It’s Now or Never — Get Into Europe Free!

The following article from the German public broadcasting website examines the extent to which the “Syrian refugees” arriving at the station in Vienna are neither Syrian nor refugees.

This is the ideal moment for anyone who wants to get into Europe (especially Germany) and scoop up all those lavish welfare benefits. Not to mention the perfect opportunity to slip thousands of mujahideen in disguised as fortune-hunters disguised as refugees.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Vienna West Railway Station: “A Fourth of Them Are Not Refugees At All”

by Rolf Borchard

Moroccan Merouance Missaoua lives and works in Vienna. In his free time, he interprets for refugees at the Westbahnhof. He is convinced that many allegedly Syrian refugees are actually from Algeria, Egypt or Morocco. Is this just an opportune moment to come to Europe?

Vienna’s western railroad station is the last stage of a long trip to Germany for thousands of refugees. Merouane Missoua has worked in Vienna for years. He has taken time off and has spent days as a volunteer interpreter for refugees from Syria, helping them to find a place to sleep for the night, or to find the right train to Munich or Passau.

“I come almost every day — every day when I can, to help these people.”

Germany’s actions are absolutely commendable, he says, “but you also have to see the dark side.” Many represent themselves as Syrians:

“In all honesty — I believe, it is my personal estimate, because I have been here day in and day out, that a quarter of the people I have met are not refugees. I have met people from Morocco and from Algeria. I can discover that, because I speak their dialect too and I recognize the accent immediately. Yesterday, for example, two Egyptians came to me. I said to them: You are not Syrian; what are you doing? — Yes, it’s now or never, get into Europe free. It’s now or never.”

Most of Them Have No Papers

Others who are helping out here also report many people from Bangladesh and Pakistan who have joined the refugees from war regions. Some would ask Syrians targeted questions, so they could, so to speak, copy their life stories later at the asylum process in Germany, says Merouane Missoua.

“Most of them have no documents. That has to be said. Most of these people have absolutely no papers.”

He has just reported to the police that there are several in the queue for the train to Munich who say they are Syrian, but are not.

“I just said that to a police officer: In this line right now, I have met people and questioned them and they are not Syrians. They said that Germany will have to find that out for itself and solve the problem.”

He does not want to be misunderstood, Merouane Missoua emphasizes — he admires the Germans’ willingness to help. But you also have to look reality in the eye, he says.

“It is good of Germany — it is good of Mrs. Merkel. It is good that they have opened their arms — that is humane. But that should not go on in the coming days, because I fear that all the people have cell phones. All I would have to do is take out my phone, call my family: Hey, it’s good here, we were so well received by these people and we are fine. See to it that you come to Germany.”

And how does he assess the mood in Austria, where he himself has lived for years? Will the attitude change soon, against the opening of the border for refugees?

“In my opinion, the borders will have to be closed in the near future. In the long run, Germany, Austria too, cannot take in all the people. That is my estimate.”

[Caption of photo: Many a supposed Syrian questions real refugees from Syria, so that they can later copy their life stories at the asylum process in Germany.]

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  1. The photo is interesting, all the women and children at the front, hiding a sea of young men at the back.

  2. It matters not whether they are from Syria or North Africa or South Asia – they are all Muslims! They all believe in the psychopath Mohammed and his brutal God! they all believe we need to convert! They all believe they are the chosen, superior people! What more do we need to know?


    • I really do hope we can fix stupid. While countries from Germany to Iceland take the daily prescribed EU stupid pill it won’t be difficult for Mohammed’s lazy unproductive to believe they can get away with literally any perversion their Koran desires.

  3. It’s not ‘now or never’. Germany wants hundreds of thousands every year and is trying to bully the rest of Europe into accepting them. It’s now and always, if Germany has its way.

  4. Question for the German readers of GoV:

    Given that Angela Merkel said, several years ago, that multiculturalism has failed, what is she now doing? What are her motivations? Doesn’t she realize that if you say “we can take 500,000 per year” that that is likely what will happen? Or rather that she’s likely to get 1,000,000 per year at least? What can she possibly be thinking?

    • I have such a deep (and deepening) contempt for Angela Merkel that I cannot put it into words here, or this great site would be closed down.

    • Read a recent article in PI (I think there is an English translation) on her background and motivations.

      • I saw several recent articles about her but I’m not sure I saw the one to which you are referring. Unless you are referring to the one which posits that she has a mania for control, implying that she believes that importing millions of Muslims will somehow aid this mania.

    • I hope and pray one day we can bring these disgusting traitors to trial and the necessary penalty. They are worse than the Nazis and that says a lot. Killing us with kindness…..

      Like Rita below_ I have no words suitable for what this creature “Merkel” has done…… “Socialism” and all its derivations must be totally eradicated from Earth.

    • Don’t worry. Frau Merkel said she expects the young’uns to learn the German language quickly in school. Thus they will be “assimilated.” Or so she assures us.

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