Carnage in San Bernardino

As you all know by now, there was a terrorist attack this morning at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. Fourteen people were killed and seventeen (some reports say eighteen) wounded. The three attackers were able to escape the scene in a vehicle. Two were killed in a later shootout with police, and a third is in custody.

According to The Los Angeles Times, “a dispute at a holiday gathering may have sparked a mass shooting in San Bernardino that left 14 people dead and 17 others wounded on Wednesday morning, federal law enforcement officials said.”

The story is still breaking, and not all the suspects have been identified, so I can’t give you a Mohammed Coefficient for the incident yet. However, cultural enrichment is definitely involved.

Early reports said something along these lines (this one from KUSI):

The broadcast indicated there were unconfirmed reports the suspects were male and of Middle Eastern origin, “armed with AK-47s and wearing body armor.”

However, this paragraph has mostly disappeared from the news stories. If you’re paranoid, it’s been deliberately scrubbed, but it may also simply be the “fog of war”, with erroneous early information being corrected later.

Long before the chase and the shootout, there were reports from the Indian subcontinent that one of the suspects was named Farooq Saeed. From DailyPakistan:

Update: One of the suspects has been named by the local media outlets as Farooq Saeed and this may be the first of its kind case of domestic terrorism in America after 9/11.

Vlad Tepes has more, including information coming from Twitter. Breitbart recently reported a variant on the same name:

6:15 p.m.: NBC News investigative reporter Tom Winter reports that law enforcement sources indicate one suspect may be a man named Sayeed Farook.

Multiple law enforcement sources in multiple agencies tell NBC News that one of the suspects in the San Bernardino shooting is Sayeed Farook

— Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) December 3, 2015

The Los Angeles Times reports that its sources indicate the lead gunman was a U.S. citizen.

And the latest is from the Daily Beast, definitively identifying the suspect of many spellings as Syed Farook:

Suspect ID’d in San Bernardino Massacre as Syed Farook

CORONA, CALIFORNIA — Law enforcement officials have identified Syed Farook as one of the suspected shooters who attacked a center for the disabled in San Bernardino, California, according to NBC News. The Daily Beast has learned that the police have just executed a search warrant at a Redlands, California address–an address that belongs to Farook’s family.

Police pursued a car leaving from the Redlands address, Chief Jarrod Baraugan said at a Wednesday evening press conference. A male and female suspect were inside the car, and both of them have been killed. Both of the suspects were armed with assault rifles and handguns, Baraugan said. Police have apprehended a third man, but have not identified his relation to the attacks yet.

An eyewitness at the Inland Regional Center, where gunmen killed 14 and wounded at least 18 more, told police he saw a man leaving a meeting of county employees this morning. At 11 a.m., at least two men entered the center and opened fire.

A police officer radioed into dispatch a report from an eyewitness present at the center who told him that he saw Farook leave the event before the shooting, looking nervous.

Check out the above link to see the suspect’s selfie.

Excerpts and links from other media reports are below the jump:

From The Daily Mail:

San Bernardino Shoot-Out After 14 Die in Government Holiday Party Gun Massacre: One Suspect Killed, One Cornered and Another on the Run — All on Live TV

Two suspects are dead after a dramatic police shootout on a residential street in San Bernardino this evening as police closed in on the masked gunmen suspected of killing 14 and injuring another 17 at a conference center today.

San Bernardino police Sgt. Vicki Cervantes said two suspects are ‘being dealt with’ and there is still possibly another suspect ‘outstanding’ but would not elaborate further.

She said a police officer, who was the first to engage with the suspects, was hurt in the gun battle and is in hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening.

Armed police and armored vehicles were captured on live television surrounding a black SUV on San Bernardino Avenue — a mile and a half from the Inland Regional Center where the mass shooting occurred this morning.

A source told CNN that the suspects threw pipe bombs out of the windows of the vehicle before the shootout with police. The vehicle was captured on broadcast helicopters with its windows apparently completely shot out and a smashed windscreen.

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan urged residents in the area south of San Bernardino Avenue and west of Mountain View to shelter in place while police activity continues.

From the BBC:

San Bernardino Shooting: At Least 14 Dead

Police are searching for up to three gunmen who killed at least 14 people at a social services centre in San Bernardino, California.

The gunmen, in military-style clothing, entered the building and opened fire before fleeing in a black SUV.

FBI officials said they do not yet know if it was a terrorist attack but local police said it might have been domestic terrorism.

From Fox News:

14 Dead in Shooting at San Bernardino, California, Center for Disabled; 3 Suspects on Loose

Fourteen people are believed dead and more than a dozen injured Wednesday after three gunmen “on a mission” burst into a San Bernardino, Calif., social services facility where employees were hosting a holiday party, and police were hunting three suspects who appear to have escaped.

