Traumatized Women in German Refugee Camps

The following letter was written to the Speaker for Women’s Political Parliamentary Groups in Germany by a consortium of four women’s-rights advocacy groups in Germany. These groups are alarmed by current conditions in German refugee camps, which they feel are not conducive to the well-being of their female residents.

The German reader who tipped us to this letter includes this synopsis of the letter’s contents:

Add another one to the long list of German problems. Four women’s organisations in the German state of Hesse have sounded the alarm bell.

Having interviewed many women in those German refugee camps, their findings were disturbing. Those massive refugee camps sprouting up all over the German landscape have no segregated facilities for men and women, no “quiet rooms” for women, not even locks on the stall doors. Not to mention totally inadequate security.

Rape of women and even children in these camps is rife. There is also talk of forced prostitution rings. Women in these camps more often than not keep on their street clothes when they go to sleep. Going for a pee in the middle of night is already a high-risk undertaking.

Within twelve hours of receiving the tip, the original letter was taken down from the German site where it had been posted. Fortunately, I saved a copy of it, and the PDF of the letter is now available here (in German).

Many thanks to JLH for his prompt translation of the text. Pay special attention to the palliative measures recommended by the signators of the letter, which might be summarized as “We need a lot more of the same to help these women, and hang the expense!”

Readers are left to draw their own conclusions.

To the Speaker for Women’s Political Parliamentary Groups

August 18, 2015

Re: The situation of refugee women in the Hessian initial admission facility (Hessischen Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung/HEAE) and its branches

Dear Ladies and Dear Mr. Rock,

A consequence of the steadily increasing flow of refugees is the further exacerbation of the situation for women and girls in the Giessen initial admission facility (HEAE) and its branches.

The accommodations in large tents, with sanitary facilities not separated by gender, spaces that cannot be closed off, no retreat areas for women and girls — to name just some of the space considerations — increase the defenselessness of women and children inside the facility. This situation plays into the hands of those men who habitually relegate women to a subordinate role, and treat traveling women as fair game.

The result is numerous rapes and sexual attacks, and there are also reports of forced prostitution.

It must be stated clearly that these are not isolated incidents.

Women report that they — and also children — have been raped and otherwise sexually attacked. That is why many women sleep in their street clothes. Women report that they do not go to the toilet at night, because rapes and sexual attacks have happened there and in the sanitary facilities. Even during the day, moving through the camp is frightening.

Many women, besides fleeing wars or civil wars, are also on the run for sexually specific reasons, for instance, the threat of forced marriage or genital mutilation. These women are prey to particular dangers as they flee, especially if they are alone or with only their children. The company of male relatives or acquaintances, however, does not always offer protection from violence, but can lead to dependence and sexual exploitation.

Most refugee women have had a multiplicity of traumatizing experiences in their countries of origin. Over the years, they have been victims of violence — exposed to kidnappings, torture, extortion and rape.

The feeling of arriving here in safety, and being able to move about without fear, is a gift for many women.

The present situation in the initial admission facility, however, can re-traumatize or cause new traumas. It cannot and must not be that those among the fugitives who are most in need of protection — women and children — are those who suffer most, in what is a problematic situation for everyone in the HEAE.

Therefore, we ask you, as the non-partisan alliance, to join in our request for the immediate construction of protective areas (separated living units or houses) in the HEAE for women and children traveling alone — with consideration of relationships, cultural and religious aspects.

The areas must be so constituted that men have no access to the women’s quarters, excluding emergency services and security personnel. in addition, sleeping areas, leisure rooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities must be connected as an enclosed unit — and therefore only accessible by the lockable and monitored entry to the house or apartment.

For women who have had to endure dangers, access to help must be guaranteed. This implies trained (male and female) interpreters at the disposal of the assistance system, either cost-free or with cost absorption.

Appropriate care for women who have been raped or experienced other threats must be assured.

We ask you as a non-partisan alliance to promptly and decisively support our requests for the improvement of the situation at the HEAE.

Signing for their organizations:

Günter Woltering, Der Paritätische Hessen (Parity, Hesse)
Sigrid Isser, LandesFrauenRat Hessen (State of Hess, Women’s Council)
Brigitte Ott, pro familia Hessen
Friederike Stibane, Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Hessischer Frauenbüros (Hessian Consortium, Women’s Office)

24 thoughts on “Traumatized Women in German Refugee Camps

  1. Listen to the BBC’s Stephen Nolan insult his callers when they try to complain about the left handing over Europe to invaders.


    (I put it here because he particularly doesn’t like the invaders being portrayed as rapists and pedophiles.)

    • In occupations you speak out against the demon occupier st your peril. If you do you will lose your occupation and be a marked infidel. Did it all die with Churchill?

  2. As always, it is never the muslims who take responsibility for administering themselves. Post WW2 when Jews were in a similar situation in British prison/refugee camps, they were even more traumatized, but were able to administer themselves and protect the vulnerable. What is it about Islam that makes them so intrinsically brutal and chaotic?

