc. on social networks has increased a hundred-thousand-fold and often reach more readers than the articles of established news journals. More and more people recognize the manipulations of the “lying press,” no longer trust the mass media and seek information elsewhere. Millions of citizens are on the way to recognizing how things really are. When critical mass is achieved, basic change will take place abruptly. This can happen within several months. And then, yet other scenarios will become more likely.

3. Secession

The immigration tsunami will bring about the shattering of the EU. Schengen is already in the past. For the first time since the end of WWII, train travel between Austria and Germany has been halted for months. And now, Austria is beginning a border fence with Slovenia. Even in the time of the Cold War, there had been no such thing between communist Yugoslavia and pro-West Austria. More and more countries are instituting border controls.

The East European states are refusing forced acceptance of immigrants. And yet the powers-that-be still manage to prevent the collapse of government structures. The conflict between East and West is reaching a crescendo. Michael Ley expects this development: Arising from the Visegrád States, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland, a new east European alliance will arise, connecting the Baltic countries and the Slavic countries of southeast Europe. People here are aware of the process that led to the demise of the autochthonic cultures in western Europe, and do not wish to go down this path. Austria too — despite its high numbers of immigrants — could, under an FPÖ-ÖVP[1] coalition government, turn to this east European association of nations. In fact, even for the central German federal states and possibly the free state of Bavaria, secession from a West Germany that is swirling down the whirlpool of multiculturalism is conceivable. Such calls were already raised in the PEGIDA demonstrations and it is noteworthy that the AfD and its anti-immigration demonstrations is successful precisely in those states of the former GDR in which there are thus far very few non-European immigrants (with the exception of isolated refugee camps). So the majority situation could reach the tipping point much more swiftly than in the West. Of course, many German patriots see any calculation of secession as treason. But what if this western Germany was no longer a land of the Germans? What if secession were the only option for several ethnically and culturally German parts of the country to preserve a Germany that is still German?

Even in this scenario, there are huge question marks. Is the political power for such a development feasible? Will the USA and its political puppets in the EU allow it? Politically, economically and militarily, the east European countries are a negligible quantity. Of themselves, they will not generate the force to split off. So is a decisive pivoting toward Russia necessary? That would be no problem for Serbia, Bulgaria or Greece, probably also for Hungary. But what about Poland, the Baltic states and Croatia? And yet, could a potent Russia not at least be regionally, politically supportive to a secession movement.?

Years of Decision

These are the “years of decision.” It is about our country, our people, about Europe. No more and no less. The greatest danger is the re-birth of a reactionary nationalism which sets European peoples against one another instead of binding them together.


1. Austrian Freedom Party, Austrian People’s Party

*   I’m aware of the reputation that surrounds Neue Ordnung. However, this particular essay is right on the mark from a Counterjihad perspective, regardless of the author’s sympathies as evidenced by certain references in the text.

26 thoughts on “Actions Will Speak

  1. Very interesting essay, Herr Dvorak-Stocker. What plays out, however, will be strongly influenced by elections in the United States (Donald Trump as President), and France where Marine Le Pen is gathering a strong following. We need another Churchill, another De Gaulle to lead the fight. A movement to recapture national pride is growing. A sleeping giant has been awakened.

    • Now is the time to fight back. Our politicians only care about keeping power, they want these invader’s votes. We need new blood in our political class. Most of these lifetime people are so corrupt they’ve lost all common sense.
      The hijra is here folks. We have to stop it now!

      • Today in the UK we have watched the pathetic sight of the porcine David Cameron state the should the upcoming referendum in June result in “Brexit” we can only achieve “The illusion of Sovereignty”
        What a sad state of affairs, I feel ashamed to be British!

        A decent parliament would tar and feather this weak, useless man at the first opportunity and get our nation off its knees! Can we survive in the real world without Merkel, Hollande, Tusk, Sutherland, Juncker and all the other leeches in the EU Parliament? OF COURSE WE CAN!

    • Maybe Ingrid. Were I a German citizen and still young enough to do it, I think option one is best. No option will be bloodless, but I would relish the chance to rid my country of Islam and as much of the Left as possible. Both are cancers. Don’t count on Trump, if he makes it all the way. He is a showman, dealer, and double crosser. Marine Le Pen may have the will after enough atrocities stack up in the streets of Paris, but I seriously doubt the average soft Frenchman has enough. Germany is now its own master and it alone must act or die. They can tell the EU, UN, and the USA to go pound sand. Survival is at stake. Germany has plenty of national virility left in it. When enough is enough, the military and police can join the citizen in this fight.

