Driving Miss Merkel

Regular readers will know enough of the political context to get this very amusing sketch from German television. For those who need to bone up on current events in Germany and the rest of Europe, Europe News is a good place to start.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

5 thoughts on “Driving Miss Merkel

  1. Ha ha. Good to see Germans getting in their laughs before these sorts of things become outlawed under sharia.

    • When the purges-mass killings start against the so called infidels in the E.U. (Eurostan), they will turn on the E.U. leaders who don’t convert. Merkel probably is already a convert, and has an assortment of beautiful head scarves (hijab) to wear with her robe style dresses. European men will stand by while their girls, sisters and wives are raped, kicked and pushed around and taken into slavery or forced marriage. Brain cells lacking in E.U. countries, no guns for self defense and the beta type males have been gelded. Smart folks have fled the E.U. already knowing the dangers ahead.

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