“It’s time to stand up for The Netherlands”

I would have thought that the “migration crisis” would cause more and more Europeans to wake up to the reality of what is being done to them by their treasonous political leaders. However, judging by the throngs of Eloi who turn out to welcome the trainloads of Morlocks at the railway stations of Vienna, Munich, and Berlin, it seems a vain hope. To shift metaphorical gears, it seems we are now experiencing the mad rush of lemmings over the immigration cliff.

Until Viktor Orbán took up the anti-immigrant banner on the southeastern border of the Schengen Area, Geert Wilders was the most prominent European political leader to speak out firmly and consistently against mass immigration and Islamization. His cause seems all the more quixotic now that his fellow citizens are basking in the warm narcissistic glow of their self-righteousness as they sing their welcome to arriving migrants.

And yet he continues, undaunted. Below is a video talk given by Mr. Wilders yesterday to the people of the Netherlands. Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Hello everyone. In The Netherlands
0:02   We’re overloaded with asylum refugees.
0:06   It’s an invasion threatening our prosperity and our country.
0:14   The Hague blandly abandons us.
0:17   Premier Rutte keeps our borders wide open for fortune-hunters.
0:20   We must save our country.
0:23   Of course real refugees must be taken care of.
0:27   However, that must be done in the region itself,
0:30   not here.
0:33   The Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, those sorts of rich countries,
0:36   take care of a meager couple of hundred refugees annually.
0:39   In The Netherlands, many thousands arrive every month.
0:45   That can no longer be done.
0:46   Every refugee costs us €36,000 annually.
0:52   They receive free medical care, a house,
0:55   government care.
0:57   Never have these people contributed a single cent to our economy.
1:00   Even so, billions are spent on them,
1:04   while our elderly are left out in the cold.
1:08   I can’t understand why we allow that.
1:12   Our borders must be closed.
1:17   We must send back every asylum seeker.
1:18   Only then will the flood stop.
1:20   Only then will unscrupulous smugglers lose their business.
1:25   Only then will no more people drown.
1:31   Let’s do what Australia does:
1:32   ”Send them all back”, send them all back.
1:36   Mr. Rutte doesn’t do that.
1:38   He neglects his duty.
1:40   Help the Party For Freedom save our country.
1:44   It’s time to close our borders.
1:48   It’s time to stand behind our own flag.
1:52   It’s time to stand up for The Netherlands.

32 thoughts on ““It’s time to stand up for The Netherlands”

  1. While it’s only my personal opinion, perhaps Geert should knock it off,i.e. lie low for a few years until the Dutch wake up to what a colossal error they (and others) have made.

    The excellent video sent in by Takuan Seiyo showing how utterly useless it is to take in millions of this rabble while hundreds of millions more are coming occurred to me years ago, yet millions of people in the western world are just too dumb to see what awaits them!

    I hate to see a patriot like Geert Wilders throw his life away needlessly, for he will surely come to a nasty end on his present course, and all to save people too stupid to save themselves. Yes, I know people need a leader, but he has given it his best, and they don’t want to be saved.

    • Effectively he is doing that right now. Not so much because he wants to, rather that only negative news about him and his party are published. Fr example, he was ridiculed when he suggested to set up save havens. Right now the CDA as well as some VVD parliamentarians “invented” the idea of save havens.

  2. Only then will unscrupulous smugglers lose their business.

    This increases their victimhood status in the minds of the enrichment enablers. The islamo invasion of Europe over the past few days looked far more orchestrated than the than the unscrupulous work of smugglers.

    • Agreed, there were far too many young and quite fit males in there. More like a invading army than refugees.

      And if they think ISIS hasn’t salted this mass with thousands of hardened operatives the Euros are insane. They are there. The whole things reeks of a directed and organized movement.

      As for those European bleeding hearts, they’ll regret the welcome mat roll out when these migrants come after them and they will. Just let them get settled and bloodshed will soon follow.

      I’m betting within six months. The thing is ISIS and Muslims in general view this as total vindication of their faith. It’s going to get real bad for non-Muslims.

      • The ARE insane !

        People here actually argue that “there is NO WAY an ISIS member would risk their life on a dinky ramshackle litte boat to reach Europe.”