The men, who witnesses said were wearing body armor and masks, entered the Inland Regional Center just after 11 a.m. with grim precision, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan. Once inside, they opened fire with rifles, shooting people in a conference room where a holiday party was taking place, authorities said.

From L.A. CBSLocal:

14 Dead, 14 More Wounded in San Bernardino; As Many as 3 Gunmen Believed to Have Fled Scene

SAN BERNARDINO ( — Fourteen people were confirmed killed and 17 more wounded in a mass shooting at a San Bernardino community social services building.

“We do have some preliminary numbers of upwards of 14 people that are dead and upwards of 14 people that are injured,” said Chief Jarrod Burguan of San Bernardino Police. The number of injured was later upped to 17.

At least ten of the injured are reportedly in critical condition.

The shooting was first reported at about 10:59 a.m. at the Inland Regional Center, 1365 South Waterman Avenue. The gunfire erupted in a conference room where the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health was holding a banquet, said Maybeth Field, president and CEO of the social services center. She said the building houses at least 25 employees as well as a library and conference center.

Authorities were still clearing the “massive facility” as of 2:15 p.m., Burguan said.

“We do not have any identification on who those suspects are, we do not have any motive for the shooting at this point,” said Burguan. “The only information I have at this point is they came prepared to do what they did and that they were on a mission.”

He added it’s believed the suspects — who were armed with long guns, not handguns — had fled, possibly in a dark-colored SUV.

Around 3:15 p.m. there was a report of a brief chase between law enforcement and possible suspects. Officers pointed their guns at the vehicle as it stopped not from the crime scene.

Sky9’s Stu Mundel reported that a “man was deceased” next to the vehicle. The vehicle was riddled with bullets. Officials did not say if the deceased was connected to the earlier carnage at the social services building.

At 3:35 p.m., Mundel listened to scanner traffic and reported that “all suspects” were accounted for; by 4:30 p.m. officials said one suspect was dead and another was at large.

An officer was reported down but apparently that officer only suffered a graze wound, according to reports from the scene.

SWAT officers made a methodical search house-by-house about five blocks from where police and the suspects exchanged gunfire.

At a 5:35 p.m. news conference, officials said two suspects — one male and one female — were dead and another suspect was in custody…

Hat tips: Dean, DV, LP, MM, Fjordman, and Vlad Tepes.

40 thoughts on “Carnage in San Bernardino

  1. Regardless of who these vermin are and their motivation, it is an act of terrorism, this horrific mass murder terrorized the entire area.

  2. Note the terrorists left in a black GMC SUV…. just about the same as that used by FBI and other Federal law enforcement officers.

    Only one man , a manager at a nearby business noticed them leave and notified the police. Hiding in clear view in a vehicle that would not draw extra attention.

    THIS EVENT took some planning. Masks, black SUV, AK47s, body armor, combat equipment and clothing… this WAS PLANNED!

    That crap about one of them leaving a party in anger and then coming back with “help” was part of the plan… he was casing the party for numbers of people and layout!

  3. Yet again Obama on the need for gun control! Never misses an opportunity but no statement on the middle Eastern connection. The inglorious leftist press stating it might have been a dispute at a party that led to this horrific event. A dispute is if someone gets drunk and swings a punch or is verbally abusive. Assault rifles, hand guns and pipe bombs can only be described as terrorism. My deepest condolences to the families,friends and colleagues of all the victims of this horrendous assault on the good people of the United States.

  4. “However, cultural enrichment is definitely involved.”

    Sounds very different from the way the Daily Mail reported it. Yesterday’s headline screamed about “white male” suspects.

    “Officers have been scouring the area for up to three white males dressed in tactical gear and ski masks, who are believed to have carried out the morning attacks.”

    • “Three white men” was the first description given by a shocked survivor. If the attackers were wearing ski masks (as reported), black cargo pants, black long-sleeved shirts (over their body armor), the only body parts visible would’ve been the hands.

      Many Arabic people have light-colored skin and their hands would register the same as “white” people’s hands, esp. to someone who just escaped with her life.

  5. The first report I saw today that attempted to describe the attackers said they were white. Reminds me of the Boston bombers–who were at first (accurately, it turns out, since that’s where they were from) described as Caucasian. Anything to put folks off the scent of musbyterians until the scent turns to an unavoidable stench.

  6. Police have since identified the two suspects – now thought to be the only ones – as Syed Raheel Farook, 28 and Tashfeen Malik, 27, it was announced at a press conference.

    • On KCBS (news) radio this morning–or maybe last night–it was announced that Syed Farouq had “visited Saudi Arabia” last year and married Tashfeen Malik there.

      Sounds like a match made in…heaven? Two peas in a pod, anyway.

      CBS top-of-the-hour news last night also played a short tape of a woman who worked for 25 years for the FBI as a profiler. She said that this was very UNlikely to have been a spontaneous event, and that the “disagreement at the party was likely to have been staged.”

