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Below is some of the latest information on the Hungarian front of the “migration crisis” in Europe. I say “latest”, in the sense that it is a collection of videos and articles that have accumulated in my to-do folder over the last two or three days. But events in Europe are unfolding at such an alarming pace that it’s impossible to post anything that is definitively current. By the time I collect the text and the links, everything has become obsolete.

So let’s just use this as background information. Even as you read these words, numerous other amazing and atrocious stories will already have intervened.

First, from RT:

And according Euronews, Hungary has deployed thousands of troops along the border:

Also from RT, the final barrier between Hungary and Serbia: a razor-wire covered boxcar:

From The Fiscal Times:

Orban: Hungary Will Arrest ‘Rebellious’ Migrants

Hungary, a key transit country for migrants and refugees trying to reach richer and more generous European Union countries such as Germany and Sweden, is racing to construct a fence along its border with Serbia by early October to stem the flow.

More than 170,000 migrants have crossed into Hungary from Serbia so far this year. Most try to avoid being registered in Hungary for fear of being stranded there or returned there later on, encouraged by a temporary agreement by Germany and Austria to accept refugees.

“Considering that we are facing a rebellion by illegal migrants, police have done their job in a remarkable way, without using force,” Orban told reporters after a meeting with Manfred Weber, chairman of the conservative European People’s Party group in European Parliament.

“They have seized railway stations, refused to give fingerprints, failed to cooperate, and are unwilling to go to places where they would get food, water, accommodation and medical care … They have rebelled against Hungarian legal order.”

Orban said that, from Sept. 15, when tougher laws on immigration are due to take effect, migrants who cross Hungary’s border illegally will be arrested.

“From the 15th, Hungarian authorities cannot be forgiving of illegal border-crossing,” Orban said.

From France24:

Austrian Railways Suspends Hungary Services Due to Migrants

Austrian Railways on Thursday suspended services to Hungary as it struggled to cope with large numbers of migrants arriving from over the border.

“Because of the massive overcrowding of trains coming from Hungary, OeBB has to suspend train services to Hungary temporarily,” the company said in a statement.

The suspension covers both Railjet intercity trains between Vienna and Budapest and regional cross-border services, it said.

From NBC News:

Trapped in Serbia: Migrants Rush for Border as Hungary Shuts Crossings

Hungary made final preparations to shut its border with Serbia on Monday as throngs of desperate migrants from war-torn Syria and beyond rushed to make it through a single crossing before midnight.

It was chaos at the Horgos II border post, where Hungarian police allowed only a few migrants at a time through a small gate, a line of hopefuls snaking down the road into Serbia.

The situation confused many of the migrants, who expected that the tighter restrictions would begin Tuesday. Many of them had walked a mile from a popular railroad crossing near the village of Roszke after it was locked down by Hungarian riot police.

Finally, from The Local:

Hungary Taking Migrants to Austrian Border

Hungary has effectively stopped registering thousands of refugees crossing the border from Serbia and is transporting them straight to the Austrian frontier, the UN refugee agency said on Monday.

“Our information is that special trains are taking migrants from Röszke (train) station direct without stopping to the Austrian border,” Erno Simon, UNHCR Regional Representative for Central Europe, told AFP.

He said this was “approximately a four-hour journey, yesterday (Sunday) three such trains left carrying at least 2,000 people. During the night our colleagues saw police waking people up at the border collection point.”

There was no immediate comment from the Hungarian government about the development, which matches comments made by migrants to an AFP correspondent at the flashpoint town of Röszke near the Serbian border.

Hungary is supposed to give asylum seekers medium-term housing in refugee camps, of which Hungary has several, although they are reportedly full.

Hat tips: For the videos, Vlad Tepes; for the articles, Fjordman and C. Cantoni.

4 thoughts on “News From the Hungarian Front

  1. I don’t think is going to end well. Millions of country shoppers have now got it into their heads that everyone who gets into Europe will be given a place. What will happen when the authorities decide that they have taken too many ‘refugees’ in and begin deporting them?

    • The ‘honeymoon’ will soon be over when the ‘new arrivals’ are instructed by their brethren as to what they can get away with. Right now the new horde is approaching 1 million ( I refuse to believe the ‘official’ figures) what will happen when the numbers are in the tens of millions? Will we in the west still get the same lame BS excuses and the usual pompous bluster from the feckless,spineless,and Balless political class? None of the ‘bleeding hearts’ are looking at the total cost, the destruction of the local culture, civil order, rampant daily violence, economic ruin and even serious harm to the environment. It has been alleged that the lifetime costs in the USA for an uneducated, unemployable, and culturally resistant ‘migrant’ could run as high as $700,000, a staggering figure. I hope the Europeans are ready to have the ‘tax man’ confiscate a bit more of their meager earnings.

  2. I just spoke with 4 Greek friends who spent the entire Summer in Lesbos where they have homes on the island. They had to post ARMED guards to keep “refugees” from barging into their homes ,stealing and assaulting the residents .

    Muslim “refugees” desecrated several churches on the island and vacationing women and children were harassed by the gangs young men. Stores were robbed and ANY orchard or grape vines was destroyed by thieves.

    ALL “refugees” had cell phones and were in great shape wearing good clothing and shoes especially the MAJORITY who were men between 18 and 30.

    VERY few women coming onto the island compared to the young men. There were fights everyday between the gangs of young men and the police . LOTS of yelling all-ah..blah blah!!

    IT WAS VERY BAD on Lesbos. The families that I spoke with were adamant that if they left their homes UNGUARDED , they would be destroyed. These people are successful in the USA and now have to have armed security living in their Greek homes in order to save their places.

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