Culture-Enrichers’ Favorite Pastime: Gang Rape

The video below is very disturbing.

Nash Montana, who translated the audio, says that the “youths” you can hear on the soundtrack are almost certainly at least the second-generation of Muslim immigrants, perhaps of Turkish stock. The argot they speak is a primitive variant of the German language — comprehensible, but not normal German.

Despite the fact that the video does not show any physical brutality, but simply the young man’s reveling in his disgusting exploits in conversation with his cronies, his explicit description of sexual brutality may well be too intense for sensitive readers. For that reason I have put the video and its accompanying transcript below the jump.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Original source: Facebook.


0:01   Dude, we were seven guys. Some on the floor, three on the beds. They were bunk beds.
0:07   Three were on top, three were below, Adim switched off the light and f****d her.
0:14   He deflowered her. She was a virgin. You must imagine that! Virgin!
0:19   And we were still six guys on top of the bed, dude. And he: Bang! Bang!
0:23   And we on top of the bed jumped down, she screams and of course she was fighting back and so on.
0:27   And we had her legs, dude. Bang! One held her over there, the other over there, dude.
0:31   And than, dude: Sinan and the others. One after another, dude. Virgin, dude! Well done, dude! I swear to you.
0:38   She cried after that, she couldn’t go on any longer.
0:41   And we, like pigs we spit on her. Sperm and dirt all over her. We really got milked.
0:49   And you f****d her into the a**, right?
0:52   DUDE, it was a virgin! And we DESTROYED her with seven guys, dude.
0:55   Didn’t f**k her a**. But not in the a** though.

51 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers’ Favorite Pastime: Gang Rape

  1. If men were still men in Germany, which they obviously are not, there would be in excess of 100,000 Charles Bronsons on the loose.

    • The heroine of the year Merkel got so much fame for facilitating all these monsters to monsterize/ brutalize the victims. Is she going to get the peace prize next September?

      Why the traitors never seem to do the right thing. And some citizens are uncomfortable and some complain and the traitors never listen or get sued for lying, negligence and beach of trust? Were human rights only invented for invaders?

      What do you think dictators do or look like?

      • A victim of Merkel and all those politicians that allowed uncontrolled Muslim immigration into Europe, but the sickening thing is that they do not care at all about their people and the suffering of this young woman.

    • There’s still some left in Germany – not everyone’s a wimp there. Maybe that’s why the media cover such things up as best they can. Meaning that the average German doesn’t have a clue that such things are going on.

      Eastern Europe though, where people have learnt to distrust the mainstream media, may well be a different story.

    • The EU males are cowardly geldings, and I have said that repeatedly on various comments here and elsewhere, even when the civil war starts, mass rapes and murders take place, EU men will do nothing ( maybe hide) even to protect their women and girls. Sorry apathetic and useless. A caliphate will soon be established with the worst imaginable happening. Then all culture will be destroyed and outlawed and mass destruction of churches and other historic monuments turning the EU into a third world hell pit. But if that’s what the European citizens want, then so be it.

      • Who would have thought that some day the western Europeans would welcome Russian tanks rolling across the Oder and Danube…..

        • Russian tanks, with over 50% of their operators themselves being Muslim? Even in the unlikely event that they were to come rolling over the Danube, I understand that on their previous visit, their soldiers were known to commit gang rapes and the like, every bit as brutal (or more so), than the current “exploits” of Europe’s cultural enrichers. With many of the soldiers that time also coming from the Soviet “Stans”, and being followers of the Religion of Peace…

  2. These people need to be slapped down vigorously. The police are too culturally marxist to do it so its time to set up militias who will.

    • Police are not Marxists in Germany. Police in all western “democracies” have been rendered cowards, useless and feckless by their so called elected elites, the worst of the worst donkeys. This is the result of movies, films, loose or no morals, Hollywood’s no-values, perverted feminism, and anything goes. No right or wrong. The camel’s back broke with the importation of millions of invaders and feckless policies and decisions that are clothed in charity and compassion.

      Just try do compassion with a cobra : bring it home and let it sleep in the same room with the kids.