  2. “The greatest danger is the re-birth of a reactionary nationalism which sets European peoples against one another instead of binding them together.”

    All the time we consider this as “the greatest danger we are lost”; it is actually our greatest (and only) weapon for use against the EU elite.

    It is hugely important for the NAZI = ‘RIGHT’ propaganda be undone so that nationalism in Europe can be re-established without the taint of socialism. It was not the Nazi nationalism that was the problem, it was the Nazi socialism that lead to the mayhem and murder; just like in every other socialist dictatorship, including the EU.

    • Because of the Jewish Holocaust, Nazism has remained the bogeyman, whereas Marxist Communism, which killed far more people than Hitler, has got a free pass. It is Marxism that needs to torn to shreds!

      Nazism no longer exists, except in wacko splinter groups. Marxism has shaped the world we live in and the Marxist VICTIM is still the preferred device used by the political elites to maintain power, because the victim’s subjective voice is given political legitimacy over everyone else’s.

      Muslim ‘victims’ are swarming the West on that fiction.

  3. I can’t see European political elites ever allowing rightist parties to form even a minority Parliamentary government. They’d simply find a pretext for suspending Parliament. Scenario 1 will never happen; the government will never take the side against leftists and migrants. And that’s where we are now. So the current situation will continue until governmental institutions are suspended and martial law is imposed to protect migrants, and quash autochthonous citizen protest. Leftist martial law supporting the migrants against protest groups launching pushbacks is how it’ll go for a while, until the next escalation. Secession is unlikely b/c it’s something other nations would step in to prevent.

  4. The British will do nothing- brains too addled by 70 years of welfare. The Moslems know they control UK now-they have the cities and are aided and abetted by traitor Gestapo Police like that uniformed cockroach from Bedford who said “Rightwingers are as dangerous as ISIS” (He swears to hunt them down. See RT -an act that is illegal under Peelian rules “An officer is there to apply the law impartially not decide what the law is)

    The rest of the Bovination will simply “revert” to Islam. When they get their TV shutdown and other cockroach police like the one above, become Morality Police and pubs are closed, the Bovination might just begin to comprehend in its joint “IQ” of 100, that things have changed, then go back to chewing the cud like the useless cattle they are, terrified of being called names.

    Sorry to be cynical but even in the face of all that is happening in EUrope, these thicks- the greater Bovination still want to remain in Europe. That is beyond stupid- it is a mental illness…

    • ‘these thicks- the greater Bovination still want to remain in Europe.’

      Well, we shall soon find out Your Excellency: Referendum on 23 June.
      Like the article and your comment!

  5. What is the reputation that surrounds Neue Ordnung? I just spent time at their website, and it seems a traditionalist Catholic outfit. Doesn’t strike me as particularly controversial, but if you could fill me in, I’d be grateful.

    • If you can read German, browse what other places say about it. Or Google translate might work. I’m not afflicted with the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers myself, but I wanted to fend off in advance anyone who might go all bug-eyed on me and say, “Baron! Do you realize what kind of site you just linked to?”

      This is a good, well-argued essay, and I didn’t want the comments to get derailed by people who freak out over the horror of the taint of the possible association with people who associate with people who have forbidden opinions. Basta!

  6. visionary, i would say. i think there is a grasp of the realities of
    what is to be & what is not. certainly the baron is letting us in
    as the situation unfolds before us.

  7. Excellent article. He only briefly touches on geostrategic implications with Russia carving out a sphere of influence from the Baltics to the Adriatic, but no one plays a bad hand better than Putin.

    But his predictions for Germany I think are quite accurate. If the weather is good in the Spring and brings more millions this will go critical mass in very short order.

    Sadly, it will inevitably involve huge loss of life. That train has left the Bahnhof already.

    • Indeed it has. Events must unfold now in certain ways. The possibilities are much more constrained than they were, say, five years ago.

  8. Which ‘sleeping giant’ Is that? The Left? The Right? ISIS and their Muslim fifth columns? With so much “refugee” perversion, rape, robbery and lies being absolutely ignored or denied Western Europe is starting to look like it has a wasting disease of some kind. ‘Enrichment’ this ain’t.

  9. One point missing in the article; one that will be decisive in the next twelve months: the coming collapse of the world economy. The developments outlined in this article will then occur, but much more violently than described. The true criminality and culpability of the ruling political classes will then be apparent for even the dumbest to see.

