Culturally Enriched Street Crime in Berlin: “A Climate of Fear”

The following video from German television reports on the breakdown of law and order in several culturally enriched neighborhoods of Berlin. As in Thursday’s video about pickpockets, you’ll notice the reaction from business owners who are themselves earlier immigrants — they say the new arrivals are violent criminals who are ruining everything.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Berlin, Kottbusser Tor, a place in the midst of
0:03   the most popular neighborhood in Kreuzberg.
0:07   For the past year, criminals from North Africa have dominated the public space.
0:12   Business owners such as Ali Domusch are desperate.
0:15   In front of his bakery drug dealers lurk, scaring his customers.
0:20   Drinking, drinking, noise, fights, … very, very dangerous here!
0:30   Other shop owners and residents also talk about a climate of fear.
0:34   Every day, really every day we are eyewitnesses to criminal activities.
0:39   They have no respect, and violent…
0:43   They are so bold, people who sit here on chairs directly in front of the shop,
0:48   they get directly attacked and … robbed.
0:51   What happened in Cologne, that’s nothing, that happens here every day.
0:54   E-v-e-r-y d-a-y! Stabbings, in front of our eyes,
0:59   and murder, that too, and won’t be resolved because the people just disappear.
1:04   The so called ‘Antänzer’ have been a problem for a long time.
1:08   We are observing this scene with hidden camera.
1:11   In the middle of the plaza drugs are sold. This dealer says
1:14   he’s an asylum seeker from Tunisia.
1:17   Right next to him, a pickpocket just spotted his next victim.
1:21   And… he stalks the woman.
1:25   Saturday night on location. How dangerous is it to be a person in this public space,
1:30   especially a woman? We put an empty wallet into our backpack.
1:36   Already in the underpass we observe a group of young women
1:39   that are being harassed, they’re being called sluts.
1:43   When our reporter walks past the men, she suddenly becomes afraid.
1:47   She can feel, someone is breathing down her neck.
1:50   Later she realizes, that’s exactly when her wallet was stolen.
1:56   We see one of the suspects a short time thereafter again.
1:59   This time he is trying to steal from a couple. A fight breaks out.
2:05   The thief throws a bottle after the couple.
2:08   (German woman is yelling “you damned son of a whore!”)
2:13   And now, a chase ensues.
2:17   Above in the passageway, the suspect is caught, but the situation escalates.
2:22   What we don’t show is how the thief gets clobbered.
2:25   The nerves in this neighborhood are being laid bare; vigilantism is in the air.
2:29   After calling 911, police arrive. They record the personal data of the Libyan man,
2:34   and then they let him go again. Daily routine at Kottbusser Tor.
2:38   The police have not managed to gain control of the situation.
2:42   The criminal gangs are unimpressed.
2:46   For over a year now, the social worker Ercan Yasaroglu and business owners
2:50   have been writing letters to politicians.
2:53   The Berlin Minister for the Interior answered succinctly last summer:
2:56   The crime rate has not risen; it’s merely a subjective perception by citizens.
3:01   The Berlin Senate never took responsibility for this extralegal space.
3:07   They don’t feel responsible. There is no political action.
3:12   We feel deserted by politicians, by the Senate, by the police.
3:17   We have met with politicians, we have tried to talk to everybody.
3:21   But… nothing happens.
3:24   The numbers show just how serious the situation has become.
3:27   In 2015 alone on this plaza, 2116 robberies were reported.
3:31   Violent offenses have risen by 30%,
3:34   robberies by 55%.
3:38   This situation is a result of a longstanding austerity policy within the police,
3:42   criticizes the Police Union.
3:46   (Bodo Pfalzgraf, German Police Union Berlin) At this time, I cannot — apart from the police which of course has concept to fight crime,
3:50   but which they can’t implement due to not enough personnel —
3:53   I can’t from politics perceive a grand master plan that could dry up
3:57   these hot spots and this cesspool.
4:00   In Berlin in the meantime are numerous hot spots with drug crime,
4:03   which are not under control anymore.
4:06   Here at the subway station Görlitzer Bahnhof, drug dealers
4:09   hassle us the minute we exit.
4:16   Outside the police are in action,
4:20   but despite that, umpteen dealers stand around totally relaxed.
4:23   This guy wants to sell us hard drugs like cocaine or speed.
4:28   Aren’t you afraid of the police? Yeah, you? — No…
4:31   Drug trafficking directly in front of the eyes of the law.
4:38   How these criminals can be so bold? That’s what an undercover cop
4:42   from the Berlin police tells us exclusively in an interview.
4:46   We experience daily, with ‘Antänzer’ and dealers, that we arrest them,
4:50   sometimes 20, 30, 40 times, and then the judiciary lets them go again.
4:55   That is frustrating, because these offenders already laugh themselves
4:59   to death when we arrest them, they know they’ll be back on the streets in no time.
5:03   The consequence is that offenders are getting more and more violent
5:06   towards their victims, and towards the police as well.
5:10   It definitely is a fact that many things were downplayed,
5:13   like pickpocketing or small-scale drug dealing.
5:16   That’s been politics for such a long time here in Berlin.
5:19   They’re kicking the need for citizen safety to the curb,
5:22   because they’re not taking more drastic measures and handing out tougher penalties.
5:26   Back in Berlin. Here camera surveillance is an irritant topic.
5:30   The Berlin CDU Senator of the Interior is planning a mere model project.
5:34   More is not possible with his coalition partners from the SPD.
5:38   Defer. Discuss. Typical Berlin.
5:41   Meanwhile Berlin Moabit is also growing into a hot spot.
5:44   Here, dealers from North Africa harass passers-by ceaselessly,
5:48   advertising for their drugs offensively.
5:51   A dark park, pickpocketing and violent acts have risen dramatically.
5:55   The citizens are angry.
5:58   I find it outrageous. I am also afraid, in the evening when I come home from work,
6:02   or from an event, to go along there at night; I get molested.
6:06   Well, the park is actually really, really nice here, they invested a lot of money,
6:10   but through these Tunisians and such, they have completely wrecked everything,
6:14   seriously, so that here, the people (…) with hashish and stuff like that, it’s not right.
6:20   I think it’s pretty intense, because this is all… well, it’s being allowed now, right.
6:26   Everybody knows it, and nobody is doing anything.
6:30   Ralk Knispel is from the Association of Berlin Attorneys.
6:33   He criticizes that the political will is lacking
6:36   to enforce a zero-tolerance strategy against all offenders.
6:39   If and what concept our politicians have, it hasn’t been confided to us.
6:44   The fact is, however, that criminal prosecution is not being implemented,
6:49   as it is for instance in Munich, and for years this has been accepted,
6:53   for years they’ve made financial cuts within the police as well as in justice,
6:58   assuming erroneously that with the same existing personnel
7:02   things could be processed properly.
7:05   We’ve warned of this, and now exactly these consequences have ensued.
7:08   Organized street crime that is spreading.
7:13   Because Berlin politics is failing.

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  1. Have the politicians given up or are they taking arab petro dollars to look the other way? Either way, if they are not there already, the vigilantes will be on the streets.

    • Its way past ‘vigilante’ time. You lost. You are occupied and being purged. Every day Merkel remains in power says it all.

      • MHB: Exactly, they lost and authorities are told to allow total breakdown of law and order. They have been conquered by default by the German people. Soon it will be outright killings with weapons hidden in mosques and elsewhere. Germans will comply to orders in an Islamic takeover without any opposition to include lining up for execution.

  2. Vigilantes? Hahaahahahahahahhhahaahah!. Europe’s had it. I tried to do some vigilantism and although the cultural enrichers ran off, we were the ones that were “spoken to” by the Police…..

    The Police were actually issued a warning by my Solicitor. They are sharia enforcers now protecting their traitor politicians “clients” and future masters. I made damned sure I took their numbers for future possible prosecution. That is all we can hope for.

    These Stasi are not traditional British “Bobbies” but sharia and multicultural enforcers. I complained about a group of the incomers harassing church goers and holding up signs saying “Worship the devil”. The Police simply said “Nothing we can do!”

    Now Ia a “wise monkey”- I do not see hear or speak to these uniformed sharia enforcers. My local officer resigned in disgust and it it were not for him I woul have reecived a criminal record, simply for telling these incomers to behave and show respect in their host country.

    The rule of Law does not exist in England anymore. It is simply an evolving tyranny.

    • ‘behave and show respect in their host country’ – instead it is you who nearly gets a criminal record, implying that respect must only go in one direction, from you to them. Is it any wonder that moslems in the UK feel empowered?
      No wonder your local officer resigned in disgust – but sadly that leaves us only with the sharia-compliant coppers.

  3. Correction

    Now I am a “wise monkey”- I do not see hear or speak to these uniformed sharia enforcers. My local officer resigned in disgust and if it were not for him I would have received a criminal record, simply for telling these incomers to behave and show respect in their host country.

  4. If the Berlin politicians won’t act the people have every right to form vigilante groups and beat the crap out of these thugs the way the Russians do. In the clip I saw about the Russian vigilantes, the police had the good sense not to interfere.

    • I read that the Russian police joined in with the vigilantes and threw a few punches at the cultural enriches themselves before going on to arrest them.

  5. I like it when I hear “Vigilantism is in the air.” The people are fighting back. What happens when a victim is pushed into a corner with nowhere to turn? It is then to fight or die. Instinctively, most people will often fight — and to the death. This is what Merkel has created in Germany. Thank you Angela. You have awakened the proverbial sleeping giant.

  6. Why is Merkel still at liberty? German Politicos should be made fully aware that unless they stop this insane woman in her tracks they will eventually be found equally as guilty as she undoubtedly will be! For a start stop her little jaunts to kiss the hand of the “Sultan” of Turkey and no doubt agreeing to the further disintegration of Europe!

  7. I agree with J Davies, merkel should be in jail and charge with crimes against humanity. And arrest each and every other politician, bureaucrat, police, who support these muslim sociopaths.
    Hitler has been reincarnated in the form of angela merkel.

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