Poland Says: No to This Islamic Horde! Stop Hijra!

Below is a video of an “Islamophobic” chant by football fans at the soccer match of Legia Warsaw vs. Zaglebie Lublin, held on Friday, September 11. As Vlad said, “If this were to happen in the UK, the entire stadium would have to be made into a prison.”

Green Infidel, who translated the chants and banners for subtitles, includes these remarks: “Notice the chanting gets louder with every repetition, and at 0:12, a banner is visible, saying ‘Stop Hijra!’ Looks like the Legia fans know their Islamic vocabulary…”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   All of Legia shouts out loud
0:04   No to this Islamic horde!
0:08   All of Legia shouts out loud
0:11   No to this Islamic horde!
0:14   All of Legia shouts out loud
0:18   No to this Islamic horde!
0:22   All of Legia shouts out loud
0:26   No to this Islamic horde!
0:29   All of Legia shouts out loud
0:33   No to this Islamic horde!
0:37   All of Legia shouts out loud
0:40   No to this Islamic horde!
0:44   All of Legia shouts out loud
0:47   No to this Islamic horde!
0:57   Even louder!
1:00   Even louder!

Banners (from left to right):

3 million Poles are dirt poor
200,000 Polish children malnourished
Over 50,000 Poles homeless
Where is the help for them?
The “Zyleta” stand is always with you
Stop Hijra!

20 thoughts on “Poland Says: No to This Islamic Horde! Stop Hijra!

  1. Coming back to the States from Canada yesterday I picked up 2 hitch-hikers. They had a sign that said USA and looked pretty good for being on the road as long as they had been. They were from Poland and in their early 20s. It was their take on things back home that the Polish people were much more patriotic and protective of their country than the other countries of the EU. They also had some unkind things to say about Lech Wałęsa but he’s pretty obscure by now anyway.

    It looks like some of Europe is waking up. Maybe it’s contagious!

    • “…the Polish people were much more patriotic and protective of their country than the other countries of the EU…”
      Precisely, Gort; that’s why Poland suffered so minimally from the effects of the Black Death which devastated the rest of Europe.
      It looks as is history is repeating itself yet again.

    • For most of the former communist states national sovereignty is still fresh and something to be proud of. Some of them also have a history of a failed uprising against communism (and often also fascism before that), so they now quite well that freedom comes not for free.

      Other then many western european countries.
      Who besides of that also suffer from many decades of leftist anti-western attitude and self-loathing.

    • Poland has been overrun by Vikings, Mongols, Russians, Swedes, and Germans. After being absent from map of Europe for about 200 years, it only became a nation again after WWI – only to be overrun by the Germans and Russians again.
      To retain any sort of national identity after such ordeals, they must have a very fierce sort of patriotism.

  2. Things are looking up. I think I am going to take a holiday in Poland pretty soon and not just for the food which I particularly like.

  3. God bless the Poles they are smart enough to see what others will not see. I hope they don’t let even one Muslim into their country, it’s suicide to allow those terrorist into your country, just look at how violent they became in other countries and they refused food and water because of the Red Cross they only want their filthy halal food. They would rather watch their own children starve than to eat food offered to them by the Red Cross.

  4. wow,,, Long Live Poland,,,
    At last a positive moment and I hope, like Gort it is contagious and builds a resonance and support from other similarly placed countries, and to other populaces with the same concerns.
    That energy not only for their own teams, but coming together truly for their own country.

    Seneca 111 I would envy you that trip to Poland, and to consider it would be another way of supporting Poland thru it’s tourist industry.
    I have always wanted to go Cardiff Arms Park to hear and join in the Welsh song during a rugby football test match. However I rate the Polish patriotism higher.

    Maybe a combo of chant and could be if a patriotic song is also done and the Polish could give full throat to.
    A tune that is suitable for large choir (sports ground) could be sung with the right poignant words of issue, and so spread to many other countries or world wide at sports games. Maybe some songs are subtle and others very strongly put. No police and censors could stop it.

    Plus other underground songs which the internet would help break out in many ways like that song above, “I See the Hosts of Mohammed Coming”

    May we all take heart and keep battling on, informing, educating, of those ideologies, and to be placed well in taking even stronger stands.

    Thanks to Baron and Dymphna in bring some of us together and focusing us to many of these problems through lenses of information, knowledge and reasoning, and perhaps with some rousing songs.