    • The currencies will not collapse until after January 20 2017, when a Republican (or Donald Trump) is ensconced in the White House. This will ensure that the Democrats don’t get the blame for what happens. When they return to office during later emergency actions, the conversion to an effective one-party state will be complete — the Republicans will have been destroyed, either by having Donald Trump as their candidate who gets blamed for the catastrophe, or (through self-destruction) by repudiating him as a candidate so that he runs as an independent.

      The national emergency (in the USA and other Western countries) will provide the PTB with dictatorial powers that can be extended indefinitely. Whatever financial system has been planned to replace the dollar may then be imposed.

      I realize that the above is very paranoid, but the trend of recent events points to a plan to achieve something similar to this. Let’s wait and see what happens — it’s only a year away now.

  10. Baron, I think I’m even more paranoid, because I think it highly unlikely they’ll allow Trump ever to enter the White House: either he’ll be bumped off, or (more likely) Obama will find some excuse – such as a major economic crisis, or a war with Russia in Syria – to cancel the election entirely and establish Martial Law. Time, as you say, will tell, but I’m convinced Trump will never be President.

    • I think you’re probably mistaken, because the Ponzi scheme that is the international fiat money system MUST collapse at some point — there is no way to avoid it. The moment of collapse may be timed to a certain extent, but it cannot be prevented, nor put off indefinitely.

      The resulting price inflation, “bail-ins” of depositors’ funds, severe reductions in pensions, etc. will cause major social upheaval and suffering, with inevitable political repercussions. The establishment would like to have a Republican in office when that moment comes. However, it may work just as well to have the Republican Party commit suicide first, and then allow the blame to fall on Trump.

    • That’s a severe over-estimation of the military’s loyalty to Obama, and more than a small insult to those in uniform. Most of the DoD hates the man. The generals are political cowards but most of the uniformed services will not support that kind of violation of the Constitution. More to the point, most US servicemen will not take an order to fire on US citizens, which is where that would end. Some would, sadly, but the ones who really matter (Special Forces, pilot squadrons, veterans who’ve gotten out due to the current administration) would not. More likely, it would lead to state secessions and civil war.

  11. Great news on Daily Mail (U.K section) website.Boris Johnson has thrown in his hand with the Brexit faction and has the support of half the Tory party government ministers.
    I really think Trump has a good chance of becoming the next U.S president.
    Trump wants a moratorium on Muslim immigration.
    Trump is prepared to co-operate with Putin to this end.
    Trump will lean on the E.U to stop mass Muslim immigration and is in favour of strong borders and deporting illegal immigrants.
    And in Netherlands Geert Wilders is leading in the polls.If there were an election today he would win.
    Wilders wants to leave the E.U .
    Wilders wants to close the borders of Netherlands to Muslim immigration.
    Wilders wants the culture of Netherlands to survive and thus he wants to stop the Islamification of Netherlands.
    There is a strong link between nationalism and a desire to preserve one’s own culture by opposing the Islamification of one’s country.
    And it’s the only way Western democracy will survive.
    Western democracy , Christendom , Judasim and Western civilisation will survive.
    But all of the aforementioned will exist in isolated conclaves based in strongly unashamedly nationalistic countries.And paradoxically some of those countries are in Eastern Europe.
    The patriarch of the Russian orthodox church has emerged as the only religious leader brave enough to speak out against Islamic atrocities leading to the genocide of Christians in the Middle East.He met with the pope in Cuba this week to beg him to actually issue a joint statement decrying the persecution of Christians.The pope was understandably reluctant to make time from his busy schedule pushing for climate change policies and open borders ,and interfering in the political processes of Western countries.Far more important to his mind than the welfare of his flock and the defrocking of paedophile priests.
    For we are entering a new Dark Ages ,an age of encroaching Islamification of wilful ignorance ,of appalling cruelty ,of stultifying Islamic misogyny

    • The dangerous dopey Turkey flake Erdogan’s mad ambitions are coming apart in this ever changing world. Hopefully his own generals will remove him soon before he brings about occupation of his adopted Christian homeland. Cameron is a stalwart supporter of Turkey membership of the EU?

      • Yes indeed ,Camoron ,just like Merkel(the transgender reincarnation of Hitler) wants to speed up Turkey’s acceptance to the E.U. Camoron is Merkel’s poodle ,a little lapdog who always does his mistress’s bidding in the hope of a pat on the head, a cuddle and an extra treat in his dish.
        I’d like to see Putin bomb turkey out of existence. Erdogan’s persecution of the Kurds and his support for I.S.I.S is a total disgrace.

  12. Collapse of world economy, and then appointment of Obama as the new world leader of the new world order?

    Anything seems possible now, as crazy as the world has turned out

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