      Cursed be traitors who cannot even understand axioms and have no common sense.

      Common sense isso uncommon in “democracies”

      • Yep. It would be racist to say that your children are any better than cobras and rattlesnakes. To show how open we are, we must put them into our kindergartens. If a few children are bitten and die horrible deaths, that is a small price to pay to prove our multi-kulti devotion.

        • Hello, Matt glad to see you here. I have commented on your articles esp. via email. Tet take two article was sent out and/or printed to others. The EU is soon over- awful future and mayhem, so will this be a wake up call for the US? maybe so. The masses are sooo dumbed down.

    • A friend’s girlfriend is a young police officer in London. From what I heard, I can guarantee you that the average Bobby on the beat is NOT culturally marxist. Although their superiors, and those who hand them their “rules of engagement” may well be…

      • Suppose all hell does break loose – where will the average Bobby on the street stand? With the British people or with the Muslim- and-Leftist- controlled government?

        • Good question. I guess we have too little data for an answer. Although given that the Bobbies are paid by the government and are forbidden to strike, I guess they’d go along with their duties. But Tommy Robinson has in the past reported, that even while arresting him, many Bobbies were supportive. So I suppose one can go along with duties in various ways.

  3. Charming. How pleased the thug rapist seems to be with himself that he was gang-raping a virgin. The utter disdain for his victim’s humanity is truly disturbing.

    • The West has been a roiling cauldron of evil ever since its governments welcomed legalized murder of the unborn.
      And yes, I know, that was by design to coarsen citizens’ sentiments about the value of life itself, having the added benefit of destroying marriage and the family, the bedrock of *civilization.*
      Unrooted from the transcendent, there is no depth of evil to which people will not go, no barbarisms to which they will not eventually succumb.
      This is among the reasons there are no German Charles Bronsons.
      The West signed its suicide pact long ago. And its collective conscience has been seared, hardened, and crusted-over, by decades of free *love* and living for self.

      • Got to bring in the question of the responsibility of the various faiths and why they have remained so silent? It is a shame how those who are suppose to represent Christ or God remain so silent at such a time. The clergy ought to out in front of Tommy Robinson and those like minded but they cower in their rectories. Where are the outraged rabbis? Trying to find the next flight out of Europe?

    • If the citizens rise up emotionally and begin fighting the invaders, they will get slapped down, if not by the police, by the national armies, or even NATO forces called into service by the national governments under siege.

      Our worst enemies are our allies, who inevitably are mobilized to protect the vested government interests.

      The Serbs were winning the war against the Muslim militias, and got bombed into submission by NATO forces, ordered into action by Bill Clinton and his cronies. To this day, I do not understand the rationale for this action, even from the standpoint of the hawks in government.

      It may be simple payola from the wealthy princes of Saudi Arabia, who gave a wink and a nod to assure the Clintons their “charitable” foundations would always be well-stocked with contributions.

      In any case, any rebellion which does not account for the possibility of foreign intervention is doomed to failure.

  4. My heart was heavy after reading the transcript of this video. Why are European women being sacrificied on the PC altar of correctness when it comes to this influx of Muslim young men? These women are someone’s mother, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, or aunt. Does Merkel read or hear about these dreadful incidents? If so, does she care? When are Germany and the rest of Europe going to make this dreadful woman accountable for her actions?

    • I think you’re assuming that deep down, the governments have the interests of the people in mind, even if they are blind to the actual effects of their decisions.

      I am beginning to see the governments in question as mechanisms to increasingly isolate the real powers of government from the popular opinions. The question of why the government elites are destroying the systems which did so much for them is perhaps unanswerable, and definitely irrelevant. The fact is, their actions over the years have formed a stable pattern, and are predictable, even if there is no satisfactory answer to the question “why?”.

      Europe is already inundated by millions of low-IQ, low skill, culturally-incompatible savages. It took a year or two to let them in, but chances are, it will take centuries to even begin to repair the damage. Think of the Reconquista of Spain, extending over centuries, before they finally expelled the last of the Muslims in the 17th century.

