These French women (at least I assume they’re women — they’ve got high-pitched voices, unlike those fellas, I mean women, in Dortmund who got stoned by the culture-enrichers) are keen to explain to the world how wearing the burka keeps them from being treated like objects and makes sure they’re respected.

There’s only one problem, as Vlad points out in his commentary at the end of the clip: The hijab is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the prevention of harassment, molestation, and rape. In addition to veiling herself, a woman may go out in public only when accompanied by her husband or a male relative. Those are the sole conditions guaranteeing that her person and honor will not be violated.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I don’t want do be displayed, I don’t want my body to appear
00:04   (if I may say so, it’s perhaps rude),
00:08   as if it was a vulgar piece of meat.
00:12   The woman is not an object in Islam, you know.
00:16   It’s not an object to be displayed outside for everyone to look at,
00:20   to contemplate. The woman has value in Islamic religion.
00:24   The male cannot reach me,
00:28   so I am protected. Islam has given me value
00:32   and respect. Not the respect
00:36   for the piece of meat which is in front, but
00:40   the respect of the woman.

16 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Gah. Enough to choke on. These women *are* the mythical fembots. They propagandize on behalf of those who stick them in black sacks with eye holes and tell them it’s for their own good!

  2. When the “meat” is packaged so tightly to create a tripping hazard & one’s vision is obscured under a head covering with eye slits, the meat becomes more stationary unable to runaway, punch, fight back, and kick her assailant. Shear stupidity!

    “If thy eye offend thee, pluck it out”. Better for you to enter Heaven or Mecca with one remaining eye than to spend eternity in hell with both eyes for lustful, lewd, rapefugee behavior!

    Each of us is responsible for our own thoughts & actions. If a male cannot contain himself in sight of a woman, he needs to leave the scene and regain composure!

    • It’s all about signalling. The woman is signalling her submission to the rules abusive men slap on her, while hoping she’ll be protected from abuse. But we know that abusers abuse anyways, viz the statistics on veiled women.

      • When Europe is in it’s final stages of becoming a caliphate, the women will be forced to wear this silly “costume” and convert or be killed. If European women had a true feminist movement (not even the U.S. has one) they would educate Muslim women to be equal instead of slaves. But it won’t happen because the people don’t care what kind of government they have or what system is pushed on them anyway.

    • Islam emphasizes an external locus of control (“in a rightly-ordered Islamic society under sharia law, sin will be prevented) while Christianity emphasizes an internal locus of control (“individuals in society who follow Christ will pattern their lives after His and avoid sinful behavior”) As far as I can see, a male in an Islamic society can get away with an awful lot, as another one of their societal values is that you don’t “shame” male family members by mentioning the fact that you know they are molesting the children in the family, etc. Lying is fine in Islam, and stealing from non-Muslims doesn’t seem to be a problem either. The only sin that they really seem to take seriously is blasphemy.

      If 82% of veiled adolescent girls are being molested, then the Islamic external locus of control system isn’t very effective.

      • This is very well put. I think I will be stealing your hyper-rational “locus of control” description in future discussions with various people in my life. Thank you.

  3. I see humanoids wearing the burqa daily.

    In my opinion, it is more like gazing upon a thing or an object than a human being.

  4. They would LOVE the Algerian girl I know.
    She’s covered in enough tattoos to do any biker gang proud, participates in body art competitions, goes dancing, dates White guys and dresses like a young Britney Spears.
    How she reconciles this with being Muslim, I have no idea, the subject never came up.

    • Uh…I hate to break this to you but I don’t think your acquaintance is a true believer.

      Just sayin’….

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