      My two cents’ worth.

  7. Violence may not so much a matter of Islam as it is of ‘Arab culture’.

    A friend of mine spent over 25 years in many Middle Eastern countries and speakes the language. He told me that ,”they just like to fight”. I could be over any real or immagined insult to self or family.

    If you look a Islam in Indonesea or Malaysia, the people and religion are more easy going. In other words religion takes on the character of the people. But put the two together like that and there’s a problem-Islam its violent too!

    • Islam turned 7th-century tribal Arabism into sacred law, so that the worst characteristics of Arab tribal culture would be replicated wherever Islam goes.

  8. Fourteen families will be devastated not only for Christmas, but for the rest of their lives and another seventeen families will be dealing with the trauma of their loved ones’ injuries and PTS. The community and the nation are once again intimidated knowing that whether we live through the next day is no longer a factor of how careful we are, but depends on the whim of some angry Islamic ideologue. At the minimum we have to tippy-toe around every Muslim in case they explode.

    The solution? – Obama and Hillary will be wanting to take our guns away, even though, had someone in that room had a gun, the carnage may have been minimized, perhaps even prevented. All Christmas parties will have to be renamed as ‘Holiday Parties’, or better still banned completely as jollity is anti-Islam.

    In fact, it would be best if we cancelled our whole civilization because every bit of it (except Welfare payments) are an absolute insult to the Prophet.

  9. WE’VE BEEN OVERLOOKING THE MAIN CLUE! Obama is right! It’s all about CLIMATE CHANGE! Note that the murderer worked in the Environmental Industry! It wasn’t the parrot-like repetition of the Koran, while swaying back and forth, that turned his brain to mush. It was the INSPIRATION of our Climate Warrior in the White House!

    No doubt after his return from Mecca where, due to the extreme hot air of Global Warming, cockroaches are now in plague proportions, he was suffering from PTS.
    Only Allah knows how many cockroaches he had to deal with on a daily basis in his inspection of restaurants!

    The sight of another room full of cockroaches swarming about laughing and joking during a CHRISTmas party was enough to make him lose his grip. It was an extreme pest eradication program from his perspective – and I guess that is the perspective of all Muslims.

    To devout Muslims (and Obama Liberals), concerned with the survival of the planet, Jews and people who pray to the Christian God, or in fact anyone who has the effrontery to disagree with them, are nothing but cockroaches!

    • Watson, I think you’re on to something: the perp worked as an “environmental health inspector!” That’s a big screaming clue that EVERYONE else has missed!

  10. Something I haven’t seen, either in this morning’s newspaper or online, and haven’t heard, except when I was listening to live coverage yesterday (as I lay in bed, pretty sick even *before* all this cr*p started), is that the heavy, almost instantaneous law-enforcement response was due to…

    …a nearby–yes! just a couple hundred yards away!–exercise drill for police, sheriff, fire, EMT, and SWAT forces for San Bernardino County and associated agencies. In fact, it may have been the police chief (but it may not have) who said to a KNX (news radio, Los Angeles, patched over to KCBS for the duration) reporter, “Only by the grace of God did we have everyone where we needed them because of a training exercise just down the road. We got the 911 call, and all of a sudden it was raining police.”

    I shudder to think how much *more* mayhem these criminals of the soul could have gotten away with had there been the usual waiting time and the usual small-scale response. But the quote “by the grace of God” has NOT been replayed, at least not when I’ve been listening.

    At least *some* people still understand, not the least of whom was this man dedicated to law enforcement.

    • Interesting info. Earlier today I heard something about how many LE were there, and I had a vague sense of surprise over the large number.

  11. After leaving GoV just now, I went to the L.A. Times’ website. They’re keeping a running stream of updates by topic. One of them (at says that Farouq/Farook and Malik left their six-month-old baby with Grandma before going to work yesterday because they “had a doctor appointment.”

    THAT kills the “it was an argument at the party” excuse and gives much more credence to the former FBI profiler’s analysis that the argument was a pretext. Farouq/Farook worked with these people; he killed people he knew personally. It’s still terrorism; it’s like the Fort Hood massacre with the Muslim psychiatrist. Yes, it occurred at a workplace, but it was (probably) motivated by…something else? the Religion Which Can’t Be Named, whose followers are…VoldeMuslims???

    And was terrorism. To what specific end, we don’t know yet. But it sure as…ah…shootin’ wasn’t an argument at the party. Leaving Baby with Grandma kills that idea stone-cold dead.

    • They might as well put little Tom Riddle Ibn Said on the watch list now – before his first birthday.

      • Thomasina, more like. The baby (I found out after I wrote my msg) is a girl. Let’s hope she’s not like Dear Mommy….

      • Wolfie65-

        I’ve heard the comment that children are just, “fun-sized terrorists.”