    • I suspect Merkel’s reaction would be something like this: ‘Yes this is terrible but German men also commit rapes blah blah blah, nothing to see here ..’ She may even believe it.

      • There is a persistent refusal among Western leaders to regard the practice of gang rape as fundamentally different from the rapes committed by European men.

        Muslim men regard rape as basically a group sport, and a violent one at that. One of the ugly secrets in Europe is that all the gang rapes — and I mean ALL — are committed by Muslims. They were virtually unknown in Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany before the mass importation of Muslims. The examples from Sweden are particularly brutal — girls left virtually crippled for life, and that’s not even considering the psychological damage and the PTSD.

        • Correction (albeit a small one) – in the nineties, there was a plague of gang rapes committed by a Philippino gang, most definitely with Hispanic/Catholic names, who were known during their exploits to egg each other on with such charming words as “f*** the white b****”.

          But yes – pretty much all the gang rapes these days are by adherents to the Religion of Peace.

          • I was trying to be polite and avoid the racial aspect of it. But yes, you’re right — I should have said “non-white, the vast majority Muslim”. Can anyone point me to a documented instance of white Christian (or post-Christian) Europeans engaging in gang-rape? Not counting wartime, though I’m not sure it even happened then.

          • There’s a similar tradition of gang-rape among inner-city American blacks. They call it “pulling a train.” About 10 years ago, a young black journalist named Nathan McCall who shot to prominence wrote a memoir of growing up rough in the inner city. He was surprised at the horrified reaction of readers — mostly liberal whites — to his casual references to pulling trains with his friends. Evidently it’s no big deal to the perpetrators.

    • This should be sent to Merkel by registered mail with signature required to show she received it. She should never have the excuse that she did not know.
      This is one of the most repugnant pieces I have ever read. That poor girl!
      What horrid monsters behave like that? It is sickening.

      • The most basic difference -from a purely technical standpoint – would be that the German rapists are not attempting to annihilate the girls’ culture, identity, religion, nation and ethnicity.
        To your average garden variety German rapist, it’s not an act of war.

      • Angela already knows… she has already said (on a German-language clip, which I watched as part of a “With Open Gates”-style compilation, which conveniently disappeared from Youtube), that “we must admit that, among the many young males arriving, there is a lot of criminality”. She said this before her “invitation”, and hence must have been fully aware of what wonders she was bestowing on her people.

        And, since pepper spray sales have risen 600% in Germany in the space of a year, with warehouses being out of stock (according to Focus magazine), her people seem to be aware of the wonders of these new, enriched gifts… they just realise that they also need a job and some income to survive, and hence don’t talk about the whole thing too loudly.

  5. Hey, come on! Let’s not be racist. It’s not “gang rape” (a eurocentric term if ever I saw one). It’s a bonding ritual for oppressed Yoots of Color, as we see here in an autobiography by an American scholar of Color:

    “Vanessa was thirteen years old and very naive. She thought she had gone to Turkey Buzzard’s crib just to talk with somebody she had a crush on. A bunch of the fellas hid in closets and under beds. When she stepped inside and sat down, they sprang from their hiding places and blocked the door so that she couldn’t leave.

    When I got there, two or three dudes were in the back room, trying to persuade her to give it up. The others were pacing about in the living room, joking and arguing about the lineup, about who would go first……..

    That train on Vanessa was definitely a turning point for most of us. We weren’t aware of what it symbolized at the time, but that train marked our real coming together as a gang. It certified us as a group of hanging partners who would do anything and everything together.

    It sealed our bond in the same way some other guys consummated their alliances by rumbling together in gang wars against downtown boys. In doing so, we served notice mostly to ourselves that we were a group of up and coming young cats with a distinct identity in a specific portion of Cavalier Manor that we intended to stake out as own.

    Up-and-coming young cats bond with the aid of a beeyatch

    • Wow. And he’s a professor?! Seriously???!!!

      Btw, the comments accusing the original commenter of being KKK just for mentioning such things seem also incredible. Are these people normal?!