    Is it that “Allah is the greatest” of brutal tyrants and Mohd. is his capo thug?

    • We allow the Muslims do what the Hell they like. So they do. Maybe democracy needs to be dumped for a while. It’s going to be dumped by the Muslims and their western enablers anyway.

      • Yes “WE ALLOW” that makes us superior for knowing better and overwhelmingly stupid for letting them do it on our territory.

        Identify the culprits, quick trial, prison and repatriation. And if they won’t tell the truth, then a displaced persons/concentration camp until they do.

      • I’ve never trusted any Presidential French election in my life, how convenient that the votes are always split nearly half and half, 51/49% one election, 48/52% on the next, like the people were really split almost perfectly at the middle between two candidates at each elections, two candidates that anyway govern almost exactly in the same way the other would have done.

        I don’t see any hope, even in my mostly preserved from muslim immigration area, each family leaving our the building is now replaced by a black or arab muslim families pumping out kids like there’s no tomorrow, while French women want ever and ever fewer children, or for more and more of them go reproduce with muslims.

  3. “This situation plays into the hands of those men who habitually relegate women to a subordinate role, and treat traveling women as fair game.”

    And who might they be?

  4. And if they weren’t raping their own women they’d be raping Germans – and will be raping Germans once they get out into the community. What a wonderful culture Merkel has invited into her homeland! Mohammed-authorized rape, sodomy, beheading, suicide bombing, genital mutilation, slavery! No wonder we’ve tossed Judeo-Christianity into the mud. This culture allows men to indulge in their most barbaric instincts and go to paradise as martyrs!

    As a metaphor, it’s no different from inviting plague-ridden rats into one’s home because they’re starving! It is shocking to think that these rats are actually human beings!

    • You’re right on that.

      I get so sick of Islamic sexual codes being labeled as “modesty,” or being presented as some sort of Victorian decency run amok.

      Islam is very sexually oriented and it is always connecting sex with violence, controlling and conquering.

    • They may be homo-sapiens, but they are an animalistic variant because they are without “the milk of human kindness”.

      “Whatsoever is pure lovely and of good report” is an anathema to them.

      • MC-

        You are precisely right. I’ve spent nearly three years in a “moderate” Muslim country, and you can see the systemic misery etched in the natives’ faces.

        They accept their daily misery unquestioningly, like a dog that has been beaten into submission. The only things they deem worth rioting about are soccer scores and Mo-toons.

        They also seem to think you can never have enough desert, traffic, diesel fumes, sewage, rotting garbage piles, and stray cats feeding on the rotting garbage piles.

      • I often think of that quote. It precisely defines Islam by encapsulating all that it is not.

        Any way you slice this accursed “faith,” it always boils down to “accept what is decreed for you in its perfect incoherence, replete with its hatred of intellectual inquiry and its unquenchable lust for and celebration of war and subjugation of non-believers and women, or we will kill you.”

  5. Stories like this are factual evidence that prove the Polish MEP’s remarks about, “a wave of human garbage that doesn’t want to work,” accurate.

    Ultimately, the soft-hearted cuckolds running western Europe will cave in to the demands spelled out above and drain yet more funds from hard-working, honest European taxpayers and their economies. In turn this will further worsen the situation for all involved.

    • I believe there will be a massive backlash as soon as all these lovely folks hit the local communities!

  6. Who cares about refugees being raped? Does anyone remember the Superdome and what happened in New Orleans after Katrina?

  7. I spit on the women’s advocacy groups. They are populated by the exact kinds of people that enable genocide through compassion. May they suffer in the future at the hands of the invaders, or at the hands of nationalist revolutionaries.

    • It is truly mind——- that women are not on the streets in their millions protesting the ideology of Islam and its ummanoids.

      • I think most feminists have Daddy issue, they will humiliate, complain all day about white men, basically saying that even after being completely feminised white men are still not behaving enough like women, but give them an “exotic” , brutal, violent (if preferably muslim) third-world man, and they will comply to all his commands, and be happy about it.

  8. PS: Especially those leader screamer and lesbian types from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and from 2000 up to NOW.

  9. Pffffffffffff

    Look these manginas… ”Safety places for women” LOL! safety places for women invaders who will give birth to future mohameds.

    Are your women who vote in politicians who open their doors to these invaders, and also go there to bring food to them in camps.

    You do not see one feminist screaming against this invasion, they just scream with western loose because they know that nothing happens.

    even if they were speaking of Christian I understand.

    for me, this adulation of women is one of causes to west be collapsing.

    • There is nothing wrong with the western view of women, what is problematic though is when women try to stop being women and try to behave like sexist harridans with testosterone surpluses.

      Feministas are usually extreme leftists with Fascist overtones, and a blind hatred of things male, and a huge desire to be men,,,,,

      Confused, so am i

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