        The way things are trending that comment may no longer be a sarcastic joke.

  12. The jihadi coefficient is 100%. We will see more and more of this type of terror if we do not push back in the war that Islam has brought to our shores.

    We must begin the process of purging Muslims from our government and military. We cannot make much headway with the Muslim-in-Chief still in office, but we can set up the apparatus and be ready to deal with the enemy once the instigator is gone.

    • Better to purge muslims from your country as according to the Koran, Allah’s terrorist manual, they are our sworn enemies, and we are theirs; all leftists and surprisingly many right-wingers are yet to realize this.

      Good luck trying to get rid of the imam in the white mosque!
      The moment he said: “When the political winds blow rough, I will side with the muslims”, he should have been impeached–for siding with the enemy, which is treason! USA will never impeach the first black President.

    • Someone in a debate on a radio show today (I didn’t catch the name) said it was ridiculous to worry about Muslim “refugees” “if the vetting process is good” — because “they assimilate beautifully here,” by contrast with Europe.

      Well, Nidal Hassan was beautifully assimilated, wasn’t he — a U.S. Army physician, no less. By most accounts, the Tsarnaev brothers had fit nicely into American life. Etc. And didn’t the earlier generations of Muslims in Europe seem to assimilate better than later ones?

      What that person ignored is the law of numbers as regards Muslims living in infidel lands, and the tendency of Islam to become more assertive and aggressive wherever Muslims become relatively numerous.

      What most people seem to ignore is that terrorism is not the only problem that Muslims bring with them. They also bring less violent but still effective pressure on us to change our ways for them — to change dress codes, workplace practices, holiday schedules; to censor our speech; etc.

  13. From Bridget Johnson at PJ Media; the guy turned his garage into an IED “factory”.

    (BTW, this happened just up the road from me. I now live in Escondido but used to live in Orange County and have been to Riverside and San Berdoo many, many times.)

    an excerpt on the takedown and the garage:
    The black Ford expedition used by the shooters, with Utah license plates, was rented a few days ago and was due to be returned this week. Law enforcement fired 380 rounds at suspects, basically shredding the car. Farook and Malik fired 76 rounds at officers before being killed at the end of a pursuit.

    Barguan said 1,400 .223 caliber rounds and 200 9mm rounds were found “on their person or immediately in the vehicle.” A San Bernardino police officer who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg was due to be released from the hospital today. A county deputy suffered some cuts in the confrontation.

    Farook reportedly owned a house in Corona, southwest of San Bernardino in Riverside County. The townhouse in Redlands was rented by both Farook and Malik. A search of that property revealed 12 pipe bombs in the garage as well as “hundreds” of tools to construct IEDs and “other material to produce some additional bombs.” Thousands more rounds of ammunition were also stored there.

    • In this case I applaud local law enforcement for applying lethal force to these two poster children for subhuman filth.

      I am equally nauseated by the European media who are parroting the liberal dhimmi claims that it is, “far too soon,” to ascertain a motive while also reporting the 12 pipe bombs found at the residence of the rightfully deceased.

  14. Such a strange muted silence regarding this in the media.
    No jesuisSanBernadino?
    More people killed here than at the Charlie hebdo murders. Yet it seems we are incapable of the appropriate response.
    So strange.

  15. The wife is named Tafsheen Malik and is Pakistani (citizen as well from there). Her family was living, like many Pakistani families, in Saudi Arabia. The earlier name of “Tayeep Ardogan” was incorrect—indeed, that is a slight misspelling of the name of Turkey’s leader (Recce Tayyip Erdogan).

    The two brothers are named Rizwan and Raheel, both of Pakistani descent, but born in the US. They prepend the title “Syed” to their names (making their names Syed Rizwan Farooq, and Syed Raheel Farooq) to indicate their pedigree as muslims. A Syed (not to be confused with the name Saeed, which is pronounced slightly differently, and does not mean the same thing) is someone who claims direct descent from Mohammed. So it is not confusing that they are both Syed Farooq, since their names are Rizwan and Raheel, that is how they would identify themselves (not as Syed).

    Hope that helps.

    • See today’s post — “Tafsheen Malik” did not exist until yesterday. Her real name has not yet been publicly reported.

      • That may well be—we’ll know in the next few days I suppose. However, Malik is a very common last name among Pakistanis, and Tafsheen is a typical Pakistani-style name. It is related to the name Afsheen, for example. So, at least on the basis of typicality, we cannot rule out that this was indeed her name. Also, muslims often have much longer passport and legal names. That might be the reason the shortened Tafsheen Malik might not immediately throw up a match.

        • According to Shoebat, that name combination simply can’t be found. I suggest searching yourself. Such a search will be difficult, due to variant spellings in different languages and alphabets (or syllabaries). But it can be done.

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