      • Everyone saying anything even slightly critical of Islam and/or leftist politics is immediately screamed down as a ‘Nazi’, ‘Right Wing Extremist’, ‘Neanderthal’, or just plain ‘stupid’ on the forum of Der Standard, Austria’s most cyber-active newspaper.
        Provided, of course, that the comment in question isn’t deleted by the very PC staff.
        I wonder if the people accusing others of KKK affiliation even know how that organization came to be…….

  6. These savages need to be captured, castrated, their tongues removed so they can no longer say, “Dude,” and deported back to wherever they came from. Or jailed in single cells with no bread or water, no toilet, nothing, and left to rot.

  7. Angela Merkel- is the most evil person of 21st century- she is more evil and dangerous than ISIS. And it’s not farfetched to think that she may be in collaboration with ISIS, Turkey and other islamists to turn Germany and whole Europe into an islam ruled continent and white europeans converted to islam- this may be her secret plan- that’s why Caliph Merkel wants to force refugee quota system on all european countries so muslims can get into every nook and corner of Europe- and she wants to hurry up and force refugee quota system before it’s too late because she knows that due to her evil actions the European Union is going to break up soon. All the refugees should be forced into Germany because Caliph Merkel is solely responsible for refugee tsunami into Europe.

    • It’s pretty useless to speculate on the motives of “leaders” like Merkel. Merkel is not alone: her politically-correct poison is shared by the political leadership of the other European countries: England, Sweden, Norway, France, Austria, and even Switzerland. So, there is nothing particularly unique about Merkel.

      It seems like Europe is, most optimistically, destined to break up into culturally-homogeneous regions with strong borders. As distasteful as it sounds, their best bet would be an alliance of convenience with Russia, which might serve as an umbrella from possible attacks by NATO forces.

  8. Sounds exactly like what I heard from Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, Chadians, etc. in France in the 1980’s.
    Blue-eyed Blondes preferred, but as long as she’s White, she’ll do.
    Someone needs to re-insert spines into White guys.
    Remove the nerd glasses, remove the hipster neckbeard, remove the lisp, remove the ‘sorry’, remove the video game controller, remove the triple mochacchino latte, remove the 1960’s-and-onwards brainwashing, history-rewriting and culture-destroying and let them fight to take back their continent(s).

    • Half the reason that whites behave like sheep is that they are so deeply entrenched in the system. It is easy for the leviathan state to identify, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate the average European male.

      Contrast this with the typical cultural enricher, only 1 of 10 of whom has been ‘vetted’ by the authorities. He is free to commit his crime, then go hide out in the banlieues or the mosques as he pleases. Intercepting him on the way to those places, or completely rousting either venue is too ‘racist’ so the Europeans will not do it.

      Look no further than the farcical search for the missing Parisian attacker for proof of this. Al-Baghdadi must be filled with mirth over these failed law-enforcement antics.

      • It is certainly true that it would be almost impossible to disappear or live under the radar in most European countries, unless you’re an Ambassador of the Religion of Peace, in which case you have a warren of safe houses of the Umma to fall back on.
        Any Austrian or German, for example, will sooner or later be ratted out by someone, because they are such very good citizens and ‘you can’t do that’……
        I have higher hopes for Scandinavia – where it is easier to go to ground, simply because of the much lower population density, and the UK, where I don’t think you have to register with the police wherever you go or live, which you do have to do on the continent.
        One way or the other, this is gonna get real ugly.

  9. It is appalling what one sees when one doesn’t have an AK 47 on hand! These guys (and all like them) need to be transformed into eunuchs. End of story!

  10. Needless to say that soon there will be an armed resistance movement with snipers, bombs and things like that.

    Brothers, the “European spring” is coming.

    • Any armed resistance that just pops up is likely to be suppressed by government or international forces.

      I’m afraid that once the infiltration has taken place, the resistance will have to be long-term and well-planned, so as not to trigger NATO or Euroforce intervention. Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood model will serve as an example.

  11. It’s not just Germany. It’s the entire west. And let me tell you why: oestrogen in the water. All the men are becoming feminized. I know it sounds crazy, but think where all the oestrogen used on dairy farms and in the contraceptive pill ends up: in the water supply. They can’t filter it out and, as far as I can establish, can’t remove it any other way.

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