Obama’s Iran Deal For Dummies

Well, not exactly for dummies. More precisely, it’s for those of us who are so traumatized by the fact of its existence that we keep avoiding the dirty details…

The information accompanying this video says:

Hollywood comedy legend David Zucker (“Airplane,” “Scary Movie,” “Naked Gun” films among many others) has written and produced this hilarious spoof on the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal. In his trademark style, Zucker skewers the deal’s primary architects – President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry – and warns of the possible “Side Effects” that may result from the absurd agreement.

“Hilarious”? Not so much. “Absurd”? I wish. This deal is evil and destructive but not absurd. However, the foundation is a good conceit: to pose the problem as a pharmaceutical advertisement regarding the “side effects” of some new wonder drug. The tone of the voice-over is nigh-on perfect: soothing to the point that the viewer is lulled into ignoring the side-effects even as they are obvious for all to see. Just like real-life Big Pharma commercials.

What worries me most immediately is the $150,000,000,000 -yes, that’s billions – in straight cash we’re handing over to an entity that is currently the West’s worst enemy. Meanwhile, everyone sleeps through this new Obama horror, not realizing the extent of its evil. Oh, except for the Senate – they wake up long enough to rubber stamp an agreement which will increase the terror in the Middle East and North Africa and eventually lead to chaos in America. Which many of us have come to believe is the operative motive in most of Obama’s “legacy work”.

Here’s hoping for some push-back from the Republicans…yeah, I know. A vain hope indeed. We might as well be honest: America is a one-party political system. We’re run by the Treason Party now and they don’t even bother hiding it anymore. As Obama told us, explaining why he didn’t need to cooperate with anyone else: “I won”. Indeed he did win. And the country lost, big time. The question has become whether or not America can recover from Obama and how many generations it may take. Another question presumes that we don’t recover and seeks to know how the continent will divide once things fall apart.

For more information on David S. Zucker, here’s his wiki, which includes a list of his films and a chart of recurring actors.

I’m definitely in need of some laughter. I’ll have to figure out if our internet speed will permit us to download Airplane. As our readers well know, we’re not culture vultures. No TV, no movies, no radio…so a movie made in 1980 ought to be just our speed,eh?

I just wish it were enough to take away the dread this Iran treachery induces.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Iran Deal For Dummies

  1. I’m with you, Dymphna! A movie from the 80’s will be better than from now. I hope you get a laugh out of it. The times, they are a burning. I turn to books but if we ever get that VCR hooked up — we’ll have to hire someone. Hubby had a stroke and is no longer capable — and he was an engineer and could do anything back inthe day, but such is life.

  2. Zucker has been, for a long time, a shrewd observer of the incredible wonders of US policy, though his hand was sorely missed with Dubya’s Iraq war, Hillary’s way with Libya and the BHO’s romance with the Muslim Brotherhood. Here is his video about the Clinton administration’s foreign policy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hzH6X8g34Y&mode=related&search=

    Note to non-American viewers: The woman portrayed in the video is now the doyenne of U.S. geopolitical thinking and eminence grise at the most prestigious institute in the field, Council of Foreign Relations.

  3. I can remember from bqck in the 1990s Bush saying that “we can never allow North Korea to have nuclear weapons”. They now have about 5 or so.

    So now not only do they have them, but nothing was ever done about it. And no following administration even mentions this much. I think Iran knows we are a ‘paper tiger’.

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