Netanyahu and Putin: A Working Relationship

The following video is very instructive. It was taken at a side meeting of the COP21 conference in Paris, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu consulted with Russian President Vladimir Putin about topics of mutual interest, mostly involving the situation in Syria. Mr. Netanyahu says that he has established good working coordination with Russia, so that no inadvertent “incidents” between Russia and Israel will happen in Syria.

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during their private conversations.

Israel and Russia definitely have mutual interests. The United States has thrown Israel to the Islamic wolves, so PM Netanyahu has finally decided to find an alternative partnership.

We have discarded and betrayed our allies one by one. All we have left now are Turkey and the Islamic terrorists moderate rebels. And the Turkish alliance is a one-way street: we help the Turks, and they do nothing for us — unless you consider supplying and protecting our pet jihadist groups in Syria an important strategic contribution.

2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

6 thoughts on “Netanyahu and Putin: A Working Relationship

  1. Obama is the enemy of both countries as is the Islamic State. Makes for strange bedfellows, but it is good for Israel as Netanyahu waits for a Republican president who is not a RINO.

  2. As a conservative Canadian I was deeply proud of our former PMSH for standing tall with Israel. The POTUS currently in office not so much. I can see Israel’s leadership wanting to expand the envelop of cooperation with other potential allies in light of current American relations. I am deeply sorry, as a result of Canada’s latest election, that our country is run by a man child as well. This does not seem like a good omen for times ahead.


  3. Wait, isn’t Russia under Putin one of Iran’s biggest supporters? Aren’t they supplying Iran with anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense? I recall Putin, along with the mullahs, was extremely pleased with the outcome of the Iran nuclear talks.

  4. Putin leads Russia in Russia’s interests. Netanyahu leads Israel in Israel’s interests. What you see in the video is what takes place when two intelligent leaders, whose interests do not necessarily always converge and in some instances sharply diverge, seek a mature, considered modus vivendi with each other. They both know they are not “friends”, they both know they are not supposed to be friends. And they don’t pretend to be. You know, the way relations between the leaders of sovereign nations are supposed to be carried out. Respectful and dignified.

    Contrast this with the foreign policy conduct of the current POTUS for the last seven years, bowing low to the Saudi “King”, proclaiming to an Egyptian crowd (who loathe him and the USA) that “The future does not belong to those who besmirch the name of the prophet Mohammed” (not verbatim, but close) in some risible attempt to curry favour, etc, etc. You know, the sort of low grade hack politician who should never have risen beyond a Chicago Daley-Democratic Party machine operative, but somehow bizarrely did. Apparently only because he has a mellifluous speaking voice and has a degree of “colour” in his genetic make-up. I await his release of his academic records from Columbia and Harvard and to find out whether he gained entry to those institutions on minority preference (lowered) thresholds & scholarships. And whether he gained entry to that Californian college on the basis of being an “overseas”, ie Indonesian, student. Even Carter was better than this clown. Just.

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