Germany: The Promised Land

The following video shows one of the points of origin for the flood of “refugees” into Germany. At the Iraq end of the pipeline, people understand exactly what they must do to bring their entire family to the Promised Land in the German Federal Republic.

Here’s a translated introduction to the video report:

“The Expectations on Germany Are Now Infinite”

“The Mother of All Believers” has called and her shout was heard in all languages around the world. Hundreds of thousands of them from Syria alone are now on their way to Germany, as the UNO tells us. They believe Germany is building houses for everybody. The young men, the teenagers, are usually sent ahead, because they have the best chances of approval and can then take measures to secure the journey for the rest of their families to follow.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   “We cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel,” is what people tell us
00:04   in refugee camps in Northern Iraq. There is no future,
00:08   there is no hope of returning to their native home, they tell us their new destination is called Germany.
00:13   “My son is already there, we just talked on the telephone. They gave him money, an apartment,
00:18   the Germans will build houses for us, that’s what he told me,
00:21   and soon we will all move there.”
00:25   This family of ten knows all about it. Ever since the Arabic TV channel talked
00:29   about the German ‘Culture of Welcome’, the expectations on Germany have become infinite.
00:34   “My 14-year-old son ‘Hatab’ is preparing to leave for there,
00:38   his chances are the best because in Germany they won’t send back minors,
00:42   and then later they can send for their families, that’s what I hear on the news.”
00:49   Wishful thinking with no end. The worse the supply situation becomes –
00:54   the UN is running out of money – countries have dried up funds, hundreds of thousands just want to leave.
01:00   This is a development that shouldn’t have to be, Farhad Ameen Atrushi, the Governor of the Province Dohuk, tells us.
01:06   Almost one million refugees live in his province.
01:10   If we even had ten percent of the money that you in Germany spend on the refugees there,
01:15   then we could improve the living conditions here so much for everybody
01:19   that nobody would have to cross over to Europe.
01:23   14-year-old Hatab is gathering up his belongings. The family sold their car
01:27   and their jewelry so the boy could pay the trafficker to get him to Germany.
01:32   For him, there is no going back now.
01:35   “For the people in these camps, Germany is the Promised Land, the destination
01:39   of all dreams come true. Thousands have left already. Many sit on ready-packed suitcases.
01:43   Tens of thousands are ready to follow.
01:46   It is a wave of immigration of inconceivable dimensions.

16 thoughts on “Germany: The Promised Land

  1. ZDF is very much mainstream and not at all right wing. If the German majority still doesn’t get it after this, they would be deliberately closing their eyes.

  2. ‘It is a wave of immigration of inconceivable dimensions’. Oh no it is not! Even a simpleton unaffected by the self-loathing that permeates Europe can see the Tidal wave of humanity that is approaching. It is how the authorities and citizenry will eventually react to being completely over run that will determine Europe’s future, not the wave of humanity that threatens it.

  3. Apartheid comes to Germany! Medical care, education, housing, jobs – no government has the money to bring these services up to the normal German standard for the refugees, despite the burgeoning of the bureaucracy jobs it will entail. Who will pay for that? Therefore the invaders will be going to Muslim schools and mosques paid for by Saudi Arabia. They will be a state within a state.

    Of course Germany is used to this – specifically Brunhilda Merkel, who was born in West Germany but migrated with her family to the Communist East. I suppose the Germans think they have done it before when they integrated 16 million Communists into their midst but that will be child’s play when it comes to trying to integrate people who will resist tooth and nail and bomb!

    Now she is demanding an EU army so she can whip Poland and Hungary into line. The German leviathan will swamp Europe.

    • Merkel will have to be replaced if she continues on with this insanity. The cracks are already beginning to appear, so she had better start behaving!

  4. In other news from Germany:

    “It is reported that Germans are lining up at embassies and consulates all over Europe claiming Jewish heritage and their intention of making aliyah to Israel. Said, Klaus Wolfgang Messerschmidt at Vienna’s Israeli embassy, ” I am sure there is Jewish blood on my mother’s side. Meine grossmutter hat dass gesagt” (My grandmother said this).

    • Trouble is they’re rushing to their doom in Israel. Once Iran and Russia take over Syria, they can march a land army of Kuds and Russian Muslims straight into Israel and you’ve got to be dreaming if you think the White House would lift more than a pinkie to help. They’d have a better shot asking SA.

      • You forget that Israel is a nuclear power and WILL use its capability if necessary. Whilst suicidal Iranians suitably empowered by the white outhouse might try, I don’t think Putin is insane enough, or motivated enough to risk it.

      • I don’t believe Putin will assist Iran in taking on Israel. Russia may supply the M.E. with arms, but that is where any aggression against Israel stops because, 1. The loss of Israel would destabilize the M.E. and 2. The Israeli’s will not go quietly next time that someone wishes to annihilate them. Iran is now on Israel’s immediate hit list – Putin could care less about the mad Mullahs in Iran and is assisting Assad because Syria run by Assad has a stabilizing effect on the whole M.E. – just watch and wait.

  5. It struck me how the industrious Germans who invented the concentration camps may well find them in use again in the not too distant future. The only question is whether the Germans will be ‘housed’ there, or the demanding guests.

    • BTW: The concentration camps were invented 1838 by the US Americans to gather the Cherokees before their deportation ( ) to the reservations. It was ordered by the US President Andrew Jackson. A little history study before you express yourself the next time is very advisable.

      But it is true, the German government is destroying Europe for the third time in a single century. Merkel, Schulz and other politicians are telling the East Europeans again, if they don’t obey the German government and follow there will be no other choice than to use force… I’m a German but this is not my government. Hell’s Angie, go to Hell!

    • It is in fact the British who are credited with that dubious honour, with the concentration lagers developed to house Boer civilians during the Boer War.

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