  5. Poland! I see the spirit of Jan III Sobieski – that forgotten hero of Europe’s history-is still alive!

    Today i found myself to be a Legia fan!

  6. I’ve always hated soccer. I might have to revise my opinions…I think I’m becoming a fan.

  7. At least the video clip recognises the dirt poor, homeless and the malnourished children of Poland, to point out such disparities in the UK would result in the accusation of being a Marxist.

    There is a large political constituency in UK that welcome the Hijra as a reinforcement of their socioeconomic status and as a mechanism of social control – a buffer between that constituency and the indigenous lower socioeconomic groups. This is the economic argument of “good” immigration for those lower indigenous socioeconomic groups it is in fact the socioeconomic status of dhimmitude.

  8. When visiting Ireland recently I heard someone say ‘the Polish immigrants in particular also serve as a counterbalance’ when the Muslims inevitably reach that magic attack the host number. Just behind the UK I imagine.

  9. “If this were to happen in the UK, the entire stadium would have to be made into a prison.”

    The premier soccer stadiums are already prisons where the spectators are the consenting captive audience being disciplined and conditioned into the multikulti good experience.

    Soccer has become more of a mass consumer experience in the UK than a ritual of free association.

    • J.R.- that’s an excellent term: mass consumer experience.

      That could also be used to describe any of the mass (and massive) sports “events” now, whether it’s overpaid sports stars in the U.S., the “World” Cup, or the Olympics.

      An old family story- when the future Baron was young we home-schooled him for the first six years. Sometimes I would take him to work with me and he would see television on occasion. The programming bored him but the commercials fascinated him. Once he saw a big display about the up-coming Olympics that year. Since he’d never seen the word before and it flashed on the screen so briefly he repeated what he thought he saw: “what are Oplymics?” he asked. The other kids in the room laughed – not *at* him but because they thought he was making a joke. I quickly pronounced the word correctly and he made a quick comeback to cover his ignorance.

      He’s grown now and still doesn’t have a TV. However, he watches some movies on his computer, and he introduced us to the Firefly series:


      But he doesn’t know one team from another and doesn’t understand the obsession with sports’ teams. I guess that only happens if your Dad is a sports fan? The Baron used to follow baseball some when he was a kid, but he was mostly outside playing softball with the neighborhood kids back then. Nothing organized, no parents involved, just pick-up games. I watch the kids around us now and they play in teams organized into leagues run by the parents and complete with play-offs. In other words, what were once kids’ games are now big business that starts *very* young. The Canadian hockey system is probably the most obvious example of the business end of it starting very young, but they’re all like that.

      Mass consumer experience…just like the gladiators’ games were.

      • Sport is a great thing. It is good for mind spirit and body – which is precisely why the establishment seeks to ingraciate itself with sports leaders so as to manipuloate their direction.

        • Professional sports is a business. A brutal one at that, all of it plagued by steroid use and other drugs. The players are badly physically damaged by the age of 30 or so. The physical fighting in hockey has resulted in at least one fatality; hockey fans go to see the blood. It wasn’t always like that but it is now.

          Commercial sports are harmful to the mind, spirit, and body of every player. A lucky few remain relatively physically undamaged, but they are in the minority. Those boys/men go through a corrupt college system which covertly rewards them but doesn’t really educate them. Colleges make big money from men’s sports and they’re not about to let the system change. Women’s basketball is coming under the aegis of “professionals” so it will soon lose its amateur status if it hasn’t already.

          Even the bike races are full of drug scandals…the amount of money corrupts everyone eventually.

          Governments use “sports” as a distraction to keep average folks focused on what’s really important – i.e., the current standing of their favorite teams…

          …but come to think of it, I don’t hear much about the British “football hooligans” acting up in the rest of Europe now. Has that become a thing of the past or is the EU media ignoring it? They used to love to spike up stories about the lawless, drunken Brits but those stories don’t seem to appear anymore…

          • Has that become a thing of the past or is the EU media ignoring it?

            All part of their beautiful game, that for you and I is a grotesque banquet.

    • ‘Respect’ – oh yes, and ‘Say no to racism’. Lost interest in football when the propaganda took the foreground.

      • I agree with you. After a few years not following the football, I can see the German Bundesliga again, and I’m shocked about the amount and the influence of politics in it. This makes me think about ignoring it, but I grew up playing and watching football my whole life, so it’s not easy… Last weekend all the Bundesliga players had a sticker saying “We are helping” (the refugees). Awful!

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