        Underlying “logic” : Crossing the sea in an unseaworthy is dangerous, therefore these people MUST be desperate, and we MUST help them.

        Sadly, time will prove them very, very wrong.

  3. “However, judging by the throngs of Eloi who turn out to welcome the trainloads of Morlocks at the railway stations of Vienna, Munich, and Berlin, it seems a vain hope.”

    Yet at the same time, the popularity of Geert, the Swedish Democrats and Marine Le Pen grows and grows… Nobody would dispute that Europe has a large number of “anti-establishment” ’68-ers, trendy “caring and sharing” students, and plain old white Europeans of all ages eager to do their “moral duty” (as gently hinted to them by the media, various rock stars and aid organisations) – yet polls, as well as online comments, suggest that there also seem to be a growing number who are skeptical as to the official version of events, being fed to them through their TV screens, and coming round to the idea that all might not be quite as it seems…. so I wouldn’t give up just yet, Baron 🙂

    Perhaps in due course, more may switch off their TVs altogether, like I did many years ago (something that probably had the biggest impact on my views)… after which, they may find that the online news world has far greater riches to offer 😉

  4. When will these Europeans realize that the invasion has been going on for too long and that their countries are going to turn into one new Syria after the other?

    Same old hell, only new latitude.

      • Anyone who can’t or won’t join a citizen’s group of the most extreme patriots will I imagine have extreme regrets soon enough.

  5. Good Europeans are reaching out, giving the Devil their little finger, so what could possibly, come next? The whole arm, and then..?

  6. Dutch people are totally idiotized and lobotomized, we are full of invaders from ever destitute country in the world and even out queen is from a south hemisphere third world country…

    • Your Queen is originally from Argentina as I remember; I loved the country and it’s people.

      Incidentally, I also remember your former Queen, who chose to visit a muslim school to show solidarity with the MENA filth rather than attend the funeral of her murdered and partially beheaded countryman van Gogh.

      Your country obviously needs more “third world” Argentinians and needs to get rid of the MENA trash.

  7. Well, on Facebook more and more of my friends are sharing videos about what’s going on – and the Realists outnumber the Elois by a wide margin… including 2 far-leftists, and one moderate-leftist, suddenly putting up articles about the “cultural enrichment” happening in Southern Europe. And 4 of my friends in Warsaw are listed as going to an anti-Islamisation march next week. 2 of them being moderates…

    Meanwhile, over on newspaper websites, whether leftist or right-wing, in England and in Poland, the overwhelming majority of the comments are against the media’s pro-migrant slant. Something is happening…

    In spite of the best efforts of the politicians, the media, the online censors and everyone else who’s involved in this historic betrayal, I have a feeling that the “welcome” may be short-lived – even in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands…

    • People really are waking up. The views being pushed upon the general populations by the media are not working like they usually do. Reading popular opinions in papers such as The Daily Mail the people know what is going on – even though the media are in a frenzy to portray these invaders as victims of war – something they are clearly not!

      • That may be true, however the media’s new ploy, little drowned Aylan Kurdi was cleverly induced into the already troubling immigrant ordeal….

        Pics of the unfortunate little boy are being posted millions of times all over social media and the news has now become an icon of this travesty, that pulls on the heart strings of the already bleeding heart Europeans.

        Who will moan the young Europeans when these same ungrateful parasites take to the streets in rampage couple of decades from now when Islam becomes a dominating force ask over Europe?

        E are truly living in a unique time in history when great European civilizations willfully surrender to the hordes of Arabia.

        Have Europeans learnt nothing from history, or lessons from Homer’s siege of Troy? It’s all happening very rapidly.

    • It was appalling to hear (on news radio) Friday or Saturday (?) that Kanzler Merkel has instructed a detention camp/refugee camp to be constructed in–WAIT FOR IT–Dresden!

      Yes, Dresden, the birthplace of PEGIDA. You think she isn’t aware of PEGIDA and its followers?

      She’s playing with fire this time. We’ll see what happens. I doubt that many Dresdeners were singing welcome (pardon me while I upchuckie into a brown paper bag) to the alleged asylum seekers, mostly young adult males showing no signs of trauma.

      • Isn’t that precisely why Frau Merkel wants to drop the refugees in Dresden, and across the terrible East Germany? To “rub their noses in diversity”?

        Well, with the way this mob are behaving, I have a feeling that the majority of non-Pegida Dresdeners will be, in a few months, asking Pegida “How did you predict this?”

        • Frau Merkel herself is an Ossie. She began her career in the DDR. After the unification she changed her hair, but obviously not her tricks.

      • Judging from what I have heared from people who actually were at the Vienna Westbahnhof at the arrival of the so called refugees.

        Many seem to have rather come from Pakistan or Afghanistan then from Syria, also some Roma (Gypsies) from Serbia or other Balkan states have taken advantage of the situation and mingled under the asylum seekers.

  8. “judging by the throngs of Eloi who turn out to welcome the trainloads of Morlocks at the railway stations of Vienna, Munich, and Berlin…”

    I cant talk for Berlin or Munich, but talking about Vienna – dont belive the media hype!
    There is massive propaganda going on here on an unseen Level (really!).
    Media and so called NGO`s (and politicians) working hand in hand to create an ideological smoke screen. You may get a glimpse of the reality when you look fe. at comments in the online sections of the media, that is, as far as commenting is still possibly.

    How did poor refugees obtain European flaggs which they did carry with them on their march from Budapest? How did they get posters with Angela Merkel pictured – from a syrian copy shop? Of course it was handed to them…
    True, some people cheered on their arrival, but some where migtants themselves others where just volunteers of NGO`S or activists from certain political partys or their youth organisations (Greens and Socialists). Not really a representative cross section of the population. To make a Long Story short: Most people are pissed off by the government, media and activists.
    The election forecast (next months election in parts of Austria) is giving account for it.

  9. Here are two interresting articles and inforamtion about how the arabs themselves are dealing with the humanitarian crisis.
    Saudi Arabien – Deutschland
    Während Europa, und im besonderen Deutschland, einen massiven Zustrom muslimischer Illegaler erlebt, errichten europäische Unternehmen mit starker deutscher Beteiligung (Airbus-EADS) in Saudi Arabien einen Grenzschutz-Zaun.
    Er soll die Araber von anderen Arabern trennen, und reicht dann von Jordanien bis Kuwait.
    661 – That is the number of refugees that Saud Arabia has allowed into the country…
    Qatar – 221, Kuweit – 1.652

    Sechshunderteinundsechzig. So viele Flüchtlinge halten sich laut Statistik des UNHCR in Saudi-Arabien auf. Die Zahl stammt vom Dezember 2014. Neuere stehen nicht zur Verfügung, aber an dem Stand hat sich nicht viel geändert.

    In Katar verzeichnen die UN 221 Flüchtlinge, in Kuwait 1.652. Das Gesamtergebnis unterm Strich: Die Grenzen der reichen Golfstaaten sind für Vertriebene und Verfolgte fest geschlossen. Auch und gerade für die arabischen “Brüder und Schwestern” aus Syrien, wo eben diese Golfstaaten den Bürgerkrieg durch Waffenlieferungen und Geld an islamistische Rebellen unterstützen (…)

    • Vielen dank fur diese Nummern (leider hat mein Computer kein umlaut). Und ich weiss auch, dass mein deutsch heutzutage (?) sehr schlecht ist, aber ich kann deutsch mehr oder weniger lesen. 🙂

  10. Die waarheid maak seer, hey?

    [This is the last one I translate. Use English from now on.

    Machine translation from Afrikaans: The truth hurts, hey?]

    • Afrikaans and Dutch are mutually understandable.

      The meaning of “Die waarheid maak seer” (“the truth hurts”) is easily understood by a native Dutch speaker, but we say “De waarheid doet pijn”

  11. If Wilders were to publically state some fairly self-evident facts, such as, prhaps, “the sky is blue”, or “water is wet”, every newspaper in the country would be running multiple articles the next day in an attempt to “debunk” Wilders’ statements/”myths”, and to “warn for the dangers of Wilders’ populism”. Preferably including a WW2 referance / godwin.

    Many journalists working for the (mostly leftist) newspapers seem to genuinely hate Wilders. and will simply NOT pass up a chance to sling mud at him and the millions of “uneducated, xenophic, racist proles with low IQ’s” who vote for him.

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