Culturally Enriched Soccer Played With Iron Bars

Gröditz is a small town near Dresden in the eastern German state of Saxony. Like most other parts of Germany, the refugees that were welcomed into the area last year have ended up enriching the local culture in unexpected ways, not all of them pleasant.

The following report from Bild describes a attack on amateur soccer players by “refugees” that occurred earlier this month in Gröditz. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

After amateur tournament in Riesa

Refugees beat soccer players with iron bars

Riesa — A brutal incident took place after a soccer tournament in Gröditz by Riesa. A group of approximately twenty refugees assaulted two amateur kickers (25, 27) of the SV Frauenhain. The men were beaten with iron bars, and had to be taken to the hospital.

Police spokeswoman Ilka Rosenkranz confirmed the incident to BILD: “This incident did happen early Sunday morning around 3:45 in Gröditz.”

So far it is known that about twenty thugs, who according to witness reports live in the nearby refugee home, were chasing the two soccer players through town first. The SV Frauenhain explained in a statement: “On the night of February 7, two of our players of the SV Frauenhain were attacked by a mob of 20 or so North Africans who were armed with iron bars. They were chased them through town and beaten so badly they had to be hospitalized.”

By the way: In the press release from the Dresden Police on Sunday not one word was mentioned about the attack. When BILD asked on Sunday, no information about the attack was provided then, either.

16 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Soccer Played With Iron Bars

  1. Why is it that I see people in Germany holding up signs that say “Refugees welcome”?

    Wouldn’t it be “Flüchtlinge willkommen”?

    Or why not “اللاجئون يرحبون”?

    I’m truly puzzled. Why would Germans welcome Syrians in English?

    • Actually, I think that photo is from Spain! But I’m not sure. Can you tell from the team colors?

      • Spain? Odd. Either way, I’ve seen an endless parade of signs from Germany and Austria that are in English, and I’ve never seen a single one that was written in German.

        • They never are, because the enrichers, even if they aren’t illiterate, can’t read German. English is the language that they are most likely to be able to read besides Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu. So signs are in English, especially the signs the Gutmenschen hold up.

          Remember the “welcome refugees” sign at jernbanestationen i København? It was in 2 languages — Somali and English. No dansk at all.

    • Those Germans who hold “refugees welcome” signs are especially likely to be ashamed to be German. Perhaps they wouldn’t mind if the German language was extinguished entirely. Along with Germany itself…

    • That’s an interesting point. I’m not sure about the Baron’s explanation – I get the feeling that the signs were directed more at those that watch television than at the ‘migrants’.

      • Not in the case of the sign in the Copenhagen train station. It was held up by a Somali to help newly-arrived Somalis find their way to the place where they could sign up for all the free stuff.

  2. Do you guys seriously not get it? The signs are in English
    because that’s what western (A.K.A. American) news cameras
    are looking for.
    It’s an assault on the culture that it took the Gramscians
    decades to accomplish!
    They got “cojones” I’ll say that.

    • I agree, the signs are in English to brainwash and soften the opinion of the US citizenry via the MSM (the government media complex). A picture is worth a thousand words , even when it is a ‘lie’ used for propaganda .

    • Yes, I believe it was Saddam’s son Udey who was the head of the Iraqi Football Association, the team gym apparently included a torture chamber Udey made use of when the team lost.

  3. the baron is right about the linguistic skills of the invaders.
    Farthermore, these signs are telltale about the mentality of the often enough female Gutmenschen: the use of colour pencils – different for each letter- and the decorative little hearts and flowers in Kindergarten style are sign of an attitude more adequate for kids than for mature adults. And they have the right of vote! By the way: last year in the States, I overheard a conversation of an obviously arab couple with two teenage boys next to my table in an icecream parlour in Bar Harbor Maine: they spoke fluent english among themselves, something you would hardly see in Europe. I just browesd a Kinlin- Grover list of real estate on Cape Cod.Changed my plans for emigration, maybe Oklahoma?sarc off.

    • Well spotted herb, & you’re right. Many women have regressed to childhood.
      Not only the infantile signs but many young women now collect and keep stuffed toys at an age when my own were long discarded.

      No wonder their political and social views also belong in the kindergarten with the rainbows, unicorns and daisy chains.

    • The United States is WAY more effective at integrating immigrants in general than Europe. This includes Muslim-Arabs. I suspect that crap welfare payments have something to do with it.

      The average Muslim-Arab in, say, Detroit, to my mind, has a life much closer to that of the average American than his peer in Europe.

      I was in Montreal a few years ago, and conversed with a non-Arab from an Arab country, who now lives in France. She was completely blown away at how well integrated everyone is by comparison to France. My conclusion: Montreal has problems, but they’re NOTHING in comparison. Same with the United States in general.

  4. Where are those British football hooligans when you need them?

    The two groups could have a go at each other. I can’t say I like either of them, so in this case, I’d wish them both success… though I have to say I’d slightly favour the British, who at least are reasonably okay when not